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starmark2k 09-01-2006 01:34 PM

Ghost Agents (Take 2)
This is the RP if you want to join add a char sheet to the discussion thread Here and then jump in.
The moonlight shone down on the old abandoned industrial warehouse district on the northern coast of France, the night air was cold and dry from the resent winter snowfall in the area. There was an eerie silence all around the large empty buildings with virtually no sign of life.

A single small truck drove down the large area towards one of the warehouse building in the middle of the district. Its lights were off and almost couldn’t be seen if it was not for the reflective moonlight. The truck pulled out just outside the warehouse and it’s driver sounded the horn three times, four armed men came out of the building and met the driver. All five men walked out to the back of the truck and took out several wooden crates before taking them inside the building.

On top of the roof opposite the warehouse the truck had parked outside of a man dressed in dark clothing crouched behind a small wall. He was looking down at the men through a set of night vision binoculars watching them take the ominous crates into the building. The man was Agent Xi of the secretive Anti-terrorist group known simply as ‘The Organization’.

“This is definitely the place.” Agent Xi said

“Are you sure.” A voice said through a small earpiece in Xi’s ear. “It doesn’t look like a Laboratory.”

“What were you expecting, Jammer?” Xi rhetorically asked. “A massive sign?”

“Yeah, Secret chemical weapons lab here.” Christian, joked. “so how are you going to get in, security looks pretty tight, and that’s the only entrance.”

“There’s always a back door.” Xi said with a grin.

Writer 09-01-2006 04:58 PM

"Come on," Sara Murray urged. "Just one little peek... please?"

Agent Phi, Mya Lucas rolled her eyes and spun to face a mirror in the bathroom she found herself in. "Happy now?"

"You look cute in glasses," Sara remarked. "Should wear them more often."

"I might if I hadn't already received corrective surgery," Phi retorted. "When I was sixteen! So if you're done gawking, can I get on with this? And if not..." She took the glasses off her face and slid them into a pocket.

"Alright, alright!" Sara exclaimed. "On your way... Inspector. And please give me my eyes back!"

Mya slipped the glasses on, adjusted them a little, and left the bathroom.

"Inspector on floor," a young worker called to his coworkers. Mya whirled to face him.

"Code for 'get your act together', I assume," she observed critically. The worker flinched.

"No, ma'am," he answered. "We just do what we've been taught, ma'am."

"That's not what you've been taught," Mya retorted. "You'll have to try harder than that to fool an IST officer. You realize you could loose your job for that trick you just attempted."

The man's face paled. "I meant no harm, Inspector. I was just afraid..."

"Afraid because your facility is not up to standards?" Mya questioned.

"Now you're just waisting time," Sara complained. "Security's temporarily down... better get in quick."

At the same time, the worker recoiled, "No! Of course we're up to standards! Please... show a little compassion."

"IST officers aren't known for compassion," Mya answered. "I'll be delivering an official write up of you once I return to base."

With that, she whirled and continued her 'inspection'.

steven 09-01-2006 05:53 PM

John walked into a small Jamaican bar not far from the base. The man serving behind the counter looked like a typical Jamaican in his late 60s. The waitress was also a typical Jamaican girl in her early 20s. Infact everyone in that bar was a typical stereotypic jamaican person. No lies, no secretes and no dark history. Thank god. John said to himself. He had grown tired of tired of the lies and trechary he encounted during his daily life as an Organization agent. He enjoyed his time off, it was the only time he ever had to be himself.

His plans for tonight was to drink for several hours and then to return to his house which was located near a beach which made things easy for him to get onto his jetski and travell to the Organization base entrance.

Sigundr 09-01-2006 07:13 PM

"Where do I go next?" Aedan whispered to seemingly no one in particular.

"Um, next right." Teri answered.

Aedan took his next right, and abruptly stopped at a pair of doors that said, EMERGENCY ROOM.

"Roxy, that's not it!" He whispered again to seemingly no one.

"Whoops, sorry. Had the map upside down. Take the left." Teri said to him, blushing at her mistake.

"Well, now that we've got that straightened out." Aedan said, rolling his eyes.

"Hey, don't you roll your eyes at me." Teri said to Aedan, with a motherly tone in her voice.

"God," Aedan moaned, "I hate how you do that."

"Hey," Teri said, "It comes from working with you." She smiled at that last comment.

Rexraptor2000 09-01-2006 08:17 PM

Omega made a note never to visit North Africa again during the summer. It was a desert, and the soaring temperature with his cloak on didn't help. The only advantage of the cloak was that it was the same color of the sand, allowing him to camouflage easily. He had to clean the sand out of the sniper rifle to keep it functional, but the sand also camouflaged the rifle so he left some on. He had been there waiting for about two days and now he caught sight of his target.

It was a convoy of three vehicles, a limo in the center of two jeeps and the jeeps with turrets mounted on them. The road was practically radiating with heat. His orders were simple: Take out the convoy and leave no survivors. He activated his first charge and the jeep in front blew up onto a heap of metal. The two other vehicles stopped immediately. They began to backpedal, only for the second jeep to blow up into a heap of metal. Omega fired a single shot and took out one of the wheels of the limo to prevent it from driving away.

He then proceeded to hunt down all of those who thought they could escape.

The Doctor 09-02-2006 12:15 PM

Marcus Webbe, alias 'Delta', stood with his back against the wall, his weapon drawn and held ready, his head turned towards the door, the better to hear what was going on inside the small room to his right.

The Organization had put him on this case three weeks ago. It was supposed to have been an easy job. A member of the Iraqi parliament had deserted the new provisional government, and it was suspected that he was on his way to Al-Qaeda with important government information that could not fall into the hands of terrorists. The Organization had immidiately dispatched Webbe to deal with the traitor.

But the mission had become... complicated. The traitor himself had been eliminated, but he had managed to pass on the information he had to a man known to be allied with a radical group calling themselves 'The Circle', who seemed intent on destroying the democratic presence in the Middle East. Webbe had been chasing the Circle agent for two weeks now. Two weeks longer than this mission was supposed to last...

He heard movement coming from the room, and rasied his gun. The door opened, and an large man armed with two handguns and an assault rifle steeped through the door.

Marcus pumped a bullet into the first man's head, then kicked out as a second stepped through, his weapon flying out of his hands. Marcus took aim, and shot him twice in the chest.

By now, the other men in the room had run back into it - most likely heading for a second exit. He turned into the room and saw four more men - two of them as heavily armed as the two he had already killed, heading for a door on the far end of the room. He shot twice, taking one of the unarmed men in the back. The other three escaped out the door, Webbe in hot pursuit. He checked the body lying in the room as he passed - it was the Circle agent that the information had been sold to.

The Politician himeself had escaped.

