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Miss_Mayhem 11-12-2006 11:07 PM

Zombies Attack! RPG
The RD forumites have met up at a mall ... that just happens to get overrun by zombies. Needless to say, these mismatched youths make sure that violence and hilarity ensue. Will they make it out alive? Will the origins of the zombies be revealed? Will Steve finally shut up!? You can only find out for yourself.

By a freakish chance occurence, the RD forumites find themselves all at the the same mall. Amidst the WTF's and OMG's, something sinister is brewing. And this happy first-meeting/reunion is soon to be turned on it's head when chaos breaks out in the form of a zombie virus, quickly infecting all bitten. Grudgingly pulling together, the mismatched youths must surive and make their way out using only their wits and whats in their surroundings. Too bad that the police have quarantined all the exits, and safety means the mall's roof when they are on the lower floor...


1. Though not neccesary, it's encouraged to play as yourself. You must write a bio. It MUST include : A)name. B)age. C) gender. D)appearance, you can either link to an image, post it or write it out. E)skills. F)weaknesses

2 No god-modding or anything that gives you an unfair advantage. You are armed with your skills and brains and whatever you find. Props you've got on your person dont apply to the rule.

3. You cant kill any other person's character off. There are plenty of zombies to kill instead.

4. Dont try and start a romance with someone if they are against it. Doing a Nils on the other hand is fine, thought not encouraged.

5. Dont' spam.

6. Keep this rathed pg-13. pg-16 at the very most.


Name: Miss_Mayhem, aka: Mayhem

Age: 14

Gender: Girl, duh

Appearance: White boots, blue-jeans, yellow tshirt, red jacket. Pointed teeth seeing as I'm part elf. Hair is black and skin is tanned.

Skills: flexible, can fit in small spaces, can DIY, basic Vampire Hunting training

Weaknesses: Neither strong or fast or very athletic

It was a balmy, pleasent saturday. Birds sang. Kids played outside. Mayhem was busy typing away on her pc in her dark room. Venetian blinds were such a pain. Her ears perked at her mom's voice, telling her to get out and breath some fresh air. Fresh air ... HA! That was what her air-purifyer was for. And what was Mayhem doing exactly? Why, chatting it up on RD of course. 'You've got mail!' her stupid AOL chirped. With a sigh, Mayhem minimized the RD window and went straight to her mailbox.

"Great. I have to go hunt down a werewolf NOW. On a Saturday. Yeesh, I should have taken another elective. Like home-ec. At least there I wouldn't have homework...on Saturdays!"

Taking quick note of her email, Mayhem geared herself up for her 'homework'. A swiss-army knife, a sprig of wolfsbane and a few other miscellanious items she thought she might need. She packed it into one of her larger purses and pulled her Hunter uniform on: the black headband and partial mask. Hey, at least this werewolf had decided to hang out somewhere trendy.

"Mom, I'm going to the mall. It's homework!" She yelled. Her mother gave her a quick (and loud) approval from the kitchen. Well, time to get said homework done...

Davinq 11-12-2006 11:54 PM

You've intrigued me. A RP in RD? Fun.

Name: Davinq (pronounced Davink)
Age: 14
Gender: ??? jk, male
Appearance: Curly blonde hair, blue eyes, blue AE hoodie, dirty blue jeans (pic necessary?)
Skills: quick thinking, selfless, strong, witty retorts, Sh1to Riu Karate
Weaknesses: Not very agile, gullible.


It was a balmy, pleasant saturday. Birds sang. Kids played outside. Davinq was busy talking to his girlfriend on his newly acquired cell phone. As he hung up, the phone vibrated loudly, indicating a text message. Davinq quickly glosses over the transmission, and gets ready to take off for the mall.

"Mom!" he called, "can I head over to the mall?"
"Sure thing, Dav!" she replies.
Well that wasn't so hard, for a change, Davinq thought. Before he walked out the door, he prepared himself with all the things the message said to bring: wooden stakes, his Holy Cross necklace, plenty of cash, ID, and combat gloves. After that, he took a few minutes using Buddhist meditation techniques to clear the mind. His sensei had always said that Davinq had a troubled mind, full of clouds. Try as he might, he couldn't do it. A thought would always stray in!

