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Mr.Samoal 06-29-2006 06:56 AM

Mafia Game.
Hello, Does anyone played Mafia game in Ps2 or in Pc?
I love the Jazz Music which is in it. The classic Jazz music which is in it is beautiful.

I tryed many times to search for it through the net but failed to find.
If anybody has any information related to its music please post it down.


SteveBB 07-06-2006 04:50 PM

Don't have information about the music but I loved that game and only just recently finished it again.

elbiolin 07-12-2006 12:41 AM

There's some info on Wikipedia about it. The game uses many tunes by Django Reinhardt.

Here's the link:

elbiolin 07-12-2006 03:22 AM

I've found a list with music and musicians from the game here:

Mr.Samoal 07-13-2006 03:50 AM

Thanks alot Mr.El Biolin.
Yes now i have all the titles of the music with the musicians.
now from where do you advise i can download those music?

I dont think it will be on Kazaa or Imesh.

elbiolin 07-14-2006 03:55 AM

I think that if you've heard the music then you already have the game.
So you can download a tool from Mafiascene site called Data XTractor to rip its music:

But then again it seems that their music files are in fact OGGs so maybe you can rip them without too much hassle.

Mr.Samoal 07-15-2006 03:46 AM

Mr.Elbiolin, I downloaded the programme but cant start it, It says Mafia game isnt installed in the computer, so i wont be able to do it.
I have the game in PS2, jaja, so now the only way is you send the music to me if you downloaded them already. If not i will have to buy the Mafia Computer Game.

King Dando 07-16-2006 09:13 AM

Wow, I love this game and had been trying to find the music for ages. When I stumbled upon the wikipedia article I made a list of the Django Reinhardt tunes and promptly "acquired" them. *cough*

Also If anyone is interested, I found a cover of Caravan by The Mills Bros, but its been renamed "Skaravan" and is covered by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

You can get the PC version quite cheap now. I bought it for £15 after it had been out a year (it was released in 2002 I think)

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