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Digitaldreamer 11-28-2006 09:58 PM

Holiday Fic -Ideas-
Okay guys, so here's the deal. The holiday season is upon us, and well, I happened to notice this section has a severe lack of holiday-ish fics. This, my fellow Psychonaut fanatics, is a problem. Thus, I have devised a solution.

I will start a fic, hence forth known as “Twenty-five days”. Every day, from December first until Christmas, I will post one chapter, ranging from 300 to 1000 or so words in length. Each chapter will be a separate vignette, which may or may not be connected to the chapters previous. Some viginettes will be continuations of previous chapters, some will be stand-alones, but they will all have to do with two things: Psychonauts and the Holiday Season. You know, sort of like an advent calander?

...It'll be fun, right?


So I definitely need some ideas. I have a few, but I need more to make all twenty-five days. Here's what I have so far:

Sasha vs. The Lights (“One light goes out, they all go out!”)

The Horrors of the great artificial Tree, aka “Half of the crap on this diagram was not in the box”

The Horrible Christmas Shopping of Doom

Oleander the Mall Santa

WOMG MISTLETOE, versions Raz x Lili, Sasha x Milla, and Elton x Milka

Crystal & Clem's Super Magical North Pole Adventure!

Holidays with T3H KING: Christmas with Sheegor, Pokeylope, and Linda

A G-Men Christmas

The Night Before: As Told by Vernon

I'm hoping to have all the campers and asylum characters be in at least one should be lots of fun. But I need if you guys have any, let me hear them! Heck, even if you don't have ideas, just let me know if you think this sounds like a good idea or not. And, you know, tell me how insane I am for daring to give it a shot.'s to hoping this will turn out well, I suppose.

DarthAve 11-28-2006 10:54 PM

Sounds awesome. Although I have a suggestion for a chapter.

How bout a Christmas Story parody? Where Sasha get's a leg lamp and Milla breaks it, and Raz wears bunny pajamas and shoots his eye out with a bb gun! XD

Just my idea, considering I'm from Ohio an that movie=gawd here. I mean, the house is a museam now, and my mom is taking me to see it soon.

BigBad 11-28-2006 11:03 PM

The first two and the G-Men Christmas sound like they are going to be hilarious. I can't wait to see these.

Digitaldreamer 11-28-2006 11:04 PM

Oh God YES, why didn't I think of that? XD That is SO going in.

"But...but...the new psi-blast amplifier from true psychic tales issue #145!"

"Sorry kid, you'll shoot your eye out."

Rain Woman 11-29-2006 02:54 PM

Cool idea
Let me think...

An Even Steven Psychonauts Holiday Story: Raz tries to explain the purpose of Chanukah to Lili, while Lili tries to explain the purpose of Christmas to Raz (Raz: "I've long wondered what the Coach meant when he said, 'Jesus H. Christ!'")

From Russia With Love: Mikhail's struggles to get his Christmas present to Maloof mailed to America on time

To Russia With Love: Same situation as above, with Maloof and Mikhail switching roles...actually, these could both be combined into one story

Bobby Saves Christmas: A heartwarming tale about Bobby doing a good deed for the holidays...heavy on the sentimental sap

A Dogen Boole Christmas: Dogen struggles to find the true meaning of Christmas amidst all the holiday commercialism ("Of all the Dogen Booles in the world, you're the Dogen Booliest!")

It's A Blunderful Life: Crystal has decided to kill herself for real - and gets a visit from her guardian angel, who shows her what the world would be like if she had never been born, yada yada yada (Clem becomes a lonely, friendless Goth, and Raz is never able to become a Psychonaut, because Crystal wasn't there to cheer him on)

I'll try and think of more.

"In the end, Razputin, aren't we all just dogs playing poker?"

DarthAve 11-29-2006 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by Digitaldreamer
Oh God YES, why didn't I think of that? XD That is SO going in.

"But...but...the new psi-blast amplifier from true psychic tales issue #145!"

"Sorry kid, you'll shoot your eye out."

I can imagine it now....

"It's a leg lamp Sasha."
"NO!! It's a MAJOR AWARD!!!"

Digitaldreamer 11-29-2006 03:35 PM

Ooooh, those are all great ideas. I may use some of them, yesiree...


I can imagine it now....

