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Expert Rookie 02-21-2001 09:24 PM

This RPG will be about a battle involving Star Trek ships vs. Star Wars ships. You can be Admiral Ackbar to Captain Kirk, a Rebel fighter pilot to a Klingon gunner. Tell the type of craft you're flying and that'll be all. If I'm the Enterprise E, you can still play in the other Enterprises before.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Captain- Starship Enterprise- NCC-1701-E

"Captain's Log, Stardate- 48372.2 We are on patrol on the outer boundaries of the Alpha Quadrant. We have been ordered here for no reason, or at least it seems like that..."

Mr. Data: Sir,we have ships coming off our port bow... these ships are of a class unknown in the computer's databanks.

Capt. Picard: Go to yellow alert.

Mr. Data: Yes, sir.

Rogue 9 02-22-2001 01:55 AM

Prometheus -- Experimental
Commanding Officer -- Voyager EMH

Communications Officer: Sir, the Enterprise is report yellow alert should we follow suit.

EMH: No, go to red Alert and split for combat attack patern delta

Computer: State Target...

EMH: Incoming unidentified starship

Tattical Officer: there appears to be some to of IFF Beacon operating on that , It says it is the I.S.S. Lusankya...

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emupiett 02-22-2001 02:19 AM

Ship: Eclipse II-Class SD: Eclipse
Commanding Officer: Grand Admiral Thrawn

Palleaon: Sir, unidentified ships in sector.

Thrawn: What type of ships are they.

Palleaon: Unknown. They are neither Imperial nor Rebel. The ships are not in our databases.

Thrawn: Prepare for an attack then. Get your men ready.

Rogue 9 02-22-2001 04:26 AM

sir, another ship has just entered the system its charging weapons, activate corombomite sheilding warn the enterprise to do the same then come about to engage, target with a full spread of quatum torpedoes...

emupiett 02-22-2001 05:16 AM

Thrawn: The other ships are getting ready to attack. Have the Lusankya get in front of us and intercept whatever weapon they launch at us.

Rogue 9 02-22-2001 01:27 PM

EMH: Fire full spread all toropedo tubes

TACTICAL OFFICER: 6 Torpedoes away, they impacted on the protrusion sticking out above everything else , it apears as though it used to be a bridge of some type.

EMH: Full Impulse get us behind the Lusankya's engines I want that ship disabled not destroyed.

HELM OFFICER: Manuever completed the Lusankya's engines are within firing range.

EMH: Fire full spread Torps and Phasers.

Computer: Weapons Fired...

emupiett 02-22-2001 03:18 PM

Thrawn: Capt., have the troops get to their fighters. Launch our entire complement of interceptors.

[to Lusankya] Hold your position. Keep the weapons from hitting us. Reinforcements are on the way.

*Just as he says that, the entire Imperial fleet exits hyperspace.*

Ah, perfect timing.

[to Fleet] Prepare to attack the enemy vessels. Attack pattern Omega.

Rogue 9 02-22-2001 04:26 PM

Tac Officer: Sir, Transwarp cordoors are opening all around us.

EMH: it's the borg fleet, they won't see us as a threat however.
give me the Status of the Imp FLeet, More than half of their ships have been destroyed, the borg have almost no losses, and have assimilated 4 ships the Eclipse I,Executer, Lusankya, and The Emperors Will.

TAC OFFICER: Sir, More Ships Coming in they say they are from the New Republic and that they have no quarrel with the federation but wish to assist us in our fight agaist the Imperial Scum...

EMH: Launch all Fighters, Enter Vector Combat mode now, We'er in for a slugging match.

DarkJediMaster 02-22-2001 04:33 PM

*At the same moment the order for the interceptors to tae flight is given, a new ship exits hyperspace*

*the ship looks like an ESSD II with the gravity wells of an interdcitor cruiser. It is 20,000 km long. The moment it had exited hyperspace, it had begun turning towards the Enterprise E, commanded by Captain Picard*

*on the bridge of the humungous ship, a man stands. Wearing a grand admiral's uniform, expect black. He stares out at the battle, and then turns to weapons and defense control*

*the man's name is Adrian Meleck, leader of the New Imperium, a large group of rogue Imperials, consisting of four fleets*

Adrian Meleck: Defense control, activate the gravity wells. I want each and every one of those ships stuck here.

