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Master Jimmy 09-16-2006 02:21 PM

[FIN] Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III: The Second Sith War
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Chapter One

"Revan, this is what remains of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant." said the former Jedi Exile: Jaden Page. Revan stared out the window in deep dispair. "Why wasn't I there?" Revan asked himself "This is all my fault."

"You made a choice for the greater good, Revan Skywalker, this is not your fault."

"I hope she's alright." Revan said.

"Bastila?" Jaden asked.

"Yes... I can't lose her."

"I'm sure she's alright, my friend." encouraged Jaden.

"I hope so... I can't live without her."

The Ebon Hawk landed in a clearing inside the ruined Jedi Temple. "The Force is strong here" told Mira.

"It might be her!" Revan replied with hope. Revan searched the corridors calling "BASTILA... BASTILA, WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Revan?" said a familliar voice.

"Bastila, is that you?" asked Revan.

"It's been too long." answered the voice.

"I had to come back, I felt I would do a better job protecting you if I was close to you." explained Revan as he turned arount to greet the woman he loves.

"It is good to see your face again. I still remember."

"Bastila" Revan strode over to Bastila and they shared their love.
There was a pause, "I have waited so long for your return, it feels great to have you back, and in my arms too." after Bastila finished, they continued kissing.
"Geez-Leweez, they should get a room" Mira told Jaden.

"I pity her actually, she has gone to great lengths just to see him again." replied Jaden.

Atton walked down the loading ramp of the Ebon Hawk and saw Revan and
Bastila kissing in the distance, "I'll come back later"

Visas walked down the loading ramp "This is the temple?"

"Yes Visas." answered Jaden.

Revan and Bastila were through kissing and they both had many things to ask eachother. "Are we the last of the Jedi?" asked Revan.

"I'm afraid so."

"We'll have to rebuild our numbers, one by one." told Revan.

"I have a question for you... Did you ever forget me." asked Bastila.

"Not for a damn second." Revan answered "I left to protect you."

"How fast do you think it'll take to rebuild this temple?" asked Bastila.

"We just need the help from old friends." answered Revan. Revan walked back aboard the Ebon Hawk and called an old friend.

Jaden Page?" answered a Republic officer.

"No, Revan Skywalker."

"Revan?! Is that you ol' buddy?"

"Carth, aren't you a sight for sore eyes!"

"What do you need? I'm sure we can help you."

"I need a construction crew at the Jedi Temple ruins on Coruscant. We're going to rebuild the Jedi Order, starting here."

"I'll have one there straight away."

Hours later a construction crew arrived along with Carth and his son Dustil. "I always live up to my word." said Carth.

"I always knew." replied Revan.

"Revan... Do you remeber me?" asked Dustil.

"How can I forget that time on Korriban?"

"I'm aware that you are in need of new Jedi, and I'd be happy to join the order, seeing as if I have some experience with the ways of the Force." told Dustil.

"What place was that? Korriban?" asked Visas.

"Yes ma'am." answered Dustil.

"I am like you, until I met Jaden I was a Sith apprentice, I would be happy to teach you the rest of the ways into the Light." told Visas.

"I'd be honoured."

"Then your training begins now... Padawan Dustil Onasi."

"Thank you... master."

"I have one more question for you, Revan." said Bastila.

"What is it?" Revan asked.

"Why did you begin to love me in the first place?" Bastila asked.

"Well... On the Star Forge after our duel, I saw your pretty blue eyes return. I then realized that I wasn't just the one you wanted... I realized I was also the one you needed." answered Revan.

"What was I to you then?"

"You were the one I loved." After that, Revan and Bastila shared another kiss.
Mira glanced at them and quickly looked away.

"Do you have any ideas where we can search?" asked Revan.

"We can search Telos." answered Brianna.

"Visas has already found her apprentice" Atton pointed out.

"We're going to have more than one student per master, because we are the only ones." told Jaden.

"What about Vrook?" asked Bastila.

"He could be possible." answered Bao-Dur, "I'm sure that he would be happy to help restore the order."

"The outer-rim." suggested Mira.

"That's possible." answered Revan, "That's where me, Malak, Jaden, and Bastila were found."

"Query: Shall I motivate these meatbags master?" asked HK.

"Let them do their jobs HK... They're doing us a favour."

"Answer: As you desire master, signing off."

"Maybe you can help them do some heavy lifting, HK."

"Irritated Answer: Fine Master, fine."

"Beep whoop whistle"

"You can help do some techical work. Revan then turned to Carth, "Can you watch over my droids carefully? We are going to search for new initiates."

"I'll watch them for you."

"Thank you... Jaden, Bastila, Visas, Brianna, Atton, Dustil, Bao-Dur, Mira, Mical, lets go." ordered Revan.

"Our leader's back." Bastila pointed out with glee.

Atton and Mira took the pilot seats and prepared for take off, everyone held on while they made the jump to Dantooine.

Master Jimmy 09-17-2006 01:59 AM

Chapter Two
"We have just made the jump to lightspeed" announced Atton "You may now do whatever you damn well please." Bastila, who was rather tired, began to get ready for a needed sleep. Revan walked into her room "You look so beautiful."

"Is that because, I still love you?" asked Bastila.

"No... It's because I still love you." answered Revan.

"So you will grace me with compliments every hour?"

"Yes, pretty much... Beautiful."

Both laughed "You're looking good yourself, handsome." Bastila walked over to Revan and kissed him and Revan ran his hand down her smooth face "I love it when you do that" Bastila pointed out "May you sleep with me tonight? I know we're in space, but I still feel paranoid."

"I'll do anything for you." replied Revan.

"Thank you." said Bastila with a large grin. Revan and Bastila crawled into the bunk and kept close through the night.

Revan had a vision of what was to come on Dantooine through his sleep and woke up very quickly. Revan left the bunk and waited near the cockpit. "Do you think Vrook is still alive?" Revan asked Jaden.

"Yes Revan, I think he has a lot more years on him." Jaden answered. Bastila followed Revan into the cockpit "What is it?" she asked.

"I had a vision of things that might pass on Dantooine... The finding of Vrook, the residents banding together to help us, Dustil finiding his saber crystals... "

"I feel there's something you're not telling me." observed Bastila.

"There was one more portion..." continued Revan.

"You can tell me."

"It was about you... you..." Revan took a deep breath "Dying... to a lightsaber." Revan finished.

"You don't know that." Bastila replied.

"You're right... I don't." Revan quickly hugged Bastila "I will not lose you... to the Dark Side or death." vowed Revan.

"I believe you truly mean what you say." replied Bastila. Revan then kissed her forehead.

"We're coming up on Dantooine" announced Atton "We'll be landing at Khoonda Spaceport."

"We can ask the administrator for information regarding Vrook." suggested Jaden.

"That sounds like a good idea." commented Brianna.

"Dustil and I would like to venture on our own for educational puposes." told Visas.

"Yes you can." replied Revan.

"Thank you."

"No problem, Dustil"

"Hang on, we're going to land." told Mira.

Everyone walked off the loading ramp, Visas and Dustil headed left while everyone else headed for the administration building. Jaden led the way as for he helped the people of Khoonda two years ago. "Hello, do you remember me?" asked Jaden.

"How can I forget, Jaden Page." replied the administrator.

"We're looking for Vrook, we need his help. We need some information on his whereabouts. Can you help us?" Jaden asked.

"I think I remember him telling me about journeying to the sub-levels of the acadamy, you can find him there."

"What can we expect in the sub-levels?" asked Revan.

"Deadly creatures... Kath Hounds and Krinarths... But Vrook might've went for something different, he said it was very important." explained the administrator. Revan turned his head in Bastila's directoin and stared at her with a worried face. "Excuse me, but have you been to Dantooine before?" asked the administrator.

"It's been seven years ma'am." answered Revan.

"Oh... Well welcome back."

"Thank you."

"Ugghh... My head feels tingly" told Dustil.

"It will happen in a crystal cave." reminded Visas "This is the place where you will get the first pieces of your lightsaber... Search the clusters" Dustil searched the crystal cluster to find a rather large translucent crystal. "Ahhhh, this crystal has reacted to you... It would be of good use as a focusing crystal." suggested Visas.

"I will."

"First, before permitting you to search any further, you must tell me which Sith class you chose on Korriban." ordered Visas "Was it: Warrior, Alcolyte, or Disciple?"

"I chose Warrior." answered Dustil.

"Then you would be most suitable for a Jedi Guardian, look for a blue crystal in those clusters." told Visas.

"Excuse me master... what happened to your eyes? Why do you cover them?" asked Dustil.

"Focus on the task at hand." told Visas "We will talk about this on the Ebon Hawk.

Revan and his company entered the sub-levels of the ruined acadamy. The Force getting stronger, with every step. "I have a bad feeling about this." Atton pointed out.

"Calm... calm down Atton." told Mical.

"Atton's right, I too have a bad feeling about this." told Revan. The company continued to walk the sub-levels, until they came across a locked door. "Vrook is beyond... this door." said Bastila as she pointed to the door beside her "Revan, if you please." Revan stood beside Bastila and together they opened that locked door. Beyond that door they found Master Vrook Lamar and Master Vandar Tokare inside ray shields. "You shouldn't have come." warned Vrook.

"Why?" asked Revan. Moments later, beings appeared from worn out stealth field generators. "You're a hard man to find, Revan." said a horned being.

"What do you want with me? Who are you?" asked Revan.

"My name is Gan Ragnos... but you can call me Darth Malus... Grandson of Marka Ragnos." he answered.

"But you didn't answer my question yet."

"Oh yes, my apologies... I want you... to be my apprentice." answered Malus.

"I vowed never to embrace the Dark Side again... I wont join you." Revan declined.

"Then you will have to die." Malus said with a smile.

"If you have intentions of killing him, then you will have to kill me too." Bastila declared.

"Good... more of a challange." Malus waved his hand and everyone but Revan and Bastila frose in their tracks. Revan put on his battle mask and ignited his blue lightsabers, Bastila removed her cloak and igniter her yellow doublesaber, Malus ignited is two doublesabers "Intimidated yet?" taunted Malus, Revan and Bastila didn't answer. The three entered a fierce lightsaber duel. Malus kicked Revan's neck and Revan was immobilized, giving Malus the upper hand on Bastila. Bastila fought well, but she was stabbed in the thigh. Malus attempted to deal the killing strike, but his blows were blocked by a now mobile Revan."You keep coming, don't you?" asked Malus.

"You should've killed me." repled Revan.

"That can be arranged."

"Oh no" Revan then cracked Malus in the face with his elbow and sliced his arm off. "You may have one this time, Jedi scum, but you will lose next time." Malus disappeared and escaped. Revan then ran over to Bastila to help her to her feet. "Are you okay?" asked Revan.

"I'll live, thanks to you." replied Bastila with a kiss. Everyone regained conciousness and saw to either Revan and Bastila or Vrook and Vandar.

Jaden released Vandar and Vrook. "Why have you come back, Revan?" asked Vrook.

"We are going to rebuild the Jedi order, and we would like you to run the acadamy on Dantooine" answered Revan removing his mask.

"We will need to do a lot of searching for Force Adempts." explained Vrook.

"We knew what we were getting ourselves into." replied Revan.

"We will stay and watch over Dantooine, you find new initiates." told Vandar.

"Will you need help in rebuilding the acadamy?" asked Bao-Dur.

"No thank you." answered Vandar.

"Are you able to walk?" asked Revan.

"I have a bad limp for the time being." aswered Bastila.

"I'll help you to the Ebon Hawk." offered Revan.

"Thank you." Bastila placed her arm on Revan's shoulder and Revan helped Bastila to the Ebon Hawk. Revan brought Bastila to a bunk on the Ebon Hawk and sat her down. Revan then stationed his hand over Bastils's wound. In a matter of seconds, Bastila's wound was quickly replaced by skin. Revan then tore off a peice of his robe and covered that area. Dustil and Visas returned to the Ebon Hawk a shorly after. "Bao-Dur: Visas tells me that you can help me build a lightsaber." told Dustil.

"Yes I can." answered Bao-Dur.

"Can you help me build one?"

"You will have to have the proper pieces. You will have one in time."

"Okay." Dustil then found Visas on the ship "You said you'd tell what happened to your eyes."

"Yes I did." replied Visas "They were torn out... By a Sith Lord called Darth Nihilus: The Lord of Hunger, who was killed at the hands of Jaden."

"Ouch! I'm sorry."

"For what? It's in the past."

Revan walked to the cockpit. "I see the people have already started rebuilding the acadamy." observed Revan.

"We should go back to Coruscant and tell Admiral Onasi of this attack." suggested Jaden.

"I agree." replied Revan.

"Coruscant it is." said Atton "Everyone hang on."

The Ebon Hawk then made the jump to lightspeed.

Master Jimmy 09-17-2006 02:05 AM

Chapter Three
Bastila woke up to find Revan sitting right beside her. "How did you sleep?" asked Bastila.

"I had another vision." Revan answered.

"Are we going to face more Sith?" asked Bastila.

"I just saw the Temple halfway done." replied Revan.

"That's wonderful news." replied Bastila "While we're on Coruscant, I would like to visit my mother, will you please come with me?"

"I'll do anything for you." answerd Revan.

"That's why I love you." replied Bastila.

"How's your leg?" asked Revan.

"You did a good job, Revan... It's fine." Bastila replied.

"You know that I'll always have that concern for you." Revan pointed out.

"And you know that I'll love you to the end." Bastila added. Bastila kissed Revan, stroking her hand through his hair, Revan stroking his hand down Bastila's arm. Bastila then locked her leg around Revan's back and continued on. Jaden who happened to be passing by noticed them kissing. Jaden then shut the door, he walked of smiling, he was happy for them. "Did they finally get a room?" asked Mira.

"Their room is off limits for the time being." ordered Jaden.

"They're not-" Atton began.

"They are." Jaden finished. Atton shiverred.

Dustil was training to a saber remote, but was getting hit every time. "Your eyes can decieve you, Dustil... You shouldn't trust them."

Visas waved her hand and Dustil's eyesight dimmed. "What've you done?" asked Dustil.

"Trust the Force instead of your sight." told Visas. Dustil raised his saber one last time and blocked every blast. "There you go." congratulated Visas.

"Thank you master... Here's your saber back." thanked Dustil giving Visas her lightsaber back. Revan and Bastila walked out of their room and to the cockpit "HEY, THE LOVEBIRDS ARE DONE" yelled Atton. Atton and Mira cheered.

Revan laughed. "We're coming down on Coruscant, looks like your friend built a hangar." observed Atton.

"That's good news." replied Revan.

The Ebon Hawk landed in the new hangar everyone came down off the loading ramp. "Jaden, can you fill Carth in on the attack on Dantooine?" asked Revan.

"Yes, but why?" asked Jaden.

"Bastila wants to visit her mother and she wants me to come with her." answered Revan.

"Then by all means sure." told Jaden.

Revan walked over to Bastila "Honey, we will take one of these air speeders to visit your mother." explained Revan.

"Okay." replied Bastila with a large frown.

"Darling, what's wrong?" asked Revan.

"I don't know if she will be okay... Has her sickness worsened? I don't know..." answered Bastila.

Revan felt increasingly remorseful for his love "Come... There's only one way to find out... And that way is seeing it for ourselves." explained Revan.

"I guess your right." Bastila replied, climbing in the airspeeder with Revan.

Jaden found Carth "Carth, we have started rebuilding the acadamy on Dantooine... But we were attacked by a Sith Lord named Darth Malus The Great." Jaden explained.

"Did anyone die?" asked Carth.

"He wounded Bastila... But Revan took his arm." answered Jaden.

"Is Bastila okay?

"Bastila is okay, thanks to Revan."