"It's a leg lamp Sasha."
"NO!! It's a MAJOR AWARD!!!"
Nah, I think it'd be Milla who'd be loving it. XD Sasha hates tacky things like that. Thus, it would be him trying to restrain himself from PSI-blasting the poor lamp right there.

DarthAve 11-29-2006 03:45 PM

Wow, Milla being obsessed with a sexy leg lamp??

you're a genius.

Digitaldreamer 11-29-2006 05:11 PM

No, no, to her it's cute, Sasha's just kind of like "Oh God kill it".

Klia 11-30-2006 03:43 PM

And I ask of thee:

What about Kwanza? Seriously, all I see are Jewish and Christian holidays (for that whatever happened to Buddishm or Muslim and those others that become increasingly difficult to spell?) So this Christm-I mean Holiday Season let's try to branch out here huh?

Digitaldreamer 11-30-2006 06:31 PM

Well, I'd do something with both Hannukah and Kwanza...but I know nothing about either holiday, soo...I guess I could do some research and try to come up with something...I kind of have everything planned out now though,, maybe I can try...

DarthAve 11-30-2006 06:48 PM

Chops could try to tell J.T. about Kwanza.

There solved, now tell me what do you think about this.

Raz, Lili, Milla, Sasha, Oleander, and Ford all decide to go caroling. But they're having a little trouble deciding what songs to sing. Basically, Raz, Lili, and Milla wanna do fun songs(Raz is determined to the A Chipmunk Christmas), Sasha wants to sing traditional carols only, and Oleander and Ford are fence sitting but are interested in singing Carol of the Bells cause it's fun.

Digitaldreamer 11-30-2006 06:53 PM

That's what I was considering for Kwanza. The problem is just that I know NOTHING about the holiday, same goes for Hannukah.

I'll try to find a way to fit them in though. The caroling idea is cute as well, perhaps I'll find a way to poke it in...

DarthAve 11-30-2006 07:23 PM

The caroling this was what I was gonna do.

Digitaldreamer 11-30-2006 07:42 PM

Ah, well in that case by all means go ahead with it, it sounds awesome. X3

DarthAve 11-30-2006 07:47 PM

sweet ness. Keep posting, cause if I reach 10000 post, I'll become a mod XDDDD

Miss_Mayhem 12-02-2006 01:32 AM

This sounds awesome! I was planning to do Happily Ever After in time for halloween but ... I got sidetracked and learned to start something like that way in advance!

Some ideas:

1) Milka tries to prove to Elon that Santa isn't real, setting up a trap and everything ... and gets proven right. Elton is crushed but learns that Christmas is not a gift from St. Nick or obscurish religious figures, but from the money-driven-greedy manufacturers, retailors and marketing campaigners as a single, formless entity. Afterall, Christmas is all about receiving ...

2) uh-oh, someone's killed Santa Clause ... what do they plan to do? Why, ruin Christmas by trying to save it of course!

that's all for now.

Klia 12-03-2006 05:10 PM

Darth_Ave your 10,000 posts have inspired me, I'm considering writing something.

DarthAve 12-03-2006 08:41 PM

Wow, I'm an insperation to another subject.

Sweet. I sure am inspiring. ~stands on pedistol~

darlimondoll 12-05-2006 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Digitaldreamer
Oleander the Mall Santa

Crystal & Clem's Super Magical North Pole Adventure!

A G-Men Christmas

The Night Before: As Told by Vernon

Squeal, SQUEAL, squeal and squeal. And while I'm at it, EEE.

I just read the first five stories this afternoon. Your Raz and Lili are adorable. I especially loved the first chapter and Raz's adventures in baking.

..Y'know, the whole leg lamp thing would probably fit Nils and Elka pretty well too. But the Milla and Sasha deal is more unique.

Maybe there could be a Firestarters/Levitators Christmas Concert. *Shurg*

Zetz Darke 12-20-2006 04:26 PM

I was gonna write one where Lili and Raz tried to get Sasha and Milla together for Christmas. That was an idea for last year. This year I'm trying to get some fanart done before Christmas but my inspiration hasn't revived as of yet after the semester I spent at CCAD. Nothing kills the artistic spirit like an art school.

SealfiveLight 04-20-2007 07:26 AM

So Here you got 'yer Ideas, Digitaldreamer ! And I went to Ludus Mentis and hoped each day for updates.... Loves the result, though.

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