Defense Dude: Yes, Grand Admiral.

*the gravity wells activate, instantly trapping each ship in realspace. At the same moment, an entire wing of TIE Defenders tae flight from the primary docing bay*

Meleck: It is our day for retribution...
Get my shuttle ready, I want to meet this...Captain Picard...

Deac 02-22-2001 05:09 PM

Chancellor Martok. Neg'bar battle cruiser and klingon fleet arrive under cloak.

Martok: Tell these "New Republic",we wish to fight with them and the Federation against the Imperials and the Borg. Decloak and fire all weapons on the Imp command ship! For honor!

Rogue 9 02-22-2001 05:48 PM

Luckly for us the Commander of the imp ship doesn't realize the gravity wells have nothing to do with faster than light travel in the startrek universe...and as evidenced by many star trek episodes lasers can not penetrate federation shields...

Leader of 3 Flight
Don't Click Here=>
Behold the Smiley of Death, Cower in my Shadow, Unworthy ones.

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Rogue 9 02-22-2001 05:50 PM

Mwahahahaha, The Prometheus Beams a boarding party aboard the eclipse II and rests control of it from the Imperial killing thrawn in the Process, they the new crew turns the Eclipses Superlaser On the ESSD and destorys it and it puny gravity wells in one shot...

Rogue 9 02-22-2001 08:14 PM

then the Corsca Rainbow jumps into systems and brings up its grav well generators to prevent other imperial ships from entering the system.

Rogue 9 02-22-2001 11:06 PM

the star trek crews begin using their transpoters to beam the imperial crews into the void of space...

Expert Rookie 02-22-2001 11:53 PM

[To Enterprise crew] "Red Alert, Battlestations! Charge up phaser banks Mr. Data."

*Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert*

"Open fire on that black ship that shows up on tactical as the "Eclipse II"

Expert Rookie 02-23-2001 12:00 AM

Mr. Data: Sir, more unidentified ships! Approx. 50 to 60 in different sizes and shapes. Sir, incoming topedoes!!!!"

Cpt. Picard: "All hands brace for impact!"

*Torpedo impact*

Mr. Riker: "Damage report."

Mr. Worf: "Hull breech decks 14 to 16 sir. Casualties unknown. Severe damage to torpedo bay 4."

Mr. Data: Sir, 23 more unidentifyed ships, some are only 10 meters long and are coming out of the larger ships."

Cpt. Picard: Hail them.

Mr. Worf:"Channel open."

Mr. Picard: "This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation starhip Enterprise, please indentify yourselves or you be targeted as a threat."

*Recieves static*

Mr. Picard: "Open fire Mr. Data!...."

Rogue 9 02-23-2001 12:32 AM

EMH[To Picard]:cease fire on the Eclipse we have already boarded the ship send boarders to assist ours.

Communications Officer: sir we're recieving another message on standard radio -- "this is General Wedge Antilles of New Republic Starfighter Command, all ships stating alliance with the "Federation" please do not fire on us we wish to aid you...

EMH: This is the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Promethues we are heavily damaged and will gladly except any aid you can offer.

WEDGE: We have discovered that you have technology to transport matter through objects

EMH: yes we have what we call transporters they allow us to move people over great distance.

WEDGE: If you would beam our Noghri commandows to the bridges of the Imperial ships we will have them disabled in short order.

EMH: Send me the Coords. and I will make certain they arrive at their destinations...

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Expert Rookie 02-23-2001 12:37 AM

Mr. Data: Sir, there is a small shuttle coming from that... good God sir..."

Mr. Picard: "What?"

Mr. Data: This ship I'm reading is thousands of miles long......."

Mr. Picard: "On screen."

*47 more torpedoes from TIE Bombers hit the rear sections of the Enterprise*

Mr. Data: "Sorry sir, but, we just lost tactical."

Mr. Picard: "Who the he-"

Mr. Data (Interrupting): Sir, we are losing our right engine nacelle!!!"

Mr. Picard: "Dear God. Engineering???"

