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Black Knight of Keno 09-21-2006 03:03 PM

Sith Dominion
A lone Consular-class ship made way throught hyperspace, painted with pure red and yellow. There was also a Sith Empire emblem on both sides of its engines and on the escape pod. Inside the cockpit, a skeleton crew was working hard to keep the old piece of junk working as well as it could. The ship jumped out from hyperspace and approached a planet with several Star Destroyers and Dreadnaughts around it. There was also a large structure being built. A box for making a ship of some sort. The captain opened the intercom and smiled.

"My Lord, we have arrived" he informed and two gleaming eyes opened in a meditation area made for the Lord. A dark robed man stood up and turned to another similiarly dressed man.
"Let's go, Kaoin. It'll be your time seeing how an Empire is built without the Tarkin Doctrine I have seen as your path" the Lord said and walked out of the meditation chambers with his apprentice. The two Sith walked to the ramp that started opening after the ship settled down next to a palace in making.

A pair of local guards came over and bowed deep to their Count and the Viceroy. As the men straightened, a man wearing an Imperial uniform without the rank sign and the hat walked to the landing pad.
"My Lords, the palace is well on it's way to completion, the overhaul of Imperial officers is being finished and the other planets' populations are being searched for strong recruits, just like you ordered"
"Well done, Admiral. With the way you are going, I would say you might become a Grand Admiral in no time"
"Thank you, sire"
"Tell me, have you yet gotten an answer on those armors and weapons?"
"Yes, sire. The order of 400,000 AV-1 combat armors, most being the AV-1c armors has been confirmed. There is a slight hickup on the Enviro-suit order, but once we get the smugglers we need, it'll be no problem. The DLT-19s, EG-7s, E-Webs and 434s have all been confirmed for production. We should get the first shipment in a few months to replace the old E-11s the Empire gave us"
"Indeed. Hurry everything. I need absolutely everything and everyone ready before I start the plan. Is the Weequay here?"
"Yes, sire. He is waiting in the Dooku palace"

Darth Tepe walked to a hovercar and stepped on the backseat with his apprentice before they left for the old Dooku palace now used more as a mayor's office and the temporary throne room of Tepe. As the hovercar went on it's way, many turned to see him and bowed. People here respected him. Especially ater he had 'liberated' the people from the evil of the old regime. With his more socially equal ways pf controlling the planet, the workers had gotten more work than they could handle, the economy was booming, the soldiers got more money and training and the civilian population was overall happy. When the hovercar stopped, a weequay stood infront of the main entrance, leaning onto a cane. Darth Tepe and Kaoin stepped out of the hovercar and Tepe hailed the ex-jedi before they got near enought for talking.

"Evening, Lord Tepe. I have an idea why you invited me here, but you tell me"
"I invited you because I need someone with a light side energy on Coruscant. The Dark Jedi I currently have around are pathetic idiots. I need your experience"
"I'm a believer in the Potentium and Living Force now, Lord Tepe. The Sith want what once was theirs and the Republic hardly need the planets. Eventually your conquering will strenghten and unify the Republic more than what it is now... I can live with that"
"What if it came to killing the Masters' Council?"
"Hm... The Sith Hunters"
"I will get rid of them. After I manage to get them out of the Order, you kill the council"
"Pure genius. I have not seen anyone as good of a strategist before you except for Palpatine and maybe some others who never got to fame. I will leave for Coruscant and wait for your orders. But be certain that if you do something horrible like orbital bombardments, you'll have me and the Sith Hunters after you"
"Don't worry, my friend. It is a shame how people manage to destroy entire civilizations just because they happen not to like how a rock is shaped. I will not destroy worlds. You have my word. Not as a Sith Lord, but as an old Jedi Consular"
"Good. Good rest of the evening"

So the Weequay left for his lift for Coruscant onboard a merchant that ha brought supplies for the drydock. Tepe shook his head quietly and walked inside with Kaoin. He qould need to train his apprentice some more in keeping a strong connection with the Force or the plan might fail due to even little failures of judgement on Kaoin's part. Not only did the Sith Lord not trust this apprentice, as Kaoin had always been like any other Sith and wanting the place of his master, but he could feel his time running short. Everything had to be timed right and if it wasn't, the Dominion would fail before it could start

Black Knight of Keno 09-22-2006 03:35 PM

Chapter I - The Fighters
A squadron of Zebra fighters flew over the Dooku Mansion, the Dark Lord leaning onto the edge of the balcony. He was joined by his General, the newly appointed Grand Admiral and a Commander from his 2nd army. As the three arrived, the Lord shook is head.

