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Lantzen 09-02-2006 07:33 AM

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 for xp?
After much looking around in my house, i found my Dark Forces 2 cd's, but i can't get it to work. When i have install it, it say i most update to directX 5, so i do it, but then when i press start again, it say one more time i most update. And the game wont let me start it until i have updated it

Kurgan 09-02-2006 06:22 PM

Well, DX5 is way obsolete. Don't install it! Instead, install the latest official stable version from or other trusted sites. Just skip the dx5 installation on the JK discs. You don't need it to play, as a newer version will work just fine.

Installing 5.0 over a newer version may be causing you problems, so (if possible) UNinstall 5.0 and install the latest version instead, then install JK WITHOUT the DX5 step, and then install the official 1.01 JK patch. Things should be fine...

You may need a registry cleaner program to remove traces of the old data though, I recommend Registry Mechanic. Though there are ways to do it manually by deleting certain registry keys, one must be careful or risk goofing up windows (and forcing you to reinstall windows).

HerbieZ 09-20-2006 07:20 AM

The best way to play the game is under the properties set it to play under Windows 95 mode. t may even bypass the direct x issue. A little known secret. :smash:

packersfan 10-02-2006 05:29 PM

search for this under google, I can't remember exactly how I did it, but I can now play Dark Forces, X-Wing, and Tie Fighter on my laptop XP Media.

Kurgan 10-03-2006 09:10 AM

You can try running it in compatability mode. Personally I say just run the exe directly from the CD (jk.exe) rather than the launcher (which will try to get you to install DX5).

It's quite possible to run the entire JK series under XP. Yoda's Help Desk at also has some tips.

Pahricida 10-16-2006 11:14 AM

Alright now I have rediscovered Jedi Knight and want to play it again with this modificatrion:

The Problem is that this thread didn't really provide me with an answer on how to run it under XP SP2 with the JK 1.01 Patch.
Compabillity Mode doesn't work, neither does running the .exe directly from the cd.
All I get is a black screen for a millisecond and that's it.

Kurgan 10-18-2006 07:20 PM

There's a thread on how to run JK/MotS under XP. Otherwise check tech support pages... Yoda's Help Desk. It WILL work.

Pahricida 10-20-2006 06:22 PM

unless you show me proof of an article discussing exatcly my problem there is no solution for me ...
I did research but didn't find anything.

DarthMuffin 10-27-2006 08:06 PM

Pahricida : One of my friend seems to be having the same problem. He tried using the compatibility mode, and it doesn't work. The same thing also happens to him with Force Commander (we used to play lots of FC together, and we wanted a rematch :)). He has a very decent, streamlined PC (WinXP, 512 RAM, known vid card (Radeon something; not an obscure thing), etc.).

Strangely enough, I can run all of these old games on both my desktop and laptop (both WinXP with similar specs).

I know this is not informative at all, but I'm just acknowledging the fact that some of the "universal tricks" don't work sometimes. If anyone has an idea, I'd be interested as well. I'll try to check Yoda's desk later though (LA's site seems to be down right now).

EDIT: So I've checked Yoda's desk at, and didn't find anything interesting. Sad. :(

ZeqMacaw 10-29-2006 09:11 PM

Based on over 2 years of experience helping many people editing and playing JK, I have these suggestions:
1. Do NOT install the DirectX 5 stuff that is part of the JK installation. Most likely an XP system will have a much more recent DirectX already installed.
2. Do NOT use any compatibility mode; JK and MotS run just fine without them.
3. Do NOT install LucasArts' 1.01 patch. It only fixes an obscure joystick bug, and the (exe) patches on the JK Editing Hub will not work with 1.01.
4. Please describe what you mean when you say "it doesn't work". Does JK's installation finish? What is the error message that shows up? At what part of setting up or running JK does it mess up? Does JK crash (JK closes unexpectedly) or freeze (won't let you do anything with JK, but shows the last screen you were on)?
5. Do NOT run JK's launcher; run the JK.EXE file directly. Do NOT run the JK.EXE from the CD; run JK.EXE from the hard drive where JK is installed.
6. If you can open JK, but it crashes when going into game, then the video settings within JK are likely the cause. This can occur even if JK worked the last time, because there are times when JK "randomly" selects the wrong mode; you just need to double-check the settings to make sure they are correct. Open JK, choose your player, click on "Setup", and then click on "Display". Verify that the selected mode under "Avaliable Video Modes" is correct for your video card. If in doubt, choose 640x480; if that setting crashes JK when you go into game, then a video driver is likely the problem.