Lt. Com. Jeordi LaForge: Sir, WARP CORE BREECH!!!" *Static*

Mr. Picard: "Oh nooo."

*The Federation Starship Enterprise E explodes into a massive fireball with a shockwave than spans thousands of miles.*

Cmdr. Cracken 02-23-2001 12:49 AM

*In a small corner of the battle, a young man slowly makes his hway toward the Borg ships......*

I'll take the monsters, and their weapons along with me to HELL!!!!!!

*A angelic visage can be seen speeding toward the main Borg ship, carrying a rather largish rifle, as it pulls into view, it can be none other than Wing Gundam Zero Custom*

Locked on target.....

*small swirls of energy can be seen as the rifle powers up, and unleashes a full powerd blast to the Borg ship... it's shields hold, but then collapse under the stream of energy. Inside the Cube, the massive energy beam rips through the decks, igniting the transwarp coil, destroying the Borg ship*

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Rogue 9 02-23-2001 12:55 AM


igniting the warp core, destroying the Borg ship*

igniting the transwarp coil, destroying the borg ship*

Cmdr. Cracken 02-23-2001 12:59 AM

Narration: Wing Gundam Zero, the very first gundam, originally created by the five scientists that created the 5 original gundams of Oporation Meteor. AFter seein the potential for mental harm, due to the highly sopisticated Zero System, which feed combat statistics and simulations directly into the pilots brain, to give him a drastic and unfair edge in combat, they left Wing Zero in blueprints, and parted ways.

After Colony 195, after witnessing OZ un-mercifully killing his father, Quatra went insane, and Dug up the plans to Wing Zero, and built it. after changing many hands, it came into the hands of Heero Yuy, who is now fighting to rid the Earths sphere, of all that deny the people peace.

Years later, after many generations, a young man came across the original blue prints, and with some modifications, made Wing Zero even more deadly.

Addin more vernier's, and the Mercurius's unique shield system, Wing Zero can now withstand any beam or physical attack. It's Twin Beam Rifle has been given a drasic power boost, and it's menuverablility has been upgraded, and can Meele with it's beam sabers. Model number / XXXG-00W0

Head height / 16.7 m
Base weight / 8.0 t
Generator output / 4932 kW
Thruster /
98150 kg

Armor materials /
Gundanium alloy

Standard armament /
twin buster rifle x 1
beam saber x 2
beam machine cannon x 2
mercurius shield (planet Defensors) x 10

Expert Rookie 02-23-2001 01:02 AM

John A. Ekhoff (My actual name) Captain- Federation Registered Starship Independence Registered Name- NCC-3098 Ship Class- Independence (Experimental)

"Captain's Log- Supplemental, We have recieve a distress signal from the Starship Enterprise in the outer region of the quadrant. We are operating at our optimum speed of Warp 10. We should arrive there in minutes...."

Navigation: "Captain, we are approaching the boundary..."

Capt. Ekhoff: "Very well, helm,drop us out of warp and go to full Impulse."

Helm: "Yes, sir."

Capt. Ekhoff: Red Alert, Shields, Battlestations."

Capt. Ekhoff: Weapons report..."

Tactical: Sir, shields are up to 134%, Class 1 War phaser banks charged at 83%, Class 2 phasers fully charged, torpedo bays 1 and 2 ready, 3 and 4 are still loading... Sir, we have a visual on the battle, but no sign of the Enterprise..."

Capt. Ekhoff: No Enterprise?, you mean its... gone?

Tactical: I'm... afraid so sir."

Capt. Ekhoff: "God rest their souls."

*Silence accompanied the bridge for 3 seconds.*

Tactical: Sir, small ships... possibly fighters of some sort are approaching.. they're firing some sort of torpedo!"

Capt. Ekhoff: "Brace for impact."

*92 Torpedoes from approx. 150 TIE Bombers and Advengers hit the Independence*

Capt. Ekhoff: "Report.."

Tactical: "Shields 1 at 31%, 2 is out and Shields 3 is at 92%."

Admiral Zaarin 02-23-2001 01:03 AM

Character - Borg Queen (maybe I should get Guen to do this?)

Ship - Cube

Wierd Monotonous Borgish Voice: "1 cube destroyed. Unimatrix 437 command protocols interrupted."

