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darthfergie 07-06-2006 10:56 AM

WTF of the day...
Check This Out

"Now, times have changed and militancy is in the air everywhere."

Even women's and baby clothing stores stock generous racks of camouflage.

"It's normal in a land that knows only wars to find people attracted to this style," says Abu al-Hassan, a customer in Jarbua's store.

Hassan says he is a Hamas loyalist who hangs propaganda posters for the organization in his free time. Today, however, he's shopping for his wife: pink camouflage pants with a US Air Force logo on the front pocket.

Jan Gaarni 07-07-2006 04:30 AM


Now that truly is a WTF of the day. :D
Pink camouflage pants, that's just wrong. ;)


DarthMuffin 07-07-2006 01:44 PM

Weird stuff going on there... really WEIRD stuff...

"This is the new fashion in the market," says Shorah. "It's a show of force, because the US army is powerful. It's a symbol of strength and of our refusal to put down arms."

He's not american (and probably hate americans)... but he sounds just like one. How ironic.

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