"That man always looks out for her."

"She's lucky Revan loves her... She's lucky he looks out for her... I sense pain within her."

"Bastila... Your mother is going to be fine." said Revan trying to comfort her. He then realized that words wasn't doing anything... Revan grasped her hand and kissed it. "I know that you're trying to help... I thank you Revan... I really do." remarked Bastila. She felt increasingly sad and she started whimpering. Revan sighed. "We're incoming on the hospital." announced Revan. Revan and Bastila walked into the hospital, Revan holding Bastila close. "Excuse us?" Bastila asked to the receptionist. The receptionist looked up at Bastila. "Is there a patient here by the name of Helena Shan?" asked Bastila.

"Just let me check." requested the receptionist. The receptionist searched through her files and found Helena Shan's visit record. "I'm sorry to say that Helena Shan is deceased." apologized the receptionist.

"Bastila, I'm sorry." Revan apologized. Bastila began to sob. She lay her head on Revan's chest to hide her tears from everyone else. "I'm so sorry Bastila." Revan escorted Bastila back to the Jedi airspeeder and flew back to the temple.

When they landed at the temple Revan escorted Bastila back onto the Ebon Hawk where she can be alone for the time being. But before Revan got onto the loading ramp they were found by HK. "Statement: Master it-" HK began.

"HK, this isn't a good time... Something terrible happened to Bastila."

"Query: Did you two suck lips the whole time?" HK asked.


"Statement: As you desire master, signing off."

Revan walked away from the Ebon Hawk "If you want to make yourself useful, just stay away from Bastila for the time being... Her mother died."

"Statement: I now understand why you inturrupted me."

Revan and HK went to go find Carth and the others. "Statement: My most sincere apologies for your lover."

"Forgiven." replied Revan.

Carth had found Revan and HK "Is Bastila okay? What happened?" Carth asked hastily.

"Her mother died, Carth." explained Revan.

"That's horrible." Carth replied "I was told you were attacked on Dantooine, and I would like to come with you."

"You may." Revan accepted.

"Thank you. It would be good to be with my son again."

"He would be happy."

"Statement: Welcome back, Carth."

"Thank you HK."

Jaden then found Revan "I sensed pain within Bastila, is she alright?" asked Jaden.

"Her mother died." answered Revan.

"My apologies for her" told Jaden.

Back on the Ebon Hawk, Revan briefed everyone about who they were dealing with "His name is Gan Ragnos, grandson, and legitamate successor of Marka Ragnos. He claims to be the greatest Sith Lord since Exar Kun. He goes by Darth Malus: The Great, or just Darth Malus." explained Revan.

"Doesn't seem to great to me." replied Atton.

"Atton may be right." added Brianna "You did take his arm Revan."

"Do not underestimate the Sith... Do not forget I once was a Sith." warned Revan "Now we won't be looking for Malus right away. Our mission is to rebuild the Jedi Order. We will be searching for Force adepts across the galaxy."

"I'll stand with you to the end... My love." told Bastila.

"Like we haven't heard that before, Bastila."

"Go easy on her Mira, she's having a tough time."

"Warning: Do as he says or I'll gut you meatbag."

"HK." reminded Revan "Lets go." ordered Revan.

The Ebon Hawk made the jump to lightspeed and away from Coruscant.

Master Jimmy 09-17-2006 02:07 AM

Chapter Four
Revan roamed the Ebon Hawk to find Bastila grieving about her mother's death. "Bastila... Your mother... I'm sorry." Revan apologized.

"Revan... I... Thank you... For being there when I needed you at the hospital... Thanks." thanked Bastila.

"I will always be there for you... I love you." reminded Revan. Bastila shed more tears. Revan kissed her forehead to make her feel less sad. "I don't think the sad days in my life can match to how remorseful I feel for you today." Revan pointed out.

"Revan..." Bastila clutched Revan's hand, "I hear that "I love you" comment all the time." told Bastila.

"Bastila, what are you saying?" asked Revan hastily.

"I still love you, Revan... I want everyone to know it... Everyone in the galaxy to know it." stated Bastila. Revan sighed in relief. "I want you to marry me." Revan was speechless. "But do you want to?"

"*Sigh* I'd love to... This is the happiest moment of my life." told Revan smiling.

"I knew it... I love you so much... Thank you." replied Bastila. Revan stared at Bastila's large open mouth grin then ran his hand down her face. "Oh kiss me you fool." demanded Bastila. Revan did as he was told very gladly. In the cockpit, Jaden put a big smile on his face. "What's going on that's good?" asked Carth obviously noticing Jaden's grin.

"Soon... This will be a happy moment for the whole crew." answered Jaden.

"Why? What's going on?" asked Carth hastily.

"Bastila and Revan will tell us all." replied Jaden.

Minutes later, Revan and Bastila requested attendance in the main room. "Everyone..." Revan addressed "Bastila and I have decided to get married."

"What?" asked Atton.

"Why, that's wonderful" commented Carth.

"A great idea." commented Jaden.

"What's wrong with you, Atton?" asked Mira.

"Nothing, it's a great idea, just a little surprised." replied Atton.

On Dantooine, Vrook sensed Revan and Bastila's happy moment. "A good idea indeed." Vrook said to himself.

Revan and Bastila left to their quarters. "I love that idea." commented Revan "But where shall we get married?"

"On your home of Delreia." answered Bastila.

"So it really is my home?" asked Revan.


"That isn't my home anymore." stated Revan.


"My home is wherever I am... With you" declared Revan rubbing Bastila's shoulder.

"My home is with you too." Bastila replied stroking her hand through Revan's hair.

The Ebon Hawk continued to fly through hyperspace to Revan's confirmed homeworld, happiness throughout the crew.

Master Jimmy 09-17-2006 02:12 AM

Chapter Five
"Did you ask her?" asked Jaden.

"No, she informed me that she wanted to." replied Revan "Then she asked me."

"Ahhh... If I were to go through the same thing you and Bastila are going through with myself and Visas... How would I make the relationship last?" asked Jaden.

"Spend more time with her... Watch her train Dustil then other apprentices she will have. Take the few seconds just to make her feel special, give her a compliment once in a while, as for me, I give Bastila 5 in 2 minutes." explained Revan.

"Wow, they sure aren't asking that much of us." replied Jaden.

"Start by observing her training Dustil." suggested Revan "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make a "preperation"." Revan walked into his room and pulled out a blank literate holocron and started writing some sort of poem. "What are you doing, love?" asked Bastila.

"It's a surprise honey." told Revan "You'll have to wait." Bastila tried everything to see what Revan was doing, she tried to see it through the Force, but Revan was covering it well, mentaly and physically.

Back in the cockpit, Atton had a worried look on his face "This is a bad time, Carth" Atton told his fellow pilot.

"Why?" asked Carth.

"This will attract the attention of the Sith, we might lose both of them." explained Atton.

"This was their choice and we will respect it." ordered Carth.

"Fine." said Atton.

"What's going on here?" asked Mical.

"Nothing, Mical. We're just having a discussion." told Atton.

"Why do you resent the idea?" asked Mical.

"Because the Sith might be following us." replied Atton.

"He's right." told Revan entering the cockpit holding his holocron "That's why were getting married, finding Force Adepts and getting of Delreia as soon as posible."

"But Revan..."

"Warning: Do not question the master's decision or I will tear out your tongue." told HK warning Carth.

"Don't worry, Carth. We will have a little celebration between the whole crew." explained Revan obviously knowing what Carth was going to say.

Revan walked up to Carth with his holocron in hand "Do you think Bastila will like it?" asked Revan.

"I think she will. But is it a poem or a song?" asked Carth.

"Song! I sent a transmission to a band on Delreia and asked if they wanted to play there." explained Revan.


"They don't have the money to buy the more advanced synthetic instruments. So they use strings for a heavier sound." described Revan.

"I think that song will suit that kind of band." commented Carth.

"Good, thanks for the feedback."

Revan walked out of the cockpit and found Jaden observing Visas train Dustil. Jaden noticed Revan and gave him a smile, Revan smiled back and gave a nod. Revan was happy to see that his companion followed his advice.

The Ebon Hawk landed in a Delreian spaceport and were welcomed warmly by a few priests. "Ah Revan, Bastila, and companions. We've been expecting you. First we must ask you some questions." told the head priest.

"Ask away." told Revan.

"Revan... who do you want as the first male?" asked the priest.

"My best friend: Carth Onasi."

"Good, good." replied the preist "Bastila..."

"I would have to say: Brianna."

"Well... That was fast, thanks... This way please." requested the priest.

Minutes later, everyone made their way to a small temple. Revan and Bastila liked the idea because if the temple was too big, they would attract the attention of the Sith. Revan walked over to Carth "Can you hold on to my holocron and give it to the band after the: "main event"?" Revan asked.


"Thanks, First Male."

Bastila walked over to Brianna, "May you hold on to these, please?" requested Bastila.

"Sure, but what are they?" Brianna asked.

"My gifts to me and Revan... At some point before we kiss, can you give these to him and I?" asked Bastila.


"Thank you."

Moments later, everyone was standing inside the temple, Revan and Bastila standing face to face. "On the request of both Revan Skywalker and Bastila Shan, we are going to shorten this wedding for reasons of safety... Now... We are here today to complete the Force Bond between these two Jedi, with the final part of love... If there is anyone who would like to donate to these two people, please do it now."

"Do it now." Brianna heard through the Force. Brianna walked to Bastila and gave her two small boxes, Bastila took them and presented one to Revan.
They both opened them to find smoothened saber crystals, Revan's blue, Bastila's Yellow. "Anything else?" asked the priest.

"I'll present mine at the small celebration."

"Very well... You may kiss her." told the priest. Revan pulled Bastila towards him and kissed her, doing so, Bastila ran her hand down his arm.

Minutes later everyone was holding a glass with a certain drink in it, either: Molson Delreian, Rare Tarisian Ale, or just plain water. After one glass of Molson Delreian, Carth walked over to the band and handed the holocron over to them, just as Revan asked him to. The band examined the song very carefully and then changed instuments to ones that will suit the song properly. Revan offered Bastila his hand, "You'll hear what I was hiding."

"Looking forward to it." replied Bastila and accepted his offer for a dance.

The musicians going by the names of Jimmy and Jon started playing a soothing tune on their intruments, then it got heavier when the percussionist who was also named Jon joined in, then it went softer, singer Rob started singing "There as I left, it's the same as I'm back. Though the road is tough sometimes, my love for you won't lack." then it got heavier the same way it did, except Rob added some more lyrics "Bright rays of love, each have several paths. In your arms sweet baby, our love won't split in half. Kind of makes me feel sometimes, that I didn't have to go. And as I left the hangar, I thought "no no no"." The music went softer again, "Changes fill my time, baby, that's alright with me. In the midst I think of you, and how it's got to be." The music went heavier than before and Rob continued to sing "Did you really need me baby? And did you need me bad? Did you really want me baby? The man you love so glad! Did you ever forget me baby? That I would hate! Cause you were my first love sweet baby, the one I loved so great!" After Rob finished those lyrics, Jimmy went into a solo.

"I never forgot about you." told Bastila.

"I always thought about you. replied Revan.

After Jimmy finished the solo, Rob began singing again "Through the eyes an' I sparkle, Senses growing keen. Taste your love along the way, See your feathers preen. Kind of makes makes me feel sometimes, Didn't have to grow. We are lovebirds of one nest, The nest is in our soul." The band went into another heavy moment and Rob was begining to near the bottom of the holocron "You're in my dreams, with no surprise to me. I always love to see your face the way it's ought to be. Bastila." The band went into an even heavier tune "Never gonna leave you, never again. Seven years gone, oh my gosh, seven years gone. Seven years gone, holdin' on, seven years gone" Rob kept repeating that 5 times until the band was done, they got some nice applause.

"This is what you were hiding?" asked Bastila.

"I wanted it to be a surprise." answered Revan. Bastila didn't know what to do, except kiss her new husband.

On Dantooine, Vandar was meditating, until he cracked a smile that Vrook noticed. "Is it Revan and Bastila?" asked Vrook.

"Yes Master Vrook, they're at extreme peace." answered Vandar.

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Chapter Six
After the celebration, everyone was either drunk, or tired. Revan and Bastila were sleeping, but Revan was having another vision. There was a huge flash of light and he saw himself on Coruscant, could this be the future? Revan thought to himself, but it couldn't be the future because he observed himself and determined the age was 16. Then he saw himself quickly be accompanied by his old friend Malak then Jaden. Revan scanned the area to find Bastila much younger, she was about 14. She was then accompanied by a friend of hers and her new friend (at the time), Juhani. Revan could hear the voices of everyone, even himself, Bastila and everyone else at long distances. "I think that you'll be getting a big reward from Atris and the rest of the council." Revan heard Malak say.

"What? For that little deed on Taris?" he heard himself ask.

"That's exactly what Malak is talking about, that's huge stuff." he heard Jaden state.

"Jaden Patrick Page, I had to, she was gonna get sold in an auction." Revan then looked over to Bastila and Juhani. "He's beautiful isn't he?" asked Juhani.

"The Jedi are not allowed to have such attachments... But he does look kind of handsome, one of the reason why I wish my mother didn't have me join the order." told Bastila.

"He's kind and heroic to, don't forget that." reminded Juhani. Revan looked back at himself and his friends. "That girl Bastila, she does look lovely, don't you think guys?" asked Revan.

"Oh she'd only be the girl for you." stated Jaden.

Revan saw another flash of light, then he found himself in a small room with Bastila, both a little bit older, by only 3 years. "Bastila, if we don't do something about it, we'll be speaking Mandalorian... We can win this war, together, me and you." Revan told.

"I-I-I... can't." replied Bastila with a deep sigh.

"Well I won't force you." told Revan.

"Good luck, and may the force be with you..." farewelled Bastila as Revan walked off "My love." she finished.

Revan saw another flash of light and found himself and Bastila in a Sith Interdictor Ship, both with their sabers up. "You cannot win Revan." stated Bastila. They both got ready to fight eachother until there was an explosion at Revan's feet, he fell dead on the floor. Bastila crawled over to him still senscing some life in him, Bastila stationed her hand over him and gave some life back into him. Bastila dragged him off the ship. The real Revan smiled and said: "Thank you, Bastila." but he was in a vision so he couldn't be heard.

Revan saw another flash of light to see him on the lower city of Taris. He saw a tall figure and he remembered it to be Brejik of the Black Vulkars. Revan looked around to find himself yet again, and Bastila in an opened cage. "You underestimate the strength of a Jedi's mind Brejik, a mistake you won't live to regret." told Bastila.

"VULKARS TO ME!!! KILL THIS WOMAN, KILL THE SWOOP RIDER, KILL THEM ALL!!!" roared Brejik. Revan saw himself run over to Brejik and quickly kill him, he was always a master of combat at close quarters. Revan saw a Vulkar try to kill Bastila from behind, but Revan quickly threw his vibrosword at him. "Well maybe those damn Vulkars will think twice about keeping a Jedi prisoner, as for you if you... Wait, you're Robert Plant aren't you?"

"Yes... are you okay?"

"I'm fine thank you."

"Let's go, Carth is waiting for us."

"Carth Onasi is alive? You are truly the bearer of good news. Please take me to Carth right away, between the three of us I'm sure we can find a way off this planet." ordered Bastila.

Revan saw another flash of light and saw him fighting Malak on the Leviathan. Bastila opened the door "This isn't over Malak." she force pushed Revan out of the room and then threw her saber at Malak. Malak caught it and shut the door. Carth pulled Revan away and brought him to the Ebon Hawk. Revan walked through the door, he wanted to see what happened to Bastila. Malak picked her up by the neck and started beating her to a pulp until she was uncouncious.

