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Yaanu 09-06-2006 05:18 PM

One cannot love Psychonauts completely
I mean, seriously, from what I've seen on the first page of the Lakeside Chat forum, you guys love Psychonauts like Young Oly loves bunny meat.

Eww. Nevermind.

There has to be at least ONE thing that you absolutely hate about Psychonauts. Just name ONE (1) thing, get it off you chest, and maybe they'll fix it for the non-existant sequel.

My one thing? Raz's age.

I think it's more than just "lyk omg holly carp t1n year olds dont sai 'See you in hell!'" and the disturbing lack of teen heroes in games(Spiderman 2 gets boring after a while)...


Thought I'd get that off my chest. So, you have any complaints about Psychonauts?

DylanMay 09-06-2006 05:26 PM

Figments. They piss me the hell off. I've been trying to get rank 100, and it's impossible, especially in Milla's mind because of all the stupid colors. And you can't even get a hint about where they are. There's too many and in some minds they're insanely hard to find. I'm STILL missing like five figments in Milla's mind!

DarthAve 09-06-2006 06:33 PM

The campers who are just there. Don't really provide a story, they just kinda hang there. Like Kitty and Franke. I mean, Elton and Milka have the whole 'We're togetherrr!" thing, and there's the Elka/J.T./Chops/Nils thing, but what are Franke and Kitty there for? To tell you what arrowheads are? WHAT?

Mashi An'krekku 09-06-2006 09:21 PM

I hate the fact DF kept us in a cliffhanger with a high chance of there NEVER BEING A SEQUEL because the US sucks by not buying the most damned AWESOME game EVER. I mean, I think Europe beat us out with sales. And Austrailia. And Asia. Was it released in Asia?
I hate us so much.

DarthAve 09-06-2006 09:27 PM

Hey. If it's a Europe release for Psychonauts 2. We can either still get it at the DF store, or Ebay.

Poopdogjr 09-07-2006 12:28 AM

I have loved my Psychonauts game completely. In ways that I can't share on here.....
C'mon you knew someone was going to say it.

Yaanu 09-07-2006 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by Poopdogjr
I have loved my Psychonauts game completely. In ways that I can't share on here.....
C'mon you knew someone was going to say it.

I was expecting TV's Frank to say it, but you'll do.

Darth_Ave: What you have to do with the campers is go around between levels around the camp to understand. You know how Crystal says she jumped off the lodge roof when you return her brain? Just check by the lodge before going to Milla's Dance Party.

lyk omg lets us start a psyconuats 2 onlien petitition [/n00b]

Mashi An'krekku 09-07-2006 07:34 PM

omg ttly! :DDDDDDD dat b lyk, teh awesum yo!

DarthAve 09-07-2006 07:49 PM

I'm down with that homies. FOR SHIZZLE!! [/ghetto]

Holly Ziviene 09-08-2006 05:01 PM

The fact that it's just SO EASY to fall to your death in some minds. And by some minds, I mean Boyd's, with its funny gravity and all that.

Also, Edgar's mind. with the bull and the hard-to-navigateness and THAT *%$#ING MATADOR. X_X Looked lovely, but that's about it.

Klia 09-08-2006 06:35 PM

Little replay value.

Tim Schafer is going to kill me.

Mashi An'krekku 09-08-2006 08:15 PM

I guess replay value depends on the person. I'm still playing it.
Wait, I just realized I haven't touched it in like...three months. O:

DarthAve 09-08-2006 08:24 PM

Psychonauts is replayable until you reach 100 rank.

Than you just kinda vacatation there to escape your problems every few monthes.

I just remember that I cried for like, a week, after I got it. (Tears of joy, of coarse.)

And I agree with Holly. I CLUCKIN HATE BLACK VELVETOPIA. And Waterloo world. No matter how awesomely adorable Fred is, getting those figments compleatly sucks. And the snails. I swear I was just about to win the level, than that damn snail knocked me off and I had to start again.

Odd 09-08-2006 08:52 PM

The only thing that bothered me was how SHORT it was, and as mentioned before the cliffhanger with lack of sequal. However, the shortness does make the game less intimidating if you choose to replay it (I replay it a lot, I love it so much x3) but the first time I played it I was like "... NO. That can NOT be the end!! D:"

Also, I thought the final boss was too easy. I love challenging finishes that make you go "FINALLY :DDDD"

Smon 09-09-2006 04:28 PM

I hated that we never get to see how Cruller stays sane. Like what, he's just clumsy and falls into a stump every couple of minutes?

Poopdogjr 09-10-2006 10:07 PM

I didn't think it was that short. I forget what I put in hour wise, but it was somewhere in the mid-twenties I thought. That's pretty good I think. I was always dreading the end. Hoping that there was one more level, so I could play even longer. As for replay, yea not too much. I went back and got the figments and stuff, and that as about it. I tried to get as much as a could to begin with, so there wasn't too much to go back for.

I haven't replayed the whole game yet, just snippets. I want to replay it again in all it's glory, sometime. I just don't want to overexpose myself to it, I want it to stay special. I usually don't replay games that much anyway. Once that whole urge to beat everything and see everything is gone, I don't go back too much. Unless it's really good.

Miss_Mayhem 09-10-2006 11:57 PM

I never missed any replay options cuz there just isn't much that cant be done. Differing difficulties wouldn't work cuz there just isnt enough action, and for anything else, the format of the storytelling would have to change. Some new dialog would have sufficed. Or unlockable minigames, cuz there were virtually none.

Longer? Of course. But what I'd really have liked was more customizability in terms of his powers and stuff.

