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Star Ghost 12-26-2006 03:56 AM

The Great Hyperspace War RPG
//I don't really like the idea of D&R threads so I decided to start this RPG the good old fashion way, by having character recruitment and the RPG on the same thread.//

This RPG is set before the events of KOTOR 1, during the Great Hyperspace war when the hyperdrive was invented. (I'm going to make up my own story about the whole thing because I know nothing about what really happened)


The hyperdrive was invented by a brilliant physicist on Curoscant by the name of Jaden Narr. Recognising the potential of this device, the govornment immeadiatly seized the device and Jaden, taking his plans and building a new kind of spacecraft, one that would finally be able to travel outside of the Curoscant system.

The craft, New Horizons 1, was lightly armed and had a crew of 10 scientists and one Jedi representative named Darn Kash. Two days after it had left the system, a plea for help came through the force to the Jedi Temple from Darn. That was the last time he was heard from, ever.

Furios at the loss of their scientists and expensive device, the govornment built a new ship, heavily armoured and armed with a platoon of soldiers on board. After the ship entered hyperspace, they arrived in the Corellia system. In a few hours they detected multiple projectiles coming at them from a small orbital station, which they destroyed.

The ship quickly fled back to Curoscant, but something followed. They then realised that Corellia must have captured the New Horizons 1 and built their own hyperdrive off of it.

A huge war ingnited, hyperdrives were mass produced on both sides. Curoscant won the war, and took over Corellia, then turned towards other systems.

Eventually, everyone had hyperdrives, and the planets conquered by Curoscant became the Republic. Then, out of the fringes of the galaxy came a dark force which began coquering planets on it's own. They were the Sith. The war that followed would be brutal and bloody, the Great Hyperspace War had begun.

This RPG is set 10 years into the war

No super characters
No PC killing without permission
Have fun
Don't be stupid

Character Creation (You can use the character database if you want):

Class: (Jedi, Dark Jedi, soldier etc.)
Faction: (Republic, Sith, or Mercenary)
Rank: (Master padawan general etc.)
Ship: (optional)


Name: John Lavelle
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Apperance: Tall, Dark brown hair, blue eyes
Class: Jedi
Alignment: Light
Faction: Republic
Rank: Knight
Ship: The Star Ghost, a heavy cruiser with a hanger and a 12 fighter escort, 20 turbolaser batteries, and 2 space to surface missile bay, 2 space to space missile bays.
Equipment: Dual Blue lightsabers, red robes and white platebody
Bio: John was taken for Jedi training when he was 5, he showed alot of promise and was quickly given the rank of knight.

We will star when more people come.

Relenzo2 01-04-2007 10:25 AM

Well then, that makes two of us, as I also have no idea of real story. No sure you are still checking this, but I'll create a character here just in case you are.

Name: Sem Colonn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average height, dark eyes, wardrobe says smuggler, but only a few of his clothes could pass for being made from designs from this century. Or the last.
Class: Pilot
Alignment: Pretty nuetral
Faction: DEFINATELY no faction
Rank: N/A
Ship: The Warp V, one of the first ships to have a hyperdrive. Also has two large blasters and a proton bomb bay, for weapons
Equipment: machine gun on in his left holster, taser in his right.
Bio: Sem was eager to explore space and make his fortune as soon as the hyperdrive was invented. He took a ship and a co-pilot and left Coruscant soon as he could. Not sure about the Jedi religion that is more prominent in galactic matters now, or the Republic.

Anakin Skywalker 01-04-2007 10:36 AM

((I'll join, so long as your still doing it, sorry I didn't sign up sooner, I didn't see it))

Name: Cody DeVore
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Apperance: Tall, blonde hair, strong....
Class: Jedi Guardian
Alignment: Light
Faction: Republic
Rank: Padawan
Ship: The Ebon Hawk (the original owner, and builder of the Hawk)
Equipment: two Lightsabers (one blue, one green), The Force...
Bio: Cody was born on the desert planet of Tatooine, but soon his parent's moved to Naboo... there, they contacted the Jedi, to see if he was Force Sensitive. The Jedi Knight who they sent, took the boy to the Temple to recieve his training.

Relenzo2 01-04-2007 11:55 AM

OOS: What exactly does that mean, if you don't mind me asking? Are you trying to join every RP thread?