Revan saw another flash of light and the next place he was at was Rakata Prime. He saw himself and Bastila fighting eachother, himself trying his hardest to not hurt her. "The Force calls you home!" told Revan.

"Jedi propaganda." stated Bastila, she then fled knowing Revan was too powerful to best.

Revan saw another flash of light and he saw himself and Bastila on the Star Forge ready to fight again. After the first pause in battle, Revan attempted to convert her back. "Bastila, come back to the light... Face up to what you've done, I can help you." told Revan.

"NO! You're too late, you only want to help yourself." declined Bastila.

"In your heart you know that's not true!" Bastila attacked Revan again but Revan was too difficult to beat.

Bastila threw down her saber "Finish it, kill me."

"No Bastila, I can help you if you help me."

"I have fallen too deep. I am drowning in this sea of darkness, you have no choice."

"I will not kill you. I can redeem you if you let me."

"But will you trust me for me not to kill you? I can easily kill you to gain Malak's favour."

"I trust you enough to lower my defenses."

"I'll help you. I can use my battle meditation to help the Republic fleet."

"Thank you, you have begun your path to total redemption."

"Wait! Is there a place in your future for me? Do you love me?"

"I do love you Bastila."

"I love you too, with all of my heart."

"You're not afraid to love anymore?"

"After this? No. Nothing makes me feel more safe than to be loved by you."

"I'll end this once and for all... I will be back and in your arms."

"Good-bye my love, and may the Force be with you." Revan saw a continuing flash of light and in a glimpse he saw Bastila geitting stabbed. Revan shot out of bed.

Revan walked outside of the Ebon Hawk to be followed by his newlywed. "What's wrong?" asked Bastila.

"I had a vision." replied Revan.

"What was it?" she asked.

"It was a reminder of how we fell in love. Nothing more." told Revan trying to hide the last part. "Let's get back to sleep, we're going to work tomorrow."


Revan and Bastila went back to bed and got a well needed rest.

"Okay, so where do we search first?" asked Mira.

"I suggest the we meet with the government." suggested Jaden "Then ask for them to bring the young ones and their parents there so we can search for Force Adepts amongst them."

"That'll work, General." commented Bao-Dur.

"Bao-Dur, the war is 10 years past, you don't have to call me "General" anymore." told Jaden.

"If that's what you wish... Jaden." replied Bao-Dur.

"It's settled then." told Bastila.

"We'll go to the government and ask to bring the children there." told Revan "Let's go." Everyone follow Revan and Bastila to the government building "Carth, HK, T3, I want you to stay behind and guard the ship."

"Yes Sir."

"Beep beep whoop."

"Relieved Answer: As you desire master."

All the Jedi made their way to the main government building and asked to have an aquaintence with the Prime Minister. They were invited in. "Ah you must be the Jedi waiting at my door. I am Jackson, the Prime Minister of Delreia."

"We're looking to rebuild the order of the Jedi and chose to begin here." told Revan.

"We don't have that many Force sensitives here, in the past 7 years we only had so many, two fell to the... whatdoyacallit? Dark Side. I think their names were Revan and Malak." informed Jackson.

"Then Revan redeemed and killed Malak over an unknown world. And he's talking to you now." told Revan.

"Ah... Soooo I'll announce for anyone with any strange experience with their kids to come here at once." told Jackson

"Thank you." thanked Revan.

Hours later they were greeted by only 12 kids. "Hello, my name is Revan. I am from this planet. I sence that you kids are strong in the Force. That means you kid get to be Jedi." all the kids started conversing about their fortune "Can I get your names?" asked Revan.

"Jill Meleau."

"Zak Zepnam."

"Jean Blanc."

"James Howellet."

"Logan Howellet."

"Mikel Kenobi."

"Emily Kenobi."

"Welcome to the Jedi Order." told Revan.

"We will teach you the ways of the Force." told Bastila.

"And how defend yourself with a lightsaber." told Jaden.

"You will also study diplomacy, history and more." finished Brianna.

"Unfortunately, we don't have any room on our ship, so we'll have to send you to Coruscant by shuttle." told Revan. The kids started conversing that they were going to Coruscant.

"Well they sure do want this." stated Jackson.

"That's a good thing" replied Bastila.

"Let's get to Coruscant." told Revan.

Revan led everyone back to the hangar where Carth, T3 and HK were waiting for them. "I made a transmission to Coruscant of our coming." told Carth.

"And?" asked Revan.

"They've finished it."

"That's wonderful news." told Bastila.

"Living quarters and everything, even a council chamber."

"That's wonderful news indeed." told Revan "Let's go."

The Ebon Hawk and a Delreian shuttle made the jump to lightspeed back to Coruscant to train the kids.

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Chapter Seven
"We sure didn't get a lot of students on Delreia." told Bastila.

"But it's a good start." replied Revan.

"Should we choose who we get now?" asked Mical.

"I think we should choose when we land." suggested Brianna.

"Ya think?" asked Atton sarcastically.

"Well it is a good idea, so then we can all get to know the new acadamy." told Mira.

"Yeah, you're right." said Atton. Bastila left the room. "Revan, can I speak to you for a moment?" Bastila asked.

"Yes." replied Revan following her. Revan followed Bastila out of the room. "What do you want to speak to me about?" he asked.

"Your vision. You didn't tell me all about it. I know you didn't." told Bastila.

Revan sighed "I didn't tell you because it was our wedding day. I didn't want to spoil it with bad thoughts."

"I'm your wife. You can tell me."

"You die by the hand of Malus... I will not let that happen."

"I won't die. I promise you." told Bastila.

"No I promise you." replied Revan "There is a calm that will last for some time, I can sense it. But events have been set in motion that can't be reversed. The Sith have returned, Malus is in hiding, and I sence he will be gathering up an army. There will be a war and the Jedi can not stand still... We will have to fight. I hope that what I'm saying is not true."

"If there is a war... I will fight beside you... Together. With you, my love." declared Bastila.

"I don't want to put you in harm's way." reminded Revan.

"You won't. I will follow you anywhere. On my own free will. You will always have my loyalty, and love." told Bastila. Bastila pulled Revan in for a kiss.

"Visas?" asked Jaden.

"My life for yours." replied Visas.

"You never told me what happened to your eyesight." told Jaden.

"I'll show you." Visas pulled off her red headcloth and Jaden saw two empty eye sockets and her long hair down as well "See anything you admire?" she


"I can hear you walking over to me." observed Visas. Jaden clutched her arms and kissed her, Visas ran her hand down Jaden's head. "I never kissed a man before." told Visas "I loved it."

"I will cherish this moment forever."

The Ebon Hawk and Delreian shuttle landed and everyone got off. "First we all will explore the temple." told Revan. Everyone scattered out to check out the temple. There were thousands of rooms, hundreds of sleeping quarters and council rooms. Revan walked up to his door and put in: "Revan and Bastila". Jaden walked up to his and put in: "Jaden and Visas". Everyone picked their rooms and after half an hour, everyone got comfortable. Revan even offered Carth a room, he accepted. Brianna made her way to the transmission room "Planet: Telos... Region: Polar..."

"Brianna...?" said a voice with a lot of static.


"Brianna, where are you?" asked the voice.

"Coruscant. In the new Jedi Temple." replied Brianna.

"Who authorized the rebuilding of the temple?"

"Revan Skywalker." told Brianna "He has banded us together and we're rebuilding the Order. I came here on my own free will to ask if you want to help. Please Atris."

"Yes, I will come at once." told Atris. Brianna searched the temple to find Revan. When she did, she informed him that Atris will be coming. Revan was
most happy of the news.

Revan summoned everyone to the Council Chamber where they would begin to chose their students. Only one chair remained and it was reserved for Atris. "Emily, Mikel, you will be assigned to me and Bastila." told Revan. The Kenobi twins walked over beside Revan and Bastila. "James, Logan, you will be assigned to Jaden and Visas." The Howellet brothers walked over to and beside Jaden, Visas and Dustil. "Zak Zepnam, you will be assigned to Atton." Zak walked up beside Atton. "Jill Meleau, you will be assigned to Brianna." Jill walked up to Brianna and stood beside her. "Jean Blanc, you will be assigned to Mira." Jean stood beside Mira. "These will be your masters until you achieve the status of Jedi Knight, then you'll be able to train your own students." explained Revan.

Everyone went to their own personal training rooms where the masters would ask a few questions. After that was done, Revan walked over to the console where he entered their classes. It read:
Mikel Kenobi: Jedi Guardian
Emily Kenobi: Jedi Sentinal
Jill Meleau: Jedi Consular
James Howellet: Jedi Guardian
Logan Howellet: Jedi Guardian
Zak Zepnam: Jedi Consular
Jean Blanc: Jedi Sentinal

Half an hour later a ship arrived, Carth recognized the ship because it was of Telos origin. A figure in white walked out and Brianna regognized it immediatly. It was Atris, ready to serve as a Jedi once again. Brianna showed her around the temple and told her that she had a council member's seat.

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Chapter Eight
Revan pulled out one of his lightsabers and showed it to the Kenobi twins "The lightsaber: A tool of the Jedi, a weapon of the Sith. Pure energy, it can deflect blasters, absorb electricity, and cut through most thing just as long as they don't have cortosis bonded to it." he explained. The Kenobi twins looked in awe to Revan's quality work. "There are many types of sabers. There is: The regular lightsaber, which I use. The lightdagger, which is a shorter make of the lightsaber. The Saberstaff, which Bastila uses.-"

"What does that do?" Mikel interrupted.

Revan turned to Bastila "Well, show them what it does." Bastila ignited both sides of her saberstaff and the twins were staring in awe.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked.

"I like the idea of a lightsaber." told Mikel.

"And why is that?" asked Revan.

"The versatility of it can defend your allies in many ways." Mikel replied.

"I think that it can inspire your allies, give them hope." told Emily.

"Ahh, both noble answers. I shall give you each your saber crystals to start off. Mikel."


"Since you were a Jedi Guardian, you will get a blue saber crystal, much like mine."

"Yes, Master."

Bastila turned to Emily "Because you were a Jedi Sentinal, you will get a yellow saber crystal."

"Like you?"

"Like me."

Mikel was done admiring his crystal and wanted to talk to Revan. "How are you so powerful?" he asked.

"Well I don't mean to boast, but I already was extremely powerful in the Force before... before... my... mishap on Malachor V. The answer is ancestry... My ancestor: Tudo'Val Skywalker, banded together a group of Force Sensitives and he created the Jedi order. He invented the ten saber styles, but they didn't have lightsabers back then due to the lack of research. He also invented Teras Kasi and many other hand to hand fighting styles, such as: Jun Fan, Hapkido, Shotokan and more." he explained.

"What fighting styles do you use?" Mikel asked.

"For saber, I prefer the tenth saber style: Jar'Kai. For fists, I prefer: Teras Kasi in memory of my ancestor, and Hapkido for quickness." Revan explained.

"What about your wife?" Mikel asked again.

"She is a master of Juyo, a lightning fast saber style, perfect for her since she uses a saberstaff. She has also practiced the hand to hand styles: Pi Gua for good solid hits, and Fan Zi which is also lightning fast." Revan explained.


"Grab some weapons that interest you and I shall teach you the fighting styles." told Revan.

"So are the Jedi allowed to love?" asked Emily.

"At first they were, according to Tudo'Val's Holocron. Then the later Jedi decided that love would get in the way, so the forbid it." Bastila explained.

"So then why are you and Revan married?"

"Because we couldn't hide it. And it didn't get in the way of our missions. So we all agreed that we should abolished the rule of forbidding love. Mind you that Jaden and Visas have started to fall in love, Atton and Mira might." Bastila explained.

"I think that I might be falling in love with Logan Howellet." Emily pointed out.

"Well I'm proud of you for sharing this with me."

Bastila found Revan training Mikel about the saber styles. "How is he doing?" she asked.

"He has already learned Shii-Cho and Ataru. And his form is very nice." Revan explained.

"That's great." told Bastila.

"I think that he might want to be fixed on Ataru." Revan explained.

"I think I am." stated Mikel.

Bastila walked back over to Emily. "Find a sword that intersest you and I shall teach you about the saber styles." Emily grabbed one vibroblade and got it at the ready.

Minutes later, Revan and Mikel were finished "I think that the Ataru saber style is the right one for you" suggested Revan.

"I think so too." Mikel replied.

"Its a very offensive fighting style but it would be best if you used it with someone else because it is best used against saber opponents." Revan explained.

"Why not against opponents with blasters?" Mikel asked.

"Because nothing is more embarrasing to be struck down by a weapon as uncivilized as the blaster." Revan answered.

"Oh, I see."

Revan found Bastila training Emily in the saber styles as well. "How is she doing, darling?" asked Revan.

"She is already proficient in the Shii-Cho, but she is mainly focusing on the Soreseu style." Bastila explained.

Revan turned to Mikel. "Well I think that you've found your mission partner."

"Why is that." Mikel asked.

"Because Soreseu is the counter-style of blasters, so it would be smart if you travelled with your sister in missons." Revan suggested.

"Okay, now I'm starting to see your point."

"That's good."

One hour later, everyone decided to rest and continue tomorrow.

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Chapter Nine
James lunged at his brother and Logan defended. Logan pushed him back, James raised his vibrosword over his head showing his mastery of the Djem So fighting style. Logan twirreled his sword and brought it behind his head, still pointing it forward, he raised his two fingers and pointed them at his brother's eyes, having mastered the Soreseu style. Jean entered the room and sat down. James turned his head in her direction and made a quick wave. Logan attacked and Jean giggled. "Focus on our duel, brother." he told.

"We have an observer." replied James.

"I can see that in the Force. Try it sometime."

"I saw how beautiful she was in the Force. I looked at her to make sure."
Logan didn't make a response, his brother outwitted him, as usuall. Jean overheard their quarrel and laughed. James used the force to push his brother away. He hit the wall hard. When he got up, he found his brother's sword pointed at his face.

"Okay, you win." stated Logan "But I will beat you someday."

"You did good, I'll give you that. Maybe you should consider a different style, such as Ataru, or maybe Bastila's Juyo." suggested James.

"I'm fine, thank you." replied Logan.

Jean started clapping, "Well done." she commented.

"Thank you." James replied.

James saw Jean, the one girl she admired, studying Jedi history. "I hear that Revan's ancestor, Tudo'Val, was the creator, and that his brother created the Sith." he explained.

"You hear correct." replied Jean.

"Hey umm..."

"Yes?" Jean interrupted.



"Hey, since I'm in here, umm..."


"Umm... Can I study with you?"

"Sure, we can study the construction of a lightsaber." suggested Jean.

"Yeah, sure."

James and Jean studied a holocron on lightsaber construction. "What colour are you going to have your saber as?" asked James.

"Oh I think I'll have it either viridian or violet." answered Jean "What about you?"

"I think I'll either have it cyan or orange." replied James.

"I think that orange will suit you the best." suggested Jean.



"Well I think that viridian will suit you the best." suggested James.

"Why thank you."

"Your welcome."

"I can ask my master for our crystals, I can get you a viridian one." told James.

"You can? Thanks."

"Wait here, I'll be back."

James ran to find either Visas or Jaden. He ran to the council chamber and
found Jaden there. "Master Jaden."

"Yes James?"

"I need some saber crystals. For me and Jean."

"Which colours?" asked Jaden.

"Viridian for Jean and orange for me."

"Well there are no crystal caves on Coruscant, so I'll let you have them."

"Thank you master."

"You wish to develop a relationship with her?" asked Jaden.

"...Yes" James answered.

"There is no embarrasment in this, not in this era."

"Were the Jedi allowed to love before the new order?" asked James.

"When Tudo'Val began the order, he allowed it. But then it was forbidden when he died." Jaden explained.

