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John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:36 AM

[FIN]Star Wars:The Adventures of John Skywalker
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The woman lay on the medbay table screaming.In truth giving birth to a baby hurt bad but she didnt think of the pain she would feel.The med droid gave her some sedatives and painkillers to calm her down and numb the pain,this was working and they were making progress.
"I can see the head,keep pushing", the droid said in an emotionless tone. The baby finally came crying out but she was still feeling more pressure. "Theres still one more to go", the droid said while wrapping up the crying baby that had just been born and setting it down in a cot.She pushed until the second one came out the baby was'nt even crying it was looking around at its surroundings."They are both boys",the droid said,"what are these twins to be called?"
She looked at the crying baby and said,"ill call him Anakin.......little Ani",she said as Anakin was put in her arms,"and ill call my other son John",she said smiling,"my two sons",she said holding them both tearfully.
The woman was put in a dorm in the med center to rest she only had a couple of days before she had to see if Watto won them in the upcoming podrace,we'll manage, she thought to herself. Just then a man walked into the room he had a big coat and didnt look like he was from any where on the Outer Rim let alone Tatooine.
He looked at her and said,"Shmi....Shmi Skywalker?"
"You know me but i do not know you,what do you want?",Shmi said anxiously.
"I am Cypher Dias and i will cut to the chase you will have to give up one of your sons its dangerous keeping them two together"
"Of course not",Shmi said fearfully,"their my life,my-",before Shmi could finish Dias walked over and touched her head she instantly fell asleep.Dias had only one option left he would have to wipe her memory its the only way he thought to himself


John woke up with confusion.His dream had been weird he was wondering about the dream when a girl came to the door. "Oh hi Moira",he said still a bit shaken.Moira was three years older than John,who was 9,she had ginger hair a cute face and her left eye was green the right was blue she looked concerned "you look a bit off today John whats wrong"
"I had a weird dream.. i was a jedi and i came back to Tatooine to free the slaves",John said this but without any concerns but deep down he had thought it was so real.Trying to get off the subject John spoke again "Moira what are you up to for the day?"
"well its a free day for all the slaves so i was thinking we should loot a shop all the way on the other side of mos eisley",Moira said smiling.
"Why should we go that far?",John asked curiously
"Ive heard the guy just lost his best slave",Moira said informingly
"Whats his name?"
"His names Watto and he owns a junk shop but he has valuable stuff."
"Ok we'll leave in a couple of minutes", John was happy,working for Jabba the Hutt was no easy task but he got days off so he was thankful.John thought himself also the best theif in these parts which he doesnt understand even when he is most likely to get caught he doesnt but John based this on luck.Anyway,whats the worst that can happen John thought to himself.

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:37 AM

Chapter 1

It took John and Moira a couple of hours to get where they were going. But John was glad that he was with Moira, they were best freinds of course. They stopped outside the junk shop and,not speaking,they knew what to do. The plan always was that Moira would keep the keeper of the place occupied while John would steal. John waited outside while Moira went in to find the owner.
"Hello", she called and then a bug looking creature came flying through, he looked disgruntled Moira knew he was grumpy because he lost his best slave.
"What do ya' want slave", Watto said to her rather angrily.
"Im here for Jabba", Moira lied "he wants to know if you have a spare hyperdrive for a......a tatooine star cruiser".
"oh yea follow me into the back i might have one of those",Watto had been shakey as soon as he heard the word Jabba,he then showed Moira out in the back were she was stalling for time asking for all kinds of machines. John's turn was up and he quickly went inside the shop putting spraycans and other small items which him and Moira could sell. He then saw a folded up droid which he fell in love with,it was a service droid for podracers but he could reprogram and upgrade it.He took it and ran outside of the shop waiting for Moira. John liked what he had stolen,this droid will become very useful he thought to himself.Moira then came out of the shop and then John showed her what he had she was impressed about the stolen service droid. They were about to leave when a dark hooded man came up to them draging them along John thought he was taking the back to the junk shop but he was leading them down an alley fear filled him as he didnt know what was happening,he lookd over to Moira who was as scared as he.The hooded man took his hood down his face was red and black and he had smal horns on the top of his head,John dare not look at his fiery gold eyes but noticed he had a lasersword.A jedi! John thought and then he had the confidence to speak.
"What do you want from us",John shouted hoping his voice didnt break.
"I have come to you with a request", he only looked at John and payed no interest to Moira.
"A request?"
"I see potential in you and i wish for you to become a Si-...a Jedi Knight"the hooded man finished
"But i am a slave i have a-"
"that is already sorted i have already payed for you John", the man had an evil smirk,"your chip is deactivated and has been destroyed in your stomach acids..i will not take no for an answer",the man said sternly
"Me? a Jedi? its something ive always dreamed of when do we leave im taking my droid!",John finished breathlessly.
"We must leave now to a small planet called Naboo"
"I dont even know your name"
"My names maul,come young one we must go",Maul said this impatiently.
John started walking and then he looked back and remembered,"Mister Maul what about my freind Moira",John said knowing the answer.
"you have to leave her" he said,"now come"
"John this is what you want",Moira said with tears,"i will always remember you"
"Moira i will never forget you",John was now tearfull aswell,"As soon as ive completed my training i will come back and free you Moira I promise",she smiled.
"We must go we must get to Naboo quickly", Maul said impatiently and started walking.John let go of Moira bade farewell and started walking with Maul with his droid under his arm,he'll be back for her and he knew that.

