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James Isaac 07-31-2006 04:59 PM

Favourite Icon
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I think it would be nice if the LucasForums had a custom favourite icon instead of the default vBulletin one being used now. As I visit a few vBulletin forums which also use this icon it makes switching between the sites a littlemore time consuming than it could be and also I think it looks ugly :p.

Perhaps a LF in the font of the logo on the front page, like the attached image but better (I don't have the fonts so i had to make it from just the images on the site):

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

ChAiNz.2da 08-01-2006 04:09 AM

I like it. Tends to "pop out" a little better.. and I instantly recognized the forums just by those 2 small call-letters :thumbsup:

Thrik 08-01-2006 05:13 AM

Seems like a good idea not sure why it never occured to anyone really. :E

I'll see if I've still got the logo PSD lying around.

Samnmax221 08-01-2006 07:23 AM

I almost didn't even notice you'd changed it.

James Isaac 08-01-2006 11:31 AM

Nice, I like it :)

Joshi 08-01-2006 06:01 PM

Soooo am I the only one who didn't get the update? I'm still seeing the old vBulletin icon which is odd.

coupes. 08-01-2006 07:28 PM

You need to clear your browser's cache for you to see the new icon.

Joshi 08-02-2006 11:21 AM

Ah okay... yeah I'm still not getting it, so stupid question, where exactly am I meant to be seeing this? I was guessing it'd be the icons that show up next to my tabs in Firefox, but I'm obviously wrong so does anyone want to shed some light here?

Char Ell 08-02-2006 11:32 AM

I wasn't seeing it either until in Firefox I went to Tools -> Clear Private Data and only left the Cache box checked. Once I did that then I started seeing the new favorite icon to the left of the URL and on my Firefox tabs when I'm on the LF website.

There is a thread in the Swamp that has some screenshots. <link>

Joshi 08-02-2006 11:41 AM

Nope, still nothing, I'm wondering whether a restart will alow Firefox to clear the cache properly (i.e, a system restart, I've been restarting Firefox, but I'm wondering whether it maybe sticks around in memory for a fast restart and therefore I still get the old icon... or something)

EDIT: Nope, still nothing after restarting, I'm wondering whether I should clear cookies (which'll piss me off)?

Thrik 08-02-2006 01:39 PM

Easiest way to fix 'sticky' cache problems like that is to directly visit the entity in question ( and do a regular refresh while there. That should theoretically wipe any and all cached instances of it and the new version should appear in all pages from then on.

Thanks again for suggesting this James. :)

Joshi 08-02-2006 01:49 PM

Ah well done, all fixed now. And yes, good work James and Thrik.

Pho3nix 08-05-2006 07:51 AM

Looks great :D better than the old Vbulletin icon.

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