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CalcProgrammer1 07-21-2006 12:41 AM

Teleport buttons
I want to make a control panel with a trigger_multiple or some kind of use button that the player must press that teleports the player to another area of the map. I tried a trigger_multiple with a target key pointing to the targetname key of a target_teleporter, but when I went in the game and pressed the button, i got a message at the top of the screen and I didn't teleport to the location I wanted to go to.

{NJO}*Dark 07-22-2006 01:42 PM

what was the message?

CalcProgrammer1 07-22-2006 07:16 PM

Is there any way to make a teleporter that uses a button instead of having a player walk into a trigger_teleport, such as a trigger_multiple that when pressed teleports you to a target_teleport.

CalcProgrammer1 08-12-2006 06:36 PM

Ok, I got it now, in case you were wondering how to do it it's:

Make a trigger_multiple as a use_button, then target it at a target_teleporter, and then have the target_teleporter target a target_position, now when the trigger targets the target_teleporter, the player will teleport to the target_position.

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