Hell with this, Davinq thought. Getting up from the floor, he trudged down the stairs and out the door. As he alighted the front porch, he got the strange feeling that this was going to be a long night.

He had no idea.

Smon 11-13-2006 04:51 AM

Name: Brandon (pronounced Dracula)
Age: 16
Gender: Dude
Appearance: You know damn right.
Skills: Creative, can make anything into a weapon, high pain and poison tolerance.
Weaknesses: While intelligent, not very good with common sense.


Brandon (intertron alias, Smon) was walking to the mall... 3 miles. Does not believe in cars. Nope.

"This is gonna be the best thing ever." he said to his PSP "I get to meet George Romero, master of zombie cinema. Nothing could go wrong here. Except for zombies. But what are the odds of that?" he stopped at the gas station to pick up a Fuze (they are healthy, I'm totally not a hippie) John was working there so he had a little chat with him.

"Hey John, just the Fuze, hey, you playing Super Smash later?"
"Ah, you crazy." Smon said laying the money on the counter and heading towards the mall. Meanwhile John came out from the backroom nude. "Hey, thanks for covering for me. He thinks anyone with that nametag is me." "GRAAAH!" "Okay, how about this, you work the rest of my shift and I dig up some nice and tasty brains from the cemetary downtown... okay?" "Grrrruuu!" "Alright, see ya in an hour!" said John, walking out to his car completely naked.

Halo_92 11-13-2006 01:06 PM

Name: Jared."Halo"
Appearence-brown hair, few frekles on face blue eyes black carpenter shorts and a Black Halo 2 shirt.
Skills: Master of stealth, cracking safes, extreme skill with knife can recharge health quickly Great accuracy with a weapon.
Weaknesses: Short Temper, though has been thought to hold back temper.

Halo walked out of the warehouse and looked around, as looking for somthing that was not there. He sighed to himself and pulled out his cellphone. It read one missed call. It said meet at Microsoft Mall, bring weapons, need help.
At the end of the messege a scream of bloody murder shocked through his ears.

PS whats the mall name????

Psychochaos3 11-13-2006 04:01 PM

Name: Kelvin(Psychochaos )
Age: ??
Skills: Vast arsenal, Incredible skill with weaponry,great computer skills,Coca-cola Hyper form, a little strength and agility
Weaknesses: Hates Rubix cubes, useless without weapons, Weak after Hyper Form, Strength and agility don't last long, sounds of styrofoam make him twitch.
Appearence: Trenchcoat and Mask

At the Microsoft Mall (Microsoft rules all.), a trencoated figure stands on lookout.

"I sense zombie." said Nguyen.

"Need brains.Need brains" yelped the zombies.

"Eat this ya hippie." said Kelvin as he blasted them away

Suddenly thousands more entered the area all covered in blood.

"I need backup" said Kelvin as he called an old ally on his cell phone.

zelda 41 11-13-2006 05:51 PM

Name: Abby
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Abilities: kicking, smashing, scraching, can use a bow and arrow
Bad stuff: Slow runner, zombies scare the crap out of her

Abby looked over at the shoes at the mall. She was there already, doing Christmas shopping and sighed. She kept thinking on how dumb she thought she was thinking a zombie attack could happen. Idiot. She continued on and heard screaming
Random guy: OMG IT ATE MY SHOE!!!!! ZOMBIES!!!!

Abby flinched and looked over at the zombies. Her blood went cold and she screamed, and faited out of fear. The zombies started towards her, hungerly.

