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Master_Archon 07-21-2006 04:25 PM

Blood Band Brothers
((Go to BBB: Recruitment! it will explain and say some things you might want to hear, for those of you who actually read this thread, not this sentence!!))
(I know you people are viewing my thread please it's not that bad! please make a character sheet so we can get this RP rolling, I'm not the kind of person to wait a month for six people to make character sheets! But....if I have to I will. :( )
(this is my first RP in a long while so please be kind patient and merciful!)

The BloodBandBrothers is an elite Republic Empire Squad Fleet that
consists of most of the fleet now, and has all the Important or leader
characters at the head of the fleet, they're like Rouge Squadron but
they consist of the whole fleet and every one in it they are all brothers,
through the blood they shed for eachother and those who have fallen,
they wear armbands to remind themselves of this and wont stop untill
their goal is met, Freedom!

In a alternate universe things are different,totally and uterlly different, with any combonation of possibilities. In this universe the Rebellion is...evil, as the story goes during the Clone Wars the republic was actually losing, the Emporer chose in his final manipulation to use the stronger of the two armies, the CIS which ultimetely becomes the Rebellion, was chosen over the Republic. But the final stroke was not done, in his evil plannings he created the clones for one purpose not even the CIS could acomplish, the total destruction of the Jedi Order! He activated order 66 in that time most to all Jedi were killed. But out of the ashes of legend comes a mysterious new jedi, a long forgotten tale among the Jedi Order, forgotten after the days of the new old Jedi Order (the order was set up by the Exiles companions) , after the death of the last new jedi in the old Jedi Order, after the death of head Jedi Consular Mira.
The first Grey Jedi, an old and omonous jedi, he came from the regions beyond the outer regions. His purpose unknown, he ends up overriding the clones programing through techniques so old in the Force that they dont even have names any more. And soon he convinces them to join with him in gathering what jedi they didn't kill and fighting this 'New Emporer'. Thus abating the chaos that would have ensued due to the clones lack of leadership. He eventually finds the broken and tattered body of Anakin on Corusant in a black market medbay set up by a few surviving jedi healers. He's there because in his battle with Tyranus he fails to win, proving to the Emporer that Tyranus will make a better apprentice. But Obi-Wan becomes concious soon after just in time to save Anakin and fend off Tyranus. Though Tyranus isn't dead, he retreats from battle, and what happens after, well you can guess.
With what little supplies the medbay has, the Gray Jedi uses healing capabilities not seen in a millenia, and soon a new Anakin is born. He swears fealty to the Grey Jedi and is dubbed Vader, meaning father, for he will hunt down the remaining jedi. Not to kill them but to gather them and be the father for a new jedi era. Clad in a grey, white and silver life support (basically the same suit in the movies except with the colors I just mentioned) suit he follows the Grey Jedi to the jedi temple to talk to one of the few surviving masters, Mace Windu.
Soon after seven years of battle there is silence, the Republic Empire, as it is now called, is in hiding in a nebula outside of the outerrim systems. The leaders being Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Yoda, Vader and the First Grey Jedi, along with a rather ragtag group of jedi knights, padawans, force healers, untrained force sensitives, intraining force sensitives and and a small group of Matukei they found on a planet in the nebula that decided to help them. The Emporer has taken seat on Corusant and the New Rebel Confederacy, as they are called, is scouring the galaxy for the Republic Empire. The soldiers of the Fleet consist of thousands of Clone War veteran clones outfitted in their common yet old clone armor, and just as many volunteer soldiers out fitted in the new 'Imperial Armor' developed by black market Trandoshian armor and weapon smiths sympathetic to their cause. The Fleet is a mix of Old Republic era ships and New Empire vessels. But as in the movie the New Rebel Confederancy has a 100 to 1 odds when it comes to men and ships.
This takes place in a battle at the edge of the nebula, the two fleets clash (not the entire Rebel Fleet is there just 'a' fleet of the fleet, get it, no, too bad) and depending on the decisions of people who come to this RP the battle can turn either way, but no matter what the fleet ends up on the Moon of Endor where their allies the Ewoks are there to help them set up a base of operations. Another thing Luke is too young to be in this, he's been hidden by the King of Alderan, like Leia but different, Leia is under the care of Vader and the jedi and soldiers of the fleet because she's being trained. Luke isn't in this because he's being trained seperately by his care taker who is an experienced jedi knight (now the rank of master). Oh yeah, the Death Star was made early, very early by the Emporer! And it isn't the same grey Death Star either, it was sorta tannish and was of Mon Calamari design. And the battle of Endor is like the battle of hoth, which is where we're trying to end up in this RP so, yeah.
That's all I can think of at the moment for the story line, except that Padme dies different so she's not in this either, she killed by an assassin on Kamino (she's on Kamino because that was the nearest friendly planet when she went into labor) , why? you ask because the Emporer saw the potential still in Vader to be of great use to the dark side. So he sent an assassin to kill and anger Vader enough to turn, but with the birth of his three children, that's right I said three, he (Vader) has found peace and swears to Padme in her dying gasps to train and raise the children in all the right ways so they wont stray into evil. The third is with Luke he's named after his father, there happy!

