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cara 08-03-2006 11:24 PM

Psychonauts Fansite: Whispering Rock
Hello everyone! Anyone remember me? It has been months since I posted. :) Now, I post again, regarding a very old topic: the Whispering Rock Fan Site!

The fansite I finally finished uploading, tweaking, and revamping! And I now present it to you as such:

Whispering Rock [dot] Pfenix [dot] Net

Yay! :) It's completed as far as uploading and layout go.

However, I'm in need of content and staff. I don't remember much the original plan for this website's management but I do know the following:

Miss Klia was going to be the "queen bee" of this project. We were talking about access and whatnot. YO KLIA! Are you still alive out here? XD I don't know what being a "queen bee" here actually means, but probably in that she will work with me on ideas/pages/content/general stuff?

We were working on finding coders/graphic people, too, I think. This is NOT needed at the moment. :) Except for buttons for linking back to the site. I (or someone) needs to make more of those....

But in any case, if anyone is interested in helping out, please visit the site and look around - any page that needs content will be noted as such. (For example, the Memory Vault page doesn't have any Memory Vaults -- thus a Memory Vault Finder is needed. Etc.)

If you're not interested, then this is just a regular plug and enjoy the current selection of content.

And yes, we need fanworks! what's been going on around here?

Mashi An'krekku 08-04-2006 12:17 AM

I think I read a bunch of your old posts and "awww'd" because I love your sig. :3
Yeah, you uhh...missed a lot. I joined and there was this party and we all got drunk and there were a few explosions and there were some n00bs that were...n00bish and then we battled the Wienermobile and Anti-Tim Schafer.

...Try and pick out the parts that are actually true.
Also, we haven't heard from Purple Squid in forever.

Smon 08-04-2006 12:34 AM

I was to make a long a flash intro and flash menus... so... I can do graphics, even if it isn't needed at the moment.

cara 08-04-2006 04:34 AM

Nice to meet you Miss Mashi! (Can I call you that?) I quite like what's in your sig as well! ::beams:: And I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved about missing those events.

Oh, hey Mr. Smon. You are male, right? I'm so gender-indiscriminate, I bet I won't remember the sex of my own children. But I remember you! Wow. Hi. :) As for the flash, well, I will admit I'm not too fond of it as actual mechanisms for a site. Especially intros. I hate splash pages too. Rawr, useless things.

But since I love good media-talent, if you would like to submit something flash as fanart, that would be awesome. I would kiss your feet. Or you could just make some damn buttons. The site needs better buttons.

Smon 08-04-2006 04:44 AM

I will make some buttons!

And they won't be flash, but they will be made in flash.

Yes I am a male.

I like applesauce.

cara 08-04-2006 04:52 AM

Yes! Thank you! And I'm glad you're still male. Otherwise I would have been forced to call you Simone in a very fake French accent, just because. (I think applesauce doesn't taste very good.)

Smon 08-04-2006 05:07 AM

Hm... actually, do you have any idea as to want the buttons to look like? I need to know because...

1.I don't wanna make something you don't like.

2.I have no idea where to go with this.

cara 08-04-2006 05:18 AM

I will like anything button you make, guaranteed.

Psychonauts related is all I ask. "Whispering Rock" is rather long to fit on a button, I know, so WR works as abbreviation if you want.

Size is unimportant, though standard sizes like 100x35, 100x50, etc. work well.

This is me, telling you to wing it. :)

Smon 08-04-2006 05:25 AM

Eh, I'll see what I can do.

Now, flash fanart I am no good at. I mean... you know, actual flash fanart. This was made in flash, but not animated like- oh just look, add, and ignore.

cara 08-04-2006 05:32 AM

Ahh.... my flash is so pirated.


Smon 08-04-2006 05:39 AM

Alright, I didn't hear it either. *whistles*

Smon 08-04-2006 05:43 AM


Here are the first four buttons, I want your seal of approval before I go on:

pyrohappygirl 08-04-2006 06:00 AM

I'm not the other person- But I like them Smon!

cara 08-04-2006 07:46 AM

Am I allowed to swear on this forum? I forget.

Smon, I'm *really* sorry but... uh... those weren't what I meant. I was talking about link buttons, like for "link backs" and affliates and so forth?

I'm sorry about not being clear! But they are so cute. Do you think could convert them into link buttons? Like just change the text to "Whispering Rock" or something? I'd hate for you to do all the work for naught.

Smon 08-04-2006 08:08 AM

Ah, yes sure.

Glad I didn't make more, link buttons would be much easier to come up with anyway, since I was just using Raz's powers for these ones and would run out anyway...

Smon 08-04-2006 08:43 AM


...also I want credit in the staff page.

...and administrative abilities.

...and a taco.

...shaped like Freddy Mercury's head.