Smon 11-13-2006 06:00 PM

Smon was at the mall holding his copy of the original Dawn of the Dead at a booth at the center. "So, can you make this out to Brandon?" he said, unknowingly asking a zombified version of George Romero. "Guh-huh..." and he signed it, very legibly for a zombie. He then walked towards Gamestop. "Maybe I should pick something up here," he walked in and noticed no-one was around and that the cameras were covered in bloody messages saying SEND HELP. "Hm... wait a sec... no security!" he then grabbed a 360 and Guitar Hero II and started leaving when he noticed Psychochaos' avatar, only taller. "Oh, hey Psychochaos! It's me Smon, what's going on?" he said, completely unaware of the zombie attack.

Davinq 11-13-2006 06:40 PM

Looking around the entire mall from the top floor rail, Davinq didn't quite know what to think. Some random guy calls him, tells him to come to the mall, and for what? A suspicious group of "sentients" with dead looking skin. Wary of his gullibility, Davinq wondered if it had merely been a prank call. Suddenly, a shriek from the west end caught his attention. HOLY ****!, Davinq though. When the mystery caller said dead skin, he wasn't kidding; zombies! Before he knew what was happening, people began running and screaming every which way. Someone who was trying to call the police at a payphone got trampled. A tall Asian man tripped over an advertising stand. Amidst the chaos, Davinq remembered the initial scream, and ran off to find the victim. Unfortunately, ran off implies the opposite direction as everybody else, thus the going was slow.

DarthAve 11-13-2006 07:38 PM

Name-Darth or Ave
Age- 13!
Apperance-Blue Braids that are a little messed up, Gray long sleeved shirt, black pants boots, black trench.
Skills-Killer superheroine outfit, logical, has skills handling weapons thanks to war video games, can handle sai's due to 2 year obsession with elektra and purchase of rubber TMNT sai's.
Weaknesses-stupidity, sarcasm, easially annoyed.

Ave walked out of the Chick-Fil-A nibbling on delishious nuggets. "Mmmm, chicken is good yo!" She said to herself. Than she saw Brandon in the phone booth. "HOLY SHEEP IT'S SMON!! EVEN THOUGH THE LAST TIME I SAID THAT, IT TURNS OUT I WAS IN THE WRONG STATE AND CHILD LABOR LAWS WERE STILL IN ACT." She walked over to Brandon in the phone booth. "I look dressed to kill some monsters for no real reason, but how's it hangin'?

Davinq 11-13-2006 08:38 PM

Meh. Since everyone else is using their real names, I'll use mine too.

Fighting mall traffic was something Daniel had plenty of experience of, since he always chills there with his homies (and he'd text you pics if you didn't believe him). Finally, he reached the west end of the the mall, and laying in front of the Apple store was Abby. About to take a bite: half a score of zombies. Diving towards the nearest one, Daniel whipped out a wooden stake, plunging it into the zombie's chest. It fell with a loud shriek. Removing the stake, and working quickly, the other 9 zombies followed suit.
"C'mon, wake up." He muttered to Abby.
But just then, at least 50 more zombies appeared out of the blue. "Well, this is gonna be fun," He muttered, noticing the store right across the walkway: a gun shop. It was open. That is, if empty, glass-shattered, and already half-overrun by zombies counts as open.

Halo_92 11-13-2006 10:36 PM

He looked through the vent to see a woman being attacked.
"This should be fun." he muttered to himself.

Smon 11-13-2006 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by Darth_Ave
Ave walked out of the Chick-Fil-A nibbling on delishious nuggets. "Mmmm, chicken is good yo!" She said to herself. Than she saw Brandon in the phone booth. "HOLY SHEEP IT'S SMON!! EVEN THOUGH THE LAST TIME I SAID THAT, IT TURNS OUT I WAS IN THE WRONG STATE AND CHILD LABOR LAWS WERE STILL IN ACT." She walked over to Brandon in the phone booth. "I look dressed to kill some monsters for no real reason, but how's it hangin'?

"Eh, my legs seem to be broken by crowds of panicked civilians, but other than that I feel great!"

Halo_92 11-13-2006 11:10 PM

Halo pulled out a modified paintball rifle out fitted with Holy Water paintballs.
Taking aim at the first he saw he remembered e would need this for later and moved on through the vent.

