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eli_tolu 11-08-2006 06:34 PM

The Star Wars Galaxy at our time

The jedi and sith had made peace,
but there is a new group to the force, vika, which
are enimies to the sith and jedi.

One of the vikas, Kar Mikthar, is ruling over the
galaxy of the planets Ator, Bogden, Kashyyyk, Drall,
and so much more.

It is up to you jedi and sith to fall
into the vika's pit.
Now go and save our

A group of the jedi and sith were tired of all the wisdom talk and the meditation. They wanted to use force and lightsabers. Not all the training or the sith and jedi ways. So a man named Vibro, a padawan, had started killing the jedi and sith. More and more people joined what Vibro was doing. After Vibro had died, the jedi and sith started calling them Vika after Vibro's son. Vika's great grand daughter was Kar Mithar. - For what Dark_Lady had said

Please before you start "role playing" please say Name, Gender, Age, Appearance (if you can), and race.

Now let's start were flying on a ship called the "Marjdee." I'm named Fajar a male im 30, i am known to be wise and humble and im a Quarren. Were flying with our pilot Arak as he takes us to Kamino to have a jedi/sith meeting.

Me: Arak, when are we go to be at Kanimo.
Arak: Two hours.
Me: Then, I shall rest until then.

Dark_Lady 11-09-2006 11:08 PM

It would probably create more interest if you added a little background on the Vika.

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