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starmark2k 01-04-2007 12:47 PM

Starfields: The Second Age
Ok here is the first RP for Starfields: The Second Age. You still have time to join if you wish just go to the D&R Thread and post a character.
Location: Ares Station, Piranha 1 Xi Group Hanger.

Time until haven meeting: 82 hours 37 minuets.

Wg ld. Samson and Fl Lt. Struts were standing by their Star Wing, Piranha-Ares-one-Xi-Gamma-Beta, waiting for the new co-pilot who had recently been assigned to the Star Wing. Their last co-pilot had been reassigned to the leviathan as a full pilot and Wing Leader.

Currently Xi Group was on down time from its usual duties of Investigating sensor anomalies in deep space. It wasn't the best assignment in the fleet but it was alot better tan others like Scanning all the freighters entering olympia territory for contraband.

"So whens the new guy suppose to get here?" Jamie asked while polishing her name plate that was attached to the ship.

"About two minuets ago." Michael replied looking down at his watch.

((OCC @ JASRA- Our guys havn't been assigned the mission let.))
Location: New Sahara, Special Forces Facility.

Time until haven meeting: 82 hours 29 minuets.

Jennifer Nelson agent of Apex's special forces walked down a long metallic corridor towards a Man in a dark suit. The man was the Director of Intelligance, one of the most powerful men in all of the empire.

"You called me Sir?" The Black Agent asked bowing her head.

"Yes Agent Nelson." He replied in a deadly serious tone. "How has your investigation into the recent theifts gone?"

"I beleive it was an inside job Sir, I'm almost cirtain a researcher was involved." She replied head still down.

"Hmmm, this Deceit must not go unpunished." He replied placeing his finger on her chin and pulling it up so she was facing him. "The other Empires have also had theifts and beleive it is connected, they have decided to create a task force, We want you to go with our Scientist to aid in this investigation... Get the Nanobot technology back and eliminate those responsible for its theft."

"Yes Sir, I will not fail." She said in a matter-of-fact mannor.

"You better not, you know the price of failure."

((OCC- i only did the time and location as i have multiple characters, you don't have to do it unless you want to.))

Master_Archon 01-04-2007 01:35 PM

Location: Carad-Galadh; Natural Wildlife Preserve, Six Hours Away From Civilization

Time Until Haven Meeting: 72 Hours

Ciyagi's chin lay rested on his chest as he slept in his seat. His mentor and friend, Umbar sat next to him, cleaning his shotgun, and all around in the small cabin of the transport jeep sat other men, some sleeping, some cleaning weapons, others talking quietly to eachother.

The cabin jolted and Ciyagi was knocked out of his sleeping state.

"Wah! Wha? What? Oh, we there yet?" He asked Umbar half dazed.

"Almost," he responded modestly. The cabin jolted several more times as the jeep went over some rough terrain.

"Why is it that a transport jeep that uses hydrolic air jets to keep off the ground hit rough terrain?" Questioned Ciyagi.

Umbar shrugged, "not sure, why don't you ask the driver."

Ciyagi just frowned and put his chin in his hands, and sighed. Not long after that a red light came on in the cabin, and the jeep could be felt slowing down.

"Alright everyone time to move!" Shouted Umbar as the back of the cabin opened up and light streamed in. The men poured out, Umbar and Ciyagi as well. Other jeeps could be seen lined up across the field, more men pouring out of those.

Infront of them lay a small forest, on the other side, their objective. Officers started shouting men formed up, and before long streams of people were heading into the trees. Ciyagi had his L-Scope Rifle out while Umbar had his shotgun. They moved through the forest quickly, and with little resistance. At the edge the men took cover, behind trees and such, not too far ahead was a ship landed in a field, men scurried around outside it, three cages could be seen of different sizes.

"Poachers," stated Ciyagi to Umbar. Umbar knodded, he turned to his commanding officer and asked, "permission to engage?"

The officer knodded, at this Umbar gave a signal with his hand and the men moved from their cover. They moved in a bent crouching type of position, and held their guns lowered but quickly moved the barrels upwards and down over and over as they fired. The poachers started falling, but were not about to give up, they too started opening fire. Men fell around Ciyagi as he fired and pushed forward.

Men on both sides started lobbing grenades, clouds of dirt and clodds of soil permeated the air, men flew overhead, then fell to the ground with thumps.

Umbar gave a signal to the men around him and started figiting with his Nano-Pack. Ciyagi did the same, the others following sweet. Soon sheets of armor started to unfold from the packpacks, from those sheets others sprung, until each man was in a suit of telemetric armor.

Umbar gave a signal to keep pushing forward, and they complied. Ciyagi felt a bullet ping off his left arm, but ignored it, he fired at who shot him, the man fell, he fired another shot, another fell. Soon they had closed the gap and the men got up drawing their melee weapons, Ciyagi drew his sword, while Umbar pulled out his handgun.

The poachers were helpless, not many people in the galaxy were prepared for such close combat, and that's what gave Pharaz an advantage, because they were. The ship took off, only to be fired upon by two large tanks with head mounted laser turrets. The ship was hit four times before plummeting back to the planets surface.

Ciyagi deactivated his armor and went in search of Umbar. He found him talking to someone on his wristphone.

"Yes...yes...okay....sure, will do sir," said Umbar as he closed the line and stared at Ciyagi.

"What?" Asked Ciyagi as he wiped dirt off his face.

"The Army's Chief of Staff wishes to see us in two hours," said Umbar.

"So...what's so bad about that?" Ciyagi asked.

"He wants us to meet him at Alphbeol, the capital," Umbar said plainly, Ciyagi just cocked an eyebrow. "Which is six hours away," said Umbar slowly, giving Ciyagi a deadpan stare.

"Oh..." said Cyagi the realization hitting him. "We need to go!" He practically shouted as he started running off, then stopped and turned back towards Umbar.

"That way," said Umbar pointing in the other direction. Ciyagi smiled and nodded vigorously, then started running off, Umbar not too far behind.

Grace 01-04-2007 01:36 PM

((The time/location thing is a good idea, though... helps us keep straight who's with who and who can hear and react to whoever... (that was a lot of who's! :p ) ))

Location: Haven; Capital City, Paramount

Time until Haven meeting: 66 hours, 30 minutes

Pilot Grace Tyler was amused. Though it was still well over two days until the actual meeting would occur, the news of the stolen fighter and of the meeting itself had leaked out to the public. Tyler sometimes wondered if the Advisors staged 'leaks' like this, just to make the population go crazy... just as they were doing now. The name 'Grace Tyler' had also been 'leaked' and the citizens of Capital City were frantically assembling a parade for her. Yes, Plt. Tyler was very amused.

