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starmark2k 03-11-2007 02:19 PM

StarFields: Mercenary Crew
Here’s the Rp for the Starfields: Mercenary crew RP, You can still join at anytime and we’ll try to get you with the crew at the next convenient time, just post a character sheet here: .

I’m going to start with a Brief-ish prologue and then I’ll start us off with a bit of action to get a nice bit of tempo in early.
__________________________________________________ ______

The Sun shone brightly drenching the deserts of new Sahara in heat an light, The large mountain caused the only shade for over a thousand miles. There was not a cloud in the sky and no wind blew to cool the air in the highest temperatures of the World.

A man and women ran in the afternoon sun towards the rocky elevations in cloaks the colour of the sand. They had been running for hours and it showed in the way they breathed deeply and the sweat that dripped down their faces. The Air began to feel like fire as they breathed and each step felt like they were running on a bed of knives and swords. The pain they felt would often make most people stop and rest for as long as they could, but they could not.

The cloaked Man and women had just gotten to the top of one large dune when the man tripped at the top and began to roll down the other side. The sand flew up above him as he tumbled down towards the base of the dune, his body curled and hand covered his face trying to protect himself from any harm. The women ran down after her falling companion while trying to stop herself from following him in his uncontrollable roll. The man finally reached the bottom and rolled a few more times along the flat bit of sand at the bottom. The Women ran up to him and knelt at his side pulling him on to his seat and removing her hood.

“Come on.” They women breathlessly spoke. “They’re behind us.”

The man tried to pull himself up with the aid of the women, but as he was up right and put preasure on his right leg he screamed out in pain and collapsed. The women reached back down to pick him up only to have the man push her hands away.

“Go!” The man ordered. “You have to get to the mountain.”

“I can’t leave you.” She sobbingly replied. “They’ll kill you.”

“And if you stay they’ll kill us both.” He said reaching into his cloak and taking out a small metallic cube. “Take it and go!”

The women reluctantly took it out of the mans hand and looked down at the cube. ‘How can something so small be so important.’ She thought when a slight buzzing noise could be heard in the distance from where they came from. She raised her head up looking up the dune her companion had just fallen down then back down at the Man, he reached into his cloak once again and pulled out a gun.
“Go, I’ll distract them.”

The women then stood up and turned around to face the mountain, she began to run as fast as she could away from the man. The man looked down at the gun as he heard the sounds get ever closer, his heard began to pound hard in his chest as if he was still running.

The noise came up close and then to a complete halt at the top of the dune he sat by, He raised his head up to look at the tip of the dune. The bright sun almost blinded him until a person stepped in front it creating his silhouette against the stars light. The Man raised his run up and pointed it towards the mysterious silhouette and pulled the trigger launching the bullet in it’s direction. The silhouette ducked down as the metal shard missed them completely, the man fired two more shots in the same direction.

The silhouette reached into the inside of what appeared to be some kind of drench coat and pulled out a pistol of their own. A split second later a bullet came down and impacted the man in his shoulder and caused him to drop the gun by his side. He screamed out in pain and reached over with his opposite hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Looking down at his shoulder he was completely distracted and did not see the silhouette slowly walk down the dune along with another person.

They reached the man and pushed him down onto his back forcing him to look up and into the light of the sun. He looked down at the two who had shot at him and could make out that one was a women and one a man. They both war long black drench Coats and dark sunglasses, the women was attractive wearing bright red lipstick and long flowing blond hair. The dark clothed reached down and began to pat down the injured mans clothes.

“Where is it?” The man asked calmly as he stood up.

“What‘s it?” The injured man laughed.

“Do not play the fool with us.” The women stated. “Tell us now peacefully or we will take it from your mind and that will be painful.”

“Go to hell.” He shouted with anger as he reached over to grab his gun, he pointed it up under his chin and pulled the trigger. The shot echoed through the desert and the two dark clothed people looked down at the now dead man.
__________________________________________________ ________________

Jason Nasai laid on his stomach on the hard metal floor of the Shining Spears, his eyes closed and arms thrown above his head. The ship shook violently and Jason’s eyes quickly widened, He pushed himself up and ran over to the ship internal communication system.

“Cassie get down to the Cargo hold, Kane’s taken shrapnel to the gut.” Jason shouted into the comm before running to the bace of the ladder where a lash Ashokan man Laid holding a bloody cloth over a wound. Jason reached down to the cloth and took over from the other man.

“C’mon Tee, stick in there.” Jason told the Ashokan.

The Shining spear was evasively moving across the vacuum of space while it’s cannon fired upon two bird shaped spaceships. The jay bird vessel were Pirate ships and smaller than the Shining spear but still had two large rail-gun cannons fixed to the end of each of its wings, they were firing upon the Shining spear.

