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Smon 08-09-2006 12:59 AM

The Death Thread
Life, death, both are as mysterious.

What makes you think about the afterlife? A good book? An interesting movie?

Or maybe just a good game.

This is the place to post theories, ideas, or just general concepts about the afterlife.

Do you believe in a heaven and hell? Reincarnation? Ghosts? Or do you believe in a less publicized concept of death? Please, share it here.

90SK 08-09-2006 02:38 AM

I don't believe in the ideas of Heaven and Hell as they are commonly viewed today. They're too human, and too morally restrictive. If indeed god created all of us, “he” would have accommodated for our diversity. From my perspective, holy providence is all about forgiveness. In my mind's eye, the "hell" concept was more a place of reformation, where instead of being punished for their "sins", the sinners would come to understand why their actions were wrong and be sorry for them. In parallel, my concept of heaven is somewhat simply the lack of ignorance, on levels we could not attain in a mortal state. Ignorance basically causes all our problems, on a personal and social basis. So paradise would logically lack ignorance completely.

But really, the general “afterlife” theory is one that I’d prefer not to dwell on, since anything like that would be far beyond our comprehension if it were actually in existence.

Nick Virago 08-10-2006 10:23 AM

I wouldn't refer to Corpse Bride as a good movie, I don't think Burton did such a great job there.
Anyway, I don't believe in the afterlife, but I wish it was like in GF, lol.

I say, I say 08-10-2006 04:18 PM

I personally do not believe in an afterlife, I also do not think that Corpse Bride is a good reference to the afterlife; I think if you want such examples then Grim Fandango is probably one of the best. The game of course has artistic license, some aspects it draws from cultures, films and certain types of art but it also deals with the finer points of death; immortality in the world and also more frightening is the idea of Death-Within-Death, and also a twist in the representation of certain objects in life; 'Flowers being a symbol of pain- of death within death'. Also the game deals with what 'we' have done in life to earn reward in 'heaven' for example Meche being able to go to the Ninth Underworld; it also offers chance for redemption in the afterlife seeing as the Land of the Dead is but purgatory. Where characters like Hector wish only to take an easy way, others either give up on heaven or try to pursue it the hard way. You notice those who finally get to the Ninth Underworld have been through some hardship; Chepito walking under the sea but perhaps with the exception of Bruno.

GF portrays death in this concept, or more the afterlife. It is just one opinion; but I prefer it to ideas of either brimstone or fluffy-white clouds that other fictions suggest on death and beyond.

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