He bolted through the door, shooting three more times, taking down one of the guards. The other turned around and let loose with his assault rifle, forcing Marcus to jump back into the building as the bullets shot past the door. Once the firing stopped, he turned outside again, his gun aimed and ready.

They were gone. Cursing under his breath, he boltled across the desert, loading a new clip into his weapon as he went. He couldn't let them escape.

starmark2k 09-02-2006 12:50 PM

On top of the only active ware house in the abandoned district on the french coast stood a lone guard wearing a light blue uniform of no obvious army. He smoked a cigurette to keep him warm from the freezeing winter air and carried an old AK-47 under his arm. Leaning on the wall on the edge of the buildings roof, the guard looked out over the north sea.

The sound of some stones hitting the floor came from behind him, if it wasn't so quiet it normally wouldn't have been heardd. The guard turned around to see if anything was there but after a few seconds he didn't notice anything and looked back over the edge of the building. Nothing happened for a few seconds but then another noise of a light step came from right behind him. The Guard looked over his shoulder and saw Agent Xi standing right behind him.

"Bonjour, mon amis." Xi said a split second before reachind out with both hands and grabbing his chin and fore head from behind. A quick movement of his hands and the head twisted and neck broke, Xi carefully and quietly laid the dead body on the floor and stood back up.

"I'm on the roof, now how do i get in?" Xi asked holding his finger up against the earpeice.

"There's an access into the ventalation system up there, just find the grate and drop into the air-ducts."

A grate from the ventalation system dropped onto the floor in a small dark chemical store room. Agent Xi dropped down into and walked strait to the door and looked out the small window in it.

In the adjacent room was a white walled laboritory with several scientists wearing labcoats and working. Xi smiled looking into the room and took out his mobile phone and held the camera lense up against the window. He zoomed in on the experiments the scientists were doing and waited for a response.

"New orders Peter, You need to bring in a sample of that compound they're testing. Looks like you're going to clear the room first." Christian informed.

"Well i can't go out and shoot, it's too risky." Xi said looking around the room, he noticed a small red boxs on the wall and smiled.

"Fire Alarm..."

stingerhs 09-02-2006 01:51 PM

Dominik walked calmly down the familier streets. He was in Moscow, the city he had been raised in a long time ago. Then, Moscow was the Soviet Capital first under Konstantin Chernenko and later under Mikhail Gorbachev. He remembered the times of perestroika and glasnost, and he vividly remembered the chaos of the collapse.

However, now was not the time for hindsight. Now was the time to continue following his target. It wasn't too hard to lose the man as he had already done a brush-pass to attach a GPS locater on him which enabled Amanda to track him. "We're almost there, Kappa. The 16th is in place and ready on your mark," Amanda stated over the communicator.

To acknowledge Amanda, Dominik tapped a small button that was hooked to his own communicator that transmitted a single beep. Ahead, the man turned down an alleyway. However, Dominik was ready for it. With a barely perceptible nod, two men having a smoke nearby just ahead of the alleyway stubbed out their cigarettes on the ground and turned to walk towards the next alleyway. Meanwhile, Dominik stopped at the corner of the alleyway and watched the man go down the alleyway. To prevent the man from getting spooked, Dominik just simply watched him out of the corner of his eye to see which direction he turned.

If he turned left, the man had been spooked and was bolting the mission. If he turned right, then things were about to get interesting. However, the man stopped as he checked his watch. The man then started to look around to check the alley. Dominik, however was ready for this eventuality and had already leaned against a corner looking away from the alley. Pulling out a newspaper, Dominik pretended to read the paper. Meanwhile, he tapped the hidden button in his glove three times. "Roger, Kappa. I'll let you know when he moves," Amanda stated as she knew what the code meant.

As Dominik read the paper, he had to fight the urge to turn and look down the alley. It was imperative that he didn't spook the man or this whole mission would be a bust. After a couple of minutes, Amanda suddenly said, "Kappa, he's on the move. I need an eyeball."

Carefully turning to look down the alleyway, Kappa was just on time to see the man turn right at the end of the alley. Folding up the paper and putting it under his arm, Kappa then turned to go down the alley. "Units of the 16th, this is Kappa. We are a go. I repeat, we are a go," Kappa stated quietly in Russian over the comminicator. Reaching inside his spidersilk lined coat, Kappa pulled out his P250 and attached the silencer.

Now, he had to get to his weapon drop point at the rendezvous point near the target area. Reaching the end of the alleyway, Kappa carefully looked to his right just as the two men Kappa signaled earlier appeared from the left with their own pistols drawn. Nodding at Kappa to take point, Kappa watched as the man he had been following ducked into a building. "He's inside the target, Kappa. Get to the rendezvous and get ready," Amanda stated.

Heading towards the building, Kappa and the two men turned into a building next to the target building. Inside, they were greeted by several men in black outfits with rifles pointed at them. Recognizing Kappa and the two men, the men put down their rifles. "Sir, your equipment is ready, sir," the first man stated to Kappa. Nodding in agreement, Dominik patted the man on the shoulder as he went to the military crate. Opening it, Dominik took off his coat to reveal a similar black outfit the other men were wearing, minus the pants tucked into his boots.

Inside the crate was his OICW. Quickly assembling the rifle portion, Dominik attached a folding stock and a dot sight to the rifle portion instead of the 20mm grenade launcher. They were about to storm a building, and Kappa needed a smaller weapon for this operation. He would've prefered a simple MP5, but the OICW would do just fine in this configuration. Shouldering the rifle and putting extra ammunition into several pockets, Kappa then removed the silencer from the pistol and holstered the pistol by his side.

Standing up to look a the men, the other two men that had been with him in the alley were just finishing getting into their gear. Putting on a black spidersilk lined hood and some goggles, Dominik was almost ready. Pointing to the squad leader, Dominik signaled that he was ready to have his gear checked. "An American rifle, hmm, getting soft on us now, are you Kappa?" the man commented as he went over Dominik's gear.

"It's just a versatile weapon. Whenever Kalashnikov decides to make a rifle as versatile as this one, I'll make the switch," Dominik replied with a smile.

"And a Swiss sidearm. I think you are getting a bit soft on us," the man joked as the other men in the squad let out a bit of nervous laughter.

"I'll make you a deal, Sotnik. When we're done here, we'll make a trip down to the firing range, and you'll see why I choose my weapons," Dominik challenged.

"Its a done deal, my old comrade. We'll head out on your signal," the man stated as he patted Dominik on the shoulder to indicate that his gear checked out.

Over the communicator, Amanda then stated, "The UAV's are showing several vehicles stopping in front of the target with a number of people heading inside. Its now or never, Kappa."

Tapping the button once in acknowledgement, Kappa then brought the squad together to go over the assault plan.