"I want an inexpensive but good fighter line for my fleets. The Zebras are fine for attacking ground objects, but bombers can do bette than those"
"Well, we happen to have just what you need. I managed to use some old aquaintances and found just what we need. Let me introduce to you..." the Grand Admiral said and at that instance a couple of squadrons of I-BEAM Star Fighters flew over, rolling and showing off their maneuverability before shooting the targets with unbelievably good accuracy for what they looked like.
"...the I-BEAM. I can get you more from the Galderian Slave Traders. Just say the word"
"Indeed... Very nice. Make the order. We need at least a 100,000 before New Year. Also, find out if anyone has ever heard of something called a Sith Fighter and about their blueprints. The Second Sith Empire used them. If you find the blueprints, have our designers look at them, upgrade the weaponry and maneuverability and lose any extra weight from them. I want them to be better than the X-Wings"
"Yes, sire!"

The Grand Admiral hailed and then left. The Commander walked to the reiling of the balcony and leaned on it, looking at the fighters heading back for their carrier.
"I don't know about this, Lord Tepe. I don't trust slavers"
"I trust your instincts. After all, you are my best friend's son. However, I must say that you should show some trust towards them. Money is worth enought to them. They get money, we get the merchandise and everyone is happy. I trust you with my 2nd army and you have a word in this, but I will not make a decision based on just your words. Now go off"
"Yes, sire"

So the General and the Commander left the Dark Lord alone. It would not take long for them to start their masterplan. The Sith took out his comlink and contacted the Grand Admiral who responded while stepping onto his hovercar.
"Yes, sire?"
"Start the drafts. I want good pilots by the end of the year when we get ourselves the fighters. Get at least 200,000 pilots and the rest can go to the other academies"
"Yes, my Lord"

Black Knight of Keno 09-24-2006 06:05 AM

Chapter 2 - Enter the Army
It had been a steady 6 standard months on Tibri nand it's neighbour worlds. The Republic did not know of the heavy military presence of the new Count, as all senators who represented the planets knew they nor their families would be safe if they would tell. Besides, the increasing military presence brought work to those who had none and only increased the economies as trade increased swiftly. The construction of the drydock had been finished and now the frames of a ball were visible. The planets were peaceful and the civilians were already familiar with the marching of soldiers.

The Dark Lord stood quietly on his balcony as his armies gathered to load on transports. The army did not have much to work on yet. Only the armors and weapons were standardised. The navy was a large mess as probably there were not even a ten ships of the same kind in the whole massive fleet of the Dominion. Not even the fighters were standardised yet. Many flew their own fighters or "uglies" instead of the still small amounts of I-BEAMs or the new prototypes of Sith Fighters. This would eventually change, but not as fast as the Sith Lord would want. It was so that most of the heavy weaponry was from the Imperials and only some from other factions. The Dominion had even managed to get many old weapons from the still alive members of the CIS.

The general walked to meet his Lord on the balcony, smiling at the sight as he saw it unfold. The Dominion was gearing up for war. Thousands of soldiers from the population of Tibrin were marching in a steady pace towards their assigned dropships and transports. Their armors, designed after the Mandalorian armors, were shining in the sunlight as they were cleaned and polished just moment before. Only the helmets were different from Mandalorian ones, shaped like the head of wild beasts known of their ferocious natures. Every legion had it's own beast and shape of helmet. The armors also had the difference that all wore Kames and the officers wore shoulder padding showing their ranks. Tepe turned as the General came forth and a grin was upon his face.

