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edlib 09-11-2001 12:32 PM

Sad day for America
God bless and comfort the victims, survivors, and thier family and friends of this latest disasterous act of terrorism on American soil.
I also pray those behind it get exactly what's coming to them. This will not be tolerated.
Nothing more needs to be said.

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Hans The Great 09-11-2001 12:56 PM

This is very bad.. I was watching the news when it happened...
The Pentagon got hit as well...
This is very bad, I heard that the Palestinians claimed that they did it. Cancel Xmas for them.....

Zargon 09-11-2001 01:34 PM

the palestininans reversed that......


Nute Gunray 09-11-2001 01:34 PM

Normally, I consider myself rational when dealing with other countries and stuff. But I'm also a patriot.
my response when we find out who did this:
<font size="5" color="red"><u>NUKE 'EM</u></font>

Keyan Farlander 09-11-2001 01:48 PM

And I'm right outside Washington, too. I do hope I don't die or something. That would probably suck.

Poor Bastard 09-11-2001 01:50 PM

Holy ****. Surreal.

edlib 09-11-2001 01:51 PM

God bless America and give guidance to our leadership.
Protect us all.
I am crying now.
This is too much to take

Gold leader 09-11-2001 02:15 PM

I still can't grasp the news...

Gold leader 09-11-2001 02:19 PM

Whether the Palestinians did it or not, I just saw them cheering and partying on tv. <font size=+5>****ing morons!!!</font>

Nute Gunray 09-11-2001 02:36 PM

I propose we fight back in their style. We blow up a single city in the middle east. Then demand to know where bin Laden is. If they do not tell us, we destroy another. And another. And another until they tell us so we can go blow him up.

I dont get this at all. They think we're going to back out of our support for Israel because of this? Since when has the US backed down? This is like being in a room were there's one guy that all the other people dont' like except this one guy that's bigger, stronger, and has a gun. And they one of the guys pisses off the guy with the gun. GREAT IDEA.

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edlib 09-11-2001 02:45 PM

It's not enough, but I just don't know what else to do...

Take care my friends. I pray that none of you are diectly affected by any of this.

Andromeda 09-11-2001 02:50 PM

This is absolutely terrible...and it makes me wonder...are we going to go to war? i think it would be about time, but war is a horrible horrible thing...too bad it is necessary on occasion. unless we do something to retaliate, this sort of thing is only going to keep happening.

and i have one more question...what the **** was our intelligence doing?!?! how could we not have known about this? something like this takes a lot of planning, you don't just do it on the spur of the moment...

Rune Haako 09-11-2001 02:55 PM

<font size=7>NO ONE F#CKS WITH THE U.S. ON MY WATCH!</font>

Speaking as a soldier, this sh#t has me PISSED OFF!!! I'll run those bastards over with an Abrams given the chance.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time somehting like this happened, we (eventually) unleashed the awesome destructive power of the A-bomb...

Zoom Rabbit 09-11-2001 03:14 PM

Secure that nuclear braggadoccio, soldier.


You stupid f*cking goatlover, do you have ANY idea how you have just coalesced the American sense of anger? Last night, we were disorganized and jaded, a western edifice of complacent denial as to just how dangerous this world is becoming. Today...the giant is awake, united and raging. We have planes, we have missiles, we have LOTS of young hotshots like our friend Rune here who want nothing more than to ferret you out of your hole with bayonets and string you up on worldwide teevee!

America is back. We haven't been this pissed off since Pearl Harbor.

'What's up is clearly defined as the opposite of what is down, in this case being the strongest source of local gravity...failing that, in space, what's up is opposite the direction of accelerative G-force--or, coincidentally, the same direction I happen to be targeting with these laser cannon. Die, b*tch!'

--Official forum space terrorist

Nute Gunray 09-11-2001 03:22 PM

I'm kinda wondering if it's actually over yet. It seems everything happened in a small window of time so that makes it look that way. But I get the feeling there's some kind of grand finale waiting...but it seems unlikely. By grand finale, I mean him finally getting that nuke he's wanted for so long. If he had one you'd think he'd have used it already.

