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MasterRoss08 09-01-2006 01:37 PM

if any1 is still interested in playing
I am starting this to provide some information or maybe even as a place to post ips if any1 is still is interested in playing Star wars gallactic battlegrounds. And your prob thinking why am i even posting this. well, I still currently play this game still well its one of the only games i can play online that is. Plus some people may still be interested in playing this game. or maybe some older games to. you can still play star wars gallacti battlegrounds on . you just gotta subscribe and d/l there service. it may not be a good site but you can still play there. Note (gamespy for some features you gotta pay for before you subscribe but there is a free version to download. just use download the ad supported version.) there is still a good amount of people that play it. maybe slow at some hours but there are good times to paly it to. if you dont wanna do that we can post ips here for games. you can also post ips here for any other old rts game here if you want. I just wanted to give you all some information if any1 would still want to play this or these games. need info from me my email is msn messanger is aim is DogloverRoss08 . Please Post any oppinions on this if your interested . I would like to get more players if any1 is interested. Thank you for reading this and hearing me out. Peace All!

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