O.K., sorry that was so long but I have had this idea for a long time and never got around to typing it as a fanfic or just a story in general. Now there's some rules, no changing where we are in the game unless an important event happens, I need 5 main characters plus two optional, if you want to be an optional main character then ask and I'll think if I really need them. I'm one of the main characters so that cuts the game down to 4, the others are Vader, the Matukei Leader, Huntsman Kadash (he's the newly appointed clone commando trainer, he is one if you want to know!) , and Thor Trooper zz95202 (Thor Troopers are like Imperial Royal Guard Except slitely different training and their suits are a dull gold and they are larger in number, zz95202 is the Thor Trooper Alpha Soldier, meaning he's their combat leader, he's also an 'unofficial friend' of Leia's, she's seven she makes friends with who she wants to, and she likes Thor 'asspecially lots', he's called Thor because that's his squad name and the Thor Troopers were named after him, since he is Alpha Soldier you know!). The 2 optional main characters are Leia and ARC Trooper Omega (he's head trainer of the ARC troopers, plain and simple, and he has slight command over a part of the Fleet, about 10 ships). Warning if you want to be Vader or Thor you're going to have to manage pretending you're with Leia alot, unless someone becomes her then that person has mostly free range of her. Thank You for you're patience, oh one other thing, no one can be Obi, Yoda or Mace, and I'll start when I have at the least six people, not including me, the most I'll except is ten, Thank You again.

Copywright 2006 by Master_Archon

no one is allowed permission to use any of my ideas (just out of respect) unless they ask or are given permission ahead of time or they helped in someway, like editing or giving important info.-i.e.-RH & RR2000 & D_L
Thank You :)

Type this in for the info of character:
if jedi type character;
Political Favor: (in this war people favor four main political statusses;Democratic, Monarchy, Republic, and Free Trade, non of these effect game but for the confliction of your homeplanet's government:as in you can like a different Government than your homeplanets')
(if force user; Lightsaber type, Color, Force powers:max 6, and Jedi rank i.e.- Knight,Master, Sith apprentice, Matukei weopon master ect.)
Weapon:max 4
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
If soldier type:
Political Favor:
Weapon:max 4
Soldier type: (this one is for main characters as well, who aren't force users)
Soldier affiliation: (this one is for main characters as well, who aren't force users)(Example;Clone Veteran, Imperial Volunteer, Rebel Guerilla Trooper: If you want to be on the opposite side, Super Battle Droid Cyborg:you can't be a droid and you have to be at least halfway living so I made, um, them)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
The rest is up to you O.K. now my turn
this can be an example of sorts:
Name: Master Cyphon
Position: Republic Empire Fleet an Army Leader
Faction: Republic Empire
Political Favor: Good Monarchies
Homeplanet: unrecorded homeplanet;Tatoine,Official homeplanet;Kiithnam beyond the unknown regions in a neighboring galaxy
Rank: Fleet Commander General
Weapon: Double Shafted/Bladed chain lightsaber with lightsaber deflective microvibrobladed chain attaching the two blades (it's one weapon though), Black with redmarbled swirls(not swirly swirls but more like marble swirls)-lightsaber with a cilinder shaft no buttons or extentions, it activates through the force and has two seemlessly attached spheres on each end, it's single bladed though, a bright silver lighsaber with a rectangular shaft but no edges and the same marble swirls except with light blue and the shaft is almost like a gel, and two four sided pyramids (not literal pyramids) on each end and one is open where the blade comes out, and the last weapon is a simple double bladed lightsaber.(Sorry for the long drawn out explanation, yours does not have to be that long, but the First Grey Jedi's lightsabers are unique and had to be shown as different from common sabers, sorry again.)
Lightsaber type: already explained types to the Tee
Light saber color: chain saber; silver,black redmarble saber; red, silver bluemarbled saber; cyan, doublebladed lightsaber; purple
Force powers: Ancient Force Heal, Ancient Mind Conversion(it's called conversion because all it does is severely amplify a persons charisma/leading ability it dosnt mess with the mind much)Force Crush, Force Choke, Force Lightning, Ancient Beast Tame
Jedi rank: Grey Master
Hair Color: Blond,with grey and white roots
Eye Color: unknown, the force is so present and he is so old (His physical appearance is around 26 though) his eyes are luminescent and even change colors, but most of the time he makes them ice blue or grey through little mind preversions.
Height: 7 feet tall only two inches shorter than vader
Bio: Too long to explain, all I can say is that he was and is the First Gray Jedi and once followed Revan to fight the true sith and other heroes of old as well.

This was a bit long but it was nessesary, you can if you want put extra info like Age, Weight, or species, by the way my character is human just to clear that up. Please when I ask for a pause it means I can't be on anymore and I want to be on for a while to help in progressing the RP, so when I ask for a pause it means that I'm getting off and when I unpause (most likely the next day) it means I'm back and you can come back on, but if you really wish to go on with the RP then please respect me and my character. Thank You! So now I'll wait and say have fun, and if you think I forgot to mention any thing in Character creation or the story please tell me Thanx!

Edit: sorry for the smiley faces, didn't know that would happen!

Just an FYI, this happens when you don't put spaces after a colon : if you immediately put a parenthesis ( instead of a space you get this smily :(. I also fixed a stretching issue with your post. Party on! ;) -RH

Master_Archon 07-21-2006 05:50 PM

oh, I might not be on so just type your character info and check back later I'll tell you when I'm back as I said and I might get back on tomorrow or any day for that matter, just be patient and check back every day at intervals that way you can be apart of the action! I might leave soon so you won't see or here from me until either much later or tomorrow sorry but that's life ya'll check back so we can get the ball roling, hhmm, that's it!

Edit: I'll check back later tonight or tomorrow probably be back on tomorrow at noon, eastern time. Uh well hope you people will like my RP,if you ever get on that is, uh well you'll know when I'm back on. Thanks to anyone willing to wait, and to those of you who put in a character.

steven 07-21-2006 06:08 PM

Name:John Ranger
Position:Vistor/ Merciant
Faction:Republic Empire/Neutral
Political Favor:Who lets him sells his goods
Weapon:Heavy Repeater
Golan Arms FC-1
Sonic Blaster
DC-15 Clone Blaster Rifle
Soldier type: Scoundral
Super Battle Droid Cyborg:R2-D2
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Also brown
Age: 32
Bio: A travelling merciant who ship was attacked by Conferderacy Rebels while travelling through the Nebula, even though he was able to destroy the ships his feighter, The Regnar, was greatly damaged. He was then picked up by Republican ships and he agreed to help them untill he was needed to go.