Writer 09-02-2006 04:42 PM

"Fifteenth floor is your objective," Sara informed Mya. "Italian floors start at ten. Fifteen is the last, so they'll speak a mixture of Italian and... but I suppose you already know all this. And you're not going to talk to me since you're in a monitored elevator."

Mya would have loved to make a face, but what Sara said was true. There were at least two cameras in the elevator. The German floors started on sixteen, so the fifteenth and sixteenth floors would speak both languages. However, as an Inspection Services and Tech officer, 'Kayla Branson' was expected to know all four languages spoken in the compound. Fortunately, Kayla did.

"You have selected level fifteen," the elevator stated. "Slide your security clearance."

Kayla did as she was told. "Inspector Kayla Branson. Confirm level fifteen vocally."

"Confermare il livello quindici," Kayla ordered. The computer system in the elevator also shifted into Italian, letting her know they were now headed to the fifteenth floor, as she'd ordered. After exactly five seconds, the elevator stopped and opened. There to greet her was the commander of the Italian floors.

"Branson is an American name, is it not?" he asked in English. Kayla glared at him slightly.

"The English-speaking floors are one through five," she said in Italian. Shifting into German, she went on, "Given your proximity to the Germans, you are allowed to speak their language and your own." Again in Italian, "English is off limits, Sir."

"My apologies," the man said in Italian. "Our last American inspector could not speak our language without butchering it and could scarce understand it."

"Ugh!" Kayla grumbled. "Must IST continue hiring those fools?."

"You speak it fluently," the Commander complimented. "However, I do not expect you are here for compliments."

"You are correct," Kayla answered, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Your office. Now."

The commander led her to his office immediately.

"Mind if I ask you a personal question, Inspector Branson?" he asked once the door was closed. Kayla sat down in his chair.

"I really would rather you didn't," she answered. But he didn't care.

"How many languages do you speak fluently?"

Kayla rolled her eyes. "IST hires out to many different organizations, but it has a specific number for this building alone. I am one."

"But do you speak more than just these four?" the man pressed.

"French also," Kayla answered, flipping his computer on. "Does it matter?"

"Many of the men on my floor can speak only Italian, German, and English," the man said in French. "In fact, all of them have the limitation of being unable to understand French."

"Which is why I think you..." Kayla began in Italian, but the man cut her off.

"Things aren't right here, Inspector," he told her urgently, still speaking French. "Now the only reason I'm talking to you is that I know you're not who you claim to be."

"Explain," Kayla ordered, finally shifting into French.

"I've worked closely with IST before," he said. "Way I hear it, they don't teach languages unless their inspectors are going to use them. That's what confirmed my suspicion. What got me thinking? You're American. IST has only ten Americans. Of those ten, only three come here regularly. They've even confirmed that for me."

"Go on," Kayla muttered, turning back to his computer.

"I want out," the Commander included. "And you can get me out. I'll give you all the information you want if you'll just help me out of here."

"We tested the images you're sending us, Phi," Sara said through Mya's earpiece. "His story's confirmed. He's not lying. Get him out if you can."

"You're not lying," Kayla said quietly. "Alright. Unlock your computer, I'll get what I need. And then IST is making an arrest."

"So who are you?" the Commander asked. Kayla fixed him in a cold glare.

"You will only ever know me as Kayla Branson," she told him in Italian. He grinned reached for his keyboard.

Rexraptor2000 09-02-2006 08:56 PM

Unit-001 fired and ducked as a torrent of fire came his way, the bullets stopped by the sand mound in front of him. Things had gone smoothly at first. He had hunted down the last man when another convoy had arrived at the ambush site. There had been no mention of that in the intelligence report. There they found a survivor that had hid in the trunk of the vehicle. The survivor told them about the attack and then they killed him for some reason.

His orders were also to leave no witnesses. They were witnesses. He decided to try and pick them off at first as they left the scene, but that didn’t go so well. As a result, he had been in the cycle of attack and retaliation for the past hour as they continued to advance towards their destination. Once they reached it, he would be unable to stop them from getting the message across.

The original convoy of four jeeps was now reduced to two and he had two clips left for his sniper rifle, which meant that he had eight shots left. The SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle was an American military prototype version of the South African NTW-20 anti-material rifle. The difference was that the NTW-20 is a bolt-action weapon that feeds from a three-round side-mounted detachable box magazine. The SRS99C-S2 is not a bolt action weapon and is clip fed. The SRS99C-S2 is also lighter weight and semi-automatic.

There were about twelve men left in the convoy. They all knew where he was and they had already tried to flush him out a few times as they continued onward, with no success. He immediately dashed to another mound as another wave of fire came upon the mound he was previously at.

He jumped up and fired a shot, blowing a man’s head off. He immediately ducked as another wave off fire came on his position. They defiantly were not the best trained soldiers if he had already gotten this far. He was now ahead of them and they were reluctantly coming towards him. As the fire rained down, he fished a small 4x4 cube with an antenna out of his pocket. He threw it out onto the road and sprinted to another mound. He hoped that he would be out of the blast radius. A 4x4 cube of C-12 Shaped-charge was enough to level a five story building.

When the jeeps passed over the area, he jumped up again and fired two shots in rapid succession, disabling both jeeps. He ducked, got out a detonator, and pushed the button. An explosion rocked the ground for a moment, and then stopped. He looked over his mound and saw a crater where the two jeeps once were, along with some smoldering corpses along the edge.

He scouted the area for any survivors and then went to work concealing the evidence. Though he could not conceal all the wreckage and the crater, he hid as much evidence as possible. When he searched the briefcases of those that were in the Limo, he found his main objective. A vile of green liquid. So many lives over a vile of green goo, Unit-001 thought to himself. Even though he was aware what a vile of that 'green goo' could do, it still bothered him that the men he just killed could have had sons and daughters who were now fatherless. All because of a vile of green goo that a bunch of mad scientists thought of. Unit-001 had survived many things, but for what purpose? Why did he want to live? Instinct? Some genetic law?

So those children back home don't become like you, Unit-001. Now back to the mission, Unit-001's thoughts said, snapping himself back to reality. He went to his previous location, got his pack, and then set off towards his temporary HQ. He still had one more objective left before he could head back to the permanent HQ.

starmark2k 09-03-2006 08:13 AM

A loud, near deafening alarm sounded through out the whole warehouse, the guards and scientists began to leave the building. The scientists in the main Chemical lab began to look around the room unaware an Agent of the secret Anti Terrorist group was watching them. He continued looking through the small window in the door waiting for them to stop what the scientists were doing and leave.

“Are you sure they’ll go?” Jammer asked.

“Would you hang around a Chemical lab that’s on fire?” Peter quietly replied, as the scientists stopped what they were doing and leave through the door at the far end of the room.