DarthMuffin 10-29-2006 09:28 PM

That's some nice info you have there, ZeqMacaw.

I reckon my friend's game crashes right at startup (i.e. after launching it, before getting to the main menu). I don't think he tried running it directly through the .exe on the HD though; I'll foward him that idea :)

Pahricida 10-30-2006 08:21 PM

Followed all your hints.

Didn't work so I ran the game through dependancy walker.
I start the .exe the screen goes black for a blink and the only error it returns:

GetProcAddress(0x75250000 [MSCTFIME.IME], "ImeGetImeMenuItems") called from "IMM32.DLL" at address 0x76337374 and returned NULL by thread 1. ERROR: The declared process could not be found (127).

My copy is a localized legal redistribution released around 2000.
Although many files were still dated 1997 some have been updated.

The game ONLY runs, when I rename the JK.EXE into anything else.

mixa 11-12-2006 04:02 AM

I have install problem with JK dark forces 2. if I click the install button (from the launcher screen ) installer won't appear and then launcher window closes. If I try to run setup.exe , nothing happends and same thing with jedi.exe. compatibility mode don't work.
specs: amd athlon ( barton ) 3000+, 1024 MB, Nvidia 7800 GS (newest drivers ). Windows XP sp 2

Upgrade 11-15-2006 01:21 AM

the reason its not working is because the driver is different. XP has a better driver then 98 does. The only way to get it working fast is to download a special XP patch for the game. That will make it work automaticly

JKLE_Cougar 11-21-2006 07:17 PM

where is this patch you speak of?

DarthMuffin 11-22-2006 11:08 PM

I would be interested in this "XP patch" as well.

Considering that this very thread is on the first page of a google search about a Jedi Knight XP patch, I reckon it would be hard to find it, if it even exists, without a flashy little link posted here.

Monkey Mania 03-26-2007 10:05 PM

Funny, I can run Jedi Knight fine under XP.

JKLE_Cougar 03-27-2007 03:00 PM

If anyone is wondering about this or still has this problem the only way i found to fix it was to reinstall windows :/

Wes Mordine 05-12-2007 12:28 AM

I'm not able to play Jedi Knight Dark forces II either. I get a similar message:

"JK.exe has encountered a problem and must close"

Funny thing is, if I don't enable 3D Acceleration (duh!), it runs OK in gorgeous 8-bit colors. But on 16bit colors it gives me that message as soon as the first level finishes loading.

I've read through most posts here and tried it all. Maybe it would be better to know what the gamers who have no issues are doing with it.

I'm running:
Windows XP Professional SP2
Core2 Duo E6400
EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB

Kurgan 05-12-2007 03:19 PM

Try unchecking the "backbuffer in system memory" box in the display setup (in-game).

If it's already unchecked, try checking it.

There is an advanced display properties tab, but I forget how to get it with the command line with the EXE.

However there is an option to run it automatically using Patch Commander (a free third party program). In the advanced display properties there are some options you can try messing with (although it only advises you to do this in consultation with LucasArts technical support).

Good luck! I don't have XP, but trust me, the entire DF/JK series should run under XP, just like it does under 2000!

Wes Mordine 05-19-2007 12:36 AM

Thanks. I followed your advice.


When I download the Patch Commander and attempt to run it, Windows says it's "not a valid W32 aplication."

I have a feeling Windows XP SP2 and my GeForce 8800 just don't like to play old Windows games.


Kurgan 05-19-2007 03:32 AM


Originally Posted by Wes Mordine
Thanks. I followed your advice.


When I download the Patch Commander and attempt to run it, Windows says it's "not a valid W32 aplication."

I have a feeling Windows XP SP2 and my GeForce 8800 just don't like to play old Windows games.


