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Diego Varen 12-05-2006 01:42 PM

Avatar/Signature Above You
This game is similar to the Poster Above You Thread in the Community Discussion. All you do is rate the Avatar/Signature above you and say what you think about it. So somebody start!

ChAiNz.2da 12-05-2006 02:05 PM

Not sure about "rate" or comment about?


@ Pottsie av :thumbsup:
Festive, animated enough without giving me seizures and not overly distracting :xp:

Diego Varen 12-05-2006 02:07 PM

(Basically it is the same as the Poster Above You Thread).

^ Avatar confuses me, since when has Jolee Bindo become the Grinch? Signature lacks something.

RC-1162 12-05-2006 02:16 PM

^Avvi has that festive mood to start off december. sig lacks the shine of christmas though. a good 500x120 sig pic would do the trick instead of all those smileys :)

Diego Varen 12-05-2006 02:26 PM

^ Nice Avatar that makes me feel warm inside and a Sig that is very good and it's picture is good too.

The Doctor 12-05-2006 03:02 PM

^ I hate Santa and all his ****. So I give the sig a -10 out of 10. But the avatar is ok.

igyman 12-05-2006 03:05 PM

^ I've always wondered what that building in his avatar is.

Diego Varen 12-05-2006 03:23 PM

(Has no idea what the TARDIS is).

^ Okay Avatar and Sig is full of text.

igyman 12-05-2006 03:35 PM

^ that Christmas tree is really glowy, but in a nice kind of way.

darth plumber 12-05-2006 05:11 PM

Looks like "elves in white"
(incase you didn't know elves in white is like men in black but he is wearing white and has pointy ears so it is elves in white.)

igyman 12-05-2006 05:23 PM

^ Darth Vader death scene nicely portrayed in drawing.

Anakin Skywalker 12-05-2006 06:36 PM

^ Awsome Sig, but no picture... :(

@Pottsie, You plagerized someone's post, that will lead to the Dark side, and then you will be my apprentice....... lol

Rabish Bini 12-06-2006 04:58 AM

^Revan standing in an endless vacuum of white space.

Sabretooth 12-06-2006 05:18 AM

^ An anime character who doesn't seem to get tired after endlessly shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

St. Jimmy 12-06-2006 05:21 AM

^ A Christmas loving skeleton... I like it.

igyman 12-06-2006 01:38 PM

^ A Green Day fan.

RC-1162 12-06-2006 02:38 PM

^plain damn cool avvi. could use a nice sig pic though.

igyman 12-06-2006 03:39 PM

^ a fiery mast3r of pwnag3 (just a suggestion, replace the 'a's in your custom title with '@'s). Very nicely done dark sig pic.

DarthAve 12-06-2006 07:56 PM

^Your sig has too much promotion of yourself. And it lacks color.

Emperor Devon 12-06-2006 08:03 PM

^ Your banner could be a bit more complex.

DarthAve 12-06-2006 09:23 PM

^ Gives Ave nightmares.

DarthAve 12-06-2006 09:29 PM

^ Gives me scared monster filled nightmares that cannot be saved by the drugs ElTee says are good. Like LSD or XTC. NO DRUGS ARE GOOD, MMKAY?

DarthAve 12-06-2006 09:45 PM


DarthAve 12-06-2006 09:52 PM

^ The mullet on that guy is creepy.

DarthAve 12-06-2006 09:55 PM

^ D: Erik will do no such thing. His heart belongs to Christine and ONLY Christine.

CSI 12-07-2006 02:06 AM

^A Frankenstein laughing at you and with two handsome boy standing like they're in system before.

Diego Varen 12-07-2006 02:50 AM

^ Nihilus has really lost it and is celebrating Christmas like the rest of us.

St. Jimmy 12-07-2006 03:09 AM


CSI 12-07-2006 03:48 AM

^and like heavy metal.

St. Jimmy 12-07-2006 04:57 AM

^ The guy in the light side of the sig, still looks decidedly evil.

Rabish Bini 12-07-2006 05:02 AM

^sig walks a lonely road, likes dancing snowmen

CSI 12-07-2006 05:03 AM

^Akuma shifting to Shin Akuma. Iori Yagami shifting to Orochi Iori. Hardcore Capcom VS. SNK fan.

Rabish Bini 12-07-2006 05:04 AM

^Weird, just like his Santa Nihilus avatar

CSI 12-07-2006 05:05 AM

^Has he finished using Ken yet?

Rabish Bini 12-07-2006 05:08 AM

^Revan's a mutant with 2 faces

And I don't like Capcom Vs. SNK, only Street fighter.

Sabretooth 12-07-2006 08:30 AM

^ Still not tired, and not even using Duracell, people!! :p

RC-1162 12-07-2006 09:55 AM

has a translucent frill on his santa hat! :D

DarthAve 12-07-2006 03:08 PM

^ Is on FIRE.

RC-1162 12-07-2006 03:10 PM

^avi unnerves me. sig bores me.

Rabish Bini 12-07-2006 06:34 PM

^Likes burning things, I guess

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