"We are ready to launch an attack, my Lord" the general said and approached him even more.
"Yes, but we won't invade yet. We must wait and train the soldiers more. They must also be used to being away from their families and enclosed on a ship for months. We need to make them used to the travelling and have excercises onboard before we are ready"
"Yes, my lord, but what about the plan?"
"The plan is ready and everything is ready, but we need time. We need to standardise our machinery"
"Everything is being handled, sire, but wouldn't it be just easier to standardise little by little while we gain more people"
"No. I want everything perfect before we unleash our plans. Now be off and make sure that the ships will arrive when they should"
"Yes, my Lord"

The general left and the Dark Lord sighed. He looked back at the armies and then up into space. He had ordered enought ships to make even the Empire bow. Old CIS ships, Old Republic ships and Imperial ships would still be a big part of the Navy even if the order for many shipyards had been sent for making ships from the design of old Sith ships from the days of the First and Second Sith Empire

Black Knight of Keno 09-30-2006 04:52 PM

Chapter III - Rise, Lord Tepe
It had begun. The newly founded Sith Dominion broke free from the Republic with the few world it had. However, it was not long afterwards that the Sith Lord made himself known in the senate by starting the mobilization of his armies. With the aid of his apprentice, Kaoin, worlds fell after another under his grasp. His presence had indeed been noted and the Jedi Order had started squirming a bit as the Dark power grew under their watchful eyes and they could do nothing about it because of bureucracy. Then the call came. An invitation from the Sith Lord for peace talks between the two factions. Many senators were sent but none of them would speak while the Sith Hunters were there, as the Republic trusted the seemingly immortal Hunters.

As the shuttle landed, a pair of Dark Jedi greeted them with protection from the ravenous creatures created by Sith Alchemy for the guarding of the Lord's Palace, even if that would ot be the story heard by the group sent by the Republic. As they entered the office of the Dark Lord, the man behind the desk semed not to be nothing more than a harmless politician ready for a talk with the men and women. It would indeed not be so as the Sith Hunters were there to make sure the Republic wouldn't be decieved.

"Welcome, my guests! Please, take a seat and we shall talk. It's good to meet some of you again after years of absence from our local cantinas. You look no older than you were back then while I am being mutated by my powers" the host said and smiled kindly before sitting down himself on a large chair behind the desk. So started the first talks between the two factions

((You can comment, you know :p ))

Writer 09-30-2006 05:15 PM

Um, yeah... I'm a little confused, actually.

First, you make it sound like the Republic trusts the Hunters. Then, the Senators won't speak because the Hunters were there... making sure the Republic wouldn't be deceived?

And then, it sounds like you're having Tepe speak directly to the Hunters... so they are there?

Yeah, sorry, this just doesn't make any sense to me at all! :D

Black Knight of Keno 09-30-2006 09:53 PM

Actually, I meant that they didn't speak because they trusted the Sith Hunters to handle the business in their endless wisdom while the senators could be easily decieved.

And if you were wondering, this is pretty much page 4 in the RP, if I remember correctly.

Writer 10-01-2006 01:11 AM

Oh! Right. So you're sorta summarizing the RP and then you'll kick into what happens in the two years between this one and the next one, huh?

Black Knight of Keno 10-01-2006 02:15 AM

Yup. After I get throught the senate scene, it'll jump to what happened when the Sith got to Tibrin and gave out the commands for war. Similiar to the Clone Wars -cartoon but in a written form

Writer 10-01-2006 01:40 PM

Ok, so keep in mind the post I just made in the new RP thread. The Sith Hunters kinda vanished during these two years. Please don't bring the Dominion to the Watchtower... it's a highly unknown planet. In the Republic databases, it's listed as Gerv, but its location is 'unknown'. Riebe only found it by accidentally crashing into it.

It's far on the Outer Rim... in fact, it's practically past it. A rich, paranoid old man set up a 'watchtower' there because he was worried that there was some form of intelligence outside this galaxy that would eventually manage to come in and conquer. So it's practically on the edge of the galaxy... a place where so few people go.

