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Pho3nix 10-18-2006 01:01 PM

Weird picture on JK-series

Something that needs to be fixed...? :xp:
(Sorry if the pic I provied is a wee bit big)

Thrik 10-18-2006 01:40 PM

I've across people suffering from this before, but it's nothing to do with us. It seems to be some kind of browser cache issue that causes one image in your cache to become mixed up with another, thus making an image that just shouldn't be there appear.

I've seen someone post a screenshot of it happening to them on Google, where the Google logo was replaced with a photo of Britney Spears (I can't tell who is in your picture).

The quick fix would be to press ctrl+f5, forcing a redownload of cached images.

Negative Sun 10-18-2006 05:35 PM

Does that work in Firefox too?

Nevermind just tried it lo, didn't know you could do that...

TSR 10-19-2006 04:51 AM

Looks like someone's bongo collection is overflowing into other ares... ;)

rozo100 11-08-2006 04:58 PM

thats weird....
i wonder why it's there

swphreak 11-08-2006 10:23 PM

... he just told you. :/

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