Since the his an alternate universe, I hope you guys dont mind me having R2-D2, if you (Master_Archon) do just tell me and I'll edit.

Master_Archon 07-22-2006 08:37 AM

no I dont mind (if you have R2 D2, and for Political Affil. I think you want Free Trade, hehe but it's ok hope you check back, oh one more thing is your Soldier Affiliation-Super Battle Droid Cyborg?or some thing else?), oh and I'm back and still waiting hope you check back steven and who ever edited my thread, thank you a million I hope who ever did will come and be apart of this RP, so now I'll wait, again! Hoped you liked my story steven, and anyone else, sorry it was so long though, but I had to get some ground work layed so people would understand this is a totally different universe, I hope more come! Please come people I've been waiting since yesterday :(

I think I forgot to mention I'm recruiting people to type in character sheets at BBB: Recruitment!

RC-1162 07-23-2006 07:49 AM

Name: Anakin Skywalker AKA Vader
Position: One of the leaders of the Republic Empire
Faction: Republic Empire
Political Favor: Democratic
Homeplanet: Tatooine
Rank: Jedi Master
Lightsaber type: Dual lightsabers (one in each hand)
Color: Blue and Green
Force powers:Force Wave, Force Storm, Stasis Field, Force Crush, Force Heal, Force Speed
Weapon: Lightsabers, Thermal Detonators, Blaster Pistol
Hair Color: no hair
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 2.02 meters (in armor)
Bio: Check it

Master_Archon 07-23-2006 08:58 AM

Sweetness! I love you RC 1162!!!! Not literaly, but thank you for joining my RP!! um, though I did change where I wanted the character sheets put, but that dosnt matter, Thank You now we can start or wait for more people to join, your choose!

RC-1162 07-23-2006 11:28 AM

youre welcome, Master Archon. i'm bored without anything much to do, so i thought i'd give this a try :).
BTW: youre a guy, right?

Master_Archon 07-23-2006 03:21 PM

I'm not quite sure what BTW stands for, but I'm pretty sure it's not good! Oh, eerrmm, of course I'm a guy, I was just excited about someone finally joining. (If that's what you were talking about?)[and no I'm not "attracted" to other men!] :(
Why'd you wanna know if I was a guy?

steven 07-23-2006 04:35 PM

Btw means By the Way, just thought I'd tell you and ask 'When are we going to start this?'

Master_Archon 07-23-2006 04:53 PM

If you want to start the RP we could start it now if you wanted. But I'm trying to help someone get a sheet sarted and if you are patient enough we can wait for him, it wont take much longer! (wow I thought I was a little impatient, I see I'm not the only one! lol! :) )

steven 07-23-2006 04:59 PM

I'm not impatient, just curious. If I was impatient I'd be posting every five minutes alot like you did :)

Master_Archon 07-23-2006 05:03 PM

haha, very funny :whtsmile: I didnt post 'that' much, and besides I'm just on for longer periods of time than other people which means I can post more! :)

Char Ell 07-24-2006 10:26 AM

@ steven and RC 1162 - If y'all wouldn't mind, please post your character sheets in the BBB: Recruitment thread. I would appreciate it so I have only one point of reference. :)

Master_Archon 07-24-2006 02:17 PM

Yes please you two I've been meaning to tell you to copy and paste then post your character sheets on BBB: Recruitment there's also some info you might or might not want to hear on there if you haven't checked it out already!

(how do you put website and thread links in your text? I haven't been able to figure that out!? :( )

Rexraptor2000 07-24-2006 03:46 PM

You put the [ at the begining, put a website link URL between the = and the third to last ]. Then you put something like Band of Blood Brothers RP inbetween the ][. And you get this.
Band of Blood Brothers RP Recruitment (This is linked to the Recruitment section.)

Master_Archon 07-24-2006 06:07 PM

??that was a little confusing for my tastes?? But thanks anyways! I'll try my best to figure it out!! :)

Diego Varen 07-24-2006 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Master_Archon
??that was a little confusing for my tastes?? But thanks anyways! I'll try my best to figure it out!! :)

I'll try and do it better.

First, copy this Thread's (Or the Recruitment one's) Address located in the top left hand corner and copy and past it. Put an [ url=pasted address here]Whatever you want to put here[ /url].

When doing this, make sure the url isn't spaced.

Master_Archon 07-24-2006 07:24 PM

I have a question, is everyone else having difficulty navigating the site or even trying to get on for that matter? I am and I wanted to know if it was the site having problems or just me? I dont need to worry about this computer being slow!!

Rexraptor2000 07-24-2006 07:43 PM

@Master_Archon: Sorry for it being complicated. Look at Pottsie's.
@Pottsie: I believe URL has to be capitalized, but that was better than mine.

Master_Archon 07-24-2006 09:11 PM

One little question! why are you advertising my Recruitment thread at the bottum of your signature? I dont mind, I'm just curious!?

RedHawke 07-25-2006 02:03 AM

Uh? Pardon me for asking this people, as Forum RP-ing is a little alien to me, but isn't all this talk of links and sigs and stuff off-topic and far better suited to PM's?

Also planning, character stats and stuff should go on in the BBB recruitment and planning thread, shouldn't it?

Isn't this an RP thread? Isn't this supposed to be posts RP-ing the planned storyline?

