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Vark111 05-05-2000 08:56 PM

Let's talk about 2 and 3...
So, here's some of my theories about Episodes II and III. I wanna share because quite frankly, only you folks would appreciate some of this stuff.

OK. We all know Chancellor Palpatine crowns himself Emperor. We also know that Anakin goes south, and also has a fling with Amidala. But those are just very rough outlines. Some quotes for you to ponder:

"Who else has been Nominated?"
"Bail (Bale?) Antilles of Alderaan, and Aliie Teem of Malastare."

...An Antilles from Alderaan huh? Perhaps he becomes one of the new Emperor's most vocal enemies. Hence, Amidala seeks him out with her Daughter (Leia, soon to be Princess Leia from Alderaan) in tow...

"He feared you might follow old Obi-Wan on some damn-fool idealistic crusade like your father did..."
"I will come back and free you. I promise."

... Perhaps the "Damn fool idealistic crusade" is young Anakin and his Master coming back to free the slaves as the boy promised. Only something horribly awry takes place and Anakin's mother is killed. Causing Anakin to perhaps blame the Jedi for it? That would make him ripe for the journey to the Dark Side...

"Our last master was Captain Antilles..."

...The driods obviously accompany Amidala on her trip to Alderaan, where they are kept in the employ of Bale's son... Wedge's father perhaps? Or is Wedge a captain? I can't remember that...

"She was very beautiful... but... sad."
"She died when I was very young."
"I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her."

... Luke's brought to Tatooine (perhaps by Obi-Wan?) as a newborn. Maybe shortly before or after he and Anakin try to free Anakin's mom? Leia travels with her mom (see top) and Amidala is obviously going to be a bit sad about the fact that her beau is now under the control of the Emperor. Perhaps she is sad enough to attempt to go after him and gets killed in the process?

Anyway, just some of my thoughts. I wanted to get them down someplace so I could come back in a few years and say "SEE! I *told* you so..."

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Rock_Lead 05-07-2000 07:00 PM

Ah. Interesting...

Thrawn 05-09-2000 03:09 PM

Captain Antilles has no relation to Wedge. The Captain was the man choked by Darth Vader on the Tantive IV.
I beleive the crusade is the Clone Wars, where a major battle takes place on Tatoonine. Obi and Ani are there, and something happens to his mom in the process that the Emperor turns against the Jedi to convert Ani.
Another possibility is a love triangle between Obi, Ani, and Ami (this sure does get confusing with names Hence why ANi fights Obi over the lava pit.
My personal theory is that Ani said he would do anything to free his mom. This means he went to seek more power. The only way to do that is too go to the Dark Side.

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Zraii 05-14-2000 07:35 PM

I don't think Bail Antilles and Bail Organa are the same persons. Bail Organa is the one that takes care of Princess Leia as their fosterdaughter. But Bail Organa was on Alderaan when it got blown up by the Death Star.

And as Thrawn said about "...fool idealistic crusade" is true. That is the Clone Wars Uncle Owen refers to.

Wedge Antilles was a captain, but not the captain on Tantive IV, and he may be the one C3PO refers to. I'm unceartan.

And yes I would be very sad to give up my two children if I had to hide them from the father. I think she knew what she had to do even after the twins was born.


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