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DarthHulkster 08-10-2000 09:22 PM

List your fav. SW games.
My fav. SW games, in this order are
1.Jedi Knight/MotS
2.Dark Forces
3.Shadows of the Empire
4.Jedi Power Battles
5.TIE Fighter
6.X-Wing Alliance
7.Yoda Stories
8.Rouge Squadron
9.Ep1 Racer
10.Masters of Teras Kasi
11.Reb. Assault II
13.Reb. Assault I
15.Monopoly Star Wars

SGSmitty 08-10-2000 10:16 PM

X-Wing Alliance/X-Wing Collector's Series
Dark Forces 2

I have Rebellion and wanted to like it real bad. The reason I quit playing it was not so much the interface (which was bad) but rather it seemed like the AI cheated too much.

Darth Massacator 08-10-2000 10:35 PM


1. X-Wing Alliance
2. X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (back in my MSZone Junkie days)
3. Jedi Knight/MotS
4. X-Wing

I played the demo of Rogue Squadron and I wasn't too impressed, so I didn't buy it.

Tek Gunner 08-11-2000 08:23 AM

This thread would probably be more fitting in the "SW Games" forum. You can find this thread there...

Thrawn 08-12-2000 03:04 AM

1.TIE Fighter!
2.JK only, the only thing good about MOTS was the gameplay and graphics, the story sucked, cutscenes were cartons, and everything else was generally bad.
3.X-Wing Alliance
4.every other SW game that i own (all of them)

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Rogue 6

Ham Yoyo 08-12-2000 05:07 AM

1. X-Wing Alliance
2. JK & MotS
3. X-Wing (Windows 95)
4. TIE Fighter (Windows 95)
5. XvT
6. The Phantom Menace
7. Shadows of the Empire
8. Rebel Assault 2

My Dream, to fly a starfighter and destroy Imperial ships.

Thrawn 08-12-2000 07:28 PM

TIE Fighter is sooo much more addicitve than X-Wing or X-wing Alliance.

"Have no fear, your local Grand Admiral is here!"
Rogue 6

Tek Gunner 08-12-2000 09:47 PM

I wish I coulda played the CD-ROM version rather than the DOS version of TIE Fighter. <font size=1>

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Marril 08-15-2000 04:04 PM

1. TIE Fighter ('nuff said)
2. XWA (me-sa hate the DSII run... )
3. X-Wing (the Death Star was SO fun!)
4. Rogue Squadron (bye-bye, Seerdon
6. Rebel Assault (nice Death Star run)
7. Dark Forces (heh, Stage III Dark Trooper go BOOM...)
8. Dark Forces II (played the demo... didn't like it that much... though the gun variety was nice
9. Rebel Assault 2 (Phantom TIE is the ONLY reason it's on here)

Why is it that whenever someone says SOL I am always in trouble... whether it be Standards of Learning or (the other version). I'm always screwed.

AceAzzameen 08-15-2000 05:11 PM

See Thrawn's posts above for my list.

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Rogue15 08-15-2000 06:57 PM

X-Wing (i like editing it)
Rogue Squadron
TIE Fighter
X-Wing Alliance
Jedi Knight (i finally got to play it on a pentium 3, it is so much cooler!!!)
Star Wars Rebellion
Force Commander
Shadows of the Empire
Episode I Racer
Battle for Naboo (when it comes out probably)

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