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tubagruv 09-20-2006 11:23 AM

Game locks up at prestige class selection
The conversatiion with Kreia that starts with "I want to learn the higher mysteries of the Force..." leads to the selection of the prestige class you'll be following. My LS character gets the three Jedi options, obviously. In that conversation, the button press that selects any of the three options immediately locks the game, and the lock is accompanied by a loud buzzing noise from the game itself (as opposed to a physical buzz from the console.) It happens no matter where I start the conversation, be it on the Ebon Hawk or not. Again, I'm digging back to the savegames, but is this a common glitch, and is it a deal-breaker?

I'm borrowing the XBox from a friend, and this is only my second game on the thing. I'm starting to wonder how M$ made any money on this schutta.

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