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rhyzy 09-04-2006 12:13 PM

on yavin temple
on yavin 4 you train to ba jedi well when you get the force push you go into the next room what do you do then cause when i try to push the things on the wall they don't move what do you do????


and does anyone play multiplayer anymore??????

Forceboat 09-07-2006 03:50 PM


Well, sometimes there is a strange bug with those panels that are on the walls in the room you use to train with Force Push. I remember one time on one of my installs of the game that the panels all turned like they were supposed to when you entered the room; but that's not always the case. You will have to point Force Push directly at the wall panels to turn them all. Then, it's just a matter of matching up and using Push on any floor panels to match up with the ones you see on the walls to get out of the room. Good luck. As for multiplayer, I haven't ever played, but yes, some still do play multiplayer, just not as much as a couple of years ago.

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