Xi smiled and waited until they all had left before quietly opening the door and walking over to one of the experiment tables. He quickly found a vile with a stopper filled with the chemical, He unzipped his coat and placed the vile in a pocket. Xi looked around the room and walked over to a door next to the store room’s, it was the office for the lead scientist. Walking into the office Xi instantly found his primary objective a small P.D.A on the scientist’s desk, he grabbed it and put it in another inside pocket in his jacket.

“Now blow this thing and go home.” Jammer said.

“Been watching Star Wars again?” Xi asked with a grin across his face. ((OCC: Well it is a star wars forum, it needs to get mentioned somewhere :D))


Agent Xi chuckled and went out of the room and back to the lab. The second part of the original mission objectives was to ‘neutralise’ the labs, Xi knew this was just a polite way of saying blow the place hell. It didn’t take him long to find the way to demolish the base, he only carried a single explosive do to the stealth need in the mission. So he had to find something to aid him in the task, noticing several large barrels with highly inflammable written on the side in French Xi walked over and attached the charge. Quickly typing in the activation code on to the keys of the explosive the charge began to count down from five minuets.

Now all Xi had to do was escape, considering the fire alarm sounded and everyone should have left the room he went to leave the lab through the door. Peter went out of the door and looked left and right, he ran down the corridor towards a window. The window led out of the warehouse and from there all he had to do was get to the nearest airport and take the next flight to North America. He opened the window and crouched through it.

“L'arrêt, Qui vous est ?” A Guard shouted to his right.

Xi looked at the Guard who was running towards him with two others, Xi took out his pistol and fired at the lead man. The shot hit him but the other two guards took up their weapons and began to fire on him. Xi ran in the opposite direction swerving between all the warehouse he could in an attempt to lose them. He ran for around five minuets managing to avoid the guards who had chased him, unfortunately they contacted others and now he had the whole security force after him. He ran until he found himself on the coast and no where to go other than back towards the oncoming armed guards.

Xi looked around and ran down the coast until he was lucky enough to see a sign with the words ‘Jet ski Hire’ in various European languages. He ran over to the rack of Jet ski and found one with the keys left in, Pushing it out into the sea he got on it just in time for the guards to catch up and begin to open fire on him. He shot out in too the sea and escaped the guards.

stingerhs 09-03-2006 02:19 PM

With the planning over, the squad moved towards the door. The building had been declared 'safe' a while ago, but that didn't mean that something didn't get compromised in the meantime. With a fiber optic cable pushed under the door, the point man checked to see if anybody was waiting for them outside. Motioning the all clear signal, the point man opened the door and immidiately moved to cover the opposite side of the door while another man moved behind him to cover his back.

They both gave another all clear, and the squad moved towards the target building. When they reached the corner of the building, the squad split up with one team going towards the door that the man had entered a while ago and Kappa and the rest of the team heading down the side of the building. In his communicator, Kappa heard a quick beep and one long beep to indicate that the first team was ready to perform their door breach.

With Kappa's team also in place, one of the team members shoved an incendiary lockpick into the door lock. With a couple of bright sparks, the door was ready to be opened. Pushing a fiber optic cable under the door way, the point man signaled that the hallway just inside was covered by two guards with pistols. With a single long beep on his communicator, Kappa gave the order to begin the assault.

The door was quickly opened, and before the two guards could even turn around, they were dead with shots put through their heads. The team quickly moved down the hallway and as they checked each individual room along it. Finally, they reached the end of the hallway. Through the door, a gunfire could be heard a bit distant from the main assault force. Now for the flanking attack.

The point man quickly pushed open the doorway as the squad fanned out. The room was a makeshift warehouse full of weapons crates, and targets were just now appearing through another door off to the right. Looking through the scope, Kappa began to pick off targets as they headed through the door. With the OICW set in semi-auto mode, Kappa was using relatively little ammunition.

Then, a grenade popped through the doorway, and Kappa's squad dove for cover. With a huge bang that Kappa was ready for, he instantly popped back up to cover the door. Almost instantly, two enemies came through the doorway with AKS-74's at the ready. The first one had just enough time to see Kappa with his rifle pointed right at him. With one quick shot, the back of the man's head exploded in shower of brain matter, blood, and pieces of his skull. The other man was still trying to cover the rest of the room, and he never even saw Kappa before his head also exploded.

The rest of Kappa's squad moved back into position, except for one man. He was wounded from the grenade's shrapnel, and one of the team mates stood by him to cover him in case things went from bad to worse.

Heading towards the doorway, the call of "Clear!" rang out in the hallway ahead of them. With two long beeps in the communicator, Kappa asked if the other team's area was all clear. With a single affirmative beep, Kappa then said over the communicator, "Hold your fire, men. We're all clear."

Almost instantly, men in police uniforms began to enter the building. The whole operation had been nothing more than a sting operation for arms smugglers. Shaking hands with the other members of the squad, Kappa was fairly pleased with the result. Inside the makeshift warehouse, the weapon crates were marked as being standard military equipment. However, Dominik noticed that one of the crates had been blown open by the grenade, and parts for AK-74's were plainly visible.

"Well, I guess that rifle isn't all too bad," the Sotnik said as he stopped to shake Kappa's hand. "Good work, Sotnik. It was good to be working with you again after all these years," Dominik replied as he shook the man's hand.

"I always told you that you were one of the best. Now come on, our work here is done, my old comrade," the Sotnik stated as the squad exited the building through the back to avoid the press. It was the policy for the Spetsnaz to avoid any contact with the press, especially the Spetsnaz operating out of the GRU.

"Well, this should definately improve our standing with the Russian Mafia. At least our relationship with the GRU is still in good shape, though. Good work, Kappa. I'll see you back on the island. Over and out," Amanda stated through the communicator.

The Doctor 09-03-2006 03:08 PM

He had won.

He had been forced to execute his sole surviving guard in order to keep the plan - as well as his involvment - in place, but he had done it. They would finally be rid of the Americans and the other democratic scum.

He watched as the Al-Qaeda agent left the room, followed by two heavily armed guards, smiling to himself. He moved to the small bar in the hotel room, and poured himself a drink - if there was one thing the Americans were good for, it was their alcohol. He raised the glass to his lips, and somone knocked on the door.

He cursed under his breath at being disturbed. Most likely the pestilential cleaning staff. He opened the door, and found himself with a silencing barrel in his face, staring into the cold brown eyes of an assassin.


"Hello Minister," said Webbe warmly. He saw the man cast a terrified glance behind him, and his eyes filled with terror - the three men he had just seen leave lay dead on the floor, two of them shot in the chest, the other in the forehead.