...eating Jack Black's head.

cara 08-04-2006 09:24 AM

Hey, cool Smon! :) I like them loads--I saved them and will put them up with my next update. will get credit on the staff page, of course

...but you get double credit if you make me another button, this time for visitors to link Whispering Rock on their web pages with. Please? Just one cute one like the ones above?

...still no adminstrative abilities. ::tickles:: There aren't even any abilities to give!

... for me to physically go to a kitchen and make you a taco would cost you a helluva lot more than just BUTTONS, buddy.

But Smon, don't get me wrong, I luv ya.

Smon 08-04-2006 09:31 AM

Yeah aight, a final button to end all buttons.... GEEEEERRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Klia 08-04-2006 11:22 AM


Miss Klia was going to be the "queen bee" of this project. We were talking about access and whatnot. YO KLIA! Are you still alive out here? XD I don't know what being a "queen bee" here actually means, but probably in that she will work with me on ideas/pages/content/general stuff?
Not really alive but still here. I still would love to do that with you as I have found a renewed interest in Psychonauts. Guess what happened while you were gone? My computer became so ****ed up I can't even view flash.

I do like bossing people around so that's always good.

As always, CONTENT. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT. That's what is really needed right now. We must be artsy out of our asses that's how bad we need content in the Psychonauts community. I know a few LJ communities that will be more than happy (hopefully) to give out their content to the site.

I used to have all the memory vaults, but they all got deleted. Funny how that works out.

cara 08-04-2006 12:25 PM

I am so glad you're interested in conspiring with me to make Whispering Rock (first of all, it needs an alias or something. W. Rock.) the best it can be. I hope your renewed interest continues so that we can shove CONTENTx3 down the Psychonauts fandom-monster's throat. You are apparently in the "know" for LJ communities so I'll leave you to that -- my LJ username is caragirl by the way -- and I'll find a way to add the "walkthrough/cheats" to the site. Smon suggested asking someone who has already written one/written cheats for permission to use them but I have this itch to make it completely original... so perhaps I'll play through the game again. >__<

Sorry about your computer. Those things always happen when I'm not around. *sigh* Let's not talk about the memory vaults. It's depressing.

My email is but as I am leaving the state for a week (don't worry, I'll still have internet access) please use for the time being.

Thanks for wanting to do this, Klia. You're a lifesaver.

Miss_Mayhem 08-04-2006 10:41 PM

Hey there, I am another random person who joined while you were gone. You can just call me Mayhem, thats what everyone else does. I have some fanart in this thread you can use. If you cant use them from the links, ask me through a PM and I'll email the files to you. I don't think it's really wallpaper worthy, but with some sharpening and slight color enhancements (as well as some resizing), the first one might be able to be used as a wallpaper.

pyrohappygirl 08-05-2006 08:53 PM

Uh... Yes! Here is another random person! And I have, uh... Crappy and lame fanart on my computer. Ask if you want it.

Klia 08-05-2006 09:02 PM

Sigh, and I could have added SO MUCH with those memory vaults. Bad timing I guess.

To the LJ!

EDIT: The good news is, people seem very interested. I hit a Psychonauts LJ and Deviant Art community.

Gruducuuz 08-06-2006 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by cara
And yes, we need fanworks! what's been going on around here?

I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that you can have any fanworks posted here, and here.

Unless if said otherwise. Although they probably shouldn't have put it here if they didn't want it on the internet.

EDIT: I found the thread with all the images in the game for memory vault use!

Klia 08-06-2006 11:26 AM

OMG now my computer will be full of Memory Vaults once again.

-Bows down- I love you, I love you.

And that will really help the fansite.

EDIT: I even posted in that thread didn't I?

DarthAve 08-06-2006 01:28 PM

Omg, the site looks hot. But may I add 2 things.

1. I can make avatars(see the thorney towers site for ex.)
2. It would be killer if you added a fanfiction section
3. 4!

Klia 08-08-2006 08:43 PM

Hmm, we could ask other Psychonauts site to share some of their Psychonauts fanworks..

wait no.

cara 08-16-2006 12:42 AM

Back from California!

There was a noticible lack of internet access there. >_< I was prepared for not having FTP and email, but not for COMPLETE isolation from a computer.

Still, things got done, despite my invisibility.

- fanart submissions have been going strong and will be uploaded tomorrow. I just need to figure out the best way to exhibit it all! Thanks to all who have contributed so far!

- memory vaults have been found everywhere (including a few zip files on my hard drive, gosh!) so those will be arriving soon as well! Thanks for all the help with finding them online!

- Smon's buttons will also be added tomorrow.

- We have a someone willing to write a walkthrough! Cheers for original video gaming reference -- that's yummy content.