"Revan and Bastila abolished that rule?" James asked.

"Yes, they felt if they should love, then everyone else should be allowed."

"What about you."

"I have an intimate relationship with Visas."

"Oh. Well I should get back to Jean." told James.

"I'll see you later."

James ran back to Jean with his crystals in hand. "One viridian crystal for you, and I have my orange one."

"Thank you, you really are a nice guy."

"You want to do something later?" asked James.

"Yes I'd love that." Jean answered.

"I love you."

Jean blushed "Umm... I'll see you later."

"I'm looking forward to it."

Both walked away smiling.

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Chapter Ten
The next day, James was looking forward to spending more time with Jean. James got his robe on and started searching the temple for Jean. Jean waited in the courtyard for him. James found her there and sat down beside
her "You're a hard girl to find." he said.

"Well it shouldn't be too hard for some people like us." Jean replied.

"Tell me about your childhood on Deralia." told James.

"It's a sad story, I really don't think I wanna talk about it."

"Come on, you can tell me."

"Okay." told Jean reluctantly. "I was born into a poor family." she began. "My parents were almost never home, and they could barely keep enough food on the table for the both of us. I had to even starve for a day if there wasn't enough money."

"Wow... No offence but I was born into a rich family and I never knew how bad being... umm..."


"I wanted to put it in more modest terms but we'll go with that. I never knew how bad that could be."

"You can only know if you experience it."

"I always claimed: "Our luck will change, parents, I know it will." I hoped I knew that would happen."

"It didn't, did it not?" asked James.

"No... My father would hit me out of anger. Because he overreacted out of fear."

"That's horrible. I feel awful for you."

"I didn't hate him. I still loved him. I just pityed him."

"What was his line of work?" asked James.

"He volunteered. Hoping he'd get paid." answered Jean.

"Did he?"

"Not all the time."

"Did it get any worse?"

"Yes. When we were bankrupt, he blamed it all on me, for being born. The next day *sniff* he tried to get rid of me."

"I take it that it wasn't the "Get out of here" way."

"It involved a rope and an open window. *sob* I left into streets." whimpered Jean. Jean layed her hean on James and started crying more. All James could do was just... hug her.

"I'm sorry I shouldnt've asked."

"I willl feel better." she whimpered.

"I hope so. It pains me to see you cry." stated James.

"I think now that I've shared it, I can stop hiding it... Thanks."

"For what?" he asked.

"For listening to me, for not treating me like a ragdoll. I wish I can repay you for at least listening to my life."

"You don't need too. Hearing your voice is enough."

"I think I know how." Jean pulled James towards her and pressed her lips against his. "You said you loved me, didn't you?" she asked.

"I did."

"I was speechless to reply the same thing. I finally found someone in my life who can love me without attempting to hang me from a window."

"I can assure you, I won't do that." both laughed. "I'll look after you. I'll make sure that you do not come to harm. Trust me." declared James. Both of them got up and began walking to their rooms.

"I'm glad to have spent this time with you." told Jean.

"Thank you for sharing your life story with me." James replied.

"First tell me. What is it like to be wealthy?" asked Jean.

"After I heard your story. I'd say that I am lucky to have food on my table." James answered. Both walked to their rooms. Damn, she was lucky just to be away from him. James thought to himself.

I'm lucky to be loved by him. Jean though.

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Chapter Ten
Malus roamed his throne room watching the constant lava bursts. Malus sensed his apprentice nearby and sat down. "What is it, Plagueis?" he asked.

"We have gotten word that the acadamies have been built." ansered Malus' apprentice: Darth Plagueis, a Muunlist from the planet Muun.

"Do you remember the planets I ordered them on?" Malus asked again.

"Yes, Master. A second one here on Mustafar. One on Sarapin. Then we rebuilt the one on Korriban. We found a cave suitable and big enough for training on Hoth. Tatooine, Revan and his band of followers will not find it there. And the fourth fragment of Malachor V, inside the Trayus Acadamy." explained Plagueis.

"Very good. The worlds of Hell will have my followers environmentally and battle hardened." told Malus.

"Excuse me, my master but... why did you say it like that?" Plagius asked.

"Because they are MINE to command! Not yours!" replied Malus angrily.

"I'm s-s-sorry my master, I meant no offence." apologized Plagueis.
Malus used the Force to pull his apprentice in slowly. As soon as he got within arm range he started beating him.

"I-HAVE-NO-TIME-FOR-APOLOGIES!" Malus let him down "Tell me why I picked a worthless peice of a tach gland like you as my apprentice." he ordered.

"Master... because I have found many Sith holocrons and brought them before you. I have beaten every Sith, save you, mentally and physically who tried to challenge me. And I am able to cheat death, through the Force and I can help you cheat yours."

Plagueis left. After minutes of meditating, he was called back in. "You need me?" he asked.

"I have a plan to lead the Jedi to their demise. The death of Revan. With him dead, the Jedi will have no great leader. The Jedi will crumble with his death." told Malus.

"How do you plan to do that?" asked Plagueis.

"His will needs to be eroded. Then brought to me." answerd Malus irritated.

"Who will do so?" Plagueis asked again. Malus got up, but this time he didn't have any intentions of beating Plagueis, he whispered in his ear, Plagueis then nodded. "I will send him at once."

Revan lay in bed sleeping with Bastila beside him. Revan had another vision, he heard familliar cries "Revan, help me!" It was Bastila. "Revan- ugh." Bastila then fell down with a pierce through her body. Revan saw himself run towards her. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't quick enough... to save you." he whimpered.

"Revan... I... love..." then Bastila would stop breathing.

Revan woke up breating very heavily. He walked to the courtyard and took some time to reflect on his vision. Revan then felt oddly, Bastila wasn't usually that far behind, in fact, she didn't find him at all. Revan walked hastily back to his room to find that Bastila wasn't there. Revan ran around the temple in search for her. He then checked the hangar to find a ship leaving. Revan attempted to pull it back, but the engines were too powerful to be hindered. Revan pulled one of his lightsabers out, ignited it, and threw it at the ship. Revan knew that Bastila was on board that ship, not the pilot, not the co-pilot or gunner, but a captive. All Revan could do was watch as his wife unwillingly left Coruscant.

Revan immedeatly ran to the transmission room and set in the coordinates for Dantooine. "Revan, what is it?" asked Vrook.

"Get to Coruscant! Now!" demanded Revan. Revan then ran to the control room and hit the alarm. Everyone knew it was a serious emergency if Revan was the one who pushed that button. Hours later Revan, Jaden, Visas, Atris, Brianna, Atton, Mira, Mical, Carth, Dustil, Mikel, Emily, Zak, Jill, Jean, James, Logan, Vrook and Vandar were in the briefing chamber. "The Sith have made the first move." told Revan.

"How? and where's Bastila?" asked Vrook.

"Not... here." Revan grumbled through his teeth.

"She has been taken captive by the Sith." stated Vandar. Everyone murmured about the most unfortunate event.

"She has been kidnapped by the Sith. If we rescue her, we will be led to the Sith. And we can bring peace to the galaxy, once and for all." Revan told.

"Revan our numbers are too few." told Atris.

"So are the Republic's" replied Carth "The battle over Rakata Prime seven years ago and the battle of Telos two years ago has left us crippled. We need to wait."

"I can't leave my wife to face the wrath of Malus. You have no idea how much she means to me. Please, help me find her." begged Revan.

"I know exactly how you feel, Revan. I lost my wife when Malak bombed Telos." replied Carth.

"Was she kidnapped from you right under your nose?" asked Revan.

"That's not the point." told Carth.

"Well if none of you will help me... then I'm going to find her myself."

Revan left the briefing room, he met up with his droids and the headed towards the hangar. Jaden stopped him "Revan! You must not do this."

"And why not?"

"Because it is just what Malus wants of you. Erode your will and kill you when you're weakest."

"I have to find her. I can't live without her."

"If she dies, you will have to let go of the thought."

"You of all people know how long a wound can take to heal."

"This is not about my relationship with the Force, Revan."

"Your wound cannot be healed, Jaden. And if Bastila is killed, that will leave a wound that will never heal." Revan stormed off into the hangar.

Visas walked behind Jaden, "Let him go, it is what he must do." told Visas.

"Revan is more value to the Jedi than all of us knows. I don't even know how big of a value he carries."

"He must rescue Bastila or he won't have that value."

"I guess you're right, Visas."

The ship that too Bastila landed on Mustafar. Malus waited in the hangar to see his new captive. A bounty hunter brought Bastila out hands, feet and knees bound, and mouth and eyes covered. "Thank you, Calo." said Malus.

"You're welcome Malus, now can I have my money?" asked Calo Nord, an old enemy of Revan's.

"I actually have one more job for you. To be safe, I want you to make an asassination attemp on Revan. If you fail I want you to meet him back on this planet."

"I faked death from him twice, I can do it a third if he bests me."

"I must warn you. Do not underestimate him. He took my right arm because of my arrogance." warned Malus.

"I see." said Calo, looking at the cloak covering Malus' right arm.

"Now find him."

Revan's first planet to search was: Korriban. The acadamy and tombs were deserted, but rebuilt. Revan roamed through the tomb of Naga Sadow only to find the Star Map he encountered seven years ago. "Query: Master, is this not the Star Map you encountered here, seven years ago?" asked HK.

"This is. There is nothing special about it, I know where Rakata Prime is." told Revan.

"*Beep* *Dreet* *Whoop* *Beep* (Master, but it does not lead to Rakata Prime.)" explained T3.

"Translation: He is saying that this Star Map has been reprogrammed."

"What? How?" asked Revan hastily.

"Statement: I think that it has been intentionally reprogrammed to lead you somewhere."

The Star Map showed planets other than Kashyyyk and Mannan. "Tatooine, Sarapin, Hoth. And Malachor V?"

"Completion: Malachor V-4 to be exact."

"We must revisit each of these planets if we are to find where Malus is holding Bastila." told Revan.

"Mockery: Then when you do, you can fly to her and press your slimy, mucus covered lips together like you always do."

"I'm going to pretend that you didn't just say that. Now get back to the ship."

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Chapter Eleven
The Ebon Hawk landed on the landing pad of Anchorhead Spaceport. Again, when he emerged, he was met by a Czerka representitive. "Welcome to Anchorhead. Unfortunately, your ship was not on the docking schedules. So
I'm going to have to ask you for one hundred credits for the docking fee." he explained.

Revan waved his hand "I don't need to pay the docking fee, I'm in a hurry so get out of my way."

"You know what? I really don't think you need to pay the docking fee. And since you're in a hurry, I'll leave you to your business."

Revan roamed Anchorhead trying to find the exit to the dune sea. He came across Yuka Laga's droid shop. He decided that his droids might need some upgrades, so he decided to enter. Again he was greeted by Yuka Laga "Greetings sentient. How may I be of service to you?" he asked.

"Threat: If you cheat my master like you did seven years ago, I will tear off your flat head and flatten it even more!"

"Excuse me, but I think I recognized your droid."

"You should, you sold him to me." replied Revan.

"What droid was he?"

"He was a specially modified HK series assassin droid."

"Oh yes, I remember now. I think he was modified by Czerka."

"No. Darth Revan was the one who built him, modified him, and gave him the term "meatbag"!"

"Wow! How did you extract that from him?" Yuka asked.

"Because after his safeguards unlocked, we both found out that it was me who built him, modified him, and gave him the term "meatbag"."

"You're Darth Revan?"

"Just Revan. The path of the dark lord is behind me now?"

"So... that HK unit was yours to begin with?"


"Then I should've sold him higher. I'm going to ask for two-thousand more

"You tried to cheat me before, it won't happen again."

"Then I can't allow you to leave."

"If you won't let me leave, then I'll let HK settle a seven year grudge."

"Query: Can I-"

"Say let's talk a deal." interrrupted Yuka "One-thousand?"

"Let us leave."

"Seven Fifty."



"Okay, I'm just going to donate fifty and be off." Revan left behind fifty credits and left the shop.

Revan found the exit to the dune sea. "I can't allow you to pass unless you have a hunting liscence." told the guard.

Revan searched his pockets until he found his hunting liscence. "Here you go." said Revan presenting it to the guard.

"This is an old one, but I'll let you pass. Good hunting... Robert Plant?"

"Uhh, yes."

Revan recognized the entire area, with the exception of the sand crawler that was there when he last visited. Revan roamed the dune sea and found a path that led him to the eastern dune sea. He was ambushed by a bunch of sand people, but Revan ignited one of his sabers and his droids and him easily took care of them. Revan entered the easten dune sea, only to find more sand people, but they were of no consequence, Revan cut them down as if they were unarmed people. Revan found the lair of the Krayt Dragon. One thing that he didn't recognize, was that the entrance was cut off with a big gate. Revan killed droid guards and started cutting a hole through the gate. The alarm triggered and a huge force of Sith Initiates and Masters were waiting for him at the door. "So. Is this what my former faction has become? Attacking a lone Jedi with a huge force?" Revan taunted.

"Enough. Die already." said one of the Sith Masters.

"It is only my intention here to find the Star Map and move on. But I will kill any of you who decide to stand in my way." warned Revan. Some of the initiates ran to saftey, but they were killed by their masters. The Sith attacked Revan without hesitation, but they were no match for one so powerful. Revan cut them all down, only using one of his sabers too.

Revan cut down every Sith that decided to stand in his way. Every Sith that lived ended up fleeing through the back tunnels. There was only one person who stood between him and the Star Map. Calo Nord. "Calo Nord."

"Darth Revan."

"Well Calo, alive would certainly be the last state I'd expect to find you."

"Really. I am hard to kill."

"It is not my intention to fight you, nor was it my intention to cut down anyone who stood in my path, but I will do what is necessary if you raise your blasters." warned Revan.

"You escaped from my grasp twice, seven years ago. I will not allow a third time."

"So be it." Revan ignited his second saber. Calo threw a flash grenade right a Revan's feet and exploded.

"You will die here today, Revan." told Calo. Calo fired a couple blaster shots, but Revan blocked all of them.

"If you think I'll be hindered by a flash grenade, you're sorely mistaken." told Revan.


"You'll find the Force is surprising." Revan jumped infront of Calo and cut him down. There was no longer anyone standing in Revan's path towards the Star Map. Revan inserted his datapad and downloaded the coordinates he could. They weren't the full deal, but it was a start.

Back on Mustafar, Malus walked into the prison chambers to have a little chat with Bastila. She was in the middle of the room and chained to the floor. Her right arm of her bodysuit was ripped off and hanging down at the wrist, and she had crusted blood and fresh scars. "Your husband has found the second Star Map on Tatooines. I'm impressed my dear." told Malus.

"You'll find he's full of surprises."

"I'm not surprised though that he went to search for you alone."

All Bastila did was frown. "What do you intend to do with him?" she asked.

"I plan to erode his will and then have him killed."

"You're a fool Malus, he will not be defeated that easily." Out of anger, Malus struck Bastila with lightning ceaselessly. When he got tired of torturing her, he ordered his guards to torture her, not using the Force, but any way they wanted.

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Chapter Twelve
"Master, we dug out a cave on Hoth and we are already training many students." stated Plagueis.

"Very good. Revan will either die to our students, the cold or the wampas." replied Malus.

Revan got back aboard his ship. "Quadrant: Core, Planet: Coruscant, Location: Jedi Temple." Revan waited for his transmission to come through, then it was picked up by Jaden.

"Revan?" Jaden asked.

"Yes Jaden." answered Revan.

"Revan where are you?"

"I'm leaving Tatooine and heading for Hoth" explained Revan.

"Hoth?" Jaden asked.

"A snowy planet in the Hoth system."

"Why would you be going there?" Jaden asked "Malus would not've taken Bastila there."