I'm just a little confused here because it is hard to discern a story going on here. :confused:

So back on-topic folks. ;)

Master_Archon 07-25-2006 02:22 PM

Aye Aye Capin! :whtsmile: We'll do that! We'll start discussing this stuff on the BBB: Recruitment thread (or better yet PM's are good! :) ) .

Hear that people, no more posting here till we're all ready to start! (which should be soon! most likely after the site is fixed or whatever's wrong goes away!)

Just one more off topic question! :) And it's for you RedHawke!! What's going on with the site? Or do you not know! :whtsmile: Ugh! That is off topic as well. Don't worry it's just some temporary problems. The staff is working on it and everything should be back to normal soon - d3

Master_Archon 07-28-2006 12:47 PM

The Beginning....
Star Wars

Band of Blood Brothers
"Damage Report!" Cyphon yelled into the comm system, as an Enforcer Class Star Destroyer ignited into a ball of flame, taking one of it's V-2 class Star Destroyer frigate guard with it, just outside the main viewport, the other just barely pulling out!
A staticy hoarse voice could be heard through the comm, "the 'Injustice' is down! It took the 'Perrywinkle' with it!"

"How's the 'Charred'?" Cyphon asked in a concerned voice.

"She's scathed but alive" the hoarse captain said.
"Pull her around on the 'Dyeheart's' wing, we'll send a DX-9 Repair Transport out to fix her" Cyphon said turning to look out the left side of the viewport, across the vast space could be seen Vader's Flagship, an Interdictor Class Star Destroyer named 'Enforcer'. Currently it was engaging in combat with two Trade Federation Battle Cruisers, and it was down to a small contingent of fighter support, and it's last Wambat Class Escort Frigate.

"Draw power to areas where the shields are taking the most hits!" he said quickly. "Put the rest of the power to engines, and take the 'Dyeheart' in over the 'Enforcer' " Cyphon said in return to his first comment.
The Tyrant Class Star Destroyer groaned under it's own starting momentum, then lurched forward and started to turn towards the 'Enforcer'.

"Vader come in....we're coming in for support, hold on!" he said concentrating on the battle looming closer. "Make your shots concentrated, we dont need any stray fire hitting our belly!" Cyphon exclaimed into the comm system.

((Oh, RC 1162 your Flagship dosnt have to be what I said (it's class) or what I called it (it's name) , I'm gonna put a post up on BBB: Recruitment! to allow people to choose either their flagship or fighter/freighter/corvette! So stay tuned!! :) ))

RC-1162 07-29-2006 05:59 AM

"Copy that, Master," acknowledged Vader over the comm and turned to his bridge crew.

"We have backup coming in, do not target it."

The Enforcer rocked as something exploded somewhere in the ship.

"What was that?" Vader demanded.

"Sir, we've lost all our propulsion units, our engines have lost power. The generators have been knocked out," said a clone officer seated at his post

"Can she still make the jump into Hyperspace?" Vader asked.

"If we can get the engines online for at least five minutes, then yes," the clone replied.

"Very well," said Vader. "For now, reroute all power to be split equally amongst the guns and the shields. We do not need internal lighting for now."

The officer nodded and rerouted all available power. The shields were strengthened suddenly and the bridge was plunged into darkness as the lights went out. Only the officers' consoles provided some light.

"Tell the Matador to concentrate all it's fire on the port Federation cruiser." ordered Vader and the comm officer relayed his command.

*Come on, Master Cyphon,* thought Vader to himself. *We don't have much time.*

((ps: the Matador is the name of the Enforcer's escort ship. and Master Archon, i'd like my flagship to be named just "Enforcer". please leave out the "1"))

steven 07-29-2006 06:22 AM

John made his way to the bridge of the Enforcer during the attack.

"Tell the Matador to concentrate all it's fire on the port Federation cruiser." he heard ordered Vader and watched the comm officer relayed his command.

"Vader, my ship my be damaged but it's it cargo is intact. And inside my cargo hull I have verious weaponary, weaponary I can easily turn into a bomb that'll at least disable the ship if you can find a way of getting the bomb into the ship," John suggest, stumbling over to Vader as the ship began to rock due to the attack.

Rexraptor2000 07-29-2006 08:22 AM

General Shadow Gravemind stood on the deck of his Imperial I-class Star Destroyer flag ship The Avenger as he gave orders.

"Sir! Dual Heavy Turbolasers 3-5 are down and so is one of the deflecter shield generators!" a crewman shouted from his station.

"Reroute power from all unnessisary systems to power the the shields, turrets, and engines. What is the statis of The Enforcer and The Dyeheart?" he asked.

"The Enforcer's engines are down and they are facing two Trade Federation Battle Cruisers. The Dyeheart is on a course to assist, Sir!"

This battle was not looking good. He already had lost both his escort frigates, and his captain for the flagship had bought the farm in the last battle.

"Bring us on a course for the starboard side of one of those two battle cruisers. Prepare the 127th legion for boarding action. Open fire on its Heavy Turbolaser batteries with our own when in range. And alert The Enforcer and The Dyeheart of our intentions."

"Yes, Sir!"

Shadow then left the bridge to prepare. He was going to join his troops, where he would be more useful since he had a Double-Bladed Lightsaber. As he passed a barracks, even though he couldn't see they're faces, he could tell they were smiling. This was going to be fun.

Master_Archon 07-29-2006 10:02 AM

As the 'Dyeheart' groaned to a halt there came a sudden vibration, then 'Boom', the ship went rocking like a babies cradle.

""Alert, Alert, we have Cyborg units on deck 'C', repel crews X and III, prepare for anti-boarding action!" came a female comm officers voice over the intercomm.

"What the fierfek! Boarders! How'd a boarding party get on board!?" said Cyphon in frustration.

