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Relenzo2 01-03-2007 09:46 PM

NR saga-Jedi
I know I said in NR saga I would wait till it finished, but, I think it would be fun to have them both going on at the same time. Besides, looking around, we need a couple threads you don't have to delve through oodlyooldes of story to join. Rules are the same as in NR saga, plus I will add some more character infos to enter since this is exclusively for playing jedi. Also you certainly don't have to play both threads, keep up on both because they are both story for both games. If you see an NPC you wanna play, go ahead, all characters without a player yet are fair game. But if it is not a Jedi character, youi have to play it in the other forum.

Extra specs
Rank: (padawan or Knight. This really replaces Assignation. There are no new masters yet, as there has not been time for them to be trained.)
Main force powers: (your usual manifestations of the force energy that are "force powers" like push, pull, heal, explode, float, I could go on.)

NOTE: This is both join and story thread. I do it the old fashioned way.

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