Since all US air traffic is grounded, looks like UPS won't be delivering the stuff I ordered on time

edlib 09-11-2001 03:39 PM

They shut down the college where I work. There may not be any work tomorrow. Basically the entire city of Boston is evacuated, shut down, everything is closed.
Two of the planes left from here. Unbelievable. I may have passed these f****** in the street yesterday for all I know, or been standing next to them on the subway. They were here.

Jem 09-11-2001 03:41 PM

This is just's more than that but I don't know how to express it...

Gold Leader I also saw palestinians celebrating on tv, what a bunch os a$$holes.

I hope all the responsables and people who enjoy this get what they deserve and more.

Coffeebean_uk 09-11-2001 04:23 PM

Guys, I am so sorry about what has happened to your country. I just hope they catch the guy and string him up by his bollocks.

An act of Cowardice like this can not go unpunished. An attack on the US of A was a very bad idea. I know for a fact that many Britons are as outraged as yourselves.

The one thing to remember is, Nuking them will make you as bad as Bin Ladem, as you will be attacking innocents, which is exactly what has happened at the twin towers.

I am just so glad none of you guys were hurt.

Nute Gunray 09-11-2001 04:26 PM

One of the guys on the local channel I'm watching had TWO BROTHERS working in the second tower on the 52 floor. That's like EXACTLY where the plane hit...

As for the crash in PA, I'm getting a lot of info about that. There are eyewitnesses that describe what sounds like a struggle in the cockpit and that the pilot crashed intentionally. There was also a cell phone call from teh bathroom of the plane that said the plane was hijacked and it was no hoax and then it cut off with a BOOM, implying a crash. They're going through the 911 tapes to find that right now.

guildenstern 09-11-2001 04:26 PM

Nute, glad to see you are okay - I had to call my sister as soon as I heard a plane went down near Pittsburgh.
How about our friends from NY? Cracken? Rogue Nine?
I'm not sure where about in NY you live, so I don't know if you or your families were close to the action or not.

guildenstern 09-11-2001 04:37 PM

I agree with Coffeebean; nuking a city or country would be bad - really sinking to their level by killing innocents.
It's hard to know what to do though, isn't it?

Nute Gunray 09-11-2001 05:02 PM



i'm evil.

K_Kinnison 09-11-2001 05:03 PM

Nute, Nuking is not an option.

We need to mourn, take care of the wounded, bury our dead, then make sure who did this is properly punished.

Nute Gunray 09-11-2001 05:10 PM

Everything's always an option.

Except we dont know what to nuke yet. damn. That makes it not an option I guess. Damn.

My antics will remain unchanged for the duration of the emergency. MORALE MUST BE MAINTAINED, CITIZENS.

Zargon 09-11-2001 05:31 PM


Originally posted by K_Kinnison:
Nute, Nuking is not an option.
BULL ****ING ****, 10 thousand eyes per eye. These mother****ers have had an ass whoopimg coming for the last 40 quote one of best my friends away message:

10,000 innocent people, Jesus Christ. **** social security, this is why W is in office, and short of wiping the middle east off the map, I hope they all die a horrible death. People can joke and inuendo about attacks on our sovereign land, but when the day comes that someone stoops to the level of thinking that they can up-end any part of our great country, God rest your soul. You want the thunder, well now you've got it. I'm coming and I'm bringing hell with me.
Now where do I go sign up for active duty?

Assassin 09-11-2001 05:42 PM


Originally posted by Nute Gunray:
Everything's always an option.

Except we dont know what to nuke yet. damn. That makes it not an option I guess. Damn.

According to CNN, Afghanistan is believed to be highly influenced by Osama Bin Laden, and probally where the coward is being harbored

Nute Gunray 09-11-2001 05:46 PM

But...Afghanistan handed the Soviets their ass! If they can defeat the SECOND BEST ever over the course of nine years, then we'd be fighting for like four years at the most. That's a long time...

Zargon 09-11-2001 05:49 PM

yeah, or we could turn that sandy ***** ass country into GLASS

Ruddster 2K1 09-11-2001 05:51 PM

also, i speak with coffeebean and agree wit him on this matta.

all thou u ppl may hate me, i feel that u agree wit me that whoeva is responsible for these attacks against the civilians of the untied states of america will be attacked

ppl say that it will be moderate. i think not. no offence, but the americans have been opend up in there own bvack yard, and they wont stop.

i just hope this aint the start of a global conflict

Zargon 09-11-2001 05:56 PM


Originally posted by Ruddster 2K1:
i just hope this aint the start of a global conflict
Well, you guys have already alluded to backing us if this starts one....