The parade appeared to have been thrown together in record timing of just a single day. The 'floats' were simple hovercraft covered in ridiculous amounts of colored paper and banners proclaiming, "Grace Tyler and Company, Heroes of Haven!" Tyler was unsure of who the 'Company' they referred to was. She'd heard there were others from Haven joining the mission, but to her knowledge she had not yet met any of them.

Initially, Tyler had planned on avoiding the parade entirely. That plan had changed abruptly when the Three Council told her she had to be there. So here she was, dressed in her ceremonial pilot's uniform, auburn hair pulled professionally back from her face, watching the finishing touches being put on the 'floats' while nearly three dozen young men stood by watching.

"Excuse me," Tyler said, catching the attention of a woman working nearby. "What are those boys around for?"

"Oh!" the woman exclaimed. "They'll be using their powers to lift you and your Company aloft during the parade."

Tyler frowned slightly. "Meaning, up?" she gestured upward and, calling on a little of her own power, raised herself about a meter off the ground. The woman laughed as Tyler descended back to her initial standing position.

"A good deal higher than that," she said. With that, she hurried back to her work, leaving Plt. Grace Tyler standing behind with a puzzled frown.

steven 01-04-2007 02:19 PM

Location: In Hypergate lane, currently travelling from Hade to Possiden. Currently 16 hours left.

Time until Haven meeting: 110 hours, 30 minutes

Captains Log:
"The Hercules is returning to Possiden after heading to Hades for a deminstration of the ships capillities, or something like that, I forget what O'Niell exact words are. Currently on board the Hercules are several repersentives from all five of the Empires, along with several important business men from Atlantis who had invested deeply in the construction of the Great White Class Battleship. The operation was a success and the repersenatives were very impressed with the Hercules fire abbility, monuverabillity, speed, shields and hull intergerity. Which is good I guess, I still feel that I've completely wasted my time here today. All I did was baby sit a bunch of smug-ass politians and listen to them wine and complain about being bored and asking how long is it. These people have no understanding about hyperspace travel or time. Atleast they're shuting up down and getting some sleep. And to be honest I should be doing the same. End log."29

JasraLantill 01-04-2007 03:29 PM

Location: Ares Station, Piranha 1 Xi Group Hanger.

Time until haven meeting: 82 hours 36 minutes.

Flying Officer Tralane Baskus strolled into the hanger, pilot’s gear in hand. He saw two officers standing by one of the Pirhanas. One of them was polishing one of the name plates on the side of the ship, but even with their back turned, Tray could tell that one was female. “Not bad,” he said quietly admiring her. He glanced at his watch, and his pace quickened. He was a bit late. Not a way to make a good impression on his first day with a new Wing.

Coming up behind the senior of the two officers, Tray snapped to attention and saluted. "Flying Officer Baskus, reporting for duty, sir!" he said with all the snappiness of a new recruit. But then, he grinned. “And ma’am,” he added, casting his eyes over her. “Nice, erm… nameplate.”

starmark2k 01-04-2007 03:45 PM

A grin came across Michael's face as Jamie turned around with her eyes narrowed. "Excuse me." She said Jumping off the starwing and walking over to the young officer. Michael held his hand out to stop her from getting any closer.

"Knocking the new guy out on his first day won't set the best impression, Anyway i'm sure he was talking about the nameplate, you do polish it alot." He said to her smiling. before looking at Baskus. "I'm Wing Leader Samson, and this is Flight Lieutenant Struts... Do you have your Transfer order papers?"

JasraLantill 01-04-2007 04:25 PM

"Yes, sir," Tray said, reaching into his pocket. "Right here, sir. And, yes, sir," he added as he unfolded the papers and handed them to Samson, "I was referring to the Lieutenent's nameplate. It is very..." He stifled a grin. "...shiny."

He held out his hand to Lt. Struts. "Traylane Baskus," he said to her. He smiled at her, genuine and friendly. "Call sign, Trojan."

starmark2k 01-05-2007 07:23 AM

"I'm Hustle, She's Solar flair." Michael said taking the papers from the new co-pilot and reading them. "so arriving late and sexually harrassing a commanding officer on your first day. He said seriously looking up breifly from the papers... I think i'm going to like you."

"So how'd you get a callsign like Trojan?" Jamie asked.

Grace 01-05-2007 02:28 PM

Location: Haven; Capital City, Paramount

Time until Haven meeting: 66 hours, 25 minutes

As she continued to watch the preparations for the parade, Plt. Tyler's attention was captured by a flicker of motion to her right. Turning to face the movement, she blushed and hurried forward to where her personal fighter craft was being moved into place, further back in the parade.

"Ho, there!" she called. "That fighter is kept locked in its hangar. How did you get it out?"

"The Three Council said it was to be in the parade, Ma'am," the hoversled operator answered. "They sent a locksmith to open your hangar."

"Invasion of privacy..." Tyler muttered, shaking her head. Raising her voice, she ordered, "Well, then carry on!"

She would definitely have to have a chat with the Three Council about this...

"Hey, WhizKid!" a voice called from behind her, redirecting her attention. It was one of the Navy's two commanders, Cmndr. Walter Hames. Tyler smiled at his use of her callsign and turned to greet him.

"Good morning, Commander," she said cheerfully. He gestured to her fighter.

"Are they gonna let you fly that at all during this commotion?" he wondered. Tyler laughed.

"I don't know," she answered. "But I wouldn't put it past them... especially not after the Three Council took it from my hangar without my knowledge or permission!"

"I'll be in the crowd," Hames promised. "They'd better let you fly it... I don't get to see your skill often enough any more now that I gave you permission to move back home with that... one of my worst mistakes."

Tyler laughed. "And now, I'm on leave. You'd better be hoping I fly today."

JasraLantill 01-05-2007 04:36 PM

"Wait…Trojan….,” Michael pondered. “Ain't you the guy who smuggled his girlfriend on to Ares?"

Tray grinned. “I reserve the right not to answer that question on the grounds that my answer will definitely incriminate me.”

"Now I know I'm going to like you," Michael laughed.

“So, is that what you did for your last duty assignment?” Jamie asked Tray. “People smuggling?”

Tray grinned tongue in cheek. “Nothing that interesting, I’m afraid. Mostly scanning freighters and the like. I was in Wing Com. White’s Group.”

"Hey, Nic White,” said Michael. “I know him. A bit of a gambler, but he's not that good."