"A severely damaged techno-union shuttle was following in our sensor wake, it launched boarding torps and all it's escape pods into us, we didnt notice it till it's engines failed and it exploded from it's own damage sir!!" exclaimed the sensors officer.

"Bring all anti-boarding groups in sections 'C' through 'H' to all possible boarding areas and all known boarding areas. I want to make sure that those cyborgs have to go through an army just to reach the next section. I dont want them getting to the upper dorms section." he said in quick succession.

"Why sir?" asked one of the more new and curious deck guards. "I promised the leader of the Matukai, that I'd keep his people safe, and some are aboard this ship." he said pondering for a moment, "and there's some on Vader's, and Shadow's, and just about every Flagship in the fleet!" he said after some thinking.

The 'Dyeheart' loomed over the 'Enforcer' moving in towards the port Battlecruiser. "Bring power from all areas! the only thing I want working is secondary life support and section 'C's power! Put all power to the belly guns!" as he liked to call them.

'Thoom' 'Thoom' 'Thoom', went a volley of every gun on the under side of the of the ship, the lasers three times as thick as the normal battery shots.

"She's lisping under the fire" said Cyphon, excited at seeing the combined fire power of the 'Dyeheart' and 'Enforcer' crushing the Trade Federation Battlecruiser. Then out of nowhere the cruiser went black as space and it's guns fell silent, while huge streeks of electricity went across it's hull.

"What in the Force happened?" asked Cyphon in surprise. "Sensors picked up an object heading for the cruiser, out of the 'Enforcer's' hangar. We thought it was just space debrie or trash, from what we could tell it went inside of the cruiser and made an EMP blast powerful enough to knock it out!" said the sensors officer excitedly.

"Then let's not waste the oportunity!" said Cyphon with a rye smile and turning the comm to Vaders ship, "Vader whatever you did it worked! Open full fire power on the cruiser!" he said thinking for a second, "and that's an order!" he said jokingly. Turning to the smirking command deck crew, he smiled and said "you heard me, open fire! Full power!"

After only two minutes of crushing power from the two ships and their Frigate Escort, the cruiser erupted into a ball of flame!

"That's for the 'Injustice' shouted the captain of the 'Charred' through the inter-comm.

"And the 'Perrywinkle' " shouted the captain of the 'Grek'or', an Acclamaitor Class Clone Assault Frigate Escort for the 'Dyeheart'.

"And the 'Enforcer's' Ex-Frigate the 'Death Bringer'!" shouted the captain of the 'Grek'or's' sister ship the 'Mollusk'.

"HA HA!" laughed Cyphon exuberently, "we're not out of the water yet friends!" Cyphon exclaimed looking at the other enemy cruiser on the star board side of the 'Enforcer'." "Sensors, scan the enemy cruiser!" said Cyphon in a look of deep concentration. "Yes sir!" said the officer typing into his command console, "Sir! there are boarders from the 'Avenger' on the cruiser!"

"As I thought. Vader do not open fire on the enemy cruiser! Put your power to shields, and send out boarding parties, copy, over!" Cyphon told Vader, looking to his power and distributions officer at his command console. "You heard me put power from guns to shields this time!" "Already have sir." said the officer smiling.

"You guys know me so well." said Cyphon smirking at his chuckling command crew.

"Prepare Blood Platoon Zeta and Gamma for boarding actions, and give me some time....I want to have!" Cyphon said in a sinister voice.

"Sir one problem! The boarders aren't budging, they're holed up in pockets in section 'C', we can't flush them out!" said the status officer.

"Then send in the plumbers, bring in Dark Trooper Squadron 'Pi', hehehe, that'll flush'em out!" said Cyphon with a dark smile on his face while leaving the command deck to go to the Lambda Shuttle in the hangar bay, that was preparing for boarding actions.

"Dark Trooper Squadron 'Pi'?" said the second mate to the, now in controle, first mate, "aren't they the ones who blew up that Mon Calamari Battle Cruiser at the battle of sector Delta from the inside, barely making it out in time?" said the second mate questioningly. "Yes, yes they are" said the first mate regretfully, "but he knows what's best....I hope!" said the first officer turning to the view port ready to give orders.

"Sa, Blood Platoons, Zeta and Gamma are ready for boarding, wot wot!" said the lead boarding officer, an experienced high ranking storm trooper. "Good! Good, I'm ready too, let's go say hi to Shadow and the gang....maybe knock some cyborg heads off while we're at explosive tea party of sorts!" said Cyphon smiling at his old friend. "I'll bring the crumpits, sa" said the old officer in his common serious way.

"Hehe, come you old duffer, let's go have some the good old days!" said Cyphon turning and walking towards the waiting shuttle. "Right behind you sa, hope those ill-disiplined ruffian's of Shadow's hasn't killed everything yet, I want to blast some riff-raff cyborgs of my own, wot wot!" the old storm trooper said following in step behind Cyphon.

The shuttle lifted off, cruising out of the hangar, dozens of other boarding craft behind them, while groups of ARC-170's from Vader's fighter squadron, and Tie Defenders from Cyphon's escort squadron, made defensive positions around them!

RC-1162 07-29-2006 10:30 AM

Vader turned to John, and replied to his suggestion.

"No, John," he said. "It's not wise to leave the ship right now, besides, the Dyehard is backing us up."

The ship rocked again and Vader had begun to get annoyed with all the rocking his ship was recieving as the Dyehard prepared for their assault.

"Transfer all turbolaser power to the EMP cannon," he ordered. A few seconds later, the bright blue pulsating orb of EMP energy knocked out the port enemy cruiser and Vader smiled under his mask.

"Vader whatever you did it worked! Open full fire power on the cruiser!" came Cyphon's voice over the comm.