Miss_Mayhem 11-13-2006 11:35 PM

Mayhem had only to take a trolly to get to the Mircosoft mall, and at first all had been rather peaceful. Armed with her pitiful armada (a swiss army-knife, the wolfsbane, a camera and a teeny bottle of disenfectant) she had arrived only to feel that her time had been wasted. It was no werewolf, just a really hairy pervert. Seeing as she was already there anyway, Mayhem had decided to saunter around the mall and look busy.

But of course, this is the zombes attack! RPG. Things were not meant to stay peaceful. "For a mall built over the gates of hell and the very junction of 3 completely different states, this mall aint half bad," She said to herself. A scream. Then another. Then more, their voices conglemerating into one. Mayhem flipped her head about, trying to grasp what was happening. And it didn't take long to find out.

"Zombies!" Some random person yelled.

Zombies? Mayhem had managed to cap 1 once, but just one, and just once. Standing on a bench for a better view, her blood ran cold. This was not just 1 zombie. Not even 4 or 10. At least 100 from her vantage point. Anyone bitten was soon thereafter a victim. And then ... she ran. Now, Mayhem wasn't very fast, but when you are running for your life, miracles happen. She HAD to get to the exits...

"Emergency quarantine, emergency quarantine!" The skytron within the cafeteria section boomed. Things went from bad to worse when Mayhem managed to catch a glimpse of cops barricading the only exits. The lumbering zombies didn't take heed to her specifically, but they were out for blood and brains. And that was when she saw a ragtag group of people. Safety in numbers, right? And they looked a lot less smarter than the ditzes who died fighting over their Prada clutches. Rushing to them, she than realized, "OMG! It's the RD gang!"

St. Jimmy 11-14-2006 08:27 AM

Name: sdophgpa nyvapthmopthv8;ljbdnf;sinv (but you can call me St. Jimmy)

Age: Pfft, the hell if I know... Late teens somewhere..

Gender: Uhh... . ... . .

Apperance: You can kind of see me in my sig, Other than that, .. Hell, even I don't know.

Skills: ALWAYS has his texter on him. Can actually run rather fast. Is incredibly stubborn. Uhh.. Is good at sleeping.

Weaknessess: ALWAYS has to have a texter (even if it means retracing steps to find it) Can't normally slow down without tripping over. Is too stubborn. Sleeps too often.


"Wtf is that?" Jimmy stands up from graffiting the information map. =EMERGENCY QUARANTINE. EMERGENCY QUARANTINE= A monotone voice blared over the P.A. "****, that's annoying!" Jimmy complained. He decided he was thirsty and needed a drink. "Woolworths should do." He muttered. Strolling through the strangely empty aisls (sp?) of Woolies, he located some creaming soda. "Sugary goodness.." He wanders to the checkout and doesn't even look up from getting his card out (For some reason he never seemed to have more than a few cents in cash on him) He swipes the card, -Please enter your card- "wtf is this?" He complains and looks up at the checkout chick, ZOMBIE! "AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk!!!!!!!" He swipes the creaming soda a piss-bolts to the nearest exit. "Locked, ****!" Booting the door as hard as he can.... nothing happens. "****!" He turns around from kicking the door,... to see scores and scores of zombies.

DarthAve 11-14-2006 04:26 PM

"Zombies?? Is that what we're all at the mall for?" Ave shrugged and began slashing zombies with a knife like Mashi in Mashi Gear Solid. "Let's hide in a dark place where nobody can find us!!" Ave than ran into Hot Topic, even though there were darker stores like Hollister and Abercrombie, but she just doesn't like those stores.

Psychochaos3 11-14-2006 04:49 PM

Panting from mass zombie invasion, Kelvin noticed something. A wolflike zombie was devouring other zombies and gettin larger. Soon it attacked him and he somehow whips a a huge blade and slices through it.

"Mod zombie? I haven't seen one of those in a long time. Could be more." said Kelvin. As he brought up his vidscreen, this was the display:

Mod Zombie: a speciallized zombie that has been modified from its original form.