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:38 AM

Chapter 2

"Always use your emotions when using the force,this will give you more power".
"Yes Master Maul", John replied. Mauls spaceship was'nt at all big but for the little sandy haired John it could hold two at most. Hyperspace was taking some time, and while Maul was getting impatient he decided the best way to pass time was to teach John.
"Also do you remember the Jedi code?", Maul asked.
"Yes Master Maul its There is no fear, there is power. There is no death, there is immortality. There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side. I am the Heart of Darkness. I know no fear, But rather I instill it in my enemies. I am the destroyer of worlds. I know the power of the Dark Side. I am the fire of hate. All the Universe bows before me. I pledge myself to the Darkness. For I have found true life, In the death of the light.", John felt uneasy about those last words but he would obey them anyways, he was more determined to be a jedi now more than anything.
"Good boy you will know the extent of this code in time", Maul said,"now go and rest i will wake you when we get to Coruscant."
"Coruscant Master?",John asked he thought he was going to Naboo but Maul looked at him and said.
"You will be trained by another,not me boy you will be trained by my Master", Maul smiled at John,"you will be trained by Lord Sidious".

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:39 AM

Chapter 3

The ship landed on Coruscant. Whilst contemplating on what Lord Sidious looked like, John really was'nt scared,he was excited at the prospect of being trained by someone better than Maul himself.
"Come boy, we must move quickly Master Sidious is a busy man", Maul said as he opened the hatch door. They got off and Maul started moving rather quickly, John was trying all he could to keep up with Maul even breaking up into a small jog. John passed many things that interested him their were many species he had never seen in his life and buildings that he looked at with glee,this is a beautiful place, John thought to himself then started again to keep up with Maul. They seemed to finally get at their destination as Maul stopped outside a door and knocked.
"Come in",came a reply.Maul and John came in and John saw Sidious. He could'nt see his face as it was covered by the hood on his robe but John could tell that he was old. John admired Sidious without even talking to him, he looked very wise.
"Master this is John,the one you wanted",Maul said. John was confused the word wanted sprang in to mind, so i guess i didnt meet Maul by chance they were looking for me, he thought.
"oh yes", Sidious said with a smile,"excellent my boy you will be a good jedi no doubt, Maul i think you better get back to Naboo i will attend to the boy now"
"Yes master", Maul left not saying goodbye to John. Sidious looked at John and then put his hood down. He looked old but he still had dark brown hair,he had a father type smile and John felt comfortable in his presence.
"So John, i have been expecting you,take a seat", he motioned to the seat
"Thank you Lord Sidous", John said when he went to sit down and putting his folded droid on the floor, "when will i start my training sir", John asked curiously.
"We will begin straight away, i think i have to tell you what were about", he studied John for a while and then continued,"were are Jedi of course but we do not go by that name we go by the name of Sith", John had never heard of that name before and Sidious sensed this so he went on,"we protect the republic against threats any way possible the other set of jedi try and destroy it", Sidious said calmly,"they have thined our numbers and we need help and your just that. You have a bright future as a sith and it is my honor to train you".
"No", John said with a smile,"it is my honor to be trained by you". After their talk Sidious got John to have a bath,being a slave he hadnt had many of these but when he got out Sidious came to him,"John here are your robes", he said placing them down and walking off he said,"when your dressed your room is down the hall on the right and i shall see you in the morning"
"Goodnight Master", John said looking at his robes he had the robe that Sidious was wearing which was black and he also had a black Tunic. Smiling John took them into his room and put his pyjamas on, he could'nt believe it he was going to be a jedi.
John woke up having had a great sleep,he put his tunic on and started for the door he could hear Sidous' voice.
"The Queen is more foolish than i thought,this will work to our advantage Lord Maul be mindful,let them come to you"
"Yes my Master",Maul said
"So we have permission to procede my lord?",came a voice that John had never heard.
"wipe them out...all of them", Sidious said and then the transmission must have ended as John could hear nothing else.