"Already doing, Master," replied Vader as he motioned to his relieved bridge crew. The Dyehard and the Enforcer continued to pound at the dead cruiser. Two minutes of sustained fire and the cruiser blew up, and the comm was filled with dedications.

"As I thought. Vader do not open fire on the enemy cruiser! Put your power to shields, and send out boarding parties, copy, over!" said Cyphon over the comm suddenly.

"Copy that, Master," said Vader. He turned to his operations assistant.

"Give the order to Clone Commando Squads Delta and Omega to prepare for boarding," said Vader to his ops assistant and the latter nodded.

Five minutes later, Delta and Omega Squads and Vader himself were in a Lambda-class shuttle on their way to the enemy cruiser, escorted by five ARC-170 fighters.

Rexraptor2000 07-29-2006 11:19 AM

"Sir! The Dyeheart and The Enforcer have defeated the other ship and are sending boarding craft to aid us." A young Clone Marine shouted.

"Alright everybody!" Shadow shouted into the com to all the troopers on the ship. "Our friends Breath Mint and Cranky Old Bastard are coming for a visit. But since you know how they love to hog the tea and the crumpets, lets clean this ship out spotless before they arrive!" There was laughing on the com from the troops fighting.

"Alpha squad! Progress report!" Shadow said over the com.

"General Grievous is momentarily off the radar, but we'll find him and avenge Beta squad." reported the squad leader, Pecker. Odd, but that's what his squad calls him.

General Grievous had ambushed Beta squad while they were taking the bridge and killed them. Taking that off his mind, he diced the droids in his path on his way to the engine room with both his dual sabers. He always felt a sense of exhilaration when wielding both at once.

"Sir! We're in position to meet the boarding parties." a trooper said over the com.

"Good. Tell them Grievous is here. Make sure you give them napkins too. They have terrible manners." Shadow said, receiving a chuckle.

Master_Archon 07-29-2006 12:49 PM

'Scree' 'Scree', went the shuttle alarms, "What the fandangle is going on, wot" asked old Brutas, which was the old storm troopers name.

"Incoming enemy fire, it's coming from enemy tri-drone fighters" said the copilot in shock.

"Hail Vader, tell him to get into formation, with his escort too, pull landers in the center, Arc-170's inbetween and Tie Defenders on the outside, tell the Defenders to activate the box shields!" he told the copilot.

Soon the ships were in a sphere formation and the Tie Defenders, which had little boxes attached to the ship hulls, extended high tension durosteel cords attached to the boxes, and soon the formation was surrouned by a large moving sphere shield.

"Hail the 'Charred', 'Grek'or', 'Mollusk', and the 'Matador', tell them to bring up our rear, and engage the remaining enemy fighters and prevent any escape pods from slipping through, before our capitals can beam them in!" said Cyphon once more to the copilot.

soon the landers had a straight path for the enemy cruiser, the shield was deactivated and the ARC-170's and Tie Defenders veared off, going back to assisst the Frigates in destroying the enemy fighters.

"[static]....friends Breath Mint and Cranky Old....[static]....are...." could be heard over the boarding frequency. "Who's he calling old....I'll teach him a thing or two, wot hhmph!" Brutas said airily, "Hear that Vader he said you have fresh breath....haha....better prepare for a rude welcome" said Cyphon, over the shuttle comms, to Vader.

"Hewo!" said a small voice to the right of Cyphon, in shock all the soldiers on board, including Cyphon and both pilots, turned to see a small girl, around the age of seven, sitting in one of, what used to be, an empty seat. "Heehee, you guys are funny!" the girl said, a thump could be heard and felt and some curses coming from one of the neighboring shuttles pilots through the comm, the pilot of the shuttle they were in finally getting back into reality after he was sidetracked by the girl suddenly appearring on his ship.

"'d you get in here Leia!?" Cyphon finally said after the great shock, "I was playing on this ship and got sleepy, so I took a nap under this seat, silly!" Leia said in response, smiling. Cyphon's jaw dropped as he went into the realization that he almost could've gotten Vader's daughter killed. "Master Windu says not to stare, or let your mouth hang open" said Leia giggling. Some of the younger soldiers coming into Cyphon's realization fainted, Leia giggled again.

"Vader's not going to be happy about this!" Cyphon said as the shuttle touched down in the hangar, "We're going to see daddy, yaa!" said Leia excitedly.

RC-1162 07-29-2006 12:58 PM

Vader walked down the ramp, followed by his Commando escorts as his shuttle landed beside Cyphon's.

"Daddeeeee!" came a sqeal from Cyphon's shuttle and Vader turned to see a small girl running at him, top speed. She jumped into his arms and Vader looked at Cyphon.

"Hello, Leia," he said to the young child, totally surprised. He turned to Cyphon.

"How the heck did she get here?" he whispered.

Master_Archon 07-29-2006 01:42 PM

With a sheepish look Cyphon said, "She was playing aboard the shuttle when she fell asleep under a seat and woke up around the time we were landing, you know when we collided with the other shuttle, yeah that's around the time we noticed her."

With a look of sincere apology Cyphon turned to watch as a Lander Shuttle hovered in the hangar, letting out a rack of four AT-PT's and another, farther down letting out four AT-RT's.

"Well..." turning back towards Vader, "what's the battle plan? How are we going to take the rest of the ship?" he said trying to get Vader's mind off of what happened.