((occ- Tee Kane is the third gunner on the ship, but he’s been hit pretty hard and will die. How quickly I’ll leave upto steven. Atomic and archon, you guys have a Jay bird vessel each to destroy.))

steven 03-11-2007 02:59 PM

Cassie rushed down to the cargobay, but not before grapping her kit and setting her medbay to a quick disinfect protocole. She entered the cargo area and saw the injured Tee. After taking a deep breath she quickly examined his wounds, Not good, Cassie thought to herslef He's lost alot of blood, injuries are extensive.

"Tee, I'm going to have to knock you out," Cassie said, injecting him with a syringe "It'll help you with the pain and make things easier for me. I'll see you when you wake up." She then turned the Captain "Sir, help me in taking him to the Infirmary."

Rexraptor2000 03-11-2007 03:00 PM

Phoenix might have well been a cross between a machine, a leopard, and a monkey, as he moved at a million miles-per-hour around the ship, doing his best to make sure that everything stayed fixed. The monkey portion was crashing into walls as the ship maneuvered to evade the fighter guns, he was moving too fast to stop, and steaks of pain coming from his wounded leg caused to him fall. None of this slowed him down, but it did leave him with bruises and cuts that would defiantly be hurting in the morning.

Phoenix had been fixing a particularly unresponsive food dispenser when the pirates had attacked, and sent Phoenix into gibberish mode. He barely even noticed the other crew as he did circles of the ship, nearly crashing into everyone.

Master_Archon 03-11-2007 03:28 PM

Ciyagi was taking his sweet time getting everything ready inside his turret. He sat there flipping switches and turning dials as he hummed to himself while chewing gum.

Ciyagi slipped on the tactical visor for the turret's targeting system, and strapped himself in. taking the controls he wheeled around, opening fire as soon as he got sight of one of the Jay Bird vessels. The normal rounds could be barely seen as red dots streeking from the turret, while the tracer roundss, which came out once every tenth round, could be seen as white streeks well identified by those around to see them. But that didn't mean that they were any easier to dodge, a round's a round.

Several rounds penatrated the surface of the Jay Bird vessel, mostly in the wings, several hitting the rear of the main body of the ship. Black smoke could be seen chugging from some of the holes in the wings, while a trail of black liquid could be seen coming from one of the holes in the rear of the main body.

The smoke from the wings dissipated after some time, but the liquid kept flowing out. It was either fuel from inside the Jay Bird's reserves, or lubricant oil from some area in the engine housing. Either way, it didn't matter to him, flamable liquid was flamable liquid, one good shot to that stuff, and that birdie was roasted.

Ciyagi's pupils contracted into thin slits as he concentrated, opening fire on the ship. The Jay Bird, however, was not going to sit still, in took evasive meneuvers, all the while firing upon the 'Shinging Spear'.

Ciyagi followed the swerving vessel, firing the whole time, until the Jay got it's meneuver's wrong, and it swerved into his line of fire. Two rounds pierced it's front, near the cockpit region, while a third flew over the ships hull, into the stream of liquid.

But to Ciyagi's dismay, the liquid did not catch fire.

"Stupid rail-guns, can't get the rounds hot enough," he growled to himself.

Ciyagi thought for a moment, all he needed was a tracer round, which used similar techniques as flares did to light up, and flares could make flamable things...cumbust!

Ciyagi kept firing, aiming for the stream of liquid now, just above where it was coming out, the Jay Bird swerving away, now trying to go below the 'Shining Spear', where it would be a bit more difficult for the turrets to fire upon it. But before it could make it much further, a tracer hit inside the area where the liquid was coming from. Sparks could be seen as it struck inside the vessel, lighting the liquid ablaze instantly, and causing the entire trail of liquid to light up for a very, very brief moment, considering there was no oxygen in space.

The Jay Bird was burning insde now, it could be seen slowing down, until it finally caught on fire in the engine, then it went haywire and the engine blew out. The Jay Bird drifted for awhile before the heat finally caused the ammunition to go off inside the wings, and the Jay Bird finally blew to pieces.

Ciyagi sighed, his eyes dilating to normal now. He took the visor off, and unstrapped himself. He watched the Jay Bird's debree float farther away.

Ciyagi lifted his head up a bit as he heard the comm system come to life. “Cassie get down to the Cargo hold, Kane’s taken shrapnel to the gut.” A sad look flashed across Ciyagi's face as he heard who'd been hurt; he liked Tee, he was a nice guy, and he always awarded him with more gum if he did good in a fire-fight.