"I know, but I will find some answers there." told Revan.

"Why did you transmit us then?" asked Jaden.

"I need you to help me." answered Revan "There are events set in motion that can't be re-written, I predicted before that the Sith would make their move, they did. I am also predicting that if we do not stike on the final planet, the Sith will attack us when their force is too big."

Carth walked into the room, "Have you found where Revan's going?" he asked.

"He openly admitted that he is finding Star Maps." told Jaden.

"But he already knows where Rakata Prime is, I don't see the point." pondered Carth.

"The Star Maps on Tatooine and Korriban were reprogrammed. And three have been built on Hoth, Sarapin and Malachor V-4." told Jaden.

"So, if he finds those, he finds Bastila?" asked Carth.

"And possibly his demise." added Jaden.

"How so?" asked Carth.

"When he finds Bastila, He'll want to keep her alive. If she is in danger, Revan will prevent her death." told Jaden.

"Even if...?"

"It means his."

"We have to gather an army, If there was anyone you helped during your exile, Jaden, get them to help us." told Carth.

"What will you do?" Jaden asked.

"I'll gather the army at Telos and combine them with the TSF forces along with the Ithorians who might be willing to help us." replied Carth.

"Understood, I'll go to Dantooine, Dxun, then Onderon."

"Tell them to meet at Telos."


Revan left the transmission and made the jump to lightspeed. He decided to rest for he knew what Hoth was like as he remembered his experience as the Dark Lord. Revan had another vision. It was the same one he always had, and he woke up breathing heavily. "Observation: Maser, we are coming up on Hoth."

"That's good HK. I'm going to have to ask you and T3 to watch the ship and I'll have to go alone."

"Memory/Guess: I think you want us to stay to guard because we'll probably get mauled by Wampas or rust in the cold."

"That's right HK."

"Relieved Explanation: I'll stay."

Revan put on his cloak and battle mask and left the Ebon Hawk. Revan could sense the Dark Side energy of the Star Map, so he was being led in the right direction. Along the way, Revan was ambushed by a horde of wampas. In a way that battle was good for him, it kept him warm of the freezing cold. In a matter of minutes, Revan was victorious. Revan roamed Hoth even more until he saw an opening. He immediatly ran inside, he felt the Dark Side getting stronger. He wasn't welcomed warmly (He never is) every Sith had their sabers up. Revan ignited his saber and most of the Sith began to shake. The Sith threw everything they had at him, but they couldn't stop him from getting the Star Map. Revan walked back to the Ebon Hawk unphased. "Cheerful Obervation: It is good to see you in one piece, master."

"It's good to see you both. Come, we fly to Sarapin."

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Chapter Thirteen
The Ebon Hawk exited hyperspace and found a safe place to land on Sarapin. Everyone prepared to exit but T3. "T3, come on."

"Dwooo, dwooooooo."

"Okay, you can stay. But keep the ship fired up."

"Query: Master, do you think I'll get to kill something on this planet?"

"Only if we have to HK." Revan and HK left the ship on extreme caution, knowing that Sarapin was the home to the vicious Vaapad. Revan and HK walked for an hour in search for the Sith Acadamy, but unfortunately, they were attacked by a Vaapad. Many Sith on this planet practiced the form Juyo, for the Vaapad was so quick, Juyo was born from them. Luckily for Revan, he was a master in all eleven forms. Revan utilized Juyo and blocked everything the Vaapad had to offer. Revan killed the Vaapad quickly, but he was attacked by another one. It started whipping him with it's many tentacles, but HK came to his assistance and shot it in the eye. Revan jumped up and finished the job. "Thanks HK."

"Proud Statement/Query: You're welcome master. Aren't you glad you have me around?"

"Seven years ago I wasn't. But now, I am."

"Statement: Thank you master."

"You have nothing to thank from me, I should be thanking you."

"Correction: You built me."

"Correct. Let's just get the Star Map."

"As You desire, master."

Revan and HK continued to roam Sarapin in search of the acadamy. A few hours and vaapads later, they were there. "HK, if you're going to enter with me, I need you to be extremely careful."

"Query: Why so?"

"Because the all the Sith here are likely Juyo pratitioners. It is a very fast saber style."

"Statement: I'll be on my best guard."

"Remind me to download some vibroblade combat knowledge into you when we get back to the Ebon Hawk."

Revan and HK cauiously walked the Sith Acadamy on their guard for Sith ambushes. Revan and HK walked safely to the Star Map chamber. "This was too easy." Revan said to himself as he downloaded the data from the Star Map.

"Why you are too easy to fool, Revan." said a Sith Lord. A second later, the entire acadamy lit their lightsabers.

"Damn...! HK, this fight is way more than the both of us can handle. Run back to the Hawk." ordered Revan.

"Statement: Even an assassin droid like me is smart enough to avoid a battle as one sided as this." HK set a mine and Revan threw a thermal detonator, but only phased a couple Sith. The Sith Master used the Force and threw an initiate onto the mine, therefore clearing the way. Revan and HK were chased by an armada of Sith and then vaapads. HK immediatly ran aboard the Ebon Hawk and Revan jumped aboard as T3 slowly raised the ship off the ground. Revan was not safe yet, he was followed by some arrogant initiates, but Revan ended their lives. "Okay HK, I'm gonna download the ability of using vibroblades and lightsabers and use of the eleven lightsaber forms."

"Query: Will it hurt?"

"I don't think so, but it'll work better for you in the long run."

"Statement: Open the chasis-"

"HK! I remember."

An hour later, "And now re-wire-"

"Did I do some memory damage?"

"You didn't, but an HK-50 assassin droid on Peragus did."

"Oh well, now you know. Can you recite the eleven forms? Just to make sure it works?" asked Revan.

"Recital: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soreseu, Ataru, Shien, Djem So, Niman, Juyo, Sokan, Jar'Kai, and Form Zero."

"Good, very good. Now try and see if the combat programming will work." HK grabbed a vibroblade and started swinging it around, Revan smiled. "For a droid, that's very good form."

Revan jumped back into the cockpit seat and set a course for Malachor V-4.

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Chapter Fourteen
The Ebon Hawk exited hyperspace and found a safe place to land on Sarapin. Everyone prepared to exit but T3. "T3, come on."

"Dwooo, dwooooooo."

"Okay, you can stay. But keep the ship fired up."

"Query: Master, do you think I'll get to kill something on this planet?"

"Only if we have to HK." Revan and HK left the ship on extreme caution, knowing that Sarapin was the home to the vicious Vaapad. Revan and HK walked for an hour in search for the Sith Acadamy, but unfortunately, they were attacked by a Vaapad. Many Sith on this planet practiced the form Juyo, for the Vaapad was so quick, Juyo was born from them. Luckily for Revan, he was a master in all eleven forms. Revan utilized Juyo and blocked everything the Vaapad had to offer. Revan killed the Vaapad quickly, but he was attacked by another one. It started whipping him with it's many tentacles, but HK came to his assistance and shot it in the eye. Revan jumped up and finished the job. "Thanks HK."

"Proud Statement/Query: You're welcome master. Aren't you glad you have me around?"

"Seven years ago I wasn't. But now, I am."

"Statement: Thank you master."

"You have nothing to thank from me, I should be thanking you."

"Correction: You built me."

"Correct. Let's just get the Star Map."

"As You desire, master."

Revan and HK continued to roam Sarapin in search of the acadamy. A few hours and vaapads later, they were there. "HK, if you're going to enter with me, I need you to be extremely careful."

"Query: Why so?"

"Because the all the Sith here are likely Juyo pratitioners. It is a very fast saber style."

"Statement: I'll be on my best guard."

"Remind me to download some vibroblade combat knowledge into you when we get back to the Ebon Hawk."

Revan and HK cauiously walked the Sith Acadamy on their guard for Sith ambushes. Revan and HK walked safely to the Star Map chamber. "This was too easy." Revan said to himself as he downloaded the data from the Star Map.

"Why you are too easy to fool, Revan." said a Sith Lord. A second later, the entire acadamy lit their lightsabers.

"Damn...! HK, this fight is way more than the both of us can handle. Run back to the Hawk." ordered Revan.

"Statement: Even an assassin droid like me is smart enough to avoid a battle as one sided as this." HK set a mine and Revan threw a thermal detonator, but only phased a couple Sith. The Sith Master used the Force and threw an initiate onto the mine, therefore clearing the way. Revan and HK were chased by an armada of Sith and then vaapads. HK immediatly ran aboard the Ebon Hawk and Revan jumped aboard as T3 slowly raised the ship off the ground. Revan was not safe yet, he was followed by some arrogant initiates, but Revan ended their lives. "Okay HK, I'm gonna download the ability of using vibroblades and lightsabers and use of the eleven lightsaber forms."

"Query: Will it hurt?"

"I don't think so, but it'll work better for you in the long run."

"Statement: Open the chasis-"

"HK! I remember."

An hour later, "And now re-wire-"

"Did I do some memory damage?"

"You didn't, but an HK-50 assassin droid on Peragus did."

"Oh well, now you know. Can you recite the eleven forms? Just to make sure it works?" asked Revan.

"Recital: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soreseu, Ataru, Shien, Djem So, Niman, Juyo, Sokan, Jar'Kai, and Form Zero."

"Good, very good. Now try and see if the combat programming will work." HK grabbed a vibroblade and started swinging it around, Revan smiled. "For a droid, that's very good form."

Revan jumped back into the cockpit seat and set a course for Malachor V-4.

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Chapter Sixteen
"Jaden, Carth!" called Visas "Revan has left Malachor."

"That sure was fast! He must've not encountered the hell after all." answered Jaden.

"He cut it off from the Force, therefore killing it." explained Visas.

"It would've taken three Jedi to cut me off from the Force, and it takes a Jedi as strong as Revan to drain the one's who even tried." Jaden thought out loud.

"She didn't kill Vrook, wasn't strong enough for him." told Visas.

"Who gives a damn now?" asked Carth impatiently "Get the rest of the Jedi and we can start tracking Revan."

"Yes. Our apprentices have finished their training, they're fully fledged Jedi Knights now." Jaden walked over to the microphone to call the other Jedi to the hangar "Brianna, Atton, Mira, Mical, Dustil, Mikel, Emily, Zak, Jill, Jean, James, Logan, Vrook, Vandar." he called. All ran to the hangar to find Jaden. "We're going to find Revan, we owe him. He banded us as one, it's the least we can do."

"He defied us one to many times." told Vrook "We shouldn't help him."

"Whoever's with us, come, if not... Don't follow." ordered Jaden.

Everyone but Vrook went to go assist Revan. "Watch the acadamy." told Jaden.

"Whatever happens, stay with me. I'll protect you." James told to Jean. Jean kissed James.

The Ebon Hawk landed on Mustafar. "Statement: HK-47 is ready to KILL!"

"No you're not."


"No, HK! I am going alone. This matter is personal."

"Irritated answer: Acknowledged."


"Master, Revan has landed on Mustafar." told Plagueis.

"Good. Kill her." ordered Malus.

Revan ran through the lava refineries rooms and chambers frantically in search for his loved one, screaming "BASTILA! BASTILA!" Revan sensed that she was in greater danger every step he took. Revan paused his search for a while and tried to track her using the Force. He then knew the exact way to go. He followed more corridors and shortcuts through rooms. He sensed the Dark Side getting closer to her. In Bastila's prison chamber, a Sith Marauder came through the door and put a lightsaber to her belly. Bastila shut her eyes, bit her lip and prepared for the worst. To her surprise, the stab was inaccurate. To her surprise, her right chain was cut. To her surprise, the door was at the other end of the room. When the door fell, she saw crushed bones, a flattende fixture, blood and guts everywhere. Malus saw through a video camera, his assassin's failiure. He was angred and pushed a button on his desk. Revan walked into the room, the first thing he started looking for was: Bastila. Revan immediately ran over to Bastila to get the other chain cut. But when he was almost there, there were many bolts of electricity. Malus had one more trick up his sleeve for eroding Revan's will. Revan heard his wife's frantic cry for help. He looked around to see what he could do. Revan ingited his sabers and started walking into the electric field. He was unharmed, for his sabers absorbed the bolts. Revan cut Bastila's left chain and carried her out to safety. He put his finger on her neck to find a pulse. He found none. Revan stationed his hand over Bastila and began using Force Heal. Revan could feel her heart beating, but very slow and she wasn't breathing. Revan panicked and began performing CPR. "One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten." Revan said as he started pushing on her chest to get the air flowing. Revan began the mouth to mouth step. He began blowing air into her. To his surprise, her tongue shot up right into his mouth.

"I knew you would come for me." said Basitla in a raspy voice.

"I thought I lost you." whimpered Revan.

"Malus... He's coming. We must go." told Bastila.

"Yes. We'll get back to Coruscant. I'll make sure you get back to perfect health." replied Revan.

"We don't have time to leave. He has an army here."

"Then I'll meet them head on." told Revan.

"No... I'll fight with you." told Bastila.

"Look at yourself. You're in no condition to fight."

"I will fight with you. And for you. To whatever end." replied Bastila.

Revan sighed, reached into his cloak and pulled out one of his lightsabers and gave it to Bastila. Bastila took the saber and took a deep breath as well. Revan and Bastila quietly began to make their way out of the refinery.

Just coming out from hyperspase was Carth Onasi and Jaden Page, leading the newfound army to meet with Revan. "Okay blockade the planet." ordered Carth. The Republicans, the TSF forces and the Onderon Military formed a blockade around Mustafar. "Canderous, lead your men down there and raid the facility."

"With pleasure." replied Canderous.

"Zaalbar, you can go with them." told Carth.

"Yes sir." growled Zaalbar.

The Sith sent space ships to puncture the blocade so some could escape. They had little success.

Back on Mustafar, Revan continued to lead Bastila back to the Ebon Hawk, until their presence was detected. A small platoon of Sith caught up to them. Revan and Bastila ignited their Sabers and killed them all. "You know, every time I see, your battle skills get better." said Revan trying to keep Bastila's mind off of Malus' torture.

Revan led Bastila back to the Ebon Hawk. They were just about to get aboard, until they heard someone shout "Don't go anywhere Revan." that man was Calo.

"Why won't you die?" asked Revan.

"I'm gonna enjoy this."

"Your going to enjoy it on me." told a Mandalorian "Go, Go, get her out of here.

Revan took Bastila aboard the Ebon Hawk and fired her up. Canderous on the other hand had some old battles that needed winning. "So, Canderous. You're a Mandalore now." observed Calo.

"You could never beat me, you runt of a gikza. I'll make sure you don't multiply here." Canderous unsucessfully intimidated.

"Nice try." said Calo drawing his blasters. Canderous immediately raised his repeater and fired a flurry at him. Canderous walked over his burned body and kicked it into the lava.

Hours later, the battle was over. Revan told Carth that the rescue mission was a success. And that he was happy to see his old friend again, and how fast his padawans grew. Carth told Revan that two ships breached the blockade and that it might be Malus. Revan ordered them to return home, for everyone had a tough day.

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Chapter Seventeen
Revan spent all of his time with Bastila the rescue misson on Mustafar. He wouldn't leave her alone, which started to irriate her a little bit. "We're on Coruscant, Revan. You don't have to watch over me every now and then." she told.

"Well I'm sorry for being protective." repleid Revan with a laugh.

"I already forgave you for that. You still have my love." reminded Bastila.

Revan notice Bastila working on a new lightsaber "I take it that Malus destroyed your other one."

"He did, I'm almost done this one." she said "I think that I've slowly began to follow you footsteps. I am walking your path as a Jedi Guardian."

"Well I did see improvement in your combat on Mustafar."

