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JKLE_Cougar 10-01-2006 08:51 PM

JKLE a new clan
Jedi Knight Legendary Extremists

The Jedi Knight Legendary Extremists or JKLE for short are a group of old time Jedi Knight and MOTS Players, all of our clan members have been playing Jedi Knight since 1997. We are a recent clan and we are mostly based in Mysteries Of The Sith. Every weekend we host a dedicated Mysteries Of The Sith server for our clan and other members of the MOTS community. We also host fun events like a monthly JKPONG tourney or JKCHESS tourney. Currently our clan consists of

JKLE_Nick[LSF] - RED Soldier in Jedi Knight, Bounty Hunter in MOTS
JKLE_Kurgan - GREEN Soldier in Jedi Knight, Jedi in MOTS
JKLE_Ross - ORANGE Soldier in Jedi Knight, Soldier in MOTS
JKLE_Cougar - BLUE Soldier in Jedi Knight, Scout in MOTS

We do not have a website, but instead all meet in this topic and on AIM

(JKLE) Schedule For October 2006

*Every weekend - Dedicated MOTS Server hosted by JKLE_Kurgan, The IP is, everyone is welcome

*Saturday October 18th - First Annual "JKLE Pong Tourney" in which our members will duke it out in JKPONG, which is a pong level for Jedi Knight

*Saturday October 28th - First Annual "JKLE Chess Tourney" in which our members will battle it out in JKCHESS, which is a chess level for Jedi Knight

-Subject To Change

Contact xMasterKatarnx on AIM for clan info, games and joining information

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