After the next couple of days John was in extensive studies learning about the history of the sith and how they were always overcome by jedi in the last millenia. Also with Sidious' assurances John started to hate these fake jedi as he callled them.
Sidious and John were eating when Sidious sensed a loss in the force John felt it to but not that great he just started his force sensitive training. Sidious' had a grim face and John knew who it was.
"Im afraid these Jedi have killed our beloved Maul", Sidious said and John felt rage was building.
"Master i swear to you i will avenge the death of Maul" John replied with clenched fists,Sidious started smiling.
"Yes boy we must have vengence so i will intensify your training and in time", Sidious strayed on eyes gleaming,"they will be no match for you". John smiled at Sidious he had every trust in his Master,But also he wanted to go at these fake Jedi now but knew he had to wait,my time will come, he thought.
my time will come.

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:39 AM

Chapter 4

"I hope you have my money or some bad things will happen to you", the man said, his face hidden under his black cloak.
"im so sorry i only have half of the money", Dexter,the cafe owner,said obviously scared of the man. It was quite funny from a view as Dexter was triple the size of this hooded man but still pretty shook up. The hooded mans reply to Dexter's answer was a bad one. He grabbed Dexter by the throat and hoisted him,he then pummeled him in the face and stomach and put him down.
"If you dont have the rest of the money at the end of the month Dex you'll be in big trouble".
The man walked out and Dex knew he was trouble he would have to bet extra on the Podracing.
John walked out of Dexter's cafe smiling and putting his hood down. He always had money nowadays because no one would mess with a Force User, he was learning new ones by the day his Master Sidious is the best. Now 15 John had realised that he was starting to grow into a handsome young man,but he still looked young for his age. His Sith training was getting better and harder at the same time but he loved it, Master Sidious said that John might be the greatest of all Sith. He was halfway to the Senate chambers were all the senators argued about issues he found that intrigueing, he found it this way because they were arguing for a lost cause his Master told him so. He was heading to that place but then he stopped,"actually i'll see how my old freind is doing", he thought to himself and he set off to the lower levels of Coruscant.

