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Revolver_Ocelot 01-29-2007 11:26 PM

[GFAQ] Clan
The [GFAQ] clan is a PC clan that was spawned off the Battlefront 2 message board. Since the clan was created in April 2006, we've already got a growing community. We have members from North America, Oceania, and all the way to western and northern Europe.


Be a respectfull player

You must be active, don't join and never play

You must be willing to practice with the clan and participate in battles with other clans (at your conveinence)

*Optional at the moment* Have or Make an account at, it's just like signing up to any other forum and it's free!

You must have x fire as it is needed for communication

There is no age limit, just try to act with some maturity

The leader of our clan is [GFAQ]Swampsith, and our website is

My x fire is markstreit1991, add me and talk to me if you are curious and want more info on this fun and exciting clan. The x fire for our leader is swampsith.

Thank you, hope to see some of you playing soon!

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