He got out of the turret, he was no longer needed, seeing as the other fighter was on the port side of the 'Shining Spear', where Tex was. He couldnt fire upon a ship that was on the port side, while he was on the starboard side.

Ciyagi trotted down the hall, stopping and bracing himself against the wall several times as the ship rocked from enemy rounds making contact, and Grace's flying meneuvers. Ciyagi entered the the Cargo Hold, looking over at Tee, who seemed asleep in the Captain's arms, the ship medic, Casandra, hovering over him with an empty syringe.

"Sir, help me in taking him to the Infirmary." He heard Casandra say.

"I'll help," Ciyagi called out as he trotted over to the knocked out Tee, grabbing his ankles and lifting them up, waiting for the captain to lift the other end. Even in this situation, he had an innocent, child-like smile on his face.

starmark2k 03-11-2007 05:04 PM

"Shien get back to your turret, we're still under attack!" Jason ordered as he grabbed His fallen gunners feet. Cassie and Jason both picked Tee up and began to take him to the Infirmary when they passed Phoenix.

"Phoenix get the Hyperdrive spinning for an emergancy jump."

Master_Archon 03-11-2007 05:20 PM

"Shien get back to your turret, we're still under attack!"

Ciyagi's expression became sad, "sorry." He apolagized, "but there's not much I can do on my end anymore, the Jay Bird vessel on my side was taken out, and my gun can't aim to port." He explained saddly, following them the whole time.

"But I'll go back to my turret," he moped, trudging off to his turret, turning back to take a glance over at Tee.

Ciyagi walked off, not bothering to brace himself when the ship rocked this time. He would get thrown against the wall, but he ignored the pain with a wince.

Ciyagi entered his turret again, sitting down in a huff. He didn't know why he had to stay in it, when the other fighter was on the port side of the ship, and he was on the starboard.

He slouched in the seat of the turret, watching as the stars went by fairly quick, the turning and jolting of the ship making them streak. He caught brief glimpses of the other Jay Bird, but they were just glimpses of it's wing tip, so he didn't bother to open fire, it would just be a waste of ammo and wouldn't do much to help if he did hit it.

Rexraptor2000 03-11-2007 05:44 PM

"Phoenix get the Hyperdrive spinning for an emergency jump."

Phoenix responded immediately, turning from his collision course into a wall towards the engine room with the Hyperdrive. This maneuver lead to him smashing straight into another wall, recovering from the blow, and then going through the hallways leading through the ship to the engine room. When he reached it, he found the Hyperdrive in the same shape he had left it: Dismantled, but only to the point where it was still operational. Of course, since he had only left it operational, that meant they were going to have to make a blind jump. Luckily, it would only take a moment to get it started since he wouldn't have to put in coordinates.

Phoenix let out a quick and sharp laugh as the Hyperdrive whirled to life. He then turned around and started to run, but crashed head-first into a wall. This caused him to black out for a moment before he recovered and began his sprint around the ship.

Jedi Atomic 03-11-2007 09:07 PM

(Are we in hyperdrive now?)

Tekla was facing an expert pilot, better than he had ever faced before. He'd fire a line along the ship and it would somehow evade his impossible to miss shot. "Damn well I guess I can't call it the impossible anymore." He continued firing at the ship hoping the pilot would make a mistake.

After a few minutes of firing one of the missiles from the Jay Bird, hammered the side of the ship near the turret window, making it start to crack all the way across. "That's not good." The window kept holding though, while he manueverd the rail gun in the direction of the Jay Bird.

Suddenly a bullet hit the wing of the Bird hitting one of the missile pods. The ship wing lit up in flames as the pilot must have been taught kamikaze mauevers, because as the explosion traveled across the ship from wing tip to wing tip, one of the missile fired out of the pod on the other side and headed straight to the turret window. "Crap!" Tekla took the visor off his head and pressed the lockdown button beside him as he jumped to the hard metal floor behind him.

A metal gate made its way across the turret area as the missile struck the turret window, shattering the glass and exploding all the ammunition inside the turret. The explosion from the missile and ammunition made a massive dent in the metal gate which is supposedly supposed to be impenetrable. The ship shook and then took off into hyperdrive(I believe). Tekla started rolling from hyperdrive and speed and finally stopped rolling at the hyperdrive room. He slowly raised himself off the floor and onto his knees, looking up to see Phoenix running toward the door. "Arggh that hurt." He stood up and faced Phoenix, "Hey Phoenix, your going to be hating after what just happened." Tex said as he wiped the blood from his cheek with the back of his hand.