"Yeah,” Tray agreed, “but that Quita’an is Shark. Never play her on a pay day,” he added. He looked at Jamie. “So, how about you, Flair? Erm… do you mind if I call you Flair?” he said, grinning slyly. “You gamble?”

“Only with my life,” Jamie responded coolly.

Tray’s eyes skimmed over her once again. “And a very nice life it is, too,” he said. “Flying, I mean,” he added quickly. “Can’t beat flying.”

"So What ZG Team do you..." Michael began before noticing the Group Captain approach. "Attention!"

All three pilots stood to attention.

“At ease,” the Captain said as he approached them. “Wing Leader Samson,” he said, handing Michael some papers, “your orders.” He eyed over Tray. “New guy, huh?” He let out a snort. “Good luck,” he said as he left Michael reading.

“So?” Tray said after a moment. “What’s it say, sir?”

“Wg Ld Samson and Piranha crew are hereby ordered to Haven, to report to the Olympia representative and aid in the investigation of the stolen Piranha engines."

“Haven?” Tray’s brow raised, and then he grinned. He’d never been that far from Olympia before. “Great! When do we leave?”

"ASAP,” Michael answered. “We gotta be there in 82 hours and it's an 81 hour flight."

"Why in Hades are we being assigned to this?" Jamie asked, obviously not amused.

"I'd say it was because of your unique expertise on the matter." Michael said, handing the papers over to Jamie. "These orders come strait from the Quorum."

“Ooh!” Tray said to Jamie. “I didn’t know I’d be working with a Quorum VIP. I’m impressed, Flair.”

"Get your gear, Trojan,” Michael said, interrupting whatever Jamie was about to say I response to Tray’s quip. “We leave in 40 minutes."

Jedi Atomic 01-05-2007 10:43 PM

Location: Haven, Army Headquarters, Bunk Rooms

Time until Haven meeting: 80 hours, 25 minutes

Tekla stared at the floor as he sat on his bunk when his commander walked into the room. "Tekla, the war council wants to meet you for some reason. I wasn't told, so you'll have to figure it out for yourself."
"Are all the commanders coming?"
"No just you."
"That's weird. I wonder why the others aren't coming."
"Maybe they're firing you, considering that your not telekinesis what-so-ever."
"I'm kidding."
"You better be you gave me a scare there. Should I go now?"
"Actually you're needed in 25 minutes. You better get ready."
"Okay but that won't take to long." The commander leaves the room as Tekla grabs some clothes. He then shut off the T.V. and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

starmark2k 01-07-2007 01:30 PM

Jennifer Nelson stood by the ship she had been issued for the mission on the only spaceport on the whole of New Sahara. Due to the Defence Project (Iron Curtain) only this spaceport remained on the planet and under strict Government control to prevent any possible defections.

The ship itself was a new class of vessel made especially of the Special forces and any missions that would need to be performed outside of Apex territory. The original purpose for the ship was to track down any fugitives who chose to leave he ‘protection’ of New Sahara and bring them back, often in a body bag. TG9 was only large enough to carry 4 or 5 people for long flights but only needed to be crewed by a single person. It the armed with two front mounted twin rail cannons, a missile launcher and a top mounted Mag-pulse turret with auto-targeting.

She was wearing an open long black drench coat with a black leather shirt that was cut above her stomach, Her trousers were tight and red to match the colour of her lipstick. On her face she had dark sunglasses that only just covered her eyes.

She was currently waiting for the civilian Scientist and her body guard to arrive so they could leave and head for the capital city of Haven.

Dark_Lady 01-08-2007 12:07 AM

Dr. Kayanta Stevens sighed with relief as they reached the spaceport barely on time. Their engine had broken down for no apparent reason during the long trip, and they had needed to stop and repair it in order to continue. Probably the work of another of those blasted Rebels, she thought in annoyance. They were always messing things up for no apparent reason. She glared at Maurus as he opened the door for her, and stepped out. At least it hadn't been rigged with explosives.

She relaxed herself as they approached the ship, and smiled at the woman standing next to it.

"Jennifer Nelson, I presume?"

Grace 01-08-2007 12:16 AM

((Jedi Atomic, is your char being called to be a part of the parade? If so, it's not 80 hours... it's 66. :) ))

starmark2k 01-08-2007 08:33 AM

Location: New Sahara Spaceport.
Time until Haven meeting: 38 hours 47 minuets.

"Yes." The Agent replied looking at the women and her body guard. "We should leave immediately to ensure our arrival on time. I hope you are ready for the Journey."

Master_Archon 01-08-2007 10:13 AM

Location: Carad-Galdh Capital, Alphbeol.
Time Until Haven Meeting: 70 hours.
"Yes sir," said the pair in unison as the Chief Of Staff finished telling them evrything they needed to know, and turned to leave.

When he was gone they both sighed in relief, then started chuckling. "Well, Haven, haven't been there in years," said Umbar.

"Yeah, Haven, great place," said Ciyagi with a smile, hands on hips, shaking his head as if remembering some good time.

"Uh, Ciyagi, Haven's a planet, not a city, and you've never been there," he stated, his lids half closed as he gave Ciyagi a dead stare.

"Oh, yeah!" Said Ciyagi scratching the back of his head and grinning. Umbar just sighed, and covered his face with his hand and shook his head.

"Let's go, we've gotta get some rest, then get packed, then get to Mormirath. That'll take around 24 hours, give or take. Then I've gotta account for your clumbsiness, which should take two hours." He said as he started walking away.

"It'll take twenty four hours to get to Mormirath?...I never remember it taking that long," he stated.

Umbar cringed, "no, we'll sleep first, which will probably be for twelve hours, then we pack, which is four hours, knowing how slow you are, then we'll get final orders, and get issued ammo and weapons, blah blah blah, you get it. But anyway, that'll take around six hours. We'll have time to rest for two hours after that before we head out to the spaceport where we can get a military flight to Mormirath, that should take two, three hours, plus one accounting on your clumpsiness, as I said, then we get on a Strike Barge and head for Haven, which the total time for that travel would be 37 hours. So accounting for that; 28 plus 37 equals?" He finally stopped, and waited for Ciyagi to figure it out.

"Oh, 65!" He said excitedly. "Good," responded Umbar.

"65 from 70 is?" He asked a second question.

"Um, nine, wait! No, five!" He said figiting around excitedly at getting the question right. "Yes, so we'll have five hours to spare when we het to Haven...but accounting for you, that'll be reduced to two hours of free time on Haven," said Umbar dryly, as he finally got the point across to Ciyagi, who was knodding vigorously.