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:41 AM

Chapter 5

The lower levels of Coruscant was'nt a pleasant place at all and John often compared the smell to Bantha fodder. Although John disliked this place his master had taught him to keep allies everywhere as they may be of use in the future. John had a good freind in the lower levels, he had helped John out when he was ten and they had been freinds ever since, his name was Bugs and he was a Dug, John had realised that Bugs was the friendliest Dug he had layed eyes on. John stopped outside Bugs' shop and felth through the force to see if he was in, the force told John he was, so he opened the door and walked inside. Bugs was busy fixing an information droid and didnt notice John come in, John had realised this so he snuck up on Bugs and scared him. Bugs jumped but realising it was John behind him when he turned around he gave a big smile and said,
"Johnny boy, you scared me there, long time no see eh?"
"Yea well I've been busy you know training and stuff, how have you been old freind", John said, hugging him
"I've been well my young freind...what brings you here today?", Bugs asked
"I was wondering if you got the parts for my droid buzz"
"Ah yes i have the droid gun and the defensive shield, you take great care in that cockpit droid", Bugs said amused
"Well if it's improved it has more value for me to sell it", John lied he loved this droid it was his best freind since the person he had never heard from or talked to for six years, she was the reason why he had kept the droid for this long, they stole the droid together however Sidious had opposed to this as he said Sith cannot be passionate to others and that involved love. Bugs handed John the part's and put them in his bag,"thank you Bugs", John said with a smile, he started walking to the door when bugs called to him,
"Please John why dont you stay for dinner", John reluctantly agreed with this he could'nt put his old freind down.
Haven eaten a bit at Bugs' shop John took a taxi back up to the well known areas of Coruscant, he breathed in the smell of engines with relief, he liked the smell far better than that of the lower levels. John went to the Senate chamber so he could see his master lay the law down to fellow Senators. Master Sidious had a dual identity, he had told John of how much corruption there is in the Senate and so he went undercover as a politician but luck was on his side as he moved up the ranks quickly and finally became Supreme Chancellor. John walked into the hall which was totally deserted, he realised what day it was, im getting my first mission today!!!!, he thought to himself and started sprinting off to the Chancellors apartment.
John rushed in and saw Sidious looking out his window in his black robe with his black hood on just like he always was.
"Ah my boy,your late, but your here now so take a seat", Sidious said this with concern in his voice. John took a seat immediately,
"Sorry Master", John said
"Dont worry John onto business now, I have your first assignment"
"Thank you Master, what do you need doing", John said feeling very excited.
"There are a group of non-humans posing a threat to us i need this group wiped out i have all the information about them on this Holopad", Sidous turned around and gave the pad to John who was curious about something,
"But Master if they are'nt humans then what are they". Sidious gave the smile he had been giving John for the past six years the fatherly comforting smile and then said,
"They are a group of Wookies"

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:43 AM

Chapter Six

John's eyes widened and fear crept into his soul.
"W-Wookies Master? how can i kill them? I dont have a lightsaber."
"Be not afraid and and use your anger and then you can do anything Padawan....your special", Sidious said trying to comfort John, it helped him a little bit but just a little,
"I will take this assignment and i will kill all these wookies for our cause Master"
"Good, and if you do this matter you will be given your lightsaber", Sidious smiled.
After seeing the Holocron and other neccessary facts about the Wookies John went to his room to upgrade his droid Buzz. The cockpit droid had been heavily updraded it had a Holocron of a young John to talk and it also was a translator,and a heat radar to sense who and what was near. John worked on the droid for a while and it did not take him that long to fit the two new pieces to the droid, he was so good at fixing things Sidious had told him. John turned buzz on.
"The holocron is in your system Buzz their in the lower levels,i hate it there,anyway well be going there for a duration of a month Master has already arranged accomodation we will be staying with Bugs", John said
"I do hope we dont stay down there to long Master,they will try to steal my parts", Buzz said, John had regretted in some ways giving the droid much intelligence but it was as loyal as he was to his Master,
"Well Buzz you do now have an energy shield and laser gun nobody will try", John answered and he got his bags and put on his cloak, then him and bugs walked out of his room going to bid Sidious farewell.
As John and Buzz were going to his Masters room an old man came out walking past and not even glancing at John he had a smile on his face, John didnt like the look of him and when he got inside his Master greeted him,
"So may the force be with you on your first assignment alone my young padawan", he said smiling
"Thank you Master, may i ask who that man was that just came out", John asked curiously
"Yes that man is helping our cause his name is Count Dooku,thats all you need to now because you need to get going."
"Yes Master", John said turning and walking out, "I will be back as fast as I can". And as John left Sidious smiled to himself, this will show how much power he has, he thought.