*A torpedo blast impacts the cube, sending several drones flying*

Wierd Monotonous Borgish Voice: "Broad Frequency Communications Channel Open."

Louder Wierd Monotonous Borgish Voice:

Cmdr. Cracken 02-23-2001 01:08 AM

*Opens hailing channel to Empire*

I think i'd be best if we tried to knock out the cubes first!

*Fire Buster rifle at another cube obliterating it*

then we deal with the inferior cap ships!

*fires buster rifle, but the borg shilds held a bit better than the last*

DAMN! there adapting!

Rogue 9 02-23-2001 01:14 AM

The Promethues Vectors towards the Imperial Fleet escorted by a dozen x-wings(Rogue Squadron) they all fire at once heavily damaging the central spine of the ESSD II then the Corusca Rainbow Focuses it gravity well generator on the weakend point and ripes the ship in half. the ESSD II Detonates in a massive fireball that destorys have of the gathered ships, most of them being Imperial Warships that had taken shelter to avoid federation firepower...

Rogue 9 02-23-2001 01:16 AM

the corsca rainbow is caught in the fireball and destroyed no nothing prevents other ships from entering the system...

Expert Rookie 02-23-2001 01:16 AM

Capt. Ekhoff: "Open fire on all ships! I repeat shoot anything that moves except our own!!!"

Tactical: "Sir, the Borg!!!!"

Tactical: "Sir, you wont believe this, but somehow the U.S.S. Voyager is here.."

Capt. Ekhoff: "What?" "That ship isn't scheduled to arrive in even the Beta quadrant in 12 years!!!"

*ISD Vehement crashes into the CRS Liberty 2*

Tactical: "Sir, I think this might be a 3-way battle"

*ESDII Eclipse destroys the Borg Tactical Ship 9281*

*ISDII Corruptor 2 destroyes B/CRS Stargazer*

*CRV Galaxia crashes into the bridge of the VSDII Victory VI*

*E-Wings, X-Wings, B-Wings, Y-Wings, T-Wings, K-Wings, and A-Wings from Rogue, Red, Wraith, Gold, Blue, Eagle, Green, Orange, Grey, and Buccaneer squadrons exits the CRS Defiance, New Republic ship the Colususs, CRS Home One, CRS Home Two, FRG Redemption, and the FRG Spearhead*

*Red 16 collides into INT Interdictor II*

*Red 1, 2, 3 and Rogues 1-12 destroy Borg cube 282*

*CRS Home One collides into Borg Cube 822*

*Admiral Ackbar's shuttle escapes but one of the ISD Dominator's turbolasers hits one the Lambda-class shuttle's wings and it spins out of control into the CRS Defiance*

*Rogue 1 (Wedge Antilles) collides into one of the ISD Dominator's Shield Gen and unfortunately dies*

*CRS Yavin crashes into Brog Tactical Cube 281 destroying both craft*

Admiral Zaarin 02-23-2001 01:19 AM

*the cube fires a volley of 64 torpedoes at the Wing Zero. While it is impervious to all forms of physical attack, Borg torpedoes are in a state of constant Quadranactal Flux, and therefore do not exist inside the confines of physical space*

Wierd Monotonous Borg Voice:"Enemy shields at 34% of normal. Probability of destruction: 98.6%"

Rogue 9 02-23-2001 01:20 AM

Rogue 9 - Human From Correlia - Xwing Pilot
Jedi Knight - And CorSec Agent

Rogue9 fires a torpedoe into the Dominants now sheildless bridge, the Dominant Detonates destorying two wings of TIE Bombers in the Process.

*I have avenged you wedge

Cmdr. Cracken 02-23-2001 01:20 AM

*Wing Zero continues to mow through the mass of small borg ships with his Beam Sabers*

*3 come from above and fire lasers*

UHG! Time to pull out all the stops......

*Presses a button, and the Mercurius shild is deployed, blocking the remaining blaster fire as Zero turns and slices them in half, and the explode*

*Looks at the main battle....*

wow. there really having at it........

Rogue 9 02-23-2001 01:23 AM

the dead hulk of the dominate colides with the borg cube nearly destorying it and leaving it open to attack the Gundam...