In the background there was much noice and clanging, as the soldiers, from all walks of life, set up command posts, pill boxes, and supply depots, in the large hangar. AT-PT's and AT-RT's could be heard walking around, some crouching down to go into hallways, to clear out areas where cyborgs were still holding out. Cyphon glanced at a Clone Marine and a Thor Trooper as they walked by, they were argueing over what card game is better, pazak or sabok. Cyphon turned to see a huge AT-AT Barge land, and racks of Dark Trooper Exo-suits unfold, while the men who pilot them, came streaming out of passenger compartments in the barge. Hopping into the suits and getting into formations with AT-PT's and RT's, to clear out larger, more heavily defended hallways. "Well...defense perameters are do we take the rest?" Cyphon repeated with a smile of aproval at the quick work of the boarding-men, and a few women, who had done so well.

Rexraptor2000 07-29-2006 05:18 PM

"Sir! They have landed and our troops are going to redevous with them." a Clone marine told Shadow.

"Good. Have the commander of that platoon tell them to take the security control room located in the center of the ship. That should help us in keeping track of our troops and maybe catch Grievous." Shadow said as he cut down another droid.

They were in the Engine room and were shutting off the engines with their engineer so the driods couldn't jump with them aboard.

"Sir! We're run low on ammo." a marine shouted out.

"Then hold this room while I clear the corridor they are come through." Shadow said and ran foreward into the corridor. It was packed, but the didn't have a clear line of fire and he was up close. Not good when your opponent has two dual lightsabers.

What added to the confusion was that he used force wave in the corridor, throwing them back and kept using it until he reached the next door, in which he shut. He then ran back and sealed the door the the engine room. He then deactivated his lightsabers and got out his modified ARC Rocket launcher, which allowed him to rapid fire rather than fire, reload, and fire again.

"Tell Breath Mint to get his Commandos to help Alpha squad." Shadow said.

"Yes, Sir!"

Char Ell 07-30-2006 02:39 AM

Enter the Matukai
The Matukai ships, Evincer and Shryken, dropped out of hyperspace within 150 kilometers of the battle area. Felix Intos, onboard Evincer, waited for the sensor officer to make her initial scan and report of the situation, hoping that the ships he brought in response to the priority 1 message from Dyeheart weren't too late. Felix had been using his Matukai fleet, if it could be called that, to scout surrounding systems for needed resources when the call from the fleet flagship came through with the urgent order to return at best speed.

"Chieftain, initial scans show Enforcer has sustained significant damage and boarding actions are taking place. It appears only one enemy cruiser is intact. Fighters from our allied ships are engaging enemy fighters."

Felix felt the tension drain from him with the realization that none of their allied ships were lost and most, if not all, of his people should be safe. "Signal Blade Squadron and Shryken: proceed with attack plan Bwo!" Felix barked to the comm officer. "General Quarters!"

Evincer's squadron of nine T-120 C-Wing fighters had commenced launching as soon as their home ship had dropped from hyperspace and were already in full deployment, streaking towards the fierce dogfights between the enemy and their brother squadrons. Felix knew that Blade Squadron in conjunction with Shryken, a Corellian DP-20 gunship, could handle six times their number in enemy fighters. The Matukai may not have been able to bring as much in the way of combat assets to the fleet as the other groups but what assets they had were highly effective.

As Felix watched Blade Squadron and Shryken accelerate away from his slower Marauder-class corvette, Evincer took a course towards the enemy capital ships. Felix keyed his comm to the gunnery circuit. "Gunners remember! Target any weaponry that is active or even powered up! We want to capture any enemy ships if we can. Weaponry is your primary target, engines your secondary."

RC-1162 07-30-2006 04:04 AM

An officer came up to Vader and relayed Shadow's request to him.

"So where is Alpha Squad?" asked Vader. "Ask him that and come back, and tell him that I'll make sure he gets into an armor like this if he keeps it up with the 'Breath Mint' stuff."

Vader turned to Cyphon.

"We need the ship's schematics before we can get any plan of action considered."

Rexraptor2000 07-30-2006 07:14 AM

"Sir! He wants to know Alpha squads location." the officer said.

"They haven't already taken the security room like I said too! The're getting lazy. Hand Breath Mint these ship schematics that we took from the bridge, and then have Alpha squad report in their location over a secure com channel." Shadow ordered.

"Yes, Sir! He also said that he'll make sure that you get into an amor like his if you keep it up with the 'Breath Mint stuff'." the officer said and was off.

The droids had broken though the doors and again he was dicing them like they were going out of bussines.

"How's the progress on those engines?" Shadow asked the engineer.

"Almost done... There!" the engineer said and the sound of the power for the engines going out could be heard. All of a sudden, the droids stopped turned around, and ran into the hallway.

"I think our friends are going to have a lot of company very soon. Has the officer arrvied at Breath Mints location yet?" he asked.

"Almost." the engineer replied.

"When he arrives, have him tell Breath Mint that he's going to have a very big welcome party from our friends the tinnies." Shadow said.

"In the meantime, we'll head there ourselves." Shadow said and was off with his Clones behind him.

RC-1162 07-30-2006 09:12 AM

The officer came up to Vader and handed him the ship's schematics and left without a word. A few minutes later, Alpha Squad reported in over the comm and ave them the lock on their position.

"Very well," Vader said to his two Commando Squads. "You have their location, move out."

"Yes, sir." replied Niner, leader of Omega, and Boss, leader of Delta. They formed up and move to a turbolift to help out Alpha.

Vader got out his dual lightsabers and followed after Shadow, beckoning to Cyphon.

"Come on," he said. "Let's teach the kid how the Masters do things."

Master_Archon 07-30-2006 03:33 PM

"Love to!" said Cyphon in response to Vader.

"Uh, sir, sir!" said one of the Storm Troopers excitedly.

"What is it?" said Cyphon turning to face the soldier.

"Uuhh, what's it mean when the green and yellow lights blink?" asked the soldier anxiously.