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:44 AM

Chapter Seven

John stood on Bugs pateo one with the force,feeling his surroundings. It seemed that his targets were in the lower parts of Coruscant which made John shudder, he was sick of this place after just one day. He had already planned out what he would do in order to kill these Wookies quickly, he would pick them off one by one, he didnt want to fight them all at once since without a lightsaber he was outnumbered. While John was still meditatng he sensed a worthless being next to him and knew who it was immediately,
"Bugs why are you disturbing me?", John asked annoyed, Bugs was somewhat surprised that John had known of his presence even when he had his back to him.
"I was wondering if you are ready to travel to your first target while he is still alone Sir", Bugs replied
"Yes we will be going after Montu he is the weakest of them all", John smiled, praising his own cunning.
After John and Bugs had breakfast(Buzz had set himself on charge)they set off to find the wherabouts of Montu. John was reaching into the force, asking it to help guide him to where he wanted to go. They had been searching for about an hour when John picked up on something.
"The force is telling me Montu is in there i can sense how weak he is", John said pointing at a cave entrance, and motioning to buzz to make sure he was right. Buzz used his heat sensor to scan the cave, he finished and said,
"It appears a Wookie is in there Master."
"Thank you Buzz im going to sort this one out alone, ill call you on radio if i need help", John told his companions, picking up a baster pistol, a plasma rifle and putting a grenade in his pocket, he felt he needed it somehow. He nodded at his droid and his freind and then starte descending into the cave. The cave was murky and dirty and John clutched his rifle tightly. Even though he was fifthteen his training had taught him to embrace his fear in these situations. John came to a dead end and then he realised, he couldnt believe that he didnt foresee it, he got on his radio and shouted,
"IT'S A TR-", he could'nt finish his sentence as the Wookie hit him in the stomach and all his breath left his lungs.

"Master come in......Master!", Buzz called on his inbuilt comlink but there was no answer.
"We're going to have to g in Buzz", Bugs said and he started getting his weapons ready.

Montu was relentless and was trying to kill John, but John was now asking the force to guide him through the Wookie's lunging fists. John saw the oppurtunity and swung at the Wookie his fist hit the face of Montu but he was to fast and took Johns arm and bent it the opposite way its supposed to bend.
"Aaaaaaaaaahhh", John screamed he knew it had broken, John fell to the floor clutching his arm,how could this have happened?, he asked himself still in agony,im a Sith im better than this pathetic Wookie. But before he could get back up the Wookie picked him up and threw him into the wall, and John lay dazed the force keeping him in consciouness. Montu took out a holocron receiver and the hologram of another Wookie came up and they started conversing in Wookie language. Montu seemed to be telling the hologramed Wookie about Johns presence, John knew he had been set up and if he survived today they would be after him in a matter of days. John sensed that the calvalry was coming in a minute and the force told him to act now, so he forget about his broken arm and gave himself to the force fully. Not thinking he started running at the Wookie but when he got close the Wookie turned off his holocron and grabbed John by the neck lifting him up, increasing the pressure on his neck. But John knew that he had given buzz time and launched his tazer contraption at Montu. Montu was being zapped rapidly and also couldnt move it was also screaming. John pulled out his grenade activated it and put it into Montu's mouth he the smiled at the Wookie waved goodbye and ran for cover. The wookies head exploded. John looked up
"Well that was a blast".
Bugs helped him into the hover vehicle they had rented and john said,
"My hand is broken when we get back put me on your medbay table Bugs"
"Yes Sir", bugs replied
"We must now move quickly if we are to kill them all now", John told them
"Why is that Master?", Buzz said
"Simply because someone has given us away to that Wookie and he told his leader about us to, they'll be on the lookout."
And with that they left the place, and were speeding back to Bugs' shop.

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:45 AM

Chapter Eight

After spending two days on the medbay table John had realised and planned out how he was going to kill the other seven Wookies. He was going to lead them all into a trap. John knew an abondoned warehouse where he had sent Buzz to rig it all with triggered explosives, the force was telling John that the time for them to come was soon, John estimated that he and his freinds had two days before they knew where he was. John remembered that today was the day that he contacted his Master to fill him in on his progress, he made his way to the holocron in his room, he input the coordinates and a blue image of a man with a familiar cloak over his face.
"Ah John you look in good health have you destroyed our problem yet?", Sidious asked
"No Master I have only killed one, but I have set up a trap for the rest, they should all be dead in the next two days my lord."
"Good, when you have finished report back to me in person."
"Yes Master Sidious."
The hologram of Sidious flickered out and John started to meditate, he had decided that he would meditate until the Wookies found him so he was ready in the force, he also warned Bugs not to disturb him for the next two days.