Cmdr. Cracken 02-23-2001 01:23 AM

*Sees the new threat*

hehe, time to RUN!

*WIng Zero spreads is wings, and suddenly accelerates to top speed. Managing to keep speed with the torps, and using good menuvering skills, he makes a ramming run at the cube*

Time to DIE!

*At the very last second, he stops, waits, the instantly accelerates UP along side the cube. ast the torps smash into the side of the cube, the yioung lad laughs as the cube explodes into a firey wreak*

Cmdr. Cracken 02-23-2001 01:26 AM

(outofstory)damn you guys keep me busy! (// outofstory )

*spied the craft smashing into anotehr cube.*
All to easy

*takes out Rifle, and aims at the now fledgling cube*

Locked on target.

*Fire buster rifle, igniting the cube, creating a brilliant explosion*

Rogue 9 02-23-2001 01:28 AM

Rogue 9 looks out over the battle -- the promethues and voyager have finished off the last borg ship with the help of gundam zero, and the imperial fleet is in rout (Or so it Appears) now if only Cracken remembers that his namesake is in the new rebublic things are looking up...

Admiral Zaarin 02-23-2001 01:32 AM

*as the cube explodes, the Queen is ejected from the main structure in a Sphere-class scout vessel. Managing to avoid fire from the Prometheus and the FRG Redemption, the Sphere initiates a temporal fold. The Sphere, now decades in the past, spends several months searching for the original blueprints of the Wing Zero. These are eventually tracked down and destroyed. The timeline is altered so the Wing Zero was never built, and the battle is adjusted accordingly*

Wierd Monotonous Borg Voice:"Message from Unimatrix 01: All available ships from fleets 0001 and 0014 are being sent to assist."

Expert Rookie 02-23-2001 01:32 AM

Mr. Ekhoff: "Status report?"

Tactical: "Shields down to 32%, All weapons fully charged"

Mr. Ekhoff: "Very good, concentrate all firepower on the Borg cubes. Meanwhile, I'll contact Starfleet...."

Mr. Ekhoff: Computer, open high-priority channel to Starbase One."

Computer: Channel Open, Sir.

Mr. Ekhoff: "Starbase One, this is the Federation Starship Independence. We are under heavy fire by unknown ships and the Borg..... *static* we re...est... as..i.s.nce.....I the is... und... ire.. need... assis.ance...."

Computer: "Sending message....."

Computer: "Sending complete"

*Capt. Ekhoff enters the bridge*

Mr Ekhoff: Report

Tactical: Shields down to 24%

*USS Excelsior C enters*

Tactical: Sir, the Excelsior is here!

Helm: Yeehaw!

*USS Defiance enters*

*USD (dreadnaught) Dominon enters*

Navigation: It's an entire fleet!

Mr. Ekhoff: Tell them to ignore the ships that have an IFF code of 'Rebel' or 'New Republic' attack the ships with an IFF code of 'Empire' and of course, the Borg.

Tactical: Sir, Klingon Warships decloaking off the port bow....

Klingon Gen.: Did you think you Federation would have all the fun? I don't think so...

Mr. Ekhoff: heh, General, attack the ships with the IFF code of 'Imperial' and ignore the IFF codes of 'New Republic' and 'Rebel', and of course attack the Borg.

General: Of Course... Kush Tah Tack Taa Doo Daa....

Klingon First Officer: Too dahh shuu doo!

Cmdr. Cracken 02-23-2001 01:33 AM

*any yet, altering the timeline has it's consequences, as Zero never disapears from the battle, and is actually fighting better........*

emupiett 02-23-2001 01:34 AM

Thrawn and Palleaon escape in their specially modified M/CRV with cloaking device that works during attack.

Thrawn: Signal Reinforcements.

Palleaon: Yes sir.

Thrawn initiates cloaking device and utterly obliterates Prometheus, since they did not know what hit them.

Rogue 9 02-23-2001 01:34 AM

the promethues follows the borg ship into the fold, destroys it with 4 quantum torpedeos and fixes history. the borg fleet never recieves the distress call and their queen is dead.

Expert Rookie 02-23-2001 01:38 AM




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