Bastila got up and ignited her new saber. Revan looked in awe to see her wife's talent. A bright Cyan light shone in their faces. Bastila turned it off and put it away. "Great work, my love." Revan complimented.

"Thank you." she replied.

Revan left to the council chamber to find Carth and Jaden staring out the window to the new army. "I have to admit, without your help, Bastila and I wouldn'tve walked out alive." Revan admitted "We emerged victorious."

"Malus lives." told Vandar walking in "Far from over this is. Begun the Second Sith War Has."

Malus fled to Korriban and was greeted by the overseer there. "Malus. Why is Plagueis not with you?" he asked.

"The coward fled in fear." Malus replied "When I said I'd kill him, I meant it."

"Well why are you here, my lord?" the overseer asked.

"I am here for the relics of old." told Malus.

"Ressurection in order?"

"We have begun a war and lost the first battle. I'm going to need liutenents."

"Yes master, I'll retrieve it now."

The overseer ran to the relic vault to grab the Sith relics. He immediatly ran back to them right to Malus. Malus took Relics and looked at The Pike Of Luyoni Skywalker. First Dark Jedi and trainer of Marka Ragnos. "Good. He'll be the first." he said.

Malus walked over to the largest tomb on Korriban, for it was the tomb of Luyoni Skywalker. Malus entered the tomb and stuck the pike into the tomb's altar. "Sith of the old, Lord of Foundation. Live again, I command you." chanted Malus. There was a big energy blast that shot Malus back against the wall. Then, from the tomb, arised the Lord of Foundation. Revan's second ansector.

"Who disturbs my rest?" Luyoni asked.

"I have come to return your pike, so you are in complete rest." explained Malus.

"My pike. Give it to me." he demanded.

"Ah ah ah. First you must do something for me first."

"What is it?" Luyoni asked.

"Bow down to me and call me master. I will give your pike back, but you must serve me." ordered Malus.

Luyoni bowed "Yes... Master." he growled.

"Good, I'll live up to my end, now you must live up to your second part. Serve me in the war which has came." Malus gave Luyoni his pike and he followed Malus out of the tomb.

Malus walked onto the tomb of Ajunta Pall, The Lord of Dispair. bribing his sword in exchange for his service.

Malus then waked to the tomb of his grandfather: Marka Ragnos. The Lord of Power. "Grandfather. I have your scepter. Please take it, and please help me."

"Grandson. I'll help you. Who is your enemy in the war that has come?" Marka asked.

"Revan. He has followed the ways of the light. And has a large army behind him."

"So is this why you wish to ressurect the Sith lords?" asked Marka

"Yes. Help me, with your scepter."


Malus then waked to the tomb of Naga Sadow, The Desiple of Power. Giving him his lightsaber and poison blade. For his service.

His journey led him to the tomb of Tulak Hord, The Lord of Combat. Promises of power were his modivation.

Malus' last destination was the long lost tomb of Ludo Kressh, The True Disiple of Power, in the Shyrack Caves. Malus walked the paths of Jaden Page. And found the tomb of Sadow's successor. He was pretty hard to sway. Malus lied that he wouldn't have to work with Sadow. But every promise to them was broken when they reached the great temple. Malus had corrupted their minds and bound their powers to him. Malus was now nearly unstoppable. Malus laughed in his success.

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Chapter Eighteen
"My liutenents. Take Freedon back from the realm of the damned. He shall join us." ordered Malus. Malus then turned to a fresh captive, her hands shackled, mouth gaged, eyes covered, and restricted from using the Force "Well, with you I won't get Revan, but I'll lure the pawns in. One by one."

Back on Coruscant, Revan had assembled a council meeting for discussion on a rescue mission. "We have sent one of us to examine the problems on Dxun, but that Jedi hasn't returned." explained Revan "It would take a shorter time to investgate on a moon so small. We need to send someone to do a rescue mission."

"But who?" asked Bastila.

"I'll go. And I'll take Mandalore with me." told Atton.

"All in favour?" asked Revan. Everyone else raised their hands. "Good. Atton will take Mandalore to go to Dxun to rescue Mira."

Canderous gathered his army and he was awaited by Atton on his stealthship: The Infiltrator. "Now don't get comfortable. This isn't a pleasure cruise."

"I don't think I've ever had a pleasure cruise in my whole pathetic life." replied Atton.

"Well as long as you know, then we won't have any problems. Muderer." taunted Canderous.

"Did that old bitch get to you? I admitted it to Jaden, so now it's over." Atton growled through his teeth.

"No, she didn't get to me." replied Canderous "But for someone so old, she packs a huge argument. I hate her as much as you do."

"A Jedi doen't hate, I just dislike her. Very, very, verrry... much." Atton BSed.

"It sounds to me that you hate her." observed Canderous.

"Well anyway, she's old news. She was killed by Jaden, then her ghost was cut off from the Force by Revan."

"Again, my old adverary shows more strength. Why did you join him in the first place?" asked Canderous.

"Nope! I don't think we're ready for that conversation, yet." told Atton.

"Okay. Then answer this: why did you volunteer for this mission?" Canderous asked again.

"Because I care for this woman. And we'll leave it at that."

"Fair enough."

The Infiltrator, reached Dxun, and landed in a jungle clearing right beside Mira's starfighter. Atton and Canderous led a small platoon of Mandalorian elites. Atton led the way. Following Mira's tracks through the Force, Atton was getting closer to Gan Ragnos. One who Atton hoped not to see. Atton followed the tunnels into the Sith field, the place where he led both Mira and Brianna. Atton navigated it well, for he remembered it well. Before Atton knew it, he was standing in front of the Tomb of Freedon Nadd: The Lord of Conquest, yet again.

"Master!" called Malus' new apprentice.

"What is it?" he asked.

"We have sensed a Force Adept. Coming our way."

"Excellent. Kill him." ordered Malus.

"But sir... It isn't Revan, we can break his will and bind him to you."

Malus used Force Choke on his new apprentice and brought him in closer "Do you dare question my orders?"

"N-n-n-no. Your w-w-word is the law."

"Now go kill him you incompetent gikza." ordered Malus as he threw him towards the door.

Atton, Canderous and his platoon navigated the tomb very carefully. They came across a rather large, rather locked door. Atton remembered the door. "There must be a way to open this." told Xarga.

"Of course there is. Split up." ordered Canderous.

"I'll see if there's a way to open it here." told Atton.

"Okay, let's move out."

Canderous and Xarga went in oppisite directions while Atton stayed at the door trying to find a means of unlocking it. "Mira, I'm coming." Atton said to himself. Atton couldn't find a means of opening it from there so he decided to do it the old fasioned way: Making one. Atton ignited his orange and yellow sabers and attempted to thrust them through the door. To his surprise, it worked. Atton made an opening to just fit everyone through without them getting stuck.

Canderous and Xarga came running back "Sir, we have found no means of opening it sir." reported Xarga. Xarga looked at the opening, then Atton turned to him. "Umm... nevermind."

"Yeah. Let's go." ordered Atton.

Atton, Canderous and his platoon continued to search for Mira in the tomb. They checked the prison cells, but only found her lightsaber. It was undamaged, which could definately work to his advantage. Atton then decided to continue down the path which led directly to the sarcophagus of Freedon Nadd. Atton began running towards the door until he sensed the presence of Sith Assassins lurking in the shadows. The door to the sarcophagus room began closing. "GO. FIND YOUR FRIEND." told Canderous.

Atton jumped through the door to be greeted by Malus' apprentice. "Malus has ordered me to kill you. But I say your will can be broken."

"I think you, schutta, should follow his order." taunted Atton.

"Back down."

"Deliver me Mira and I'll leave."

"I can't allow that. You'll have to die then."

"Oh no, you're scaring me. Before you're dead, what should I call you?"

"Sadow. Zenneth Sadow."

Zenneth ignited his doublesaber, while Atton ignited his. Both anticipated their moves well. Atton elbowed him in the stomach, and rolled over his back. Atton attemped to skew him from behind, but Zenneth hit the deck and used the Force to slide right under Atton. Zenneth attemped to skew Atton but Atton kicked his elbow. Zenneth started using his doublesaber as a windmill to repell Atton and possibly veer him to his master. Atton grew tired of it and raised Zenneth off the ground. Atton walked towards him and broke his saber. Atton then grabbed his neck "Where the hell is Mira?" asked Atton. Zenneth gagged "TALK! DAMN YOU!" Zenneth pointed towards the sarcophagus chamber and his foot started to twitch. "Thanks." said Atton, right before he punched him in the face, knocking him unconcious. Atton found Mira and dragged her out into the hallway. Atton pulled out the gag and Mira spit in his face. Atton gave out a little growl and pulled off the blindfolds. "Atton?"

"I try to rescue you and this is the thanks I get?" asked Atton wiping the spit off his face.

"I thoungt you were Malus." whimpered Mira.

"It's okay. I'm here now." told Atton unshackling Mira. Mira saw Malus following them. Mira pushed Atton out of the way but she got hit on the face with a rock Malus threw seconds before.

"Damn Sith. Don't you have any class?" asked Atton.

"You didn't show the same to that Jedi you *loved*." told Malus. Atton remembered the last Jedi he tortured before he left the Sith. The Jedi that showed him the Force. Atton took a deep breath and ignited his sabers. "I thought you were the one for talk, Rand." told Malus.

"Let's get this over with." demanded Atton. Malus ignited his doublesaber, but kept his cloak on. It covered his right arm. The arm that Revan took. Malus still fought like he did before. Even with only one saber. Atton fought well but Malus caught him off guard and svered his arm off. Atton lay on the ground in pain, trying not to show fear, he only grunted. Malus was then going to deliver the killing blow, but Mira stayed his hand. The sweat from Mira's hand when she was captive lost her grip. Malus almost killed Atton, if it werent for him rolling out of the way. Malus tried to slash or skew Atton but he kept on rolling. Mira caught eye of her saber, she pulled it out of Atton's jacket, ignited her viridian blade and had a brief fight with Malus. To everyone's surprise, The Mandalorians set off a permecrete and everyone flew at least ten metres. Malus got up to see no one there except for his apprentice.

"Master UGH... GHAAA." Malus killed Zenneth for his failiure.

Back on the infiltrator Mira saw to Atton, they had a lot to talk about. "Who sent you to come?" asked Mira.

"I volunteered." said Atton in a raspy voice.

"That doesn't sound like you."

"The reasone why, is because I care for you... I love you."

Mira shed a tear "You risked your life out of love?" she asked.

"I did. But it might not work between us."


"A Jedi is too old for you."

"Jaden was one hundred years old at heart. That was the reason."

"So, what about us?"

"I think we hooked up a power couplink."

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Chapter Nineteen
It is one year later, Revan was ready to call his wife a weapons master, Jaden and Visas got married and Mira and Atton have a working power couplink. Revan overlooked the academy, proud to see it's numbers have been growing quick. Bastila found Revan and greeted him, she put her forearm on his shoulder "How are you doing?" she asked.

"Fine, but not fine enough." answered Revan.

"How so?"

"Malus is still out there." he replied.

"I don't think that this is the time to talk about it, you have much to be proud of. I have one to be proud of." but Revan still had a vacant expression on his face "You're not fine are you?"

"No. I sence the dark side. It's stronger, but it's not here."

"Atton told us that Malus was ressurecting Freedon Nadd and many specters were there." explained Bastila.

"That's old news, but may be the reason why."

"He saw them in physical form, but very pale." she continued.

"Hmm, Wraiths of Darkness. There've been sightings of them for many years. Dead Sith Lords, ressurected. Bound to the will of Malus, or their *saviour*." explained Revan.

"No telling what Malus could do with them."

"That's what concerns me. For your safety."

Bastila closed her eyes. "I don't want you to risk your life for me."

"Hopefully I won't have to, but I will."

Bastila started crying. Revan hugged her and kissed her forehead.

At nighttime, the entire academy lay in their quarters, Revan had another vision. It was the same one he had for three years. Revan woke up. He put one of his sabers to his head and said to himself "Get out of my head damnit." Revan took a walk into the courtyard to clear his head. Revan stopped in his tracks and turned around.

"Well you certainly are a hard person to find Revan." said Luyoni Skywalker.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Your darker ancestor, Luyoni."

"I take it your are a Wraith of Darkness." guessed Revan.

"You're correct."

"You were a fool to accept Malus' offer."

"With you gone, we'll finally rest in peace."

"He won't live up to it." told Revan.

"How so?"

"What do you expect? He want's power and he'll keep it."

"It's worth a shot. Time to die." told Luyoni as the rest of the Wraiths appeared. Ragnos, Hord, Kressh, Sadow, Pall, Nadd, even Nihilus and Malak.

All attacked him. Revan fought hard, he dodged everything he couldn't block, he fought swiftly. Bastila heard the metal clangs and saber clashes. She got up, and grabbed her saber. She joined the fight. Her new class worked for her well, she fought almost as good as Revan. Bastila and Revan struck down all the ghosts. Revan got ready to cut off their connection to the Force, but they dissapeared and fled. "It's not just your life in jeapordy anymore." told Bastila.

"We have to strike back." told Revan.

"The Second Sith War has indeed began." told Bastila.

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Chapter Twenty
In the council chamber, the Jedi Council began to plan their next move. "We should conquer a world that would be vital to the Sith." suggested Brianna.

"I agree." replied Mical "A world of great value, lost to the Sith, should cripple their war effort."

"You are correct, Mical. There is a world in the wild space region that can clone living organisms. That's why the Sith have so many numbers." told Revan.

"I suggest we attack that planet." suggested Bastila.

"It is where the Sith are getting their army, Bastila. It will be heavily defended." told Jaden.

"Much must be risked in war." told Revan.

"Have you learned nothing?" asked Atris "That thought led you down the dark path in the first place."

"I'm willing to take chances, but I'll lead the front lines, so we lose less troops." replied Revan "I will go."



"No, I'll lead a force to that planet, and conquer it."

"If that is what you wish, then yes. I will send Carth with you." told Revan.

Brianna Kae and Carth Onasi readied an army of wookies, mandalorians and a small force of Jedi to go to the planet of cloners. "I'm sending you the co-ordinates of where we have picked up major amounts of energy. It is most likely the planet." told Revan.

"Hopefully there won't be much bloodshed." replied Brianna.

Carth found Brianna, training to a droid, "Why do you fight?" he asked.

"So my reflexes and mind are ready."

"I have seen you fight in battle. I like the way you mash Jedi combat with your Echani ways. Who were your family?" asked Carth.

"My father was Yusanis, a great Echani warrior, my Mother, Arren Kae, a Jedi Knight and my sisters. But I'm alone in a family."

"I have a son, and had a wife."

"What happened to her?"

"After Revan was usurped of the Dark Lord, Malak attacked my homeworld. Killing my wife."

"That's aweful. What happened to your son before joining the order?"

"He believed that I didn't care, so he joined the Sith. Revan and I told him that his best friend got killed because she was hindering him."

"So he decided to join Revan?"

"Yes. As Malak told us, "He could always inspire loyalty"." remembered Carth.

The ships came out of hyperspace, Carth and Brianna leading the army got ready to fight. Carth looked around, and saw many familiar things. "This planet... I've been here before. This planet is where we grew our army and how Revan and Malak grew theirs."

"What?" asked Brianna.

"I was to lead it's defence, we were almost successful, but we fell back. I lost something." continued Carth. Carth could hear many screams, but not of the present. It was of eight years ago. The middle years of the Jedi Civil wars. "I... I... BRIANNA! LOOK OUT!"

The Sith began attacking, Brianna got hit by some blaster shots and fell off the edge. Carth attempted to grab her, but he missed. But still Brianna stopped falling. She levitated up to safety. "I lost the Force." Carth said to himself. When Carth pulled Brianna up, he found something below the railing. He grabbed it and it was a doublesaber with a blue blade. "This was mine." he said. Carth pulled Brianna to safety and gave her some medpacks. Brianna woke up and kissed him.