Caligosto 09-13-2006 01:58 PM

Oooooh, I've got one. When in the Meat Circus I could knock Raz's 'fake' dad out with the amount of times he says his lines. "You used to LIKE to play catch" "HEY SON, CATCH..." "Pretty good...pretty good!" etc....

Paranoidish 09-15-2006 09:08 PM

I absolutly abhored Velvetopia. Also, it was a complete b*tch getting all of the figment's in Fred's world. At least in Milla's you had the whole "funk-a-delic" thing going on to keep you buys. But Fred's, while awesomely cuddly, was designed well for only the fist time through. The second time, when getting everything, it was just compeltly tedious and booooring.

Also, I really liked the meat circus. I don't know why most people find it to be so horrible. Some of it felt cheap but, then again, they were under a horrible time crunch. So for what it's worth, it's a pretty good leve.

Jintor 09-19-2006 07:36 AM

Timeframe. It's horrible. The game is really, really, really easy, and there're so little minds... it's a pity. But it's so much fun...

I can beat the final sequence of bosses in less than 10 minutes. :D

darlimondoll 09-19-2006 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by Darth_Ave
And the snails. I swear I was just about to win the level, than that damn snail knocked me off and I had to start again.

...Knocked you off of what?

Halo_92 09-19-2006 01:42 PM

I rented it from Gamefly and well I thought it was pretty good.
But I probably won't buy it.

DarthAve 09-19-2006 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by darlimondoll
...Knocked you off of what?

I went to get the musket, and I was just about to reach the other roof to get the gun and BLAM!! A snail shot me, I fell onto the ground and had to start again.

and I played Psychonauts again recently. and I realized somthing.

Once you know where the figments and crap are, Velvetopia isn't that hard. It's just tedious, and bright, and Lampita and Dingo have scary features.

Klia 09-19-2006 09:56 PM


Once you know where the figments and crap are, Velvetopia isn't that hard. It's just tedious, and bright, and Lampita and Dingo have scary features.
As I said, the fun in Psychonauts is severly stripped down once you have done everything once before.

I love the game but I can't help but feel nagged by the replay value.

DarthAve 09-19-2006 10:11 PM

Word to that! ~punches arm~

Also, Sasha's level is tedious too, just cool cause it's either 'OMFG CUBE IS KOOOOOOOOLLLLL' or 'Where's my hot sexy manstud Sasha??'

darlimondoll 09-19-2006 11:40 PM


Originally Posted by Darth_Ave
I went to get the musket, and I was just about to reach the other roof to get the gun and BLAM!! A snail shot me, I fell onto the ground and had to start again.

Oh, those. I thought you meant the little snails in the orchard.

Digitaldreamer 09-20-2006 05:06 PM

The rats.

My GOD, the friggen RATS!

Was El Odio annoying? Yes. Was the Meat Circus a complete biotch? Yes.

But nothing can compare to the rats. That was definitely the worst part.

I mean they'd be all like "*SPLODE!*" and Raz would be all "*groan*" and then he'd FALL and you'd have to climb up to the top of the darn room again. Or else you'd be outside and he'd plummet to his death.

And of course Ford's all like "SET 'EM ON FIRE~! :D" Great plan, Agent Cruller. Except Raz's lock-on sucks and he won't target the rats unless he's facing them, and they'll come up from behind and you'll SEE THEM COMING and Raz will try to burn them and he won't be able to. Or else he'll try to burn them and be too slow, so instead of exploding the rats they catch on fire, and they're just close enough to hit Raz and catch him on fire too. Raz starts running around yelping in pain, runs off side of tower, plummets to death.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

...Can you tell that I really hated those top asylum floors?

DarthAve 09-20-2006 05:27 PM

WOAH!! It's crystalchan from LJ! It's missave2011, wazzup????

Digitaldreamer 09-20-2006 06:25 PM


Hey there. X3 Ehn, figured I should probably join since this game has ruled my mind for about a month now, that it has.

DarthAve 09-20-2006 07:40 PM

you do write good fanfiction. Prepair for pain, and vocabulary lessons. And newb idiots who think they're all that.

Digitaldreamer 09-20-2006 09:44 PM

Vocabulary lessons? Oh, I do so love those. Then I can put big words in my writing that only Sasha is likely to actually understand.

And newb idiots are entertaining in a masochistic sort of way. Unless there's lots of them. Then it's time to set them all on fire just try your best to ignore them all.

Yaanu 09-21-2006 10:10 PM

[Post under renovation, our top men are working on it.]




[...Top people...]

Yaanu 09-21-2006 10:19 PM

It's not my fault I have to look at the keyboard when I type, 'aight?

I haven't played Psychonauts for a while. Keeping it from my little brother who nearly broke it last tyme. Now Milla's level starts to get sucky on me when I play it.

I'll just wait for the 360 BC.

Also, yes, the rats, the craptasticular (sic) rats simply must die, so long as they die painfully, so they know how we feel.

EDIT: Oh, Digital Dreamer, whatever your name is, eh, Jen, your link needs fixing. It leads to a site about the infamous "http://" header.

I learned more than I needed to know there. Thank you.

Digitaldreamer 09-21-2006 10:55 PM

Ah. Well, what do you know. Thanks for pointing that out, it should be fixed now.

Miss_Mayhem 09-23-2006 12:36 PM

Digi, it's YOU!!!! Bwahaha, welcome to the infamously random RD forums, oh-so leniant compared to it's sister boards. Let me also say that Cursum Perficio is the shiz. Length had been in issue with the game, aside from the minds there was not much to do either.

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