Sem Colon steered the ship into the spaceport. "Jagques, come on." "yes, sir. Where are we?" "You mean what planet, or what spaceport?" "I know the planet, I just want to know what side of it we're on." "Well, we sure aren't on the classy side." "I can see that, sir." The town was not very high class, and would have looked more like an outlaw hideaway than a town, except it was big enough to obviously be the second. "Ah, sir, if I can ask another question... why are we here?" "Well, I got a message from an old man down here who says he had a big job for me. And this is where we find him." "Nice ship, I gotta say." "Yep." Then the door of the ship opened, and out stepped a little green man. Sem was surprised, he hadn't thought imagined the person he was looking for would look like this. "Hm, Sem Colon you are." "Yes." "Ah, come inside. Yes, we have much to talk about." "You said you had a job for me." "Mm, a job? A quest I have for you, boy, yes! Come, we will talk. Yoda, my name is. A jedi I am." "I don't fully trust the Jedi." "Yes, I can feel it.. must distrust in you, there is. But come. There are larger matters here at hand.

Star Ghost 01-10-2007 09:26 AM

Well if anyone actually looks at this again, I am still posting on this (I admit I was going to give up checking)

The Star Ghost loomed through space, scanning for Sith ships and other hostile craft. John walked up the bridge isle and examined the vast blackness before him.
"Captain have you found anything?" He asked the young man at the helm.
"No sir, no enemy presence since they fled yesterday." The captain replyed
"Keep searching, i sense a great disturbance in the force, we are definatly not alone."
"Yes, sir."
"Well Captain I for one will be very glad when this is all over- wait- BRACE YOURSELVES!"

It was to late, the Sith cruisers and fighters came out of hyperspace, immeadeatly opening fire on the Star Ghost, the whole craft shook under the enemy's fire.
"Return fire," John shouted. "Send a distress call at once!"

The sheilds (very archaic back then) went out fast, exposing the hull, which was immediatly breach by enemy fire. The battle was not going well at all.

Relenzo2 01-10-2007 04:04 PM

OOS: Amiable of you to show up. I hope you don't mind me using Yoda, but I calculated he could well be alive during this time.

"Okay then, what larger matters?" Said Sem when they were inside the cruiser. "Mm, larger matters... the Sith." "The Sith?" "Yes. Always, we must fight the sith, or destroy the galaxy they will." "And what's so special you had to get me?" Yoda looked at him. "You, heard of the New Horizons you have?" "Of course!" "Stole Jedi artifacts the sith did. Hid them aboard the New Horizons, and then jettisoned them out accross the galaxy." "Uh oh. You want me to get them back, don't you?" Yoda smiled. "Be returned, they must, or the Sith will upset the balance of the Force. And in war, critical this will be. Critical, this time in the galaxy is." "I don't buy all that stuff." "hmm, do not believe, do you."
Then Yoda reached out with the Force, and touched him with his power. This left Sem with an altered veiew of the world, as well as making him very confused and rather disorientated. "Listen you... ah... well, how do I get them?" "A ship you have. Other duties you do not. Sense where the artifacts are, I can. The planets they are on... Corellia, Felucia, Dantooine, Degobah, Endor, Geinosis." "What? You're spouting random words, those aren't planets! Except for Corellia." "Planets they are!" Yoda snapped. "And find those planets you will." "Listen, I... well, I guess I'll do it, but how do think I could actually succeed?" "See the future I can. The artifacts will be returned. But as to when... that is up to you. Now go. And be with you may the Force." "Yeah, same." Sem and his co-pilot left, Sem bumping into the side before he left.
"Uh, boss, if you mind me asking, why did you just agree to do what that little guy told you? I mean, you don't know him or anyhting." "Well, here's the way I figure it. Our goal is to go explore the galaxy and make our forutne and such. I don't think that really conflicts with what Yoda was asking. Besides, I just.. felt something, something I couldn't explain... ah well. Come on, Jagques, let's go ter the ship."

Anakin Skywalker 01-10-2007 05:09 PM

Well...... IMO there aren't enough people for this to start....... that's why I haven't been posting..

Relenzo2 01-10-2007 05:52 PM

... Well, we're starting anyway.

Star Ghost 01-11-2007 06:35 AM

OT- I guess Anakin is right, there aren't really enough people, but I'm kinda bored, and on top of that, no one else has joined. I don't care if you use Yoda, however he was only 900 years old (only lol) and this is set at least 10000 years before he was born. But I guess he could be his ancestor or whatever.

Having heard the distress call, a Republic figate with a small fighter escort exited hyperspace. They began to open fire on the enemy vessals.

Right now the battle was not going well at all for the Star Ghost, which had lost large sections of the hull and many crewmembers. As another missile hit the ship, John was temporarily blinded as it hit right next to the bridge viewing platform, barley missing the window.

The Republic frigate could do nothing about the much larger Sith cruisers so positioned itself above the Star Ghost to ward of attacking fighters. It's small escort encircled both of the ships.