- Contacted Juno! She wishes me to tell everyone involved that she's very happy to see the site up and running again. :)

- Re: Darth_Ave's comment - Please do make avatars! That would be terrific and fantastic and wonderful. Perhaps you'll even end up as a Master Avatar Creator [MAC]. ;) and, yes!...

- FANFICTION: This section will be added to the site as a "coming soon" page, so that fanfic writers will be encouraged to send in their work.

CONCLUSION: I just arrive two hours ago. Woke up at five am and got back home at eleven pm. All day travel sux0rs. Am beat. :) Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day for me (varsity tennis tryouts *gasp*) but I hope to finish all of the above updates too--don't want to fall behind when the site's still new! And if anyone has any questions, comments, ideas, content, sarcasm -- I can now answer email on my normal account at

Need sleep... see y'all tomorrow!

Klia 08-16-2006 08:19 PM


- fanart submissions have been going strong and will be uploaded tomorrow. I just need to figure out the best way to exhibit it all! Thanks to all who have contributed so far!
I hope I have helped even a bit with that.

Here's what I love
-Concept art: That page is set up beautifully and the little thumbnails make me go crazy.
-Renders: Same as above.
-Audio: Great selection and really adds original content to the site.

Here's what needs work
-Screenshots: Instead of having them link to the Index, why not just have them there? When we get more screenshots them perhaps we could section them off.
-Wallpaper: Good idea, but we obviously need some art, would you want me to go get some wallpaper artists I know, and perhaps fan wallpaper/wallpaper could be combined then sectioned off.
-Cheats: They're a great idea, but I think cheats/glitches would work a lot better as I know a lot of us could add to this site.

DarthAve 08-16-2006 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by cara
- Re: Darth_Ave's comment - Please do make avatars! That would be terrific and fantastic and wonderful. Perhaps you'll even end up as a Master Avatar Creator [MAC]. ;) and, yes!...

[burns]excellent.~dwindles fingers~[/burns]

I'm going to e-mail some I've been working on from the clairvoyance views. None of my icons are animated though, so yeah they're pretty simple.

Klia 08-16-2006 09:06 PM

[Farnsworth]Good news everyone![/Farnsworth]

holly_ziviene said we were allowed to take their avatars as long as we credited them on the website. Here's the links

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

And I found my old Boyd fanfiction. I didn't know it was on my LJ!

cara 08-17-2006 10:22 PM

I'm terribly sorry everyone. Yesterday's tennis tryouts turned out to be... well, much longer than expected. Since I missed most of tryouts, I had to play a total of FOUR matches. I came home, slept.. woke up to eat dinner and then slept more.

I figured it was alright to miss this ONE deadline, as long as I worked on it today. Unfortunately, today was disgustingly similar to yesterday and so... I screwed up.

But I'm unwilling to let my bad planning cause too much delay. I will be in Chicago for most of the weekend, but I (I shall give myself a more reasonable deadline now) will have EVERYTHING I mentioned (plus submissions/ideas from recent posts) up by midnight Tuesday, August 22.

There now! I hope this is an "OK" plan... I'll try not to misjudge my time in the future to avoid any more problems.

Thanks for your patience!


My birthday is tomorrow and... I got a new computer today! However, I have to set it up...and I can't upload anything at the moment. >__<;; I'm sorry but I must postpone this update yet again. Probably tomorrow and if not, Friday. *sigh*

Miss_Mayhem 08-17-2006 11:34 PM

I sent in a Raz fanart, and I have two others I wanna send in, a Milla pic and another chibi Sasha and Milla piccy, but since Yahoo suxalot I hafta send 'em in 1 at a time. Sorry 'bout that.

Poopdogjr 08-17-2006 11:55 PM

Neat site. I absolutely have no understanding of computers what-so-ever, so whenever I see stuff like this, I'm really impressed. Good stuff!

cara 09-23-2006 09:43 PM

I'm being so productive today that I can't even be bothered with my usual rambles and reporting.

Please see <a href="">Whispering Rock Fansite</a> if you're interested in all of the updates I made today. :) They are late but complete! I dealt with all Psychonauts related email and posts, I believe.

To Klia: I'd love it if you could contact some wallpaper artists and see if they would be interested in submitting work! And I borrowed heavily from your "what needs work" post to update the site. Let me know your thoughts!

Now I'm just waiting on replies from the people in charge of the Overview, Character Profiles, and Walkthrough. Yeah!

I also added a fanfiction section (thanks for that suggestion, you know who!) so writers are welcome to submit work to me.

That about covers it! Ciao!

cara 09-24-2006 08:51 AM

--accidental post--

cara 09-24-2006 08:53 AM

Regarding memory vaults, I will snatch them from the thread mentioned before the end of the week. :) Thanks for everyone's support regarding these "missing files" - I'm excited to finally be able to add them to the site.

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