Black Knight of Keno 10-01-2006 01:44 PM

I'm not intending to attack the Hunters, but you could've posted Charna's part too :p

Writer 10-01-2006 01:54 PM

coulda shoulda... will!! :D

I'll edit my post and tack Charna on to the end :)

Black Knight of Keno 10-04-2006 01:38 PM

Chapter IV - The Plot Thickens
((I'll only fill in the blanks of the RP, so no actual conversation here :p ))

The negotiators were gone and so the Dominion had quite free hands on their ship. A large group of engineers slipped inside and rigged the ship with heavy explosives, the main switch hidden inside a small locker. Only a minute later that the engineers hurried off, the quite angry and disappointed group of jedi and senators marched out of the palace and inside the ship to hurry off back to Coruscant. Immediately afterwards, the full mobilization of the Dominion armed Forces began and the shuttle of the negotiators left off.

An old weequay sat on the edge of a building, his hovercar just next to him waiting for going off to the second part of the mission. As the shuttle started landing, it suddenly stayed to hover and the people inside evacuated onto the platform where they would be picked up by a hoverbus. Emukiel looked throught his macrobinoculars and shook his head before reporting in to his superiors on Tibrin before leaving off for the Jedi Temple to meet and kill the Council, but he would drive aroud first to make sure that everything was ready for him to go in and break up the Jedi Order into Chaos.

The time was right a moment later. The Jedi left swiftly to the temple. arriving just as an argument was starting between the jedi on what they shoud do. He walked to the center and unleashed the doubt in their hearts by claiming that the ith Hunters had never done anything for the Jedi Order and why should they start now after hundreds of years of hiding like cowards when the Jedi Order needed them. It was enought to tempt the young girl closer to the dark side and she openly let in the pictures of her friend in danger, which would finally make her fall. The Sith Hunters were sent off and away from the Jedi Order and the girl later known as Charna left for her friend, giving the chamber peace before Emukiel lunged out with his lightsabers, slicing and dicing throught the Jedi Masters before leaving for Tibrin to meet his Lord for further instructions.

Black Knight of Keno 11-28-2006 03:13 PM

Chapter V - The Presence of a Sith Lord
((I just cannot think of anything to add to between these two chapters. If I do, I'll add it to Chapter IV, but now I'll continue a couple of months after the war was declared.))

The holographic map of the Sith Dominion filled the throne room where Tepe laughted his menacing laught. There they were. The 130 planets he now controlled shaded in a nice red hue while those under siege were colored in a golden hue. He sat on his throne as the laughter died down. The double-doors crashed open and the Colonel walked in, marched to the lowest step infront of the throne and bowed.
"My Lord, I come with the latest news" he said and Tepe nodded in agreement, watching as the Colonel uploaded the news and rotated the map so they could see the latest hot spots. The galaxy map spanned from planet to planet while the Colonel explained what was happening. This included breakthroughts, withdrawals, recent attacks on hyperspace routes and the latest moral news. There were also reports about well-doing officers and soldiers that were climbing ranks swiftly, ships that seemed to be unbeatable in battles, sometimes being the last command-capable ship there and still beating an enemy with good strategizing and such. The last news worried the Lord, however. It seemed that the epublic was enforcing defencive measures and without good strategist like the ones on the Republic side, the Dominion might soon lose their advantage on the Republic.

"They continue to wear our troops down? Can't we stop their reinforcements?" the Dark Lord asked and the Colonel shook his head.
"Unfortunately, it seems that the speed and agility of the Republic ships are working on their side in this. They got wise in the Galactic Civil War" the man said and looked at the planets, pinching one between his fingers just for the fun of it. The Lord smiled and nodded.
"That they did... Give orders to break off any new attacks. Reinforce all current sieges and defence posts. Send message to Kamino and Rothana to increase production. I want everything ready as soon as they can be. If you need to, get workers from other planets but pay them well for the work. All other drydocks and factories within Dominion space are to double their efforts" he said and nodded to excuse the Colonel that indeed left after it. However, he turned when the Dark Lord spoke again.
"I also want to know why Charna is so intrigued with Naboo. Tell her Guards to keep an eye out for anything. I want to know everything. And I mean everything. That also goes for Kaoin" he said and then aved his hand for he Colonel to continue off. The officer bowed and left, closing the room and leaving for the command bunker to give out the orders.

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