Umbar sighed and started walking away without a word. Ciyagi was still knodding like a mad hatter, until he fell over from getting dizzy. He got up, and noticing Umbar walking away, he trotted after him, only to get hit by a car on his way across the street. Only really bad thing about Ciyagi's luck, it never killed him. He got up, and again started walking after Umbar, he knew he had some broken ribs and maybe a fractured hip now, because he was limping now.

Dark_Lady 01-08-2007 02:28 PM

"Yes, we're ready," Dr. Stevens said, as Maurus removed a luggage case from the back of the transport and carried it to the ship. She followed him inside.

I wonder who managed to get that technology? she thought. They had stringent security measures, after all. It was unheard of for anyone to even get out of Apex without permission, although there had been rumors of some who escaped. But to manage to steal the nanobot technology and then get out, now that was a truly impressive feat. Well, that's why they were going to Haven, to find answers.

As she sat down, her mind drifted away from the topic and back to her research. Project 13 was coming along nicely, but the Dr. Irwin would probably manage to mess something up. It was annoying, having to leave him in charge, but that was the way things went sometimes. It was her job, and she would do it. After all, he wouldn't make a very good diplomat.

starmark2k 01-08-2007 03:01 PM

Agent Nelson followed Dr Stevens and her bodyguard into the TG9, She was fully qualified to pilot it and was aware that Maurus could fly the ship. This was one of the few things she knew about the bodyguard, she had been given full details on the Dr but the details she was authorised to see about the bodyguard were sketchy at best.

This was Uncommon for her, she was an Agent of the Special forces and had access to some of the most secretive information about Apex and it's citizens. However she also knew that asking the wrong questions would not fare well for her.

The inside of the TG7 was farely simple, the Access ramp was at the rear of the ship inbetween its two primary engines. The door led to a corridore that stretched all the way along the length of the ship to the small one-man cockpit. Along the corridor were doors that led to one of the five dorms, a small food preperation area, the engineering section and a small store room. The ship had an Artifical gravity generator which was farely uncommon among ships this size although the military often upgraded their ships to have it.

Jennifer walked down to the Cockpit and began the launch preperation sequence.

TheExile_Hunter 01-08-2007 07:12 PM

Location: Haven, outside Army Headquarters, Paramount.

Time until Haven meeting: 49 hours, 15 minutes.

The sky above Paramount was grey and the wind blew softly across the quiet plaines. A gentle breeze awoke a young bounty hunter named Laique'Hen, who fell asleep only moments before. Behind him were the walls of the Army Headquarters, housing a couple of hundred people. The noise of a ship landing in the military base reminded the bounty hunter of his task, no matter how much he disliked it. Laique'Hen stood up when the sound of the ship's engine dissapeared. The small ship that had just landed was his ticket to the Capital City, where he was to meet up with the rest of the party, something he wasn't looking forward to. He disliked working together with others and he had his reasons.

Laique'Hen looked down to the helmet he held in his hands, feeling sad about having to wear it again. He could see the reflection of his glowing green eyes clearly in the dark glass of his helmet. Sighing, he raised the helmet above his head and put it on. When he looked through the glass, things suddenly turned less colourful and grey, creating a rather dim scene, but at least the helmet's comfort made up for that. After making sure his helmet was secured, he grabbed the backpack which lay next to him and made sure that the sword wouldn't fall out of it. His sword was too tall in length to be able to fully fit into his backpack, which caused the hilt of his sword to stick out of the top. Laique'Hen attached the backpack to his back and after securing that as well, he turned around and made his way to the landing pad.

Upon arriving at the landing pad, Laique'Hen noticed two figures, one next to the ship and the other on the edge of the landing pad. The one waiting for him was the 1st commander of squad four and his commanding officer, whom he got along with better than anyone else in the Army. The second person was one of the pilots who transported Army personal regulary, callsign Crash. Laique'Hen always wondered how he got that nickname, but than again, perhaps it was better not to know.

Laique'Hen stopped in front of the Commander and saluted. "Commander Keyes"

"Good to see you again Laique'Hen." His commander said, returning a salute. "You've already been briefed for the mission, so I suggest you get going."

Laique'Hen nodded and the both of them started walking towards the ship. "Have you, ehm-- considered, my suggestion, sir?" Laique'Hen asked cautiously.

"Yes, as you suggested, your name wasn't mentioned to the Embassy yet, but they know we're sending two of our men along." The Commander answered.

"How will I let them know I'm one of them..." Laique'Hen asked.

"Just give this, " Commander Keyes paused briefly and gave Laique'Hen a very small datachip."to our representative at the Embassy building, Stephen Ramose. You know what you have to do from there. Any other questions?"

"None sir." He replied, stopping in front of the ship.

"Good, Crash here will be dropping you off at the Capital City, you'll have to make your way to the Embassy building from there." The Commander said as the pilot approached them. "Good hunting." he added with a grin on his face. With that, Laique'Hen boarded the ship together with the pilot. Moments later they were in the air, on their way to the Capital City.

Master_Archon 01-09-2007 10:25 AM

Location: Alphbeol Military Base, Barracks
Time Until Haven Meeting: 55 Hours, 32 Minutes

"Hurry up numbskull!" Shouted Umbar to Ciyagi who was panicking with a pile of clothes in his arms.

"What do I do? What do I pack?" Asked Ciyagi frantically.

Umbar sighed and shook his head, "HALT!" He shouted, Ciyagi freezing mid panic, clothes in arms, and slung over head and shoulders, he even had a sock in his mouth.

"I knew this would happen," Umbar mumbled to himself. "I already had one of your cases packed, you only need your casual clothes and we can go," said Umbar. Ciyagi looked around until he saw the cases in the corner of his room, he smiled like a dimwit and dropped his clothes on the spot. After fifteen minutes of packing he had his stuff ready.

"Okay I'm ready now!" He said excitedly as he held his case up, only to have it burst open spilling all it's contents. Ciyaygi was still smiling as he looked down at the clothes on the floor, his smile faded, replaced by a pitiful, pouting look, he sobbed.

Umbar brought his hand to his face and exhaled in exasperation.
Location: Alphbeol Military Base, Headquarters
Time Until Haven Meeting: 49 Hours 45 Minutes

"Hey, Umbar, I'm bored," whispered Ciyagi.