Webbe stepped into the room, forcing the other man back at gunpoint. He closed the door behind him, securing the lock as he did so. "You've led me on quiet the chase, Minister" he said, smiling in a disturbingly friendly manner. "But the game is over now."

"P...please, don't... d-don't kill me..." stammered the traitor, falling to his knees.

"Now why not?" asked Webbe, sounding disappointed. "I've been so looking forward to it."

"I...I h-have information! I c-can-"

Webbe rolled his eyes and squeezed the trigger twice. Both bullets hit the man in the head, and he fell backwards, blood dribbling from both wounds.

Webbe placed the gun in the holster in his jacket, and turned from the room, his mission finally complete.

Hallucination 09-03-2006 04:38 PM

(OOC) Doc, al-Quaeda is an extremist Muslim terror organisation, and one of the things not allowed in Islam is drinking alcohol.(OOC)

Tau walked down a busy street in the Paris. He was supposed to assassinate a lead member of the French mob, Pierre Laroche. After a few weeks of following him, Tau found out that he was an avid fencer and sword collector, as well as a fan of ballet and opera. Right now He was watching some musical about a pirate... or was it a swordsman? It was something about a guy who kills someone.

"Prend un droit sur cette rue la, et arrete, okay?" Wilhelm's voice crackled in Tau's ear.
"Could you speak english please? Your french gives me a headache," replied Tau.
"But it does the aiding of l'air, oui? I pense that we should keep this up, because we sommes not the fools," was the reply, in a flawless french accent.
"Whatever. Where do I go from here?" Tau asked, standing by a brick wall in a dark alleyway.
"Jump over it to get into the parking lot for the theatre, plant the bomb on his car and back up on the wall. Notre ami will get one of his minions to start the car. While he's standing away from it, shoot him. A smoking car and a corpse a few metres away from it should confuse the gens d'armes enough to get away unnoticed."

A few hours later the play ended and Laroche was standing against a wall, smoking and talking to a friend. Tau took aim, and just as the key turned in the ignition, he pulled the trigger. The round pierced the target's skull and the bang was covered by the sound of the car exploding.

Tau jumped down from the wall as a black van, with the front door open, stopped in front if the alley. Tau ran and jumped into the vehicle and closed the door.

"Good to see you, Stan," said Wilhelm, taking the fastest way out of the city, going to a hidden airstrip.

"How'd I do?" Tau asked.

"I'll tell you when we get back to base."

The Doctor 09-03-2006 05:08 PM

((I know that. But this is the future. I'm screwing around here, Hall. :p))

Writer 09-03-2006 07:39 PM

"Congratulations," 'Kayla' told the Italian commander in French, lifting a tiny storage device into view. "You've just bought yourself an arrest."

The door slid open and another man stepped in. "Congratulations, American," he said in English. "You've just bought yourself and your friend some bullets."

The Italian's eyes widened as the newcomer fired and a bullet lodged itself in his stomach.

"I hear stomach wounds are rather painful," he remarked, turning to the desk. For a moment, he seemed surprised as he'd expected to see the American woman standing behind it. Then, he grinned. "My bullets can penetrate the wood of that desk, Inspector."

Without warning, the commander's computer came flying over the desk. Sufficiently distracted, the intruder fired a shot at it, giving Phi the chance to shoot him from the side of the desk.

"I'm known for my intelligence," she informed the dying man. "And now you know it too."

"You..." the Italian commander gasped. "I... I'm not going to make this."

Phi nodded. "I can see that. And it's to be a very painful death for you, it seems. For what it's worth, I am sorry."

"Just make sure these people are taken down too," he begged.

"Who are they?" Mya asked. "What is it you all are doing here?"

"Experiments with genetics," the Italian answered. "If you got all my files, you got everything."

"That's why we targeted you," Mya told him. "Don't worry. Today's their last day."

"Then get out of here," he ordered. "Go, go!"

Mya slipped out of the room to find herself surrounded by angry looking guards with guns.

"Oh, happy moment," she muttered. Then, she swore... in five different languages.

Rexraptor2000 09-03-2006 08:54 PM

“You want a smoke?” the man leaning on the wall across from Omega asked.

“No thank you. I don’t smoke.” Omega replied, twirling his combat knife in his hands. It was now midnight and he was wearing his black cloak. Then Omega asked “Is your associate going to be here soon? It’d be unfortunate if you had to take his place.”

The man froze for a moment, and then replied “He’ll be here.” They were in the capital city of Morocco, Rabat. After an hour or so, the man began to look nervous.

They heard foot steps walking down the ally towards them and looked to find another man walking to them. When he arrived, he asked “Do you have the agent?”

“Yes.” Omega replied pulling out a vile of green liquid.

“And, if it was not so much trouble, did you happen to eliminate the ones carrying it?”

“I may have.”

“Good. Now if you could hand m-” the man started, but was cut off as Omega threw the knife at his neck, effectively severing his spine in the throw and he landed with a thud. The other man leaned over the now dead one and said “Sorry old pal, but it was either you or me.”

“Actually, it was both of you.” Omega said grabbing his neck with one hand and lifting him up in the air. The man started panicking and was about to pull out his own weapon when Omega broke his neck. Omega dropped him on the ground and search the other mans corpse. Then he found his main objective: A data chip with information on the chemical and possibly the location of where it was being produced and tested. Why the hell would he carry something like that along with him, Omega would never know. He hid the bodies and put his knife in its sheath.

He put the chip in his pack and walked out of the ally, only to be surrounded by six of the body guards that the second man had brought, armed with AK-47’s. Sh*t, Omega thought. They would be an annoyance.

One of the men raised his weapons to fire, only for Omega to throw his knife and impale his throat. Omega darted foreword into the darkness of the night as the other men raised their guns and fired. They couldn’t hit Omega as they could not see him. Then a three round burst came from the darkness and connected with one of the guards head. The guards dropped in rapid succession as the bursts that followed hit them in the heads also. The only problem was as they went down; they fired wildly in the air. That didn’t affect Omega physically, but it would attract authorities.

He got his knife and left the scene, heading for his temporary HQ. After returning their, he packed up all of his equipment, mainly weapons, and headed for a private airstrip out in the desert. It was time to return to the real HQ.

Sigundr 09-04-2006 01:39 AM

"Okay, now where?" He asked Roxy. He had come to a restricted part of the hospital.

"Um, go up 2 meters, then take the left. It should be the second door." Roxy replied to Aedan.

"Okay, thank you." Aedan said to her, his gut wrenching at what he had to do.

He went down the hall, and saw an armed security guard turn the corner. He immediately ducked into the bathroom near him.

Don't come in here, please don't, Aedan thougt to himself.

The door opened and the security guard walked in.

"He! Wer sind du?" The security guard yelled in German.