"Hailing the Star Ghost, this is Republic Frigate Designation 181, more ships are on their way." The frigate captain called.

John got on the intercomm.

"This is the Star Ghost, we thank you for your timely aid, when will the other ships arrive, we can't hold much longer!" John said.

"They are en-route now, Frigate 181 out." came the reply.

Relenzo2 01-11-2007 08:18 AM

OOS: Oops, I forgot it was for ten-tousand years the Jedi knights were guardians of peace and justice in the old republic, not just one-thousand

"We're coming in towards Coreallia," said Jagques. "Good, I... what is that?" Up ahead, is looked like, a Republic ship, and a freighter coming in it 0.135, fighting off... Sith cruisers! "Jagques!! Accelerate to attack speed, boost front deflector sheilds, and get ready to man those guns! We gotta help them out!." "Yes, boss. The ship is battle ready."

Star Ghost 01-11-2007 11:33 AM

John sensed Sem before he saw his ship, originally thinking he was a Sith, then thinking he was a Jedi, then finally coming to the conclusion that he was neither, just a Force Sensitive (O/T- you are right?).

"Hailing the Warp V, this is republic cruiser the Star Ghost, we are in a bit of a predicament, will you help? More Republic Cruisers are on the way but the ship is breaking up and i need help fast!" John said.

The Star Ghost now threatened to lose orbital stability and plummet to planet below, a forest world, uninhabbited, by the name of Kashyyke (sp?). Rumour was that there were huge hairy beasts, capable of tearing a man limb from limb down there(O/T- Soon will discover wookies). It was the last place short of Korriban that John wanted to crash on.

"Sir, we have lost 75% of our weaponry and the Navigation computer is gone!" A fearful Luitenant told John with a red face.

"Captain, activate all boosters and open emergancy flaps, we need to maintain orbit!" John shouted.

Relenzo2 01-11-2007 12:10 PM

OOS: Yeah, guess so.

"Star Ghost, this is the Warp V, and we're here to kick some butt!" Sem started opening blaster fire on the nearest Sith cruiser. Those Sith cruisers were outnumbering and outgunning them for now, but hopefully they'd get some help from that other cruiser. He thought... no, more felt... that these Sith were really evil. He had a bad feeling abou this. "Jagques, fire up that machine turret and cover our back!" he said.

Star Ghost 01-12-2007 03:40 AM

Although John was glad that the Warp V had joined the battle, he was afraid it was to late for the Star Ghost. He was stuggling to make the descision to abandon ship and get into the escape pods. The Republic cruisers would send search parties to find their escape pods down on Kashyyk.

The Star Ghost was begining to lose altitude now, entering the first layer of the green planet's atmosphere, John was about to give the order to get to the escape pods when the Frigate above them broke in half. John sensed the deaths, and was temporarily unable to do anything, being overwhelmed by the loss of life. That moment cost him the chance to launch the escape pods, as a part of the frigate smashed into the middle of the Star Ghost, forcing him to order the blast doors shut to stop loss of air.

It was all or nothing now, most likely nothing. Finally, 2 Frigates and a Cruiser exited hyperspace and began firing upon the Sith Cruisers. Unfortunatly, the Star Ghost had lost her comm array, and was begining to plummet to the planet below.

"Captain! Open all emergancy flaps and ready for descent!" John shouted.
"Yes, Sir!"
"Come in shallow, we already lost alot of our hull and I'm worried that any debris that falls of could hit the bridge."
"Yes sir, seting descent angle to 30 degrees!"

Relenzo2 01-12-2007 07:53 AM

With the arrival of help, they were beginnning to win the battle, but it was not very important anymore. The Star Ghost was plummeting towards Kashyyyk, adn it was too late to save it. But maybe he could still help them. "Jagques, as soon as all these Sith cruisers are destroyed or driven off, we have to go down there." "Down there! "Down there."

OOS: We have to decide now, were the wookies advanced at this period, or did they simply get their technology after contact with the Republic.

Star Ghost 01-20-2007 10:10 AM

O/T- sorry I was gone for a week, I was really busy. Wookies have lower level of technology because they have had no contact with the outside world, but they can have crossbows, the ancestor of the bowcaster and some advanced pulley and elevator systems for their tree houses. IF anyone ever post again

In an enormous explosion, the first Sith cruiser exploded, sending debris flying in every direction, heavily damaging the other Sith cruiser that was nearby. John only turned breifly to observe this before his attention was brought back to the critical condition of his ship. Emergency lights painted the bridge a blood red, eerily lighting the faces of those around him. He could sense their fear, he struggled to control his own.