"I know! For the millionth time, I know!!" He shout whispered at Ciyagi, they were in the presense of a higher officer who was going over the last of their orders, they had already been issued their gear, weapons, and ammo. All that was left was enduring the long winded list of specifications, which was not easy for either of them, Umbar especially...he had to put up with Ciyagi!

"Hey, Umbar, look what I can do," whispered Ciyagi as he balanced a measuring stick on his nose.

Umbar exhaled in frustration, "Gaia help me!" He whined.
Location: Alphbeol Space Port, Lobby
Time Until Haven Meeting: 47 Hours, 5 Minutes

"Hurry up, we need to get to the shuttle before we miss it," said Umbar his brows arched in annoyance.

"Okay, oh, thanks again for letting me bring Celeb," Ciyagi said with a grin, his Myr companion chirped with delight.

"Your welcome, now hurry!" Stated Umbar.
Five Minutes Later

"Tell me again Ciyagi, how do you get stuck, inside a vending machine?" He asked almost more amazed than annoyed.

"When it doesn't gimme my cookies, that's when!" Ciyagi responded, his look was that of irritation, and pouting. Ciyagi reached into the small bag and grabbed another quarter sized cookie, and popped it into his mouth, chewing it pensively.

But not even a minute later Ciyagi perked up and held a cookie out to Umbar, "want one?" He asked.

Umbar stared at it for a moment, before giving in and saying, "oh, why not?" He grabbed the cookie and threw it in his mouth. "Hm? I can see why," he said as he chewed the cookie slowly, pondering the delicious flavor.

starmark2k 01-09-2007 11:01 AM

Location: Sector that contains ISS 2.
Time until Haven meeting: 44 Hours 37 Minuets.

The Olympian Piranha Flew across space passing by the Independent Space Station ran by the FIC, Normally Ships would stop after the long journey from Ares but the piranha Crew had a schedule to keep. They flew toward the jump gate that would take them the rest of their journey to Haven.

Inside the Piranha cockpit Hustle flew his Star Wing at the front of the cockpit while Solar flair was just behind him facing her console on the starboard side of the ship. The co pilots station was on the port side opposite the Ops station, currently it was unmanned as the new crewman was on his scheduled downtime. Michael and Jamie weren’t wearing their helmets as it was only common to wear their flight helmets in combat situations.

“ISS 2 to Haven Jump gate this is Piranha-Ares-one-Xi-Gamma-Beta Requesting Transit.” Flair said after opening a channel to the gate’s Perimeter traffic control.

“Transit request accepted Xi-Beta-Gamma, you are third in the queue please hold at a safe distance until you are cleared.” A Male voice responded.

“Thank you Control, we’ll stand by.” Jamie responded before switching off her consoles mic but leaving the channel open, she turned to look at Michael. “Well it looks like it’ll be about five minuets.”

“Good not a lot of traffic today.” Michael responded as he Flew the ship into a standby position 500 meters away from the gate.

JasraLantill 01-09-2007 11:53 AM

Independent Space Station 2 (ISS-2)
Time Before Haven Meeting: 50 hrs, 22 minutes

Major Tien Sho-Khan of Ashoka’s Communal Investigative Services paced up and down the corridor just outside of the space dock of the station. He paused, looking out through an observation window at the stars, then he looked at his watch. He sighed. “What is taking her so….” He suddenly paused, spotting someone that would help his situation—a female ISS-2 employee coming his way.

“Excuse me,” he said, detaining the woman by grabbing hold of her arm.

“Hey, watch it!” the woman said to him. “Or I’ll call security!”

“I am security,” Tien said, flashing the woman his CIS badge.

She gave him a deadpan look. “In Ashoka,” she said, “not here. Now bugger off and leave me alone!”

“Look, I don’t want trouble. I just need some help. I need someone to check on my colleague.” Tien nodded to a door off the corridor. It was signmarked ‘FEMALES ONLY’. “She’s been in there for over twenty-five minutes,” Tien explained. “Can you just check on her for me? See if she’s ok?”

The woman considered for a moment, probably trying to decide if Tien was genuine or he was some kind of pervert. “Yeah, okay,” she said finally. “What’s your friend’s name?”

“Janalia Ngyen.”

The woman nodded, then disappeared behind the door. Tien paced in the corridor, waiting again. “Women…,” he grumbled out loud to himself. A couple of minutes had passed when the ISS woman came out the door. Alone.

Tien frowned. “Isn’t she in there?”

“Look, you didn’t say to bring her out,” the woman replied. “Just to check on her. She’s still… busy.”

“Busy?” Tien raised a curious eyebrow.

The woman let out a disbelieving snort. “You want to know the specific details? You go in there!” The woman continued on her way down the corridor. “Men…!” she grumbled out loud to herself.

Tien sighed, then looked again at his watch. If they didn’t get going soon, they would be late for their meeting on Haven. After another couple of minutes, Tien decided to take the woman’s advice. He strolled over to the door, and after a brief moment of hesitation, he went inside.

“Hey, genius!” said woman standing by the sinks washing her hands. “Can’t you read? It’s females only in here!”

“I’m looking for my colleague,” Tien said, ignoring her objections. “Miss Ngyen?” he called out. “Janalia? Are you alright?”

His call was answered by a whimper, followed by the sound of wretching from the next room.

The woman standing by the sinks nodded as she dried her hands. “Oh,” she said, nodding her head in understanding. “You’re looking for her?” She turned to look over her shoulder at the open doorway to the next room. “Stall on the left, about halfway down.” The woman looked at Tien curiously. “First trip in space for her, huh?”

Tien nodded. “Unfortunately….,” he grumbled, as he followed the women’s directions to the stall in the next room. He paused outside the steel door for a moment, not exactly sure what he was doing. Finally, he tapped on it. “Miss Ngyen? You alright?” There was silence. “Janalia?”

“Yeah…” said a weak female voice from inside the stall. “Erm… I’ll be out in a minute, Major.”

Tien sighed. “You know there are medications for space sickness. You just need to see a doctor.”

“No, really, I’ll be fine.” There was more wretching.

“Oh, yes, it sounds as if you’re on the mend already,” Tien said sarcastically. “I’m not letting you on the ship in your current condition, Janalia.”

“You don’t have a choice,” she said to him, sounding a bit breathless. “There’s no point in you going by yourself. You know nothing about Glo-Plasma Engineering.”

“I’ll wing it,” he said dryly. “Better that than to have you sitting next to me…” There was another heaving sound. Tien winced. “…doing what you’re doing.”

“Sorry. I’ll be fine in a few more minutes.”

“You’d be better if you saw a doctor,” Tien insisted. “Which is why I’m going to go and fetch one.”

