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Diego Varen 08-31-2006 02:47 PM

[FIN] Once Friends, Now Enemies
Once Friends, Now Enemies

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The dark side is the path to death and destruction. It is very rare for someone to return from that particular path. Only several have managed to return to the light side. And even then, they still bear the scars of the dark side. However, this short story is about two ancient Jedi, known as Revan and Jaden Lennon. This is the story of how they were once friends, but now. Now they’re enemies. – Luke Skywalker


The dark temple was one for many of the fallen Jedi to travel to. Many Jedi in the past had travelled to this temple for either power or forgiveness for their crimes. Exar Kun, Revan, Malak and even the old Jedi Master Jolee Bindo had come here, for personal reasons. However, Revan had returned to the dark temple to return to the dark side. For a second time. Before he could return to the dark side, an old friend would return to try and save him.


Revan was meditating on an ancient platform, thinking of his past. His past when he rediscovered his old identity, but did he return to the dark side that time? No. No he didn’t. He had saved the Republic, thanks to some old friends. Friends that might have died or if they hadn’t, they would be close to it.

“Revan!” A voice shouted.

Revan stood up and turned around. He saw a familiar face. It was Jaden Lennon. He once served under Revan, during the Mandalorian Wars, but instead of joining Revan, with his first reign to the dark side, he returned to answer for his crimes. Crimes that Jaden didn’t want to commit again.

“Jaden!” Revan shouted back, “I’d knew you’d show up!”

“Of course I would,” Jaden told him, trying to remain calm, “I would never abandon a friend.”

“An old friend, if I can correct you there,” Revan told him, “For I’ve returned to my former glory. The glory of the dark lord of the Sith.”

Jaden couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The new Revan he had knew, after his exile would never fall so far. Revan even started taking an appearance of the dark side. His face had become cracked and deformed, his eyes had turned to a golden colour and his Jedi robe had been replaced by a Sith robe.

“Revan, don’t do this,” Jaden told him, hoping he would listen, “You don’t want to and it will just destroy you once again.”

In anger, Revan shot large bolts of lightning at his former friend.

“I don’t care what you think anymore,” Revan told him, “The dark side is who I am and it has always been what I am.”

“Why?” Jaden asked, “The dark side destroyed you before and yet you still…”

“What?” Revan interrupted, “Return? The dark side needs me. I felt a black hole, which needed one thing. A Jedi. A Jedi who had fallen to the dark side before.”

“Why you?” Jaden asked.

“I was the only one powerful enough to cure it.” Revan told him.

Jaden knew it was wrong to be angry at Revan, but he grabbed his Lightsaber and ignited it.

“I can’t let you live, if you have decided to choose this path.” Jaden told him, ashamed to know Revan had truly fallen.

Revan also ignited his Lightsaber, but this time it was blood red.

“It’s treason then.” Revan stated, before leaping towards Jaden.

The End

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