With one final groan, the Star Ghost's aft armour plating peeled off due to the strange entry angle into the Kashyykian atmosphere.

"Sir, heat levels are rising!"

John didn't need to be told, he could feels the growing heat and the sweat pouring off of him. The temperature was hotter than a Tatooine summer day already.

As they gained speed, the Star Ghost became enveloped in a white flame, like a shooting star. John realized in horror that in a matter of minutes the temperature would boil their blood and kill them all. He reached for the force, comforted by it's familiar touch, and made a barrier around the bridge. He knew everyone else on the ship would die, but he could only protect a small area.

From the Republic cruisers, it looked as if everyone on the ship was dead already, so they made no action to send a landing craft down. They didn't notice the Warp V heading towwards the planet either, they were to busy with the Sith cruiser, which they had boarded and taken many prisoner.

Relenzo2 01-20-2007 10:39 AM

"Wow, boss, I ain't ever seen so many flashing red lights!" SHUT UP AND ACTIVATE THE AXILLERY COOLING!" Sem Colon was starting to lose his own cool. With the boardingof the Rebel ship, his little craft couldn't stand against the last Sith cruiser. "Set an emergency landing course for the nearby planet." he instructedthe ship. They were getting out of here. Hopefully they wouldn't be followed.

OOS: I drew the Warp V! See Here: And I have the color version now at . Not incredible but it does make the carbon scoring look cool.

Star Ghost 01-23-2007 10:00 AM

O/T- Nice drawing, I made a bunch of drawings of different things such as the Republic frigate, however I have no scanner. I made a model of a Republic fighter in Google Sketch-up .

Finally, the Star Ghost exited the atmosphere, however it was to late for John, he had fainted from the over-use of his power. But he had saved the crew from boiled blood and charred flesh, well, those on the bridge at least. The remainder of the crew had perished, including an entire battalion of soldiers.

The ship plummeted to the forest below, going into a sort of flat spin because of the entry angle. The bridge crew was trying to maintain a steady course, but all forms of control had been lost.

They crashed.

Relenzo2 01-23-2007 12:28 PM

Sem landed the Warp V near the ruin of the Star Ghost, swore, and started looking for surivivors. He found most of the bridge crew alive, but everyone else had been dead. He instructed everyon ewho would listen to start lookin gfor the captain.

Star Ghost 01-24-2007 01:56 AM

John awoke, unsure where he was. The last thing he remembered was over-straining himself in his attempt to save the crew. He heard a deep growling sound and turned on the palette he was lying on to see a huge fur covered beast holding a large crossbow. He tried to get up but his head hurt to much, and the beast wouldn't let him.

He reached out with the force to try to see if this lifeform was intelligent, finding that it was just as sentinent as a human. Using his powers, he tried to communicate with the creature.

Relenzo2 01-24-2007 12:07 PM

All the survivors that Sem could find had been evacuated. He couldn't find any trace of the captain he had contacted in space, but maybe, just maybe, he ws still alive. All of a sudden, he heard a noise behind him. When he turned around,, he saw a huge furry beast, holding a bow and arrow. Sem's blood started flowing fast. He drew his machine gun. "Don't come any closer! Or, or I shoot!" The creature cocked it's head to the side inquisitively.

Star Ghost 01-24-2007 11:39 PM

John had finally learned the language of these creatures, who called themselves the Wookies. He was able to project images into their minds to speak with them, and he could understand what they said, but their language was immpossible for humans to speak.

The Wookies had foud him not far from his ship, badly wounded from the impact, but they dared not go to close to the Stare Ghot because they feared witchcraft and evil. The had sent their Shaman and a few warriors out to examine it though.

John asked if he could return to the ship, but the healer said he was to injured. He stared down from the tree platform at the jungle floor below. The wookie tree city was amazing and huge, and apparently there were even bigger ones. John could not wait to inform the Republic about these magnificent creatures, who looked like they could rip a man limb from limb with ease.

Relenzo2 01-25-2007 10:54 AM

His heart was beggining to slow down. The creatur hadn't tried to attack anybody with that bow yet, and did not even seem hostile. However, he had Jagques keep an eye on it while they started building some shelters from wind and rain with sticks and large leaves, which were in good supply. The he heard another wookie coming. No wait, it was the same one, who had dissapeared erlier. The creature motined for Sem to follow. Follow? Well, it couldn't hurt, maybe he wanted to help. Sem took two other people and Jagques and cautiously followed the carpet into the jungle. And after an hour of walking, they were greeted by a city sight that blew them away and made their mouths drop.

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