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Huze 09-10-2006 02:16 PM

Star Wars Combine NC - 17, adults only
reported to Interpol.

Huz 09-10-2006 06:52 PM

Dude. There are literally hundreds of unofficial Star Wars RPGs, some of which are bound to contain unsavoury elements. You don't have to play them, the teenagers you see as being vilely corrupted don't have to play them, we don't have to talk about them.

Complaining to the In Character News Service about real life concerns is unlikely to get you very far. The clue is in the title.

Raising your concerns with the game's administrators is a better idea, but - as you've found - they won't necessarily care either. That's life. LucasArts might care, as this game looks rather more involved than most unofficial RPGs. But don't count on it.

Nice name, though.

Huze 09-10-2006 07:28 PM

People do care what happens with teens while they are online. There are very real laws against certain things that you might engage in online.
The real danger is a teen acting out on fantasies such as going to school and killing his peers. The real life news services will pick up on the story. Money will be made. The religious right will make a movie staring Tom Hanks, and the industry of Roleplaying will be hit with another bad reputation.
If you noticed the terms of agreement when you signed up to comment on this forum. You will not be allowed to make LucasArts look bad by posting certain content. They own the franchise. Just like somebody owns a house. Sure you can say kids will be kids and allow them to tag your home. But if you do then your home and community loses value.
Star Wars is a family orientated franchise. If you enjoy Star Wars then you must protect it.
I believe you are wrong as far as the ingame, IC NEWS can help a single player make a difference. The faction was Darkside, evil and misrepresenting itself, so the other players in the game both IC/OOC did not know about the problem. New players would be seduced by the faction into joining and slowly manipulated into committing acts of satanic rituals. If they refused then they were banned, executed, or punished in other ways. What about that would not scare a parent of a 14 to 16y/o.
LucasArts cannot police the whole internet, but they have control over the franchise.
We are the eyes that see what happens, and we can report and help LucasArts keep its franchise clean of filth.
If you notice something not right on the internet then tell an adult, parent, or online reporting site. Sure, you can say it might not stop the abuse, but what if it does?

coupes. 09-10-2006 07:59 PM

You do know that LucasForums and LFNetwork are in no way related to LucasArts. Not that LucasArts really has any power over what's going on in those RPGs.

Joshi 09-11-2006 04:08 AM


Originally Posted by Huze
If you noticed the terms of agreement when you signed up to comment on this forum. You will not be allowed to make LucasArts look bad by posting certain content.

Did you read it? Actually does anyone read it?

Seriously, this is a fan made website, and this being the internet, there isn't much we're "not allowed to say".

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