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SlasherX 03-11-2001 01:46 PM

Star Strike
Moria System, Planet Moria IV
2300 Hours
Federal Starship Esquilax
Medium Support Cruiser
Crew of 500 Federal Officers

Commandore: Report your news over this last hour Lt.
Lienutentant: We have picked up something, that is somewhat unknown to us, about 500 kilometers from our destination. It's creating an space extortion quite damaging our communication systems.
Commandore: Guess our original mission will have to be delayed, head for the new course.
Lienutentant: Yes, Commander. You heard what he said, set an new course.

X: :::Gurgling::: They've triggered our trap and will be coming to us.

SlasherX 03-12-2001 07:28 PM

X: Those incompentent fools! These meager human beings are so primitive and waste just highly amounts of precious resources. They all deserve to die. Now this is a test if they can survive our wrath of war.

0100 Hours
Federal Starship Esquilax

Captain: Commander, we have finally reached our destination, yet we can't see anything?
Commandore: Tried to pick up anything out here with all sensory transmissions.
Captain: It's somehow jamming our tranmissions. Wait! We have an incoming transmission.

X: ***Gurling Noise***

Lienutentant: What the **** are they saying?!
Captain: Oh my god! Look around the port bound!

A huge organic vessel reappears under an cloak field and rams into the small cruiser

More organic vessels appear in thousands

The aftermath, no crew abroad survived and so the unknown X fleet slowly approaches Earth.

SlasherX 03-13-2001 07:52 PM

Sol System, Planet Earth
1000 Hours
Federal HQ Pentagon
Open Meeting

General: I have called upon the entire Federal Military to this meeting, we've lost an Federal starship, Esquilax in the Moria System, and it was supposed to be dued in the Arco System.
Admiral: Sir, we've sent some Federal Frigates to investigate, and found some devastating news of their disappearance...
General: Well, what is it!
Admiral: It's been entirely destroyed, no crew left alive, the frigates have only found nothing but scrap metal out there.
General: What do you think that destroyed it?
Admiral B: Well, it is possibly that the cruiser of could been in an accident or been ransacked by bandits or pirates?
Commandore Dell: That's impossible, no bandits could of been in the Moria System nor it has the power to fully wipe out an Federal cruiser. It's something more powerful.
General: Well, what do you expect?
Commandore Dell: It can possibly be a new lifeform...

SlasherX 03-14-2001 07:36 PM

Admiral B: An new lifeform? That's just foolish, yes we've found some evidence of alien artifacts on Mars.
General: They could be confused or intended it to destroy the cruiser. It's time to hire the nearer fleet around the destination of the accident to investigate of whatever that's out there. Another thing, is that we can't let anyone know that there's possibly first contact or the Union Senate will go in a frenzy. This meeting is over.

Moria System, Planet Moria Seiz
2400 Hours
188th Fleet
Flagship Dragon Tail
50 Federal Ships

Major: Admiral Rickenson, were on board of the destination, at least two Federal Frigates are revendvous with us. Then, we'll set out to investigating the problem.
Adm. Rickenson: Nice job, tell all ships to follow close, and get weapon systems online, were not sure what's out there.

All Starships hyperjumped to the point

SlasherX 03-15-2001 07:46 PM

Adm. Rickenson: Ah, we see them, report...
Operative: We've been waiting for some time. Ever since, there's been heavy pirate activity happening around here.
Adm. Rickenson: Are you sure some higher lifeform, that destroyed the Esquilax?
Operative: We can't even sense them in our long range scanners, but I strongly believe it is them. Based on the damage it did to the Esquilax.
Adm. Rickenson: We must solve this problem immediately, all starships spread out to any nearby systems and scout them out.

All the starships went their different ways searching them...

Arco System, Planet Liger
1300 Hours
Na Four Colony
Desert Terrain

A dozen huge meteors crashes into the planet, huge explosions occurs around the colony

Farmer: What the **** are those? There can't be any meteor showers on this planet?
Farmer B: Well lets check it out...

SlasherX 03-16-2001 10:44 PM

Farmer: Get me my gun ass and call for a raiding party.

Arco System, Planet Liger
1500 Hours
Na Four Colony
Ga Mesa Outbacks

A huge dusty tank crawls slowly towards an meteor

Farmer B: It don't look like an meteor to me, it seems sort of living, just look at those veins bulging around the sides.
Farmer: Yeah, it seems huge, I don't think we can try lifting this up for now.

Ground starts to shake and cracks start to crawl over the organic

Civilian: Ummmmmm.....what the hell is happening? We better get outta here!

Organic blows up causing an huge ray of light blinding the humans

Civilian: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :::blows up to a bloody pulp:::

Tiny organic scavangerous lifeforms jumped off the shell and attack the raiding party swiftly. Using their sharp claws and teeth tearing them away.

X: Errrr...raattaaakaa
Farmer: AHHHHHHHH!!!! :::Fires desperately into the air with his rifle:::

Manages to blow off one of them, but it is useless, almost all the humans are dead, slowly they're surrounded into the crater of the organic vessel

Farmer B: Um...AHHHHHHHHH! I don't wanna die!

Scene dies down into a fade

SlasherX 03-18-2001 04:28 PM

Ok, time for you guys/girls to help me review this sci-fi novel. I know, it kind of sucks at this moment for it's an first draft. I didn't bother really writing it in a true written form, but I will if you guys can give me some critical analysis on it, I will continue this story. Upcoming stuff you'll see are miner rebellions, the alien's true form, other aliens, alliances, betrayals, and bloody battles clashed across the stars.

SlasherX 03-20-2001 07:43 PM

Damn it, none of you ever responded anyway, **** you all, I'm going to continue this over this past week. Heh, maybe this will attract attention...

ZeitGeist 04-04-2001 04:12 PM

Sounds.... interesting. A few questions, if you will.

Firstly, we need some backround information on the storyline. Who's this Government? Whats the year? What's the limits of explored space? Have they got to Rigel, Sirius, Orion, further? What alls going on? Is Terra under a one-world government?


SlasherX 04-04-2001 07:01 PM

To inform all your questions, THIS IS just a first draft intending to put anything I just really wanted. I know, it seemed very akward that I didn't really continue it. I just didn't had much time to post new entries every day because no one care and no one read. It was just a fun story I put up together. I would like to continue it, if I had more time, but I need more inspiration in my writing. As you can see the writing was not truly written in a real form of words, but in role playing texts. If I wanted to be more in depth, the story isn't very interesting than it is, I want you the readers to explore the story.
I just made this story during a time when I was really down in life of depression. I really thought hard and long on a new story and idea that will somewhat brighten up my spirits. I might even really continue this story when I'll finish college and publish it. Yes, indeed I might need to be much more in depth and could possibly make me some cash and fame with this story. I kind of believe that this story can possibly have a future if I worked much harder on it and make it more realistic if possible. Thank you all.

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