"Traurig für dieses." Aedan replied to him. He shoved his elbow back, taking the guard in the nose. He immediately turned around, landing a left hook to the guard's jaw, nocking him unconcious. He dragged him into a stall and shut the door.

What was that?" Roxy asked, scared out of her chair at the sudden sound.

"Nothing," Aedan growled, "Don't ask me again."
He adjusted his hoodie, which had gotten tossed around. Finally straightening himself, he peeked out the bathroom door and, making sure the coast was clear, headed out to finish his mission. He wouldn't be so forgiving to the other people.

He took out his M9 and attached the silencer, and turned off the saftey.

He flattened himself against the wall and peeked around the side. A man in a coat jacket, persumably a scientist, walked not 5 feet from him behind the closed doors. He put his head back out, and looked around. He went over and opened the door cautiously, so as not to arouse any suspicion. He walked in, pistol pointed at the ground.

He observed two scientists walking out from a windowless room. He growled at the sight of them. They turned around, but didn't have time to make a noise before Agent Omicron's bullets pierced their skulls.

He walked casually over to the door and opened it.

"Hastings. I thought I told you to get the... AHHH! W-who are y-you?" The scientist exclaimed.

"You know, under normal circumstances, I would give you a quick death. But since I know what you've done to wee little babies, and young children, I think I might kill you a mite slower, don't you agree?" Aedan said, his voice filled with his native Scottish accent.

"N-no!" The scientist screamed. "P-please, don't-don't kill me! I have information, I have money! Please, whatever you do, don't kill me!" Exclaimed the scientist, begging for his life.

"Hmm." Aedan said, musing over this man's fate.

The scientist looked up at him with sincerity written on his face, but betrayal and wickedness in his eyes.

"No." Said Aedan so firmly and too the point that it shocked the man.

Aedan lifted up his pistol and shot him twice in the liver. Taking a seat, he sat there as he watched the man die.

"Now, Roxy. You know how I feel about these people." Aedan said, anger all over his face. "Well, time to die with the ship, eh captain?" Aedan said to the dying scientist.

He took out a 2x2 slab of C-12, and planted it squarely on the table that was above the almost dead man, and where the toxini was. He then exited the room and went into the so called "needle room", and planted another one, but smaller, on the steel box that held the virus.

"Little kids ain't dyin' after this bastard gets blown to bloody hell." Aedan said as he walked out of the main room and into the hallway. "Damn mutation."

He walked out of the main doors of the "hospital" ((it's a hospital, just doing illegal operations.))((Duh)) and to his car. He pulled out of the parking lot and pushed the button on the detonator.

One corner of the oddly shaped hospital exploded in a huge show of flames, and was turned into a hunk of welded metal, smoke and the remnants of body parts.

starmark2k 09-04-2006 01:03 PM

The Black Hawk chopper began to fly over the small Hawaiian island, it began to land near and old looking Tiki Hut. Agent Xi stook holding on to the side looking down at Christian who was standing by the Hut. Agent Xi had changed his clothing so now he was wearing casual jeans and **** while holding a duffel bag in the other hand. The Helicopter lowered down and began to hover a few foot above the ground and Xi jumped out before the chopper began to fly away again.

"How was the flight from europe?" the german asked.

"Relaxing, Thanks for getting me on business class." Xi replied

"No problem, It was the least i could do."

"Here." Xi said handing over the memory stick and vile of chemical. "Better get the lab boy's working on those."

Hallucination 09-05-2006 01:39 PM

The flight from France to Hawaii had been long and dull, and Stan felt tired because he hadn't been able to sleep on it. It didn't help that now, when he needed to sleep the most, that he was suffering from insomnia. Getting up, he decided a walk on the island might do him some good.

When he came back he walked through the galley to find Wilhelm sitting at a table, reading a newpaper.

"Anything good?" He asked as he walked into the room unnoticed.

"The usual school shootings, cops raiding some meth labs, the worthless celebrity marriages, and the fluff meant to make you feel good," switching to a hill-billy voice, he added: "Yup, I've bin teaching this here croc to sniff out truffles since he was just a pup. Yee-HAW!"

Chuckling, Stan said: "I see. Well, I'll be in my room trying to get some sleep. Good night."

"Just to let you know, the Director isn't offering any more missions, I think he might have some plans for all the Ghosts," Wilhelm said. "Good night, you'll probably need the sleep."

"Thanks. Good night," Stan said, walking down the hall to his room.

Writer 09-05-2006 02:14 PM

Stripped of her weapons, Mya Lucas was being led down a long corridor, guards on all sides. Despite the seemingly bad situation, Mya seemed to be trying to initiate a conversation.

"Nice place you got here," she said. "Though your security could use some work, seeing how far I got before you even suspected something was wrong. I really shook things up, didn't I?"

"Whoa, whoa..." Sara's voice came through her ear. "You really want me to do that?"

"Took your best shot and you got me," Mya said. "But it ain't the speed you should've done. A minus for you."

Seated in a Jeep several miles from the building Mya had infiltrated, Sara grunted and muttered, "I am so going to regret this."

She flipped two switches and pressed a button. Then, she typed a command into a computer and hit enter. Seconds later, the building shook and the guards stumbled. Mya took the advantage given to her and launched into a fight. Less than a second after the shaking stopped, Mya had a weapon. Ten seconds later, two guards were unconscious, three were dead, and two more were dying.

"Hate to break up that little parade," Mya said, "but I've got an escape to make."

She took off running. Five minutes later, she stole a motorcycle and sped away, two bikes in pursuit.

"I got two bikes chasing," Mya informed Sara. "Blow the building and get ready to run."

In the Jeep, Sara typed another command into the computer... and frowned when nothing happened. "The building didn't explode, did it?"

"Uh, no?" Mya answered. "That mean I have to go back?"

Then, the ground shook and Sara shook her head. "I guess not. Get back here."

"Can I keep the toy?" Mya asked. Sara laughed.

"If you want to, I'm getting the Jeep out of here," she said. "After I scare off some bikers, that is."

She started the Jeep and drove in the direction Mya had gone. Less than a minute later, she saw one bike trailed by two others. "Swerve around me, Mya. I'm gonna scare them off."

"As if I needed instructions," Mya quipped. Her bike veered away to the left of the road while the two bikers kept moving forward. Mya zipped past Sara and then, Sara spun the Jeep, nearly tipping it in the process of making herself a roadblock. Startled, the two bikers split, running off to either side of the road and crashing.

"We're clear," Sara said. "I'm gonna chase you down now."

She turned the Jeep and sped off down the road after Mya.


