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GUNNER 01-02-2001 09:58 AM

What did GUNNER get for Christmas? A must read...
Since I was in Sunny Arizona for Christmas I really didn't get most of my gifts till I got home and had Christmas with my folks so here is my belated list.

The Tie Advanced Lego model. This baby is sweet ,it is huge and has its own stand and looks great. Now to get the X-Wing.

A nice World map. More on this later.

Socks,sweater,book, yada yada yada.. looks like I'm going to be a Dad again. Not sure how far along we are but the Wife goes to the Doctor today. So actually this preasent wont come for another 7-8 months.

Back to the Map. I got this really nice big World map and I was going to make a list of everyone here (and other various SW forums I hang out at) and where they lived and then I could see just where everyone was at in the World.

So if you wouldn't mind would you please put your name and where you live, if it's a small city also put a town that you are close to that should be on the map. I.E. I live in Auburn so I would also add , 20 miles south of Seattle, as it's a major city. Because if I just put Auburn,Washington You would go, "where in the heck is that". Understand.

so start listing if you would.

Innror 01-02-2001 10:52 AM

Congrats on the baby, Gunner
I live in Copenhagen, Denmark

GUNNER 01-02-2001 11:00 AM

Thanks Innror, I'm a little scared about #2 though. One is a little tough at time but I'm sure we will manage some how.

Ok, we have one for Denmark.

chewie's hairbrush 01-02-2001 12:34 PM

Congrats, the second'll be easier, you've already had some practice.

Reading, England. 40 miles directly west of London.

Ike 01-02-2001 12:58 PM

you got legos too? awesome!

i got the millennium falcon (the big one) and a smaller TIE and Anakin's Pod Racer

Nitro 01-02-2001 01:26 PM

Congrats!!! If you keep it up like this, GUNNER, you might end up with like 10 kids! I know it's possible... I know a family with 10 kids... All girls, and all of 'em can sing way better then anything I've ever heard... Oh yeah, they're really hot too... But anyway... I hope it's a girl for ya, that way Lil' GUNNER can beat up the guys who date her, saving your best threatening lines for special occasions... Give us news on the wife's trip to the Dr.!

*Joker, to the helicopter gunner*

"How can you shoot women, and children?"
"Easy! You just don't lead 'em so much!!!"
-Full Metal Jacket

This post has been brought to you by Nitro

guildenstern 01-02-2001 02:25 PM

The second I read the title of this topic, I said to myself, "GUNNER's having anoher kid!" And I was right! Women, we just know these things...

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The province is a little big, so you'll find my city in the south-west corner.

guildenstern 01-02-2001 02:26 PM

Nononono, uh, I mean south-east!

Zargon 01-02-2001 03:08 PM

Urbana, Il, on the map it might be Champaign-Urbana, its 122 miles almost directly south of Chicago and about 40 from the indiana state line

GUNNER 01-02-2001 04:30 PM

Womens intuition huh Guildy.

I'll blet you guys know what's up when the wife gets home tonight.

Nitro, you forgot your town, but I already know it's Mocton right? Ike ,you too.

Darth Sceltor 01-02-2001 04:40 PM

Congrats GUNNER! You'll do just fine. How do I know? I dunno.

I live in Perryville Mo, about 80 miles south of St Louis along the Mississippi River.

Ike 01-02-2001 04:52 PM

i'm in Loma Linda, CA, which is near Redlands and San Bernardino, which is east of LA.

Andromeda 01-02-2001 05:07 PM

grats Gunman! that's great news i hope it's a girl too, so you can have a little princess to match your prince

and nute and i (hahaha nute, i posted first ) live in butler, pennsylvania, which is hrmm...20 miles(?) north of pittsburgh. even if it's more than that, it's kind of a little city in its own right anyway, so it shouldn't be too hard to find

If you live to be a hundred, i hope i live to be a hundred minus one so i never have to live without you!

Official Forum Chick

Nute Gunray 01-02-2001 05:40 PM

26.5 for me. 28.25ish for you andy.

good work gunner.

The virtues of Pokemon are lost in a sea of animal warfare and Nurse Joy's miniskirt.

Zargon 01-02-2001 06:25 PM

Talk about precision

Gold leader 01-02-2001 06:36 PM

Great news, G! Congrats!

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I wonder whether it's on the map. Should be.

Nute Gunray 01-02-2001 06:39 PM


Originally posted by Zargon:
Talk about precision
There's a sign about half a mile from my house It says "Pittsburgh 26" or i can't remember

The virtues of Pokemon are lost in a sea of animal warfare and Nurse Joy's miniskirt.