“I am not taking any… ‘foreign’ medication!” Jenalia stated adamantly.

Tien shook his head. He’d travelled to Ashoka’s outposts and mining colonies. Even twice to Olympia, and once to Haven before this trip. But Janalia… she’d never been off Nirvana itself. And it showed—not only in her space sickness, but in the way she viewed the outside world.

“What are you afraid of? It’s not like the medication would be any different here than at home,” he said to her.

There was silence from the stall. “Mutations.”


“What if the medication is something that causes…mutations?”

Tien laughed. “You know, for a scientist you really aren’t that smart.”

“It’s not unheard of for a mutation to be introduced through a vaccine or something!” she protested. “And I’m not a ‘scientist’. I’m a research assistant.”

“No one is going to mutate you,” Tien chided. “Now, get yourself cleaned up and to the medical facility, or I’m leaving you here. We don’t have time to waste. Especially if we are to meet with our representative before the meeting.”

steven 01-09-2007 01:31 PM

Location: In Hypergate lane, currently travelling from Hade to Possiden. Currently half an hour left.

Time until Haven meeting: 94 hours, 30 minutes

Patrick Macepeace sleep was interupted when he was commed by the captain's first mate, Alex Freeman. Patrick strolled over to the comm and pressed the 'recive' butten.
"Whatever it is it has to be important, I was just dreaming of.." Patrick paused for a slight moment "Nevermind."

"Sir we've got 30 minutes left of hypergate travel," Replied Alex, "And the repersentives wish to see you. They've fallen out again."

"For crying out loud," Patrick replied "Wait a second. What's this gotta do with me?"

"Captain said you'd deal with them" replied the first mate "And mencioned something about last weeks poker game."

"Ahh, I was wondering when he'll bring that up. Tell the repersentives that I'll be there in five minutes, just need to bang my head against a wall so it's out of my system and I wouldn't be tempted to do it during the conversation. Makepeace out." Patrick replied before switching off the comms.

JasraLantill 01-09-2007 02:34 PM

Tray awoke and went to go and see what was going on in the cockpit. He lowered himself down from the sleeping berth, and, after pausing to check his reflection in the mirror and smoothing his hair (although it didn’t do any good in zero-G), he navigated his way through the airlock to the front of the ship.

Opening up the cockpit door, and hanging upside down, he said, in his best imitation of a little kid, “Are we there yet?”

"Sure. Why don't you go take a look outside the airlock," Jamie responded sarcastically.

Tralane grinned. “Can’t, Flair,” he said, and he ran a hand through his hair, the long bits on top looking like Medusa’s snakes. “It’ll ruin my hair-do.” He righted himself and looked out the view window. “Seriously, though where are we?”

"We're waiting to enter the Gate to Haven," Michael replied.

“Waiting? There’s a queue?” Tray asked. “I thought military ships had priority?”

"Only in Olympian space," Michael replied. "Out here we are just like any other Space Drifter."

“Great,” Tray said disenchantedly. “So, how long’s the wait?”

"Three or four minutes," Jamie replied.

"So, who do you guys think is behind the thefts?" Michael asked trying to fill the time.

"Maybe it was the Children of Gaia?" Jamie suggested.

"Don't be ridiculous,” said Michael. “They're a religious cult."

“I think it’s aliens,” Tray said definitively. “See, they want to study our technology, but they don’t want us to know that they exist. So, because they don’t want to make contact with us directly, they secretly abduct some of the key people in charge, brainwash them into stealing things, like the fighter, and then they take the stuff back to their Galaxy to study it.”

"Wow," Jamie replied, shocked. "And I didn't think my opinion of you could get any lower."

“Hey,” Tray said, with mock offence, "it could happen!”

"I'm surrounded by idiots," Michael laughed.

"Flanked, sir," Tray corrected his superior. He grinned. "There's only two of us."

"Xi-Gamma-Beta you are now cleared for jump. Please proceed," The male voice of the controller instructed.

"Check that Control," Jamie replied turning on the mic.

Jedi Atomic 01-09-2007 07:51 PM

((Grace this is way before the parade. Teling about how he got chosen to go to the meeting thing.))

Location: Haven, Army Headquarters

Time until Haven meeting: 80 hours, 10 minutes

Tekla stepped out of the shower grabbed the towel and dried himself off and threw the towel back on the rack. He put on his underarmor, sliding his pistol in a pocket, then put on his casual clothes. He made his way to the door and opened it. He walked down the hallway to the hangar bay and entered.

"Tekla, you have 10 miuntes to make to the meeting."
"Well start the ship and let's get going." as he walked up the ramp into the ship.
"You may go." the commander said to the pilot. The pilot knodded and talked jibberish to the co-pilot that Tekla didn't understand.

Arriving at War Council Meeting Hall

About 6 minutes later.......

The ship lowered to the landing pad and Tekla hurriedly walked down the ramp and walked to the massive doors leading to the hall. He entered the room and the Council waved to him to sit down. He took a seat and stared at the council, waiting for somebody to talk.
"You called me down to stare at me?"
One of the members gave a quick laugh, "I always did like your personality, which is why we have decided to choose you to go to the meeting held here on Haven to search for the stolen items from each planet."
"You want me to search for the..suff by myself?"
"No which is why there is a meeting of about 12, but thats what I heard."((I'm just guessing how many of us there are.))
"That's......amazling. Hopefully they aren't like the people in the bar down in Bare Bottoms. That place didn't seem to have peace for like 10 seconds, without a fight breaking out."
The council just stared at him.
"What? That was before Commander Scur found me."
"Well then. The meeting will take place in about 80 hours. Secretly being planned, there is a parade for Grace Tyler. I want you to try and get along with her since, you'll be on the float with her and on the mission to retreive the stolen items.((If alright with Grace?))"
"Yes sir." Tekla stood up, saluted to the Council, and left the room. He left the building and walked to the shuttle. Scur stared at Tekla until he sat down in front of him. "So, how'd it go?"
"Horrible, they did ban me from the army, especially since im not telepathic." Tekla stared at the ground with depressed look.
Scur stared at him like he was telling the truth.
Tekla then looked up at Scur with a smile, "I'm joking with ya, silly."
Scur still with a wide mouth. "You little." he grabbed him and then gave him a noogie. "What really happened to ya?"

"I'm being sent on a mission to recover the lost items that were stolen."
"That's awesome. I wonder why you and not any other commander."
"That's what I'm wondering."