They reached an old airport in the middle of nowhere about two hours later. The plane was large enough to fit the Jeep and Mya's new toy, so they took it along. The larger plane had been sent to collect them because Mya was known within the Organization for picking up some 'cool toys'. The plane was the only one of its size owned by the Organization and all six pilots knew Mya.

"Nice toy," the current pilot remarked. Mya grinned.

"If I like it, it's gotta be good," she joked. "We headin' home now, right?"

"That's where I've been told to take you," the pilot confirmed.

Four hours later, Mya stood behind Sara in Sara's office as Sara looked through the information they'd taken from the Italian commander.

"Let me know when you've got something interesting," Mya said.

"Isn't it all?" Sara asked. "Genetic modifications? These people were either insane or brilliant."

"Or both," Mya answered. "And that's the more frightening thought. I'm gonna go clean up."

With that, she left Sara's office.

Sigundr 09-05-2006 03:45 PM

"Hey, Rox." Aedan said as he scared her in the Suburban she insited on taking. "You got a plane ready?" Aedan asked, leaning over the door.

"Yeah, we should get there in 20 minutes from here." Roxy said, giving a nod to Aedan.

"Bloody good." Aedan said, giving a mild laugh. "Lemme do something first."

He walked over ot his "Rent-A-Car" and stuck a 3x3 block of C-12 on the engine mount, then put another one in the trunk. He put the electric detonators on them, and got in the Suburban. "Let's go." He told Roxy, pulling the detonator out.

He pushed the button a few seconds later, and turned around to see a crater lying where the car once was, and debris still falling.

Rexraptor2000 09-05-2006 06:06 PM

After arriving back to the HQ and delivering the items he had obtained to the lab, Unit-001 went to his quarters to get himself and his weapons cleaned up. After that, he went to one the shooting galleries. This one was relatively empty, which was the way Unit-001 liked it.

This one was always abandoned anyway, due to the fact that this one was more isolated from the facility and one had to walk more than they would if they chose another range. Unit-001 normally always stayed here anyways when he was in the base because of the peace and quiet.

That and he would be free of everyone else’s irrelevant conversations. The genetic modifications and enhancements made his hearing very sensitive, making their conversations from afar sound as clear as day to him. Suffice to say, Unit-001 did not want to hear everyone’s conversations. So he spent most of his time there, either shooting or doing something else such as reading and cleaning his weapons. Nobody ever bothered him unless there was a mission or something else of that importance for him to do.

There was also a training room next to his area, so that compensated for staying active. The only thing that required him to leave was when he had to get something to eat. He would just get his food and come back to the firing range.

He was now seeing how fast and accurately he could take out his targets with his BR55 ‘Battle Rifle’. He also had the dummies with weapons equipped firing at him. They were set on super sensitive.

Unit-001 ran from his cover to the next, the dummies trying to lead him like they would a quail, but Unit-001 was too fast for that. He fired two bursts before he reached the cover and took out two of the dummies. Five dummies down, another five to go.

starmark2k 09-07-2006 02:35 PM

Agent Xi walked into the office adjacent to the directors, He had been called to a meeting with the Director along with Agents Kappa, Pi, Ph, Omega, Omicron, Delta and Tau. The Officer belonged to the directors secretary, Mrs Jones, she sat at her desk typing a report on her computer as the agent walked in.

Xi walked over to Mrs Jones’ desk and sat on the corner looking down at, The secretary looked up at Xi and stopped typing.

“What do you want Xi?” She asked obviously annoyed with the interruption.

“I was just wandering why you’re a Mrs when you’re not married.” Xi replied.

“It’s a codename Xi, And how do you know I’m not married?” Mrs Janes replied.

“No ring.” Peter said smiling.

“Isn’t the director waiting for you?”

“He can wait.”

“No, he can’t.” The director announced standing in the doorway between the two rooms.

“Sorry sir.” Xi apologised quickly stood up.

Xi and the director then entered the room and waited for the rest of the agents.

Writer 09-08-2006 04:54 PM

Mya finished cleaning up and caught the message she'd been called to a meeting.

"So many agents," she murmured. "Why not call all twenty-four?"

Hair still damp, she stopped by Sara's office. "How's it coming?"

"Don't you have a meeting with the Director?" Sara asked.

"And seven other agents," Mya confirmed. "They can wait..."

"I wouldn't make them," Sara pointed out. Mya shrugged.

"You win," she said, leaving the office and heading for the Director's office. She arrived at Mrs. Jones's desk a little less than a minute after Xi had entered.

"Good morning, Phi," Mrs. Jones said cheerfully. "You're the second. Xi's already in."

"Any ideas as to why eight of us got called in?" Mya wondered. Mrs. Jones chuckled.

"I'm just the messenger," she answered. Shrugging, Phi entered the Director's office.

"Good morning, Sir," she said. Glancing over, she nodded to Xi. "Good morning, Xi."

Hallucination 09-09-2006 12:54 AM

Tau walked up to Mrs. Jones' desk, a plain wooden one without anything personal on top of it.

"Good morning, Mrs. Jones," he said.

"Hello, Tau," she replied in a tone that sounded like that of a kindergarten teacher, a stark contrast to her job and the jobs of those around her.

"So, can I just go in, or something else?" Tau asked, nervous since the Director didn't call multi-agent meetings often, and had never called an eight-agent meeting, at least to Tau's knowledge.

"Just go on in, dear," Mrs. Jones said. Tau walked in to see the Director, at his desk, along with Xi and Phi.

steven 09-09-2006 05:05 AM

John entered the base of the Organization and travelled down the metal corridor. John was soon being to dipise these corridors, the whole base infact. It was dull and boring, each inch of it.

John walked to Mrs.Jones desk and she said "You here to see the director?"

"Nope," Replied John sarcastically "I thought I'd come down here to see your lovely face."

Mrs. Jones smiled and continued the sarcasim by saying "You flater me. Now get your ass in their."

"Yes M'am." John said before heading inside the room.

stingerhs 09-09-2006 11:33 AM

Heading down the elevator, Dominik knew that he was running just a little late. Hey, it wasn't his fault that the chopper ran into a storm on the way back. When the doors opened, Dominik walked briskly down the hallway towards the main briefing room. Arriving at the secretary's office, he stopped at the desk. "Is the Director ready, madame?" Kappa asked with a bit of charm.

"Yes he is, Kappa. In fact, you're running a bit late, don't you think?" she replied a bit matter of fact.

"Hey, I can't control the weather. If I could, though, I certainly wouldn't be here."

Smiling at Kappa, Mrs. Jones then said, "Go on in, sir."

Turning around, Kappa then entered the room.

starmark2k 09-09-2006 12:39 PM

The director looked at the assembled party of Spies and commandoes, He stood infront of a screen and held a small remote. He turned the sceen on and a picture of the green liquid appeared.