MZs in the area:

5 Slashers: a MZ that uses large slashing 3 ft long claws. Lv 3

4 Wolfins: Wolf-like MZs that devour other zombies to grow in power.Lv 4

?????: Incredibly unusual MZ. Unknown abilities.Lv? possibly 5

Lv guide. 1=weak!!! 2=Average 3= tough 4= very strong 5= Run like $%##
6=You're screwed man. No escaping this thing.

'Wonder what's that 3rd one. Well, zombie killing takes no breaks" said Kelvin as he started chopping through zombies to the nearest vending machine.

zelda 41 11-14-2006 05:31 PM

Abby awoke and saw the zombies again. She screamed and fainted again. Then she woke up like five min later and went to the gamestop.

Abby: Smon, what up? Funny how all the RD's are here, right?

Davinq 11-14-2006 05:54 PM

The irony of seeing Mayhem amidst all the mayhem was not lost on Daniel, and he allowed himself a quick chuckle, and then ran over to help her out, tackling a zombie to the ground as he went.

Miss_Mayhem 11-14-2006 05:57 PM

"Zel, is that you!?" Mayhem gasped. Before Zelda could aswer, Mayhem continued, "This would be supah-rad, all of us meeting if it weren't for the zombies ... hey, that's Jimmy!" She pointed to his general direction, "Anyone about to play hero, cuz I'm going with Darth."

She jumped at hearing a large grunt, and sure enough a familiar face had tackled a zombie to the ground, "Dav! need some help?" Before he could answere she uselessly threw the sprig of wolfsbane at the zombie.

St. Jimmy 11-14-2006 06:41 PM

Panting, Jimmy helped Dav up from the ground. "Dude, you just crash-tackled a zombie! Man, one of those bitches has my shoe." He whinged, looking back somewhere near the locked exit he just ran from. "Are there no security guards left? And How the **** are there this many zombies when there weren't even this many shoppers to be infected to begin with?" He drank from the creaming soda and passed it 'round.

DarthAve 11-14-2006 06:49 PM

Ave ran out of the hot topic, screaming like a mad woman, weilding crazy knives yelling 'YOU GON GET CUT!' whilst stabbing crazy zombies. Her blue hair never looked blue-er. When she was done massacering these zombies, she walked to Macy's to shoplift some Gucci's while the world was in panic.

Smon 11-14-2006 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by zelda 41
Abby awoke and saw the zombies again. She screamed and fainted again. Then she woke up like five min later and went to the gamestop.

Abby: Smon, what up? Funny how all the RD's are here, right?

"I know, right? Like some sort of, spur of the moment online RP."

Davinq 11-14-2006 10:28 PM

Daniel took the creaming soda from Jimmy, and promptly spun around, seeing a zombie run of with Jimmy's shoe.
"sonuva! I'll get her!" He shouted, giving chase.

Not that it was necessary.

The zombie had taken 4 steps when it suddenly ran headlong into one of the sealed entryways. Reaching down, he picked up the now rot-covered shoe.

"Jimmy!" Daniel called, "I have your shoe!" Where did they go? he thought. That is, if he had enough time to think, before another zombie snuck up behind him, smashing Daniel's head as he fell into unconciousness.

Miss_Mayhem 11-14-2006 11:14 PM

"Dav!" Mayhem shrieked, jumping into view from the planter she had hidden behind. She ran up to the zombie, hitting it hard behind its head with her purse. It whirled around and she snapped a picture, the lfash sending it into a daze. Unsure of what to do next, she quickly ran into the nearest store and snatched a shoe. The zombie came back to it's senses and she flung the shoe as far as she could into the bookstore acorss from them She hit her mark and a mess of books came toppling down, sending the zombie (and a few others) to it's direction in hopes of food. Catchig her breath Mayhem prodded Dav with her shoe, "Get up..."

She whisked her head around and attempted to inform anyone within range, "Fortunately, all the zombies are coming in from the west side, if we can get to the elevators we can avoid being surrounded. There are nothing but clothing retailors on this level, but I think we can find alot more useful things on level2 and if we get there, 3."