"Usually it means that there's incoming friendies, why?" ask Cyphon Intrigued.

"Well....they're blinking sir" said the soldier in a scared voice. For the first time Cyphon noticed small yellow and green lights going off in various places.

Quickly opening a comm link to the 'Charred' Cyphon said as quickly as he could, "captain open a gap link to the 'Dyeheart'!" "Yes sir," came the reply from the 'Charred', " 'Dyeheart' what are long range sensors picking up?" asked Cyphon anxiously.

"Sensors are picking up capital ship class, mass signatures! They've made a perameter around the nebula, and are moving in at top speed. But thats not all sir!" said the first mate quickly in response. "We're picking up huge amounts of hyperspace signatures! It looks like a hundred!!" said the first mate in fear.

"Relay this to all ships, pull in all ships or fighters without hyperspace capabilities, I want everyone out of here! That's an order of the highest command!! Dont worry we'll turn the engines back on! I dont care where you jump to, just as long as you get out of here, and meet at the rendevous point, got that!" Cyphon said that while turning back to Vader grim faced. Turning to Brutas he said, "Tell all ships on board to not leave the hangar to go back to the capitals" Brutas nodded and turned to go do what he was asked.

Turning now to a Dark Trooper that had been standing idle he said, "you, go with all speed to General Shadow, tell him to get back to the engine room and get the hyperspace engines running, I wanna jump as soon as possible!" The DT snapped to attention quickly, then using propulsion jets, went skidding off at top speed to do his bidding.

By that time all but the Matukai ships had left, there were no enemies to be seen for miles into space, not even fighters, they had been wiped clean. Looking to a comm officer he said, "tell Felix if he wants to stick around then he better be ready to jump when we do." The officer saluted and ran off to a small comm station. "Where's that merchiant we picked up, Vader? I have something useful in mind that he can do to pay us back!" said Cyphon looking around. Then out of the hangar stasis field small anomolies could be seen off in the distance of space, everyone near a viewport or area looking out into space, turned to witness what happened next! ships, not just a small fleet or even a big fleet, but hundreds, huge clusters of ships coming out of hyperspace. Cyphon only got to 172 and lost track, there were so many, and even after those, many more were still coming in out of hyperspace. But the one that caught Cyphons attention the most was a ship he hadnt seen before, a huge Mon Calamari design war ship, it was a little longer than a Super Star Destroyer, but even still, this convinced Cyphon that the Emporer was tired of games, and really wanted them dead! This time not only young soldiers passed out, but quite a few battle harden veterans too, many started puking, others started crying for everything and everyone-the most could be heard was that they wanted their moms, even clones who didnt have moms, cryed for their moms-and alot got on the ground and started praying to, God, The Force, and any other entity that would listen. Even Cyphon had a time holding his lunch in, it was utter chaos for a good solid 30 minutes until some officers and a few jedi started rallying the soldiers. The only good thing was that they had jumped a long way away, and would take awhile to get to their position.

Finally Cyphon said in a quiet voice, "well, this could be it...."

Rexraptor2000 07-30-2006 06:55 PM

Shadow went skidding to a halt as a Dark Trooper flew up to him and said "Sir! Master Cyphon wants you to get back to the engine room and reactivate the engine! Hundreds of capital ships are enroute to destroy us." The troopers looked genuinly afraid.

"Troops!" Shadow yelled over the com as he started to run back to the engine room. "We've got an unussually large guest list comeing to dinner. But since we can't jump since hyperspace right now, I'm going to reactivate the engine. If you are not currently busy right now blowing up a droids head off right now, haul your ass down to the engine room and us some cover! Also, don't let me catch you making a scene about dying or anything or else your going to have to clean all the floors of this ship with a tooth brush, without the help of those cleaning droids. Now move it out!"

Troops started to join him as he ran down the corridors. The droids, who apparently learned about the ships, were also trying to get there. Shadow was slicing and dicing all the droids that stood in their way.

On the last corridor, the droids were waiting and as soon Shadow and his men came in range, fired. Shadow was able to deflect most of them, but a few got through and hit his men, but it did not diminish their charge. The hallway was practically made of blaster fire, going both ways. When Shadow was in range, he used force wave to knock out the first line and creating confusion in the second. Then they collided.

They didn't stop, whatever droid wasn't shot was trampled as they made their way into the engine room. Shadow and his personal engineer made their way to the control consle, where he began to interface with the controls while Shadow gave him cover with his two double bladed lightsabers.

"Sir! The ships are begining to open fire." a clone yelled over the firing. The entire ship rocked.

"Sir! Engines are online! Where too?!" the engineer asked.

Shadow pushed him aside, entered the coordinates and pressed the initiate button. "Hyperspace innitiating." the computer said in a female voice said over the speakers. And then the ship entered hyperspace.

Master_Archon 07-31-2006 10:34 AM

'Boooom' went the ship as the first wave of enemies came, the ship rocked and bucked like a dieing animal. Then the most glorious sound was heard, the sound of the Trade Federation Battle Cruiser, or Droid Control Ship, for technical terms, engines coming on line. Soldiers through out the ship cheered, and many started running to manually controled gun turrets, to open fire on the enemy ships for the little amount of time they were still there. Cyphon noticed Felix jump only two seconds before they did, and in the same direction. At least Cyphon knew they wouldnt be alone and abandoned in the middle of space. Then the werring of the hyperspace engine could be heard, them, 'Foom', a crack like thunder, and they were in hyperspace. Cyphon pondered, and wondered....where would they come out?

((I thought of something funny, a little off topic, but funny. What if we came out of hyperspace near, you guys think that'd be cool! I dont know exactly why I thought of that, but I did, and I think that'd be an interesting twist to the storyline....what do you guys think!?))

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