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___ACROBAT___ 12-21-2006 12:03 AM

water shader?

Ok, I got this water shader from another map, and Iíve tried to make it work a dozen times yet Iím still having problems with it. The second part of the shader is some sort of overlay that sits\affects only the surface if I understand it correctly. As far as I can tell the overlay part of it works perfectly. I put a brush coated with overlay up in the air to see if the lava worked and it seemed to work and flow and move and all.

The first part of the shader on the other hand acts weird. The first thing I find odd about it is that in no part does it reference a texture. The only values I can plug in are the part for the image editor and a name for it gtk. Yet when I see it ingame I can see it resembles water that I can stand on yet it also has a missing\texture\gridlines with water kinda running over the gridlines, and the teamoverlay overtop of that.

Any ideas?

(shader 1)
qer_editorimage textures/beach/lavashader
qer_trans 0.75
surfaceparm nomarks
surfaceparm nonsolid
surfaceparm nonopaque
surfaceparm water
surfaceparm fog
surfaceparm trans
q3map_material Water
fogparms ( 0.113725 0.137255 0.380392 ) 1024.0
cull back
deformvertexes wave 100 sin 1 2 2 0.6
map $lightmap

(shader 2)
qer_editorimage textures/beach/firstlava
qer_trans 0.5
surfaceparm noimpact
surfaceparm nomarks
surfaceparm nodlight
surfaceparm nonsolid
surfaceparm trans
cull disable
deformvertexes wave 100 sin 1 5 2 0.6
map textures/beach/firstlava
blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
tcMod scroll 0.007 0.005
tcMod turb 1 0.07 1 0.01
tcMod stretch noise 1 0.01 0 0.02

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