Try downloading it again. If that doesn't work, try running it in compatability mode (Patch Commander that is).

Your video card should have nothing to do with it. This program runs under 2Kpro, which is based on the same architecture as XP, though I hear SP 2 screws up a lot of things.

Anyway, I'm sure there's a way around it. Do XP SP2 users just not play video games anymore except Halo and BF2?

JKLE_Cougar 05-19-2007 05:46 PM

I have patch commander on my SP2 and it works... it could be a corrupt download? try redownloading it and reinstalling?

Wes Mordine 05-19-2007 11:46 PM

Yeah, it sounds like a corrupt download. Would any of you guys mind putting it on a file sharing server like "share it" or "yousendit"????

Pretty please???

Ha ha! =)


JKLE_Cougar 05-22-2007 06:53 PM

yes i can do that ;)

here ya go :)

Kurgan 05-23-2007 03:05 PM

Is the file on corrupted? I figured you could just re-download it and all would be well (use a file manager with resume feature if that's the problem).

If the download on the patch commander site is borked, somebody ought to fix it.

I have to install a new FTP program though, as my current one doesn't let me access the network for some reason (tried everything).

JKLE_Cougar 05-23-2007 08:10 PM

Kurgan the ones on all the websites that you mentioned are corrupted even on massassi the one i posted is not so if you have acess to hosting files you should probably host that file instead ;)

Kurgan 05-24-2007 01:55 PM

Wow that's weird. How did that happen? Did we get corrupted and everyone just copied our file?

I'll have to look into this tonight. Of course I only have access to the related sites FTP (once I fix the problem with my client). I'll post when I get the file fixed if nobody beats me to it (I'm at work for the next four hours).

JKLE_Cougar 05-24-2007 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by Kurgan
Wow that's weird. How did that happen? Did we get corrupted and everyone just copied our file?

I'll have to look into this tonight. Of course I only have access to the related sites FTP (once I fix the problem with my client). I'll post when I get the file fixed if nobody beats me to it (I'm at work for the next four hours).

Thats probably what happened since someone just recently reported it on massassi and i posted the same file as posted before and they said mine worked :)

Kurgan 05-24-2007 04:27 PM

I'm glad you brought this to my attention! I was going to just write it off as a corrupted download when I heard about it!

Like I said, I'll look into it tonight, hopefully I can get it settled. If not, then surely by tomorrow.

I hate to think how long it's been like that...

Kurgan 05-25-2007 12:25 AM

Yup the file was definately corrupted. I'm getting the new one now and hopfully will have it uploaded soon...

Kurgan 05-25-2007 12:41 AM

Hmm, maybe not, having login problems. I guess I'll have to try it again tomorrow.

JKLE_Cougar 05-25-2007 10:06 PM


Kurgan 05-27-2007 08:38 PM

I'm still having problems. It's either my computer or my ISP. I'll have another staffer upload the file in the meantime.... if that download of your's above is still active!

JKLE_Cougar 05-28-2007 09:09 AM

download it and save it to a flash drive ;)

Kurgan 05-28-2007 06:48 PM

Don't worry I've got the file, I just have no way to upload it to, since my computer isn't working with any FTP type stuff. :(

I'm hoping somebody else on the staff will be able to upload it soon, if they haven't already (I see Massassi's file is still corrupt).

MR_COW 06-12-2007 05:03 PM

Can someone upload a mirror again? I have a perm FTP site I can put it on then.

Kurgan 06-13-2007 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by MR_COW
Can someone upload a mirror again? I have a perm FTP site I can put it on then.

Sadly I've been so busy at work lately I haven't had much time to mess with my home computer and try to get the FTP working. I don't think I have FTP privileges on the computers at work or else I'd have done that by now.

Frustrating... but hopefully somebody else can help you!

JKLE_Cougar 06-16-2007 08:30 AM

I'll upload it asap just give be a bit cuase im not home right now :P

ZeqMacaw 06-16-2007 09:51 AM

Okay, I can't stand watching you guys flailing any more. The solution is quite simple; just download Patch Commander from the one site that claims to be the "#1 place for everything JKDF2".


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