Grace 03-11-2007 11:01 PM

"It's 'bout time you got that thing powered, Phoenix," Grace called through the intercom. "I'm good, but even I can't keep away from that many that long!"

She watched her controls carefully, as hyperspace was not a solid, proven method of transportation yet. Flicking a switch to her left and turning a dial fully to the right, she stared intently at the sensor screen at her right. "C'mon, baby... show me somethin'..." she murmured. Suddenly, it did, flashing a warning that an unknown celestial body was dead ahead.

"Oh, please, please, please," Grace murmured, flicking two switches forward and pulling a lever fully back to disengage the hyperdrive. Stars reverted to their standard specks and an unidentified planet loomed directly ahead. Breathing a sigh of relief, she switched on the intercom.

"Gentlemen... and lady," she announced to the ship, "we have come out of hyperspace without crashing and burning. Our present location will take a moment to discern. For the moment, I should advise against visiting the planet we shall soon be in orbit of... according to sensors, it's not very pleasant down there."

She set the sensors as far as they could go while finishing with, "Thank you for your patience, we shall soon be underway once more. This is your pilot, Grace Nasai. Thank you for flying Shining Spear Spacelines and we hope you'll choose us again, whenever the mood to travel strikes you."

With that, she switched off the intercom and hurried aft to see what happened to Tee. When she got there, her forehead wrinkled with concern. Turning ever so slightly to Cassie, she asked anxiously, "He'll be alright, won't he?"

Master_Archon 03-12-2007 01:31 PM

With the threat gone, and the the ship out of hyperspace, Ciyagi finally felt he could exit his turret safely, without worry of being tongue lashed by his captain.

He hurried into the medbay, just behind Grace. A look more worried than even Grace's flashed across his face briefly. As mentioned earlier, Ciyagi liked Tee, he was a fellow gunner, and the only person aboard who considered Ciyagi an actual friend, none of the others acknowledged that he was their friend.

So seeing his third and only friend aboard the 'Shining Spear' in such a state caused him quite a bit of distress.

"He'll be alright, won't he?" Grace asked Casandra.

"He'll be okay...he's gotta be okay," Ciyagi mumbled aloud, he had put no effort into hiding the distress in his voice.

steven 03-12-2007 01:52 PM

"He'll be alright, won't he?" Grace asked Casandra.

"He'll be okay...he's gotta be okay," Ciyagi mumbled aloud, he had put no effort into hiding his distress.

"I... I Don't know," She said quitely before carring Tee into her medbay before rushing everyone out and then closed to door. She then tired her hair back and put on a surgery outfit.

After five minutes of scilence outside the medbay, Cassie's voice could be heard through the intercom "Captain, I've been able to stop the bleed and sterolize the wound. It wasn't as bad as it first appeared however I am worried about a metticalic object I found near the wound."

starmark2k 03-12-2007 02:01 PM

((OCC- Well i was hoping the fight would last a bit longer but nevermind.))

Jason walked in to the med bay and looked down at Tee, his oldest friend. Tee was the first crewman Jason took on when he bought the Silent Spear, Tee was even his best man at Jason and Graces wedding.

"Grace, try and get us back oncource, we need to reach I.S.S 5 ASAP. Shien go and help her out." Jason said in a tone that grace would understand that he's just trying to get the two of them out of the way.

steven 03-12-2007 02:32 PM

"Captain, I need a few words with you in my... office. There are a few concerns I have about Tee's health," Cassie said quietly to Jason.

Rexraptor2000 03-12-2007 07:53 PM

"Hey Phoenix, your going to be hating me after what just happened." Tex said as he wiped the blood from his cheek with the back of his hand.

Phoenix's eye twitched as he stopped for a split second and said near the speed of gibberish "I will murder you later." Then he was off straight past Tex as he went to survey the damage, letting loose a gibberish/cursing stream as he say the dented blast door shielding them from the space that used to be a turret. There was nothing he could do now though, so he just went to repair everything else he could at the moment. He passed the area wounded gunner Tee was in and stopped to say a word of gibberish that sounded more like a word of sorrow before continuing on.

Grace 03-12-2007 08:05 PM

Grace caught Jason's tone immediately and tugged lightly on Shien's hand. "C'mon Shien. Let's go see if the sensors have figured out where we are yet."

She led the way forward to the bridge and bent over the sensor panel to determine what she could from it. Nodding slowly, she murmured a few things under her breath.

"ISS 5 should be..." she said thoughtfully. Then, she tapped on the panel, "... that way. Hope above all hopes the hyperdrive doesn't go tetchy on us and if it doesn't, we'll get there in... three hours? Yeah, three hours."

