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Freakz 02-21-2007 04:58 PM

Dark Forces Black screen
Now, I know Jedi Knight was not desighned for Windows Vista, but i got it cheap 9.95 and on the back it says works on XP, The game starts fine movies play no problems but as soon as it goes to the menu screen it goes black with a white curser in the middle. You can move the mouse and you can here when it passes a menu button. If you minimise the game then maxamise it the menu appears. then it works but it is extremly annoying to minimise and maxmise all the time just to save or quit the game.
Has this happend to anyone in Windows XP?

PS i uninstalled my nvidia driver to see if it ran with windows native driver and it worked fine, but the actual game did not work due to lack of video memory.

any ideas??

JKLE_Cougar 02-21-2007 06:51 PM

you could just hit F9 for a quick save :/

are you sure you have the absolutly most up to date drivers? if not check the nvidia site

thats all i can think of, sorry i dont have vista

EDIT: actualy i thought of something try running it with JKL (Jedi Knight Launcher) over at its under projects its still a w.i.p. but i noticed that it run JK in a window for the menus so maybe that will help

bavvo 05-25-2007 12:31 PM

I had the same problem. I have Vista 64bit on an athlon 64 system and there is the black screen on the main menu page. But I found Alt Tabbing to the desktop and back is a good workaround for now, as it then shows up fine. The game loads and runs well including the JKE enhanced files which I have since added. Its just a bit of a pain doing an ALT-TAB twice everytime you need to see the menus. Maybe someone has a better fix out there?

JKLE_Cougar 05-25-2007 10:05 PM

have you guys tried JKL? it runs JK in a window

DarthVandar205 02-09-2008 02:40 AM

where can you download jkl?

JKLE_Cougar 02-09-2008 03:45 PM

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