Poopdogjr 11-15-2006 12:19 AM

Name: dangeROSS.
Age 21
Skillz: After extensive training with a Ninja running for president has learned sword skillz, Has this neat shield, Can double-jump, has seen Dawn of the Dead a few times so knows how to deal with zombies, Knows Steven Segal, Can summon a dog who carries a really big gun, can draw stuff.
Weaknesses: Pirates, radioactive zombies, jerks, those little styrafoam peanut thingees that come packed in with stuff, Giant Enemy Crabs.

dangeROSS was on the campaign trail with his mentor/abducter Ninja. Ninja had to go off and do something crazy cool. Like Laundry or something. So dangeROSS was assigned the task of handing out pamphlets and flyers at a local mall. Seeing as it was a public area, he brought along his freakin' awesome sword in case he needed to cut people. Which seemed to be quite a constant occurence.

Through some giant cosmic coincidince this same mall was also playing host to many RD forumites, so he thought it would be neat to visit some of them as well. All in all it would be a fun easy assignment. Or so he thought...

It went fine for a while. He handed out pamphlets to people. Freakin' chased annoying mallrat teenagers, made buddies with mall cops (who are in fact the highest form of poilcery here in America), and battled evil wizards who were promoting Pirate for president.

Eventually he got tired and decided to pass out in the water fountain. Also he was drunk. Hours later, he came to. The mall was now swarming with zombies everywhere. Blood and guts and stuff were flying all over. And people were geting eaten alive. He contemplated what to do. These zombies might actually be registered, and therefore legal voters. It could be an untapped resource for Ninja's election bid. Using his two-way shield, he called Ninja to see what his opinions were on the matter. Ninja answered, but of course could not be seen on the Shield's video because he's a freakin' Ninja.

dangeROSS explained the sitiuation, and asked what he should do. There was no response for a few seconds. Then an old lady walked into the camera's view. She was quickly decapitated. Ross nodded approvingly. Then a monkey walked into camera view and urinated on the corpse and started doing a monkey dance. Ross nodded again, understanding what Ninja was communicating to him through Ninja-Language. Finally a magical unicorn came into view and started reciting Shakespeare. The video ended ubruptly. But the message was clear. Ninja wanted this zombies re-killed and if possible wanted their undead votes. It was entirely possible the wizard was still around getting zombie votes for Pirate. And that was not acceptable.

St. Jimmy 11-15-2006 04:13 AM

HO.LY. Shi.t! ^That was not pure genius, That is what pure genius envys, aspires to be, looks up to. That sir, was worthy of any ninja. I take my hat of to you, and any other clothing you desire.
Back to t3h awesomeness.~

"Yoink!" St. Jimmy muttered as he took his shoe from the still disoriented Dav'. "Thanks man, I owe you. Keep the soda of awesomeness." He thanked Davin as he put the rot-covered shoe back on. "I got -V- anyway," He leant over and punched through a vending machine to grab the psycho drink. "Actually..." He considered aloud and then passed one to Mayhem and anyone else nearby. "This'll keep you going."
"So, Hundreds, if not thousands of these,..." He poked a fallen zombie with his nasty shoe. "... A whole mall to cover,... does anyone know if the power is down in this place? It's pretty dark. I know most shopping malls have secondary power sources but you never know what these freaked out zombies have done to this place."
"Mayhem, I like your plan."

Psychochaos3 11-15-2006 04:05 PM

Kelvin continually chopped through zombies. When He escaped the crowd. He dashed through and saw two othe RD Forumites.
"Hey. Smon. Hey Zelda." said Kelvin.

suddenly a slasher hopped out of no where and attacked Kelvin.
"Not another one. Eat lead f$#%er." said Kelvin as he bombarded the wolfin with bullets.

"Whats going on? Why are we all here? Let me guess. A zombie RPG?"said Kelvin.

