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K_Kinnison 11-21-2000 11:32 PM

Obi-wan canceled
Obi-Wan has been canceled for the PC! It's real, unfortunately and confirmed by the Lucasarts official site just today. Ryan also wrote in to share in the dissapointment, noting this from the announcement:

Following an extensive review of the project and a great deal of deliberation, LucasArts Entertainment Company has ceased development of Star Wars: Obi-Wan for the PC. The expected breadth and scope of the Obi-Wan project could not be met given limitations of technology and the company's recently heightened quality standards. LucasArts is now planning to bring the game and its assets to a next generation console platform. Further announcements will be made in this regard next year.
LucasArts remains fully committed to developing games for the PC platform, as evidenced by its current development alliances with Verant Interactive, BioWare Corporation, and other soon to be announced projects.

a sad sad day for many SW gamers

paulbarnard 11-22-2000 03:11 AM

I look it as LEC finally picking up the ball. They realize that any game they release is seen as the gaming equivalent of the second coming. So if they can't meet those standards they shouldn't release the game.

It's better then them sending a product to market that sucks or isn't to the potential. Gaming has a high turnover. JK stood up to the test of time (nearly three years). If they don't think it can stand up to that then don't release it.

Paul Barnard
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JR2000Z 11-26-2000 01:37 AM

Anybody signed the Official Obi-Wan PC petition?

K_Kinnison 11-26-2000 04:18 PM

bah, they jsut dont want to sped the money or the time to make a PC game.. they realize that making Console games is much cheaper, and people are willing to pay $50 to $70 to get them, then throw them away after a year.

PC games need:

Tech support
MP support
Availible to a wide range of COmputers, Vid cards, and sound cards
Updates for said cards and computers
Compatibilty issues

Thrawn 11-26-2000 08:10 PM

I signed it, not that it will do any good.

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Scoundrel67 12-01-2000 07:26 PM

I, too, added my signature to the petition. It may not change the present situation regarding Obi-Wan, but perhaps it will spark a little thought at Lucas Arts. Their PC following deserves better than we've been getting for the past...well, since the release of XvT. LA peaked with Tie Fighter and things have slipped steadily since then.

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Thrawn 12-02-2000 12:48 AM

I think all of the people at LA who knew how to make PC games have left LA and gone to other companies. All they have left are console people.

You were expecting a creative sig?
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