Hans The Great 09-11-2001 05:59 PM

I have relatives who lost friends today. That area is the busiest part of Manhattan and people are usually at work in the upper floors of the World Trade Center before 8:00AM.

I suggest that we use cruise missiles and air-gas bombs; we can give the terrorist nation responsible the "Saddam Treatment". But first we have to find out who is responsible. In the meantime, we can erase the nuts who are claiming responsibility for this atrocity: "But I really did'nt do it!" So what - *Bang*!

I just hope it was'nt one of the home-grown, ZOG conspiracy theorist, Waco nutcase terrorist groups. That would really be awful.

garyah99 09-11-2001 06:01 PM

My deepest prayers for all of our friends and neighbours in the U.S. I think the spit has hit the fan this time. I don't see how we can avoid a war of some kind. Right now, Canadian and U.S. fighters are tracking another aircraft over the Arctic. They are assuming it is highjacked and going to force it to land (latest CBC news). Prophecy watchers: watch for an impending attack against Israel.

Rogue 9 09-11-2001 06:03 PM

God help our Enemies. they will need it.

Rogue Nine 09-11-2001 06:05 PM

Nine checking in.

God, this is so frickin' surreal. This cannot be happening. My parents are trapped in the city and I dunno if they're okay or not...Good Lord help us all.

Look, I know you guys are mad and you prolly wanna find that bastard who orchestrated this and feed him his testicles; I know I do. But that's not the way we should go about it. War is a horrible thing. I don't want there to be a war. We need to hunker down and get our country under control, then find out who did this. When we do, there'll be hell to pay for all our pain, but it should not be in the form of armed conflict.

Thanks everyone. L'il g, ed, everyone. You guys are great.

Assassin 09-11-2001 06:07 PM

You know what Gary, scary that you said that becuase Osma Bin Laden released a tape to his followers saying that they were going to hurt the US and ISRAEL, where it hurts..and as we see today..that the US has been hurt..

"While the word is yet unspoken, you are master of it; when once it is spoken, it is master of you."

Gold leader 09-11-2001 06:13 PM

I think no nation is suicidal enough to commit this attack. That only leaves the possibility of a terrorist group, and you can't simply bomb or nuke those kind of guys...

Cmdr. Cracken 09-11-2001 06:14 PM

First, this act is an act of war. ANY attack made upon the United States, terroristic or conventional, CAN AND WILL be interpreted as an ACT OF WAR, and shall be delt with accordingly.

Unless the stupid m*ther****ing ****sucker piece of dog **** responsible for plannning this comes forwards, and we string him up by his balls on the Sears Tower, and cut his balls off, sending him miles down toward the ground.

This is low folks, as low as you can get. A sneak attack on OUR LAND. It's been 50 some odd years since that's happend, and it wasn't really our land yet. (not legally, it wasn't a state untill after WWII) These people will pay, and they will pay dearly for messing up OUR SKYLINE.

And think. The World Trade Center is literally, THE center for most US international and domestic financial operations. Our economy literally LIVES ON THE STOCK MARKET. If that nerve center is down, i can't imagine what'll happen. unless I'm wrong.

Zargon 09-11-2001 06:14 PM


Originally posted by Gold leader:
I think no nation is suicidal enough to commit this attack. That only leaves the possibility of a terrorist group, and you can't simply bomb or nuke those kind of guys...
When one stupid ass mother ****ing country is helping hide him you can.

I think stands as the day that every generation has, the day EVERYONE in the generation will NEVER EVER ****ING FORGET. Just like JFK and Pearl Harbor.........

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Cmdr. Cracken 09-11-2001 06:20 PM

Also, aroud 50,000 people WORK in the WTC. They are believed to be fully occupied.
And all the people on the planes....
May there transition to the other side be swift.

Ruddster 2K1 09-11-2001 06:30 PM

the only thing we can do is hope and pray for those who have gone, and that we must hope and pray for all those who may stil be trapped.

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