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dougieViLE 08-15-2006 07:44 PM

Perplexing XvT problem
I am trying to run Xvt on my computer (windows XP) and i am encountering some strange difficulties. When the game starts up, everything works fine, but for some reason, while in the in-game menu, I cannot launch any of the games or get to play it in any way. The buttons don't even come up. It is almost as if I am starting the game up without the Master game disk in the CD tray, but it most assuredly is. Is this a problem with my system, or a problem with the disk (which seems do everything else fine eccept play the game)?

Just one other note, when i first had the game after i installed balance of power, upon the game starting up it would say that the disc wasn't in the drive, so i'd take it out, put the BoP disk in, click ok and it would then ask me to put back the XvT master disk again. It would work but it was a pain to have to do this everytime i wanted to play.

Weird stuff.

Wildstar 08-16-2006 10:51 AM

I'm not sure about your first problem, but for the other, you might want to make sure the disk is in the optical drive with the lowest letter if you have more than one.

jomaster 09-04-2006 11:13 AM

i recently installed xvt on my xp and the only problem i have with it is that i get an error message saying the disk isn't in the drive please insert i click try again and it works just fine after that maybe it is your system have you upgraded any of the xp software??


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