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Last Wish 10-01-2006 09:01 AM

Zuna (Player Model)
This is Zuna he's an complete normal monk . I think the model is allright deltailed and well, im working at wieghting it now (with help from Royal Tycoon) :twogun:


First Texturies View:

Give me suggestion and tell me what you think :smash:

''This is my first player model and i will most hopefully get it released in end of this week.''

Wish :smash:

katanamaru 10-08-2006 10:30 PM

That is really good so far.
The good: it looks well preportioned and well built.
The not as good (because its not bad): the collar around the neck is a little odd. I can't remember a monk of any religion wearing something like that. I'm not saying its bad just odd looking.
And some tips: Have you thought of making multiple layers to the model? You could make it have some sleeves and baggy pants in one version and then turn them off to give him a more battle worn version. If you did consider this it would be good to add custom character support as well. The only thing I think it really needs is pants that are a little more baggy though.

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