After meditating and delving into the richness of the hatred, fear and anger of the force the force nudged John and he opened his eyes.
He ran down the stairs into the shop and peaked outside the window,the Wookies were trashing all the other houses and shops one by one looking for John, he turned to Buzz and Bugs.
"We'll get into that speeder and make them follow us."
John and the others equiped themselves with with plasma rifles, but Johns real weapon was the force. He kicked the door open(to the dismay of Bugs) and they all ran to the speeder, one of the Wookies saw them and roared to all the rest, who started to give chase to the moving speeder.
"The warehouse is there, Master", Buzz said in his ever calm tone. John didnt bother to stop outside the warehouse, he drove into the wall and through it, they all got out of the car.
"When they all get in here both of you leave I will use the force to get out of here safely", John shouted hurriedly both Buzz and Bugs agreed to Johns orders. The Wookies started coming in John and his freinds were firing but they could'nt hit the Wookies,they must have some sort of shields on, John thought. In admist all the plasma bullets John shouted,
His freinds started to scamper away, he had the detonator in his hand. The wookies were close now. John dove fully into the force, he pressed the detonation button and commanded the force to give him speed, he got out of the warehouse just in time to see it go up in flames. He found Buzz and Bugs waiting for him in the speeder.
"Well we did it master", Buzz said
"Yes good job Buzz, Bugs take us home", John said, and they started to make their way to their speeder.

The Wookie lay on the floor just regaining consciousness he was about to go into the warehouse and then the explosion happened, all its companions were dead, with tears running down its fur it turned away it would get vengeance on the person that did this, but for now it had to get back to Kashyyk.

"You have shown great bravery and loyalty my boy, you have proved yourself worthy of the sith, here is your lightsaber", Sidious said handing a white cylinder tube with the bottom being gold and black rubber for a handle to the kneeling John. John ignited the lightsaber, it was blood red.
"Thank you Master", John said deactivating it, he felt proud of his new weapon.
"And now you have proved yourself you shall be named....", Sidious thought for a while and then smiled, "you will be named....Darth Magmus"
"Thank you my Master", John said bowing his head
"Lord Magmus....Rise", and then Sidious realised when his apprentice had stood up and he felt him through the force, The prophecy may become a reality!, he thought.

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:46 AM

Chapter Nine

From an onlooker they would see beautiful blood red whirls of lights carried by men in dark clothing, but to the men it was just another training session on their virander. The older looking man was just backing off the younger looking of the two, who was relentless and quick with his attacking. The younger figure thrust his blade upwards, aiming for the older figure's head, the older figure knocked the blade up and out of his opponents hands and stabbed him, he screamed and fell to the floor. The experience of the old figure prevailed over the young ones strength.
"If we had our lightsabers at high power, and not at the lowest, I would have killed you my young apprentice", Sidious said panting but still smiling.
"Yes Master, but i still gave you a run for your money", John said smiling and panting also.
"If you would practice on your saber skills as much as your confidence you would rival Darth Maul", Sidious said cheekily.
"But Master, I thought i already did", John replied smiling.
"Only in your mind my very young apprentice", Sidious shot back and they both laughed. After composure was back in the air Sidious and John went back into the lounge were they both sat, Sidious shuffled in his chair then he addressed John.
"Lord Magmus tomorrow you will do a task for me,it will be hard, your task is to kill a Jedi Master", he finished John beamed, he had been finally given his chance to avenge the death of the first Sith Lord he ever knew Darth Maul.
"I am thankful you have given me this chance Master", John replied.
"This will not be an easy task Magmus, thats why Count Dooku will partner you on this mission and not your droid", John started to feel anger, he hated Dooku, but he had been showing his face more and more in these past weeks. John could'nt swallow his pride and ego and blurted out,
"Master, I do not need any assistance on this mission, especially his"
"You must do as i say Magmus, for our time to rule will be among us soon". John could'nt do nothing but agree he would do it, but he certainly wasnt going to like it.