"You have my love." she said.

"I lost the Force." said Carth "And this" showing his lightsaber.

"I knew there was something special about you" told Brianna.

"Lets win this battle and take back Kamino."

"I will fight beside you."

Carth, fresh from his revelations and Brianna, led the Republic against the Sith and made them give up many platforms to keep from losing men. When they were cornered, they tried to evacuate who they could, but the ships were destroyed and the survivors were taken prisoner.

Back on the flagship, Brianna had a question to ask Carth. "So you were a Jedi?" she asked.

"Yes. I almost led the Republic to victory, but so much death caused me to lose my connection with the Force." answered Carth.

"Thank you... If it weren't for your revelation and valour, I would've drowned."

"Well- Hey-"

Brianna kept his mouth shut kissed him. Carth ran his hand through her now long white wavy hair.

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Chapter Twenty-One

"Yes Carth."

"On Kamino. I had a revelation."

"Hmmm... Something's different about you."

"Uhh, yeah. I realized I was a Jedi but due to my loss of the Force, we lost Kamino."

"That's most surprising and fortunate news."

"I need help."

"I can train you to regain your connection to the Force."

"But... I am an Admiral."

"You must put that aside. Become who you were born as. Jedi, Carth Onasi."


"Good. Your scars of war proves you're a Jedi Guardian, that is what you shall be."

"Should I call you master?"

"No. I am Revan, your friend."

"As you wish... my friend."

Mikel Kenobi frantically ran through the temple looking for Revan. When he found him, he had urgent news. "Master Skywalker, I have recieved a distress signal from Manaan."

"Manaan is the hands of healing to the Republic. It must be defended." replied Revan.

"Who shall go?" Mike asked.

"Bastila and I know the planet the most. We were forced to go there. We will go."

Revan went to find Bastila and tell her of Manaan. "Bastila. Manaan is under attack. We must go."

"If we should go, we should bring Mission and Zalbaar with us."

"That makes sense. But why would they attack Manaan?"

"Kolto. Manaan supplies kolto for the Republic." replied Revan.

"I see. Lets go now." she told.

Revan and Bastila prepared the wookies to go to Manaan. Aboard the flagship, Zalbaar and Mission were looking forward to talking with their old friend. "I didn't ask you to join the war, you two." reminded Revan.

"Rev, we joined because you're our friend. Friends have to stick together." told Mission.

"Your age has caught up with your personality. But I still remember what you look like." told Revan.

"Thank you." replied Mission stroking her hand down her lekku.

Revan turned to Zalbaar. "So what's your story?" he asked.

"Unfortunatly, my father has died in our war against the slavers. I took his place and drove them off." roared Zalbaar.

"I'm sorry about your father. He was an honourable being." replied Revan.

"I'm glad you didn't use the term 'Animal'." he growled.

"After having my experience with you, 'Animal' is the lowest term that would describe you." commented Revan "The wookies are a noble race. It was a privilage for you to swear me a lifedebt."

"Thank you."

"Malak was correct." told Bastila "You could inspire loyalty."

"I am proud of the fact I did it out of respect. Not out of intimidation."

"You inspired my loyalty... and love."

"The fact I am VERY proud of."

Out of hyperspace, came Revan's force. Revan could inspire much loyalty, for his force was bigger than the Sith's. "Their force is so small. I don't think Malus wants to take the planet." told Revan.

"If not the planet, then why did they come."

"The kolto. Manaan is the only planet that supplies kolto." told Mission.

"I don't think they want any, I think they want it poisoned." told Bastila.

"Then tell Zalbaar this: barricade Ahto City. Keep the Sith away from the water." ordered Revan.

"Yes sir." Mission ran off to tell Zalbaar Revan's orders. Meanwhile, Revan and Bastila flew down to land.

Revan and Bastila advanced deep into Ahto City, looking for the Sith. The Sith then ambushed on them, without warning. "Without warning?" asked Bastila.

"Well what did you expect? They're Sith." replied Revan. Revan and Bastila fought with the Sith that ambushed them and killed them one by one. The more experienced ones actually landed a saber clash. The most experienced one snuck behind Bastila and attempted to assassinate her. Revan used the Force to pull her towards him and save her. She kissed him on the cheek and Revan threw one of his sabers at the unfortunate Sith. "Do I always have to hold you by my side, wherever we go?" asked Revan.

"Don't know. But I'd like it." replied Bastila.

"So you try to get yourself killed on purpose?" joked Revan.


"Calm down, I was only joking. I'd love to rescue you every now and then."

"Sooo, you let me get kidnapped on purpose?" joked Bastila.

"Ah-hahaha. I think we're done here." chucked Revan.

"Then I suggest we move on."

Revan and Bastila moved deeper into Ahto City, to find the commander. By this time, Zalbaar had already stationed his wookies on the borders of the city. Zalbaar and Mission had to endure many attempts of kolto poisoning, but they were all unsuccessful. The wookies proved to be a fomidable opponent. Revan and Bastila reached centre city and found who was leading the Sith. It was his old friend Malak. "Malak... so you have fallen victim to Malus' lies?" asked Revan.

"I couldn't rest in peace. Knowing I can go to rest with revenge."

"I told you leader. You will remain a Wraith of Darkness. Malus will not hold his word."

"He told you 'It's worth a shot.' It is." Malak ignited his saber and attacked Revan. Malak was a lot stronger than Revan remembered. But Revan still blocked what was offered. Malak even attempted to kill Bastila at sometimes, but Revan was always there. "I should've seen this years ago. You would break you body for this woman." told Malak.

"And you would do well to keep away from her."

"Then again. I was always the ignorant one." Malak attempted to kill Bastila again, but Revan began cutting him off from the Force. Malak was smart enough to dissapear and let Revan win. Revan and Bastila killed the Sith who would not admit defeat. Manaan had been saved.

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Chapter Twenty-two
Revan entered the map room and looked into one of Atris' new Star Maps (place a small sphere on a small projector and you can view the entire region). Revan examined the Wild Space region and noticed a large amount of power coming from Mustafar. This greatly confused Revan, but he decided to go on a covert mission to see what is happening there. Revan was walking to the hangar but he was intercepted by Bastila. "Just where do you think you're going?" she asked.

"Not this time. You must stay this time." told Revan.

"Have you learned nothing of your wife's stubborness?" asked Carth, holding his lightsaber.

"Get used to it, honey. We're going with you."

Revan sighed.

Revan, Carth and Bastila got aboard the Ebon Hawk. "Why?" asked Bastila.

"Why what?" replied Revan.

"Why would you leave me? You know where you go, I'm going to be fighting beside you."

"We're going to Mustafar. That's why."

"So you're worried that I'll get abducted again or burnt by lava."


"There's no need to shout."

Revan sighed "I know... but the thought of losing you is painful."

Bastila grasped his hand "But I am with you. And with you is all the protection I need."

"I hope you're right." Revan shut his eyes and began to walk away, but Bastila pulled him back and kissed him. Revan broke off and walked to the cockpit, he wasn't in the mood for romance.

"I think this is first time you're not in the mood for romance, Revan." observed Carth.

"I'm too worried for her, Carth. I'm a Jedi, I'm supposed to be at peace, not stressed out of my mind." replied Revan.

"Don't worry, buddy. If Malus has returned to Mustafar, we're gonna end the war here. And when we get back to Coruscant, we'll have a big celebration, and you and Bastila can get a well deserved rest." told Carth.

"One day with Bastila, alone, is all I long for."

"We're coming up on Mustafar, time to find what we missed." told Carth.

Revan, Bastila and Carth left the Ebon Hawk in search of what Revan found on the Star Map. Revan could sense some Dark Side energies coming from a couple kilometers behind the old refinery, victim to Revan's vendetta. Revan and his company, travelled a bit more. With every step, the Dark Side grew stronger. After one more kilometer of walking, they finally found what they missed. It was a Sith Acadamy. "I can't believe I missed this." told Revan.

"You were rescueing Bastila." reminded Carth.

"I suppose you're right." replied Revan.

"We must go inside." told Bastila.

"Then lets go." ordered Revan.

Revan, Bastila and Carth entered the acadamy, sabers up. Revan led the way, he knew that the Sith knew of their presence. As soon as they got past the main hallway, the door behind them shut, some Sith Assassins revealed themselves and attacked them. Their lives were ended shortly. Revan and his company advanced and fought their way to the main chamber, where Tulak Hord was waiting for them. "Hello, Revan." greeted Tulak.

"You must be Tulak Hord." answered Revan.

"You're correct."

"Why did you accept Malus' lie?" asked Revan.

"Oh, I knew it was a lie, I wanted to be alive again." answered Tulak.

"You're a Wraith of Darkness. You're nither living nor dead." told Revan.

"Close enough." replied the undead lord, igniting his saber.

"Be careful everyone. Especially you, Bastila." ordered Revan, igniting his sabers.

"I'll be fine." she replied, igniting her doublesaber.

"The reason Malus ressurected him is because he is the most skilled lightsaber duelist of his time." told Revan.

"Well that's comforting." joked Carth.

"Carth! This isn't the time for jokes." blurted Bastila.

Tulak Hord lunged at Revan and threw everything he had to offer. Revan blocked every swipe, every stab, every slash and every kick. Revan backflipped towards Bastila to protect her. Carth lunged at the wraith, but his fight didn't last as long as Revan's. Tulak threw Carth into the wall and he was knocked out. Tulak attacked Revan again and fought him away from Bastila. Tulak took the oppertunity and lunged at Bastila. Bastila put up a good fight, but the battle went into Tulak's favour. He caught Bastila off guard and sliced her left hand's fingers off. She lay on the ground screaming in extreme pain. Revan heard his wife's screams and Revan attacked Tulak, without mercy. Revan cut Tulak's saber in half and made it unusable. "If you're so powerful, you'd be able to beat me in a fist battle, Skywalker." told Tulak. Revan put away his sabers and got into Teras Kasi, while Tulak got into Krayt Dragon. Revan did a small jump kick and landed a blow on Tulak's face. Tulak attempted to swipe at Revan's face, but his blow was blocked and Revan gave him a blow to the gut. Revan gave Tulak three blows to the throat, did a three-sixty degree spin and uppercutted him in the chin, therefore, switching into Jedi Fist. Tulak changed his style to Moi Fah, hoping that it would best Revan's Jedi Fist. Tulak tried to land some blows, but Revan dodged them. Revan switched his stance to Hapkido and his extreme quickness brought Hord to his knees. Revan kept hitting Hord, until he fell down, blacked out. Revan ran over to Bastila. "Damnit..."

"It's okay... I can get some mechanical ones."

"Are you able to walk?" asked Revan.

"I think he swiped at my thigh, after he cut my fingers off... But it's just a scratch this time."

"Other than that, you have four severed limbs."

"If it weren't for you, I'd have more than my fingers missing."

"This is why I wan't to go alone. I don't want you hurt."

"The only thing that can hurt me is if our bond of love is broken."

Revan brought Bastila and Carth back to the Ebon Hawk, safely. Revan healed Bastila's thigh scratch, and intalled some mechanical fingers. Revan took the cockpit and flew home to Coruscant.

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Chapter Twenty-three
Malus' fleet came out of hyperspace to an unsuspecting Telos. "Sir, why are we attacking Telos?" asked one of Malus' generals "It is on the brink of death. No use to us."

"It might not be any use to us, but I plan to lure out some of the Jedi." answered Malus.

"Understood my lord."

Atris came out of meditation and called everyone to the council chamber. "I have called you all here because I sensed Malus attacking Telos." told Atris.

"You aren't joking." replied Revan.

"I will see to it's defense and I request that Brianna comes with me." asked Atris.

"Sensible." told Bastila.

Atris and Brianna readied an army to defend Telos. But on the flagship, Atris had some questions for Brianna. "Why did you betray me and train as a Jedi?" she asked.

"Atris, you have to understand, there is the betrayal of you, then there was the betrayal of my mother. And I chose my mother." answered Brianna.

"Did you have feelings for the Exile?"

"I'd appreciate it if you called him Jaden. I did."

"Did you love him?"

Brianna hesitated, "I did."

"Do you have feelings for Carth?"

"As a father, the actions after Kamino were a show of thanks."

"I see."

"Why did you ask of me to betray my mother?" Brianna began questioning.

"Because I feared you would go to the Dark Side."

"Which you did, did you not?"

"I did. But the-... Jaden, has more qualities in him than I saw."

"Why did you want him dead?"

"I- I- uhhhhh." stuttered Atris.


Atris, Brianna and their army reinforced the Telosian army in their struggle against Malus' fleet. "We will board the flagship and try and end this war here." ordered Atris. Brianna and Atris got into Jedi Starfighters and flew off with a squad of Mandalorians. Atris and Brianna flew off into Malus' flagship while the Mandalorians distracted the Sith. Atris and Brianna weren't welcomed warmly when they boarded, there were blaster shots flying everywhere. But Atris jumped down and killed off the gunners. Dark Jedi entered the room, inexperienced, Brianna made short work of them. Brianna and Atris ventured through the flagship and battled their way to Malus.

"I admire your performance." he commented.

"Your treachery will end here." told Brianna.

"Ah those are familiar words." replied Malus "Everyone who used those words, I defeated."

Brianna and Atris attacked Malus, Malus still wouldn't remove the cloak covering his arm. Brianna and Atris fought against Malus greatly. Brianna was a great challange for him because of her being an echani. Atris' could see Malus' movements coming through the Force. Malus got the better on both of them and kicked them back. Malus strode over to Brianna to deal the killing strike, Atris swiped at Malus with her saber, but Malus blocked. Atris had to fight Malus alone, for Brianna was knocked out cold. Atris evaded many of Malus' attacks which caused her to jump away from the duel. Malus saw this as an oppurtunity to kill Brianna. Malus was about to kill Brianna but Atris attacked him again. Malus had enough of fighting Atris so he used the Force to pull her saber away and began to advance towards her. Brianna woke up and attacked Malus. Malus sliced her saber and made it unusable and tried to kill Brianna. Atris attempted to tackle Malus but Malus caught her by the neck. "ATRIS!" Brianna cried. Malus could feel Atris gulping, waiting for her death. Brianna tried to save her but stopped in her tracks as she saw a saber right before her face, and Atris not far ahead. Malus dropped Atris on the ground and began laughing.

"I think I'll have her corpse hang from the entrance to my acadamy. Or maybe stick her head on a pike." he cackaled.

Brianna now had to fight Malus alone, and to make matters worse, without a saber. Brianna dropped into the Echani stance known as Kenpo. Malus had his doublesaber and Atris' saber circling him. Little did Malus know, Brianna was more skilled in hand to hand than saber combat. Brianna fought gracefully against Malus, who only landed blows using his elbows and legs. Malus landed a swipe on her leg, but it wasn't severed. Brianna merely tore the cut legging off. Brianna fought Malus hard enough until he was in the hangar. Brianna backflipped out of it. She waved her hand and a ray shield appeared between them. Malus looked back to see the blackness of space. Brianna waved her hand again and that shield dissapeared. Brianna took her ship and Atris' dead body. Telos had been defended, but at the cost of Atris' life.

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Chapter Twenty-four
Brianna landed back in the hangar, she was greeted by Revan and Bastila "Brianna, how did the mission go?" asked Bastila. Both Revan and Bastila knew it couldn't be good when they saw tears down her eyes. Both Revan and Bastila gasped when Brianna pulled Atris' dead body from the ship. Brianna didn't say a word, she just walked by, crying. "What happened?" asked Jaden running into the hangar.

"Telos' defence was a success, but at a terrible price." told Revan.