DarthAve 11-15-2006 04:36 PM

Avery than walked into the situation in a panther costume. "Uh. yeah, while nobody was posting here I tried out for mascot AND MADE IT!"

zelda 41 11-15-2006 06:40 PM

Abby: Hey, Phychocaos. I'm guessin this is like a horrible nightmere like me wearing pink and picking flowers.
Abby shrugged and looked around.
Abby: I'm gonnin for the gun shop up at the Dicks store. Anyone wanna come?

St. Jimmy 11-15-2006 06:45 PM

"Bring back grenades!" Jimmy called after the departing Zelda.

Miss_Mayhem 11-15-2006 09:04 PM

Mayhem shrugged, "I know that some of the power is out, but I suppose the mall isn't working on a single electrical grid, explaining why some lights and other eletrical stuff are still working. Good soda BTY. Seeing as more zombies are on the way, to US, I'm gonna rn now. Coming with?" She then asked, making it quite clear with her quickly fastening pace that she had no trouble just makin' a break for it, "Strength in numbers, right?"

DarthAve 11-15-2006 09:31 PM

"I say we put on store's clothing and pretend to be mannikins. They don't attack plastic!" Ave than went really stiff and pretended to be a mannikin.

Miss_Mayhem 11-15-2006 09:38 PM

"That's not half bad..." Mayhem replied. She quickly ran in and out of a store with 2 small children's mannekin's, "They also make good weapons" She continued to proceed at a quick pace to the elevators with the two 'bodies' in stow.

St. Jimmy 11-16-2006 03:33 AM

"FOOL!" St. Jimmy ran after Mayhem. "You don't go in elevators during a zombie attack! If they manage to break into the elevator while you're still in there you're gone! Was this knowledge not spaketh unto you? I'll come with you, but we're not going in the elevator. We could use the escalator if this place has any. I don't suggest the stairs though, it's too confined."

Halo_92 11-16-2006 12:58 PM

******Profile Change**********************

Meanwhile at the gun store, Halo was shoving his pockets full of ammo and handguns. "Man this some crazy s**t." he said to himself. Looking over his shoulder he could make out some Zombies heading his way. He loaded his shotgun up and waited behind a partially broken glass map thingy. As soon as the first went in front of him he blew of the zombie's head. For the next ten minuetes he hoped for somone to come give him a hand, and not literally......

zelda 41 11-16-2006 06:09 PM

Meanwhile, Abby caught up to the gun store and a zombie chased her.


She continued to shot at it until she ran out of bullets.

Abby:....... snap.....

Davinq 11-16-2006 06:29 PM

Miss a night, this is what happens... :/ I'm going back to forum name too.
Davinq had slunk away quietly to avoid being caught by zombies in his disorientedness. Taking the elevator to an upper floor of the mall, he took in the surroundings, trying to find a fellow forumite. Suddenly, he saw Abby nearby the gun shop. "Lovely. Another chance to get slimed by zombie guts." Taking a deep breath, he ran off to help her out.

Upon arrival, and having taken out a stray zombie here and there on the way, Davinq hurdled over the counter, and frantically searched for the largest boomstick he could find...

Miss_Mayhem 11-16-2006 10:04 PM

"Good, point, escalators then," Mayhem corrected herself. She took sight of the nearest escalotors and dragged Jimmy along, "You have the honor of being my human meat shield" She shrieked and cowered with arms over her head at the sound of gunshots. It was Davinq, Zel and Halo. In her efforts to rescue Dav and salvage a slice of pizza, they had managed to get to the second story, leaving her to lag behind a few seconds worth.

'There's a gun store? Then again, this place IS builts over the gates of Hell...' Mayhem thought to herself. "Kay, we grab some guns then we make a run for it!" she shouted as loud as she could. And then the miracle of speed occured once more, and she mad a mad dash to the top of the escalators (with poor, bedraggled Jimmy in tow) and reached her friends. She panted for breath, noting the zombies and infected (thus delusional) shoppers clambering up the escalator steps. "Hand me a gun!" She pleaded ...

Davinq 11-17-2006 12:23 AM

... Davinq complied, grudgingly handing over his large shotgun, and ducking back into the shop to find another.

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