John and Dooku set off the next morning. John had asked Dooku were the Jedi was.
"He is at the warehouse ruins that you blew up with the Wookies", Dooku replied.
"Well this is easy, is he by himself?", John asked.
"Yes i made sure of that, here put this on", Dooku handed John a mask, John was confused by the gift but put it on anyway, he just wanted to get to this Jedi.
It did'nt take long for them to get to the warehouse and the man they were looking for was standing near the dead Wookies burnt bodies. He turned to face them, the man had wrinkly skin and a dry face.
"Dooku?", the man called
"Ah my freind Cypher Dias, I'm sorry but i have to get to the point old freind", Dooku pulled out his lightsaber, at the top near the hilt his saber bended, Sidious had told him that Dooku created it for extra grip. Dooku finished his sentence,
"You will have to die", he held his blood red and slided into an attacking stance, Dias looked calm and replied softly,
"So you brought a boy to aide you?", John was angered by the downgrading comment, he took of his mask and cloak and activated his lightsaber.
"Remember this face, Jedi, because it's the last one you'll ever see", John shouted. Dias' face was one of shock he put his lightsaber back on his belt.
"Oh no J-John Skywalker", he stuttered out, John was confused, he turned to Dooku who was calm as can be and then turned back to Dias.
"Skywalker? What are you talking about?".

John Skywalker 08-21-2006 04:48 AM

Final Chapter

"Do you not know your heritage?", Dias asked John.
"No old man, but you are going to tell me now", John demanded. Dooku seemed tense and before Dias could speak he was cut out by him,
"No!", Dooku said, "you will not tell this boy anything", Dooku then charged at Dias with his lightsaber in hand,
"NO!", John said and force pushed Dooku, he was caught off guard and crashed into the wall and lay still, unconscious. John watched Dooku for a second, satisfied that he would not interfere with them anymore he turned back to Cypher Dias.
"Old man start talking, i want to know about my heritage", John said.
"Yes", Dias nodded, "you deserve to know. You were born on Tatooine and you mother is a woman called Shmi Skywalker, she still lives on Tatooine. When she gave birth she gave birth to twin boys."
"I have have a brother?", John interjected with tears in his eyes,
"Yes, his name is Anakin and he is training to a Jedi."
"A Jedi", John spat, "He has picked the wrong path", John paused, whiping his eyes and then asked Dias,"How did me and Anakin recieve different paths in the first place old man?", John asked.
"Well you and Anakin are prophezied for different things, he is supposed to bring balance to the force and you...... you will-", Dias stopped suddenly at first John thought he was taking a deep breath but then he realised a red lightsaber sticking out of Dias stomach.
"NOOOOOOOOO!!", John said all was lost to him know he knew he had a mother and a Jedi for a brother but he didnt know his purpose in life, he felt lost. Dooku smiled at John.
"You fool, you know the truth but it's no good where your going Magmus", John felt hot rage, he ignited his lightsaber and without saying anything he lunged at Dooku aiming his saber at Dooku's head, Dooku parryed the tryed to stab John, he knocked Dooku's Blade away and started a barrage of attacks,Dooku blocked but he knew he could'nt keep the defense up as John's rage was making him stronger and stronger. John faked a move to the right which Dooku fell for and John kicked his saber out his hand then gave Dooku a roundhouse kick to the jaw, Dooku was dazed John was poised for a finishing blow, but before he could electricity was attacking him and he was screaming in pain he turned to see it was Sidious before he passed out. Sidious had electrocuted John enough to leave him unconscious, he turned to Count Dooku.
"Come Dooku and bring the boy we need to do this before he wakes up",
"Yes Master", Dooku said not questiong Sidious he picked up John and they left.

After about an hour Sidious and Dooku got to a pad full of starfighters, Sidious stopped. Dooku turned to Sidious.
"What is it Master?", Dooku asked.
"I know what is to become of the boy", Sidous said.
"What is to become of him?", Dooku questioned again.
"I've read the prophecy many times over and it says he who is the chosen one will be forced to spend time on his own to find himself.",Sidious finished.
"What does that mean Master?"
"It means that young Skywalker is to be exiled", Sidious pointed to one of the starfighters and Dooku knew what to do, he put John in one before Sidious told him to put the ship on auto pilot and let the force decide where he was going to end up, the starfighter started to take off with John, still unconscious, inside.
"Now come Tyranus, there is much we have to do for the Sith to rule". Sidious said.
"Yes Master". And while they where walking off the Starfighter was leaving the atmosphere, going to wherever the force wanted to take it.


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