Grace 01-10-2007 12:39 AM

((The parade was supposed to be for everyone from Haven who's been selected for the mission... to be honest, I thought everyone else had abandoned the parade. But we can have only Exile_Hunter's char miss the parade... he doesn't seem like the parade type anyway :p And your character will be surprised to discover that we aren't going to be on a float... we'll be telekinetically lifted into the air... but you'll discover that ;) ))

Location: Haven, Paramount, Capital City

Time until Haven meeting: 66 hours, 10 minutes

For at least the fifth time, Grace Tyler checked the big clock counting down the time until the meeting that the public had somehow learned about. The parade was scheduled to start at exactly 66 hours 'till the meeting. Only ten minutes left and her companions had still not shown up.

"I wonder what the Planning Committee will think," Tyler murmured to herself, amused as she watched the final touches being put on the parade. The twelve young men were now positioned directly ahead of Tyler's fighter craft, waiting for the signal to begin their part and lift the heroes on high! A part of the idea was unsettling to Tyler, for though she felt comfortable holding herself aloft, she had always found it difficult to trust others to do so... especially after being dropped once.

Shuddering, she resolved to put it out of her mind and do what she could to enjoy the parade.

Master_Archon 01-10-2007 09:26 AM

Location: Mormirath, Dry Docks - Boarding Cermië Class Vessel
Time Until Haven Meeting: 43 Hours, 12 Minutes

Umbar and Ciyagi stood in line, slowly marching up an enormous ramp with ship personel and soldiers all around them in a formation. They were boarding a strike barge, known as the Mor-Lŷg, or Black-Snake; a vessel meant for transporting supplies and soldiers, and yet capable of heavy engagements.

"Why all the soldiers Umbar?" Asked Ciyagi curiously.

"Because, after the ship drops us off at Haven, they'll be going into space with FTL drives to explore the galaxy. They need to be prepared for any event, so they bring soldiers along, and quite a few other people and things." Umbar answered.

"Ah," said Ciyagi understanding.

"Come on, our columns moving," said Umbar, as the men ahead of them, and all around them in their square little formation began to move up the ramp. The stamp of many feet stepping in unison up the ramp sounded like distant thunder in their ears as they moved in the formation, in step, and at attention.
Locaton: Mor-Lŷg, Mid Transit to Haven
Time Until Haven Meeting: 23 Hours, 50 Minutes

Ciyagi lay sleeping, butt in the air, on his bunk, his white feline tail flicking and twitching as he dreamed.

Umbar was on bottum, still awake, he wondered what would happen when they got to Haven. Would they be treated kindly? Would they be held without prejudice from the other nation's people? After all, two of the nations, at least, were nations that shunned any genetic differences, even natural ones that couldn't be helped.

When he thought of natural mutations he traced the edge of his long square pointed ears. He wondered if Haven had changed since he last visited, were the people any different? Well of course there would be different people, no one on Haven lived to be a hundred, well, very few at least.

Umbar closed his eyes, and was about to drift to sleep, when he heard Ciyagi mumble in his sleep, then ten seconds later he was falling off the bunk and to the floor with a thud.

Ciyagi was, amzingly, still asleep. Umbar let out one little snort of a laugh and got up, he picked the dead weight up, an tossed him back into the bunk. Then got back in his own bed, and went to sleep.

TheExile_Hunter 01-10-2007 05:46 PM

Location: Haven, skies above Paramount.

Time until Haven meeting: 46 hours, 17 minutes.

Not far above the ground, the shuttle transporting Laique'Hen was getting near to it's destination. Three hours ago, Laique'Hen had decided to put the travelling time to good use and take a nap in the passenger seat in the back of the shuttle. Seeing he was sitting almost straight in his chair, the pilot wasn't able to tell whether or not he was asleep, but decided to warn him anyway.

"Sir." The pilot called from the cockpit.

The bounty hunter snapped out of his sleep, automaticly turning his attention to the direction he heard something from. "What is it?" Laique'Hen asked.

"We're almost at the Capital City." The pilot said without turning around. "E.T.A. 3 minutes."

"Let me know when the landing pad is in sight." Laique'Hen answered and surpressed a yawn afterwards. The trip was shorter than he had thought and three hours of sleep in two days just doesn't quite suffise.

"Will do." The pilot responded and the shuttle was silent for a few moments. "Sir, ehm...permission to ask you a question?"

"Typical, they're always curious about something." Laique'Hen thought and sighed, although unheard by the pilot. "As long as you're not trying to get any classified information from me, go ahead."

"Did you really knock the drill instructor out cold, on your first day in the Army?" Crash asked plainly.

Laique'Hen shook his head. "No, I did not."

"Oh." Crash said dissapointedly. "Thought someone finally gave the guy what he deserved, I've met the guy once and he is a real pain in the ass---sir."

Laique'Hen sighed heavily. "Couldn't agree more with you." He said. "That's why I broke his left arm and 3 ribs instead."

The pilot laughed out loud. "You're kidding." Crash said and briefly turned to face Laique'Hen. "Right?"

"Took him several months to heal." Laique'Hen answered seriously and tapped him on the shoulder. "And it looks like we're there." he stated as he looked through the cockpit window. They were approaching the city and there was a small landing pad in sight, right near the edge of it. "Drop me there."

"Approaching landing pad now." The pilot stated as he commenced landing procedures.

Jedi Atomic 01-10-2007 10:25 PM

Location: Haven, Capital City

Time until Haven meeting: 66 hours, 15 minutes

Tekla stared out the cockpit window, "Can't this thing go any faster?"
The pilot never glanced at him and stated, "Please stay out of the cockpit unless authorized to."
"Oh sooorrrry.." He took a step backwards and kept staring out the window.

About 10 minutes later........

The ramp lowered with a hiss and Tekla rushed out and down to the where he was to meet with Grace. He noticed a lady standing staring at the parade floats. "Uh.... miss do you know where Grace...Tyler is?" he quickly asked in panic, not knowing what Grace looked like. ((You Grace.......))

Grace 01-10-2007 10:39 PM

Grace looked up at the clock again before turning to the man who'd just approached her. Holding out a hand, she said, "You're talking to her. And who might you be?"

starmark2k 01-11-2007 02:55 PM

Jennifer watched the streaks of differant coloured light streak past the screen infront of her. The Lights were produced by the energy field that stretched between the two gates. It was the first time Jennifer had ever seen it as this was also the first time she had left Apex territory. Most people are fasinated by this sight but Jennifer had been trained not to feel any form of emotion, emotions got in the way of her task as an Agent.