Zargon 01-02-2001 06:50 PM

ha ha ha, moron


Gold leader 01-02-2001 06:52 PM

Half a mile? Go, look at it, walk back and tell us what it is; 26 or 24.
Half a mile. Geez. Do you remember what color your front door is?

Nute Gunray 01-02-2001 06:57 PM

but its like nine degrees and snowing a bit! i could DIE, or be attacked by the crazy guys that live in the crazy guy home on the way (yes, there is a home for vets that went crazy. it's next to an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL of all places)

Gold leader 01-02-2001 07:01 PM

I bet there's a weapons depot next to the crazy guy home.

Nute Gunray 01-02-2001 07:05 PM

The National Guard DOES have 16 Cobra Gunships and a pair of Apaches at the nearby airport!

Gold leader 01-02-2001 07:08 PM

<font size =+3>OMG!!!<font>
There aren't any chopper pilots among those crazy vets, are there?

Nute Gunray 01-02-2001 07:12 PM

Probably...from during Vietnam

Ike 01-02-2001 07:14 PM

Nute = most likely to be arrested for stalking.

Gold leader 01-02-2001 07:19 PM

I saw "The Big Lebowski" today. In it there was this guy that was talking bout nam all the time. He used his combat skills when beating up a German with a bowling ball.

Gotta go. CU.

Psycho Tycho 01-02-2001 07:19 PM

That's some scary things...

Nute Gunray 01-02-2001 07:21 PM

i remember back in elementary school when we would get yelled at for making fun of the crazy guys on the other side of the fence. Especially the one that talked to the grass. Little did we know that BOTH sides of the fence contained insane people

JR2000Z 01-02-2001 07:22 PM

Its amazing how threads change in a less then a day.

Psycho Tycho 01-02-2001 07:24 PM

It's magic!

milkshake 01-02-2001 07:29 PM

/me reads the first post then clicked reply button skipping everyhting

40 miles north of London, in England.

Self proclaimed Forum Drunk

I Rock (English for I have an Ego the size of a small country, like Luxumboug, or Vietnam)

Dj Skywalka 01-02-2001 07:31 PM

Congrats Gunner on the new kid.

I live in Perryville, Missouri just like Sceltor

Dj Skweejie
-Two wrongs don't make a right but four lefts make a circle.

Vark111 01-02-2001 07:49 PM

Congrats on the newest little Gunner (Gunnette perhaps?).

Huntington Beach, CA. Just think "On the coast, dead even with Catalina Island!"

It takes all kinds... The question is, what is 'it'?

Jem 01-02-2001 08:19 PM

ok Gunner, for me it's a bit complicated to tell you where I'm from because you see, since the glorious day of my birth I have been living in different countries every 2 or 3 years... so here is the list in order:

Brazil (Born in Rio de Janeiro,1 years)
Phillipines (Manilla, 2 years)
Gabon (Libreville, 2 years)
England (London, 2 years)
Gabon (Libreville, 3 years)
Canada (Ottawa, 3 years)
Poland (Warsaw, 3 years)
Senegal (Dakar, since the 14th of August last year)

and when I finish school over here (1 year or 2, depends if I want to do "BAC") I'll go back home to Canada in the University of Ottawa.
So meanwhile you can put a little mark on Dakar for me.

<font size =-3>

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Kyp Durron 01-02-2001 10:21 PM

Congrats, Gunner! I'm still trying for my first one. Hope this is the year.

Daly City, CA - just south of San Francisco.

Assassin 01-02-2001 10:37 PM

Good luck Kyp, and congrats Gunner

Annapolis, Maryland

ummm....i was going to say something

Admiral 01-02-2001 11:28 PM


I'm close enough to Rome New York (not really but I it is the most know city by me.)

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."
(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

Nitro 01-02-2001 11:30 PM

Close, GUNNER! Moncton, New Brunswick. It's the largest city in New Brunswick... It's also about 3 hours from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

*Joker, to the helicopter gunner*

"How can you shoot women, and children?"
"Easy! You just don't lead 'em so much!!!"
-Full Metal Jacket

This post has been brought to you by Nitro

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Darth Sceltor 01-02-2001 11:47 PM

If you want to see a good look at where I live, go to K_K's thread about Nukeing someone and find one of Zargon's pictures. The one where he offers a shiny penny to anyone who could figure out who he nuked. BTW, I never did get that penny...

Cmdr. Cracken 01-02-2001 11:54 PM

Okay, find Lake Ontario.
Goto teh MIDDLE of the lake, then go right south to ROCHESTER, NY.

if you can't find it after that, get some glasses.

or find Buffalo, NY, and go east. along the Interstate 90.

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