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Flash512 02-25-2007 01:32 PM

CL_ParsePacketEntities? Help...
When I start up JKA Multiplayer and go to join server or play solo
it says this after I try to add a bot or join a game.
how can I fix this?

acdcfanbill 02-25-2007 02:33 PM

generally this message crops up from using a nocd crack on the game. If you're doing that you should just use your regular disc or go buy the game, it's quite cheap now. If you are sure you arn't using a nocd crack, this error can sometimes occur from corrupted packets being transferred back and forth. you might want to try updating drivers for your LAN/Ethernet or get an update for your router if there is one.

Flash512 02-25-2007 02:42 PM

my Friend gave me this game once he got bored with it but, I lost the CD about 4 weeks ago and installed a nocd crack to it I'm thinking of going to go buy the game again all I need to know if theres a store out here in virginia that sells it.

Johnpp 02-25-2007 08:57 PM

If you have a EB games any where near you it should be in there. Also, No cd cracks are illegal. ;). But I am sure you knew that.

ensiform 03-03-2007 04:37 PM

They are not illegal if you own the game yourself. I would recommend buying it again and making an iso of disc 1 and just have a mount application like Virtual Clone Drive from Slysoft (Free) so you don't need to have the real disc in all the time. Or Daemon Tools, or Alcohol 120% (but not so free).

acdcfanbill 03-03-2007 07:23 PM

IANAL but I'm pretty sure that no-cd cracks fall under the category of circumvention in accordance with the DMCA.

dtriniman 03-04-2007 12:58 PM

Just make an image of the game and use it in a virtual drive.

Kurgan 03-08-2007 09:10 PM

You can order the game online from several places. It's quite cheap nowadays!

Anyway, the point is not that using cd cracks make you a bad person per se (you might have legit reasons to use one), but that if you're pirating the game, you have nobody to blame but yourself if something goes wrong, ditto if you're using an unofficial modification of the executable, like a home-made "crack."

If the error goes away once you remove the crack, then there's your answer.

Considering what our site is all about of course, we don't encourage piracy of LucasArts or Star Wars products. Questions about this error message get asked from time to time and most people don't understand the issues involved.

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