She turned out of the cockpit and went down the corrior and passed the room of Dr Stevens. She Knocked on the Door.

((OCC: K guys i think we need to speed things along a little so i'll be doing the Haven meeting on this monday coming at 6pm GMT. So please have all the seperate stuff done by then.))

Jedi Atomic 01-11-2007 04:27 PM

((Grace you can control my character for the parade so we can get this done. Otherwise leave it a cliffhangar and I'll post because I have no idea how you want the parade to be like.))

Tekla was shocked at first by her remark and then grabbed her hand, and gave a firm shake. "I am Tekla. I am one of the few members of the search party from the Haven army. Lead the way, I have no clue what to do." He gestured to her take the lead.

((BTW, Starmark2k, where do we meet 'in-game' at?))

starmark2k 01-11-2007 04:37 PM

((OOC: Sorry i wasn't clearer, I must have forgotten to tell you that bit. We are meeting in the Embassy Building's diplomatic Hall.))

Grace 01-11-2007 05:43 PM

Tyler chuckled softly at Tekla's confusion. "It's a parade," she said. "We have nothing to do more than wave at the crowd... and try to look pleased that such a thing has been prepared for us."

Only five minutes later, Tekla and Tyler were positioned just ahead of Tyler's fighter craft and the men standing there telekinetically lifted the two up into the air. Then, the parade got underway.

Two hours later, the parade was over. It had gone off without a hitch... save for the men nearly dropping Tekla. His fall was only halted by Grace Tyler's quick thinking and her telekinetic support. With her help, he was again raised up next to her and the parade continued.

The climax of the parade occurred twenty minutes before the parade's end, when the men told Grace they were going to launch her. Before they could explain further, she nodded and ordered them to continue. Thanks to her telepathy, she gathered an idea of what was supposed to happen. An extra telekinetic surge sent Grace Tyler high into the air and she began a controlled fall, landing squarely on her feet on the nose of her fighter. Waving to a cheering crowd, she used her power to trigger the cockpit of the fighter to open and backflipped into it.

"Plt. Tyler, ready for acrobatic demonstration," she said, sliding the pilot's helmet over her head.

"You are cleared for launch, Tyler," an Air Controller answered. For the next twenty minutes, Grace Tyler proved to the crowd exactly why she was Haven's best pilot. Then, the parade ended, the fighter was taken back to her mansion, and she again joined Tekla on the ground.

"A success," she told him, "save for when they nearly dropped you."

((Jedi Atomic, keep in mind that they were a good 50 or so feet in the air when the near drop happened. I'd say that would significantly freak you out... and I'm just now realizing it would mean Grace saved your life! lol! Hadn't thought of that :D ))

Jedi Atomic 01-11-2007 09:56 PM

Tekla was still a little horrified from the events that took place, "Well thanks for the save." He thought of what he'd be like if he wasn't saved by her; laying on the ground..... He shakes back to the present and smiles at Grace.

"Where you headed to next?"

Grace 01-12-2007 04:54 AM

Grace frowned thoughtfully and looked at her timepiece. "We have..." she began, "... nearly 60 hours before the meeting. I think I'll just go home... it'll give me time to dress down a little." She ran her hands over the formal uniform she wore, now very wrinkled by being used as it had. Looking up at Tekla, she smiled.

"And what about you?" she inquired. "Anything specific in mind? If not... you could come to my house. Plenty of entertainment, and... what is it... ten extra beds?" She grinned, looking almost a little embarrassed and admitted, "It's a mansion."

Jedi Atomic 01-12-2007 10:12 PM

Tekla smiled, "Thank you, That be very nice of you, I haven't ever been invited to someones house, or mansion before," he then looked down at himself, and he caught a smell of himself, "After I take a shower at my bunk room. Just tell me where you live and I'll meet you later, unless....... its alright to get cleaned up ar your place, since we all know I live in one of those ratty old bunk rooms down at the military base." he looked at himself as he waited for an answer.

Grace 01-12-2007 10:34 PM

"You're fine to get cleaned up at the mansion," Grace answered with a smile. "Lord knows there are more than enough bathrooms for you to choose from!"

She flagged down a hovercab and turned to Tekla. "Shall we?"

She got in the cab and told the driver where to go. When Tekla got in, the cab was off. Only a few minutes later, it arrived at the mansion and Grace got out.

"Welcome to the Mansion," she said, staring up at the enormous, three-floor house. As she climbed the front steps, she began describing it to her guest. "Fifteen bedrooms, three living rooms, two kitchens, one dining room, a swimming pool out back, at least seven offices, and one private theater."

The door opened as they approached and a well-dressed man stood on the other side.

"Welcome back, Grace," he said pleasantly. She smiled.

"Hey, Max." She turned to Tekla. "Tekla, this is Max, the overseer of the grounds." To Max, she said, "Tekla is also assigned to the mission."

"Welcome to the Mansion," Max greeted. "Grace called ahead and said you need a place to clean up. We've prepared one. Marta!"

A young woman, clearly Marta hurried forward, beaming a smile to Grace and gesturing for Tekla to follow her. She led him to a very large bathroom. A towel and everything else he'd need were laid out for him. "Enjoy," Marta told him. Then, she bowed politely and backed out, closing the door behind her.

steven 01-14-2007 06:59 AM

Location: The Hercules

Time until Haven meeting: 93 hours

Mark Tylor entered the briefing room where the repersentives were. "Okay people, I have new orders, you'll all be left at Applo station where you'll be given passage to where ever you have to go."

The repersentives weren't happy about that "This is unacceptable, you promised..."

"I promised jack. My crew and myself are fed up with all of you. It'll be an apposollute pleasure to have you finally off my ship." Mark replied, happy to finally be allowed to express his feelings.

"How dare you!"

"No! How dare you insult, criticize and disrespect my crew when ever you get the chance on whatever you thing is wrong, no matter how small it is, after we have done next to everything you ask." Mark snapped back "Now if you please, I'm needed at the bridge. I've wasted enough of my time on all lot."

starmark2k 01-14-2007 07:12 AM

((OOC- It's pretty clear that not everyone would have posted to have arrived at haven by tomorrow, So i'll Extend it until wednesday. Your characters need to be at the Embassy Building on Haven by that time.))

The Piranha sped through the Hyperlane and towards Haven, Michael was in the in the sleeping birth resting before the arrival. Jamie and Tralane were in the Cockpit trying to play a Game of cards in Zero gravity. A small alarm beeped lightly 4 times.

"That's 10 Minuet untill we reach Haven." Jamie said. "We better wake Hustle up."

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