"Why what happened?"

"Atris died."

"By the force, that's terrible news. There will be a time to grieve over Atris, but it is not now. Canderous sent us a transmission that The Sith attempted to take Dxun, but the Mandalorians drove them off. So The Sith took Onderon and are coming back to Dxun for another round."

"Bastila and I shall take back Onderon."

"Then Visas and I shall defend Dxun. But who will take the Ebon Hawk?"

"Bastila and I shall take the Ebon Hawk, but Correlian engineers have donated us a top of the line freighter. Great blockade runner and has many compartments for storage and hiding."

"Does it have a name?"

"They're calling it: The Millenium Falcon."

"Okay, Visas and I shall take that ship."

The Hawk and The Falcon flew off to Onderon. The hyperdrives were very fast, but the Falcon's could not surpass the Hawk's. Revan and Bastila flew down to Onderon, and the Millenuim Falcon had to run the Dxun blockade. Jaden ran to the turbo-lazers to fend off all the ships that attacked them. Visas' Force Sight was effective enough to land them on Dxun, with the Falcon taking minimum damage. Jaden and Visas ran down the loading ramp to help the defence of Canderous' camp.

Jaden and Visas entered Canderous' camp to be attacked by Sith. Jaden and Visas cut them down and went to find Canderous. They found him fending off Sith from the main base. They helped him finish the job. "Well you came in time." told Canderous.

"Us Jedi aim to please." replied Jaden.

"Where's Revan?"

"I sense he just landed on Onderon." told Visas.

"Then we'll have to help him." ordered Jaden.

"Getting to your ship will take a long time. We'll take a basilisk war droid."

On Onderon, The Sith were waiting for Revan and Bastila and were well perpared. When they landed, they boarded the Ebon Hawk. "Drop your lightsabers!" ordered a Sith, putting a blaster to Bastila's head. They wouldn't do anything. "Drop them now or her brain has somewhere to breath. All of a sudden, the blaster flew right out of the trooper's hand and it shot the trooper who threatened Bastila and the other two on the ship. The blaster lowered into Bastila's hand. "So uncivilized." she said as she threw it down.

Revan and Bastila stepped outside and fought off the Sith around the Ebon Hawk. Suddenly, a Basilisk War Droid landed right beside the Ebon Hawk, and out walked Jaden, Visas and Canderous. "It took you long enough." joked Bastila.

Canderous glared at Bastila, taking the joke seroiusly "Well we're sorry you washed up piece of-"

"Bastila- Canderous! We don't have to re-live the quest for the Star Forge." said Revan trying to calm the two down "We have to fight our way to the royal palace."

"Then I suggest we move on." told Bastila.

"Hmph. I think we're already re-living the quest for the Star Forge." mumbled Canderous, recognizing Bastila's line.

"I'll lead the way, I've been here before." suggested Jaden.

"Then lets move." told Revan.

Jaden led the way to the royal palace, he remembered the route that he and Kreia took to the palace. "The Jedi is back!" yelled a rebellion captain.

"Jaden Page, has come to help my cousin again." observed the leader "Who is that with them?"

Ajunta came walking out to see what was going on "I recognize that battle mask." he told "It is Revan."

"The Revan who led the Republic to victory in the Mandalorian wars and almost extinguished the Sith?" asked the leader.

"Yes, General." replied Ajunta.

"Send everything we've got. If we need a whole army to take out someone as powerful as Revan, then we will need a whole army." ordered the General.

Sith and rebellion troops were sent to defeat Revan, but they were of no concequence. Revan and his company cut them down as if they were children with sticks. "Lock the door, and kill Talia." ordered the General "Tell her, if I don't make it: Vaklu sends his regards." Revan and the others still fought their way to the palace. But before they could enter the throne room, the door shut right in front of them. "Damnit! We'll have to go the long way." told Jaden.

"I came prepared for this kind of situation." said Canderous, pulling out a sachel charge. He set it on the wall and everyone stepped back.

"How long did you set it for?" asked Revan.

"One minute, but I'm gonna accelerate it." told Canderous raising his repeater. He shot at the charge and it exploded violently, and the door pieces flew straight in Vaklu's direction, killing half of his troops.

Revan, Bastila, Jaden, Visas and Canderous walked into the throne room. Revan used the Force to push Vaklu away from Talia, he then freed her from her cuffs. Revan threw her a lightsaber "Do you know how to use one of those?" he asked.

Talia found the switch and turned the blade on "Yes." She replied. Talia attacked Vaklu and cut him down quick, due to her superior skill to close quarters combat. Jaden, Visas and Canderous began to eliminate the rest of Vaklu's troops. Revan and Bastila began circling Ajunta. "I thought you gave up the dark side." told Revan.

"I realized I wanted my blade back." he replied.

"But at a terrible price, I see." told Bastila "You are a wraith of darkness."

"Ajunta, if you give up on Malus and fight for us, I can release you from this living death. Whatever Malus promised you, you wont get it. He lied to you." told Revan.

"You waste your time, Revan." said Canderous now pointing his repeater at Ajunta "He had no honour in life, he has none now in death."

"Ajunta, let me redeem you again." told Revan "And I will let you rest as a Jedi... What do you say?"

Ajunta dissapeared. "The important thing is, that you are to be commended for the defence of the people of Onderon." told Talia.

"Thank you." replied Jaden.

"Here is your lightsaber back, Revan."

Revan took his lightsaber back and bowed. Everyone walked outside, Ajunta re-appeared. "You have time to attack Korriban, Malus is there." Ajunta explained. Revan raised his hand, Ajunta didn't feel different but Revan did something. "I did not know what you did to me, but I will only fight for you when your need is more than dire." Ajunta dissapeared.

"Well at least Malus has no grip on him anymore." said Revan smiling.

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Chapter Twenty-five
"Where to now?" asked Bastila.

"You are going with Jaden and Visas back to Coruscant, I am going to Korriban." told Revan.

"Why can't I come with you?"

"Because I am going to flush out the Sith there."

"Baby, please don't go. I don't want to lose you to the Dark Side."

Revan clasped Bastila's hand "We shall see this war over. I garuntee you will be alive to see it."

"Why can't you garuntee yourself."

Revan didn't answer.

"Promise to me that you'll never die."

"You know I can't promise that. I need you at the Jedi Temple. For long you will defend Coruscant if the battle goes to hell."

"What else would you have me do?"

"If I die, I need you to lead the Republic and the Jedi to a golden age."

"Kiss me." told Bastila "Just incase it's our last." Revan and Bastila began a deep kiss. "I love you." told Bastila.

"I loved you all my life."

"I forgive you."

"Forgive me for what?" asked Revan.

"For being away for far too long."

"I kept dreaming that you'll be with me and you'll never go."

"I'll stop breathing if I don't see you anymore."

Revan broke away from Bastila and boarded the Ebon Hawk. Revan set a course for Korriban. It will be his fifth visit. Revan entered and exited hyperspace and came close to Korriban. Malus, who was meditating in the tomb of his grandfather, sensed Revan. And ordered for soldiers to wait for him past the Czerka ourpost. "Welcome to Korriban, spacer. I'm going to have to ask for the landing fee."

"Do I really have to pay the landing fee?" asked Revan.

"Actually, your aquaintences say you don't have to pay. They say you won't live to enjoy it's values."

Revan sighed for he knew who is "aquantences" were "They never learn." he said to himself. He used the Force to open the door, just to be safe. Many Sith ignited their red blades. Revan put on his battle mask and ignited his blue sabers. Some Sith turned off their sabers and fled, now that they got a very small glimpse of who they were dealing with. The Sith who were "stupid" enough to fight Revan died very quickly. One by one, Revan struck down the Sith who tried to stop him from getting to their master.

In the meditation chamber a familiar face met Malus who he has not seen in a very long time. Malus ignited his saber for he rembembered the person's past cowardice. "Wait, my master!" begged the Muun.

Malus put away his saber "You offer your aligience to me?"

"Yes, master. I will not cower again."

"How can I trust you?"

"You can. I, Darth Plagueis will fight for you again."

Malus thought for a moment "Then you will fight away from me at the moment. Attack Coruscant, when I am finished with Revan, I will join you."

"I have gathered a large army in the Unknown Regions, who reside in a different galaxy. They call themselves: The Yusaan Vong."

"Why are you still here?" asked Malus. Plagueis caught his drift.

Revan now fought his way to the outside of the acadamy, the guards were of no consequence. He opened the doors which were hard to open, invulnerable to sabers and strong against the Force. This only demonstrated a fraction of Revan's power. Revan entered the acadamy and still the students and guards couldn't bring him down. In the main training chamber, Revan was surrounded. "You are all going to fall to the ground and die before you get up." intimidated Revan in a hoarse tone of voice, could he be falling to the Dark Side? Revan jumped in the air and struck his sabers into the ground letting out a huge shockwave. Everyone fell down, just as Revan said. In the blink of an eye, guards and students fell down farther. In twenty-five short blinks, Revan was surrounded by corpses. Malus stepped over them. "Very good, you have utilized your dark powers and slowly are becoming your true self again." commented Malus.

"Before I kill you, tell me, was it you who told the Mandalorians to go to war against the Republic?" asked Revan.

"I started the war, I made the Star Maps more visible for you to find, and I am about to kill you and then kill your darling wife." taunted Malus.

Malus ignited his doublesaber and they both clashed in a fierce duel. Revan and Malus were equally well in saber fighting, it was all a matter of Force use. Revan shoved Malus away and pushed him towards a crumbling wall. Only small pebbles hit Malus on the head, but a large rock crushed his saber and nearly his hand. "No matter, I will show you how I fixed your ridicule on me." Malus finally removed his cloak, revealing an entire metal arm, but with no hand. The arm extended a little bit and split apart and revealed a three slots. Red blades ignited out of all the slots. Malus lunged at Revan, now gaining an upper hand in the fight. Revan fought bravely and with extreme agility, he even was jumping to and off walls to avoid Malus. Revan and Malus entered a saber lock, as Revan began to falter, Malus noticed his eyes slowly turning yellow. "Good, good, you will kill me, then your friends and the Sith shall rule." taunted Malus. Revan punced Malus in the face, and the blades turned off, for they were controlled by nerves, and by that punch, Revan somehow disrupted its functionallity. Revan raised his sabers and was going to deal the killing blow. "Do it, kill me." ordered Malus.

Revan hesitated. Then turned off his sabers, his eyes went back to their brown colour and he sent a rock to crush Malus' organic arm. "I will kill you. But not in cold blood." Revan ran off and flew back to Coruscant as quickly as he could, for Plagueis was nearly there.

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Final Chapter
Bastila looked out of the window out of the Jedi Council chamber. She could see Plagueis' army marching forth. Bastila had everyone stationed at the front entrance to await the coming of thier fate. I won't let you down my love. Bastila thought to herself as she saw the army getting closer. Bastila and the rest of the Jedi marched to the front lines to be the first to enter the fray of the last stand. As the defending army could her the footsteps of the opposing army, they began to back away in fear. But they stopped when they heard a "HOLD YOUR GROUND! Hold your ground." It was Revan. Revan ran to the front lines to lead the army. He turned around "I see in your eyes... the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come, when the courage of the Republic fails. When we forsake our friends and break all bonds of love, but it is not this day. Shall it be an hour of blood? Before the age on the Republic comes crashing down, but it is not this day. This day we fight. By all that you hold dear, in these good stars, I bid you stand. Heros of the Galaxy." told Revan with his inspiring speech. All the soldiers raised their guns and cheered. No one left the front entrance. The Sith army stationed themselves, waiting for the Republic to make the first strike. "I thought I'd die fighting side by side with an exile." Vrook said to himself.

"What about side by side with a friend?" asked Jaden, hearing him.

"Yes, I will do that." replied Vrook, finally admitting to calling Jaden, his friend.

"I shall honor them with battle." told Brianna.

"They're asking for it." said Carth.

"Who dies first?" asked Canderous.

"This is it, Big-Z." whispered Mission.

"Your comfort is good." roared Zalbaar.

"A weakness is revealed." said Visas Page.

"I will fight with you till death." told Bastila.

"We will make it." vowed Revan "We will."

Revan stepped forward. He turned to Bastila "I love you he said." and he ran off to fight. Bastila ran after him "THE FORCE FIGHTS WITH US!" she cried. Everyone else ran after them. Revan got he first kill on the Yusaan Vong. Revan cut down anyone who attacked him. Force immunes were are no match for his saber combat. A Sith Lord attempted to assassinate Bastila from behind, but Revan pulled her to him and threw his sabers into the Sith Lord's eyes. Revan quickly kissed Bastila before pulling his sabers out of the Sith's face. The ghosts of the Sith entered the battlefield and started killing one by one. Luyoni Skywalker attempted to kill Revan, but he was blocked. By Tudo'Val Skywalker. He was assisted by a now proper Sion, and Ajunta. The power of the light began to become too much for the forces of darkness. Some Sith attempted to flee but, they returned. Not out of rememberence, but out of some fear. Malus had come to the battle. Malus started killing all in his path, until he was stopped by Revan and Bastila. He entered a duel with them and fought with great talent. Malus was a good fighter, but he was no match for the combined power of the Skywalker family. Revan brougt him on his knees again. "You won't kill me, you don't have the guts" told Malus.

"Your're right." replied Revan "Canderous, shoot this piece of-"

"I get it." told Canderous, moments before he put Malus to the blaster. Plagueis and many soldiers witnessed this deed and fled the battle field, only to be intercepted by re-inforcements. Revan found Bastila. "We have won." she said "They've been defeated." Revan entered a kiss with Bastila. It was long. But Revan noticed something he did not expect. He tasted blood. Bastila had coughed up blood but how? When Revan broke away from her, he found blood on both their robes. Bastila fell on the ground, no sign of life whatsoever. Revan inhaled deeply with an open mouth. "I have taken who you love." said Luyoni Skywalker, the first Sith Lord "She is gone. Malus is no more, but I still remain in this temple, you fool. Now I will finish what I began here, a year ago."

"Or I shall finish what I should've done." told Revan. Revan entered what would be the most intensive duel of his life, fighting against his Sith ancestry. Revan slashed and swung at Luyoni with everything he had. Luyoni blocked and laughed. Luyoni was a Sith ghost so he was better than Revan in everyway. But somehow Revan's skills began getting better, he was getting closert to landing some hits, he countered Luyoni's Force attacks. How was this possible? "How is this possible?" asked Luyoni.

"It's the power of love." told Revan.

"Impossible, I killed her."

Revan didn't answer as he quickly glanced over at Bastila who was glowing. Revan circulated Luyoni's pike a couple times until he lost his grip. Revan raised his hands, and Luyoni started feeling weird. Luyoni started dissapearing like dust.

"What are you doing?" panicked Luyoni "Stop this now."

Revan didn't answer and continued to cut him off from the Force. With some final screams, Luyoni was no more. Revan rushed over to Bastila and lifted her up. "Bastila, this can't be." He whimpered. All the Jedi gathered around him. They shut their eyes. And Bastila's slowly opened as her stab wound to the lung healed. "You've given us much, Revan." told Jaden.

"Our turn." told Vrook.

"I thought I lost you." told Revan smiling.

"I used what energy I had left in my battle meditation. I think I died shortly after." said Bastila.

"Forget that, you're alive, that's all that matters." replied Revan.

One year later, and Revan and Bastila spent much time together. Revan saw to Bastila who was sitting on the bed one day. "How much longer?" he asked.

"Not long now."

"He or she will become a great Jedi someday, I know it... Zhar."

"Named it already?" asked Bastila.

"Yeah. Let's call it Zhar."

Written By Revanscool. Hardcore Led Zeppelin/KotOR/Hockey fan.

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