"This chemical was found by agent Xi yesterday, after examening it zip and the rest of the lab boys had problems finding it's purpose. For all intents and purpose its completely benine, it does nothing... untill it is added to water." The Director informed. "The chemical removes the hydrogen from the liquid and becomes the most dangerous substance on the planet. This was found on the memory stick Xi alse retreived"

The diretor pressed the remote and a small movie movie started to play it showed a man tied to chair and blindfolded and a scientist walk up to him holding a pippet full of the chemical mixed with water. Another man also walked up to the captive and pulled his head back and forced his head open. The scientist dropped a small amount of the green liquid into the captives mouth. The scientist and guard then moved out of shot and three seconds later the Captive started screaming in agonising pain, the director kept it playing for a minuet before switching it off.

"That goes on for another hour before the man died in agony, The chemical works by causing every nerve in the body to spark. This means every nerve in the body transmitts the pain sence to the brain, It starts high and keeps getting worse. If you get a small drop on the skin it'll take hours to die, if you drink a large amount it could kill you in 30 seconds." The director then turned the screen to a map of Mexico. "We sent Agent Beta to check out a the Underground army in china, he was found dead but left us information that the chemical has been produced for the last six months in mexico.. unfortunetly we can't be more specific. So all you are going in to find where it is being made... I don't think i have to explain how dangerous this would be if it got into a city's water supply. You all leave on our plain in an hour i suggest you get ready."

Sigundr 09-10-2006 12:27 AM


Aedan glanced at his watch. "Dammit. I'm late." He jumped the extra 10 feet that the chopper still had yet to land on the base helopade an started off as soon as he hit the ground at a all out sprint. He opened the door into the (elevator?) and pushed the button repeatedly for the director's level.

He arrived there and ran out of the elevator, almost knocking someone down. He ran at full speed to the director's door and opened it, almost not giving the latch enough time to open.

"Whoa, bloody hell. I aplogize for being late, Director." Aedan said, clutching his side.

starmark2k 09-10-2006 04:45 AM

((OCC @royal- You obviously neglected to read the discussion thread.))

Xi looked around the room at the assembled party. "Are you sure we need all these agents to do this... the more of us there are the less secretive we can be."

"There's alot of Mexico to check out and once you discover the bace you'll probably need your combined skills to complete the objective."

Writer 09-10-2006 02:04 PM

"So we won't be working directly together?" Mya asked. "We'll be working over different locations..."

She nodded thoughtfully.

starmark2k 09-10-2006 02:32 PM

"Partly yes, But we have taken control of an abandoned airfield near the U.S boarder, we will be using it as a base of operations. This also means your support staff will also go to Mexico and operate out of there, you may need them in close proximety to you." The director answered. "but once there we have no leads or anything else. You'll be on your own. "Anymore questions?"

Rexraptor2000 09-10-2006 02:33 PM

"Do you want anything retrived from the factory before its destruction? Or do you just want it destroyed as soon as possible?" Omega asked. He would prefer to destroy it as soon as possible, but it was the director's call.

starmark2k 09-10-2006 02:36 PM

"Any information that can be retreived will be most useful, but the mission is to ensure the production of this chemical ceases. We can not allow this to be used..." The directer said abruptly "Anything else?"

Sigundr 09-10-2006 06:26 PM

((Nvm, i wasn't watching the discussion thread as i only have a tab that leads to the RP. I apologize.))

starmark2k 09-13-2006 02:49 PM

"No more questions, Good. Make sure you're at the plane with whatever equipment you'll need within the hour... Dismissed." The director ordered as he walked over to the door and opened it.

Xi Stood up from his seat and walked out of the room, on the way out he smiled at the directors secritary and walked out. Peter went strait to his quarters and Christian was standing outside leaning against the wall. "So what's going on?" Christian asked.

"We're all being sent to mexico." Xi replied and christian laughed.

"What an exotic place." He joked.

"Laugh it up, you're coming too." Xi said smiling as his supports facial expression dropped. "You better get ready we fly in an hour.

stingerhs 09-13-2006 04:56 PM

Dominik stood up from his seat and shook his head. There definately wasn't much intel for this mission, but he'd gone in on much less before. Heading out to his quarters, Dominik met up with Amanda in the hallway.

"Dominik, its good to see you. I just arrived, but I here that we're about to head out yet again. What's the story?" Amanda asked.

"Viva Mexico!" Dominik replied in perfectly accented Spanish.

Amanda smiled. "I see that your Spanish is improving. Good; well, I'll go get the files we need for the mission and try to pull up any intell. When do we leave?"

"1 hour; so, you'll have to be quick about it," Domink replied.

"Very well. I'll see you on the plane," Amanda said as she smiled at Dominik. With a quick exchange of kisses on the cheeks, the pair split in opposite directions as they moved down the hallway. Arriving at his room, Dominik slipped inside.

Just inside was his lone equipment crate. Breathing in a bit deep, Dominik knew that he was going to have to fill it up with every last peice of equipment he had. That also meant that there was a lot of cleaning to get done on his weapons. Heading over the gun cabinet, Dominik fumbled around a bit with his keys before he found the right one.

Putting in the key, Dominik turned it while pressing his left hand against a small pad. A green LED came on at the top of the cabinet, and Dominik was finally able to open it. Inside was a slightly disassembled OICW, two SIG P250 pistols, and his trusty Barrett rifle. There was also a large assortment of empty ammunition magazines and boxes of ammunition stored in a section below the main gun area.

Taking the OICW parts first (the 20mm grenade launcher was still unattached to the main rifle component), Dominik carefully set the two components onto a table next to the cabinet. Pulling out a cleaning kit from his pocket that he kept on him at all times, Dominik then got to work on fully disassembling all of his weapons and thoroughly cleaning them as per his custom before a mission.

Sigundr 09-13-2006 08:04 PM

Aedan walked out the door and headed for his quarters. On the way he found Roxy and together they walked to his room.

"Where you goin'?" Roxy asked.


"Oh, sweet. Bring me back somethin' special, okay?" She pleaded.

Aedan laughed sarcastically, "Ha ha. Get you're stuff ready. You're comin' too."

"Ooh. Even better." She chuckled as she walked to her room.

Aedan went over to his metal clothes locker and opened the doors. As he did, one of his Berettas fell out of the top part of the locker.

"Ah, I've been looking for you." He said, admiring the weapon.

He grabbed a large duffle bag and put the neccessary clothes in it. He zipped it up and grabbed his sunglasses. He walked out of the room and went straight to the weapon lockers. He opened it to his plentiful array of weapons. He took out his satchel and filled it with ammo for his MERC, P90, Dual M9s, and his armament of grenades. He secured the satchel and walked out the door and went to wait outside of Roxy's room.

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