Settling into the pilot's chair, Grace glanced over at Shien and, as if to comfort the gunner, she said, "Tee's gonna be fine," but the way she said it almost sounded as if she were trying to convince herself of it. Shaking her head ever so slightly, she reached for the controls, gently guiding the ship around in the safest direction to ISS 5.

"Crew, this is your pilot speaking," Grace said into the intercom. "Hold onto something. We're engaging the hyperdrive." She flipped three switches and pushed the lever forward; the ship accelerated into hyperspace toward ISS 5.

"You can go get some rest now, Shien," Grace said, her focus mostly on her controls. "We've still got three hours 'till we hit ISS 5."

Master_Archon 03-12-2007 08:29 PM

((Erm, hyperspace is very inaccurate, so I think that she's taking a heavy risk. Here's the link to prove my point, Linkism.))

"You can go get some rest now, Shien," Grace said. "We've still got three hours 'till we hit ISS 5."

"I'm fine, I'll just stay up here and keep you company," he said rather saddly. "Oh, and please call me Ciyagi...I only like being called Shien in combat situations, or on formal occasions, Mrs. Nasai," he told her politely.

"So, um, unless we're going to a ball, well...." Ciyagi just shrugged, not in the mood to joke, he just smiled faintly and stared out the viewport with a distant look. This was a strange, and rare mood to see Ciyagi in, he was often smiling, or laughing, or eating, even in situations similar to this one. He was even known to smile and laugh during shoot-outs, as he often thought of jokes to himself while he was fighting, which often caused people to grow very disturbed; but most of the crew hadn't seen him do this before, except the captain, maybe.

There was a period of silence, before Ciyagi spoke up, "I like the stars...I find them beautiful, they remind me mom...." Ciyagi paused, looking down at the console, saddly. "Do you like the stars, Mrs. Nasai?"

Grace 03-12-2007 09:25 PM

((She is taking a heavy risk, but they don't have much of a choice. They made a blind hyperspace jump away and they're certainly not gonna try going back the way they came. I figure there aren't any hypergates near enough to shoot for. So they have to take a risk.))

"I'm fine, I'll just stay up here and keep you company," he said rather saddly. "Oh, and please call me Ciyagi...I only like being called Shien in combat situations, or on formal occasions, Mrs. Nasai," he told her politely.

"So, um, unless we're going to a ball, well...." Ciyagi just shrugged, not in the mood to joke...

Grace smiled faintly as well, but said nothing further at the moment. There was a period of silence, before Ciyagi spoke up, "I like the stars...I find them beautiful, they remind me mom...." Ciyagi paused, looking down at the console, saddly. "Do you like the stars, Mrs. Nasai?"

"I love the stars, Ciyagi," Grace answered softly. "It's so... peaceful out here."

A hint of wistfulness flickered in her expression. Much like Ciyagi had revealed a side of himself that few had seen, so Grace was doing now.

"Before this," she said softly, working with the controls, "before I was pilot of the Shining Spear, I lived a very different life..." She shook it off and smiled. "Nice to get away from the past sometimes, I guess."

Jedi Atomic 03-13-2007 08:19 AM

"Crew, this is your pilot speaking," Grace said into the intercom. "Hold onto something. We're engaging the hyperdrive." She flipped three switches and pushed the lever forward; the ship accelerated into hyperspace toward ISS 5.

"No! Not again. I hate hyperdrive!" As he flew down the hallway of metal and nothing to grab onto. He slammed against the hyperdrive room where he had just walked from. Hecrawled into the room and grabbed onto something as he slid along the floor.

"Hopefully this ends soon." as he hug the hyperdrive console.

starmark2k 03-13-2007 01:58 PM

Jason walked over to the door and closed it so no one else could here them speak. "Be strait Cass, is he going make it?"

steven 03-13-2007 02:23 PM

"By all means he should be," Cassie replied "I've done all the correct procedures, the bleeding has stopped and he be getting better however his heart rate is all over the place and..." Cassie cleared her throat, even with her short time here, she had became quite close to Tee, proberly because he was like her father, in personallity and looks. So it was hard to say what needed to be said "He's dying Captain and I don't know why. I think the metallic object I found inside him is doing it."

starmark2k 03-14-2007 03:44 PM

"Damn it!" Jason shouted Slamming his hand down on a nearby table sending a trey of medical instraments flying and then crashing to the ground. Jason stepped over the instraments and over to Kane's body,standing over it he looked down at Tee's hand and the wedding band on his finger. "He has a wife and a kid, he was going to settle down with them next month and now he dies for some damn Plants!"

Grace 03-14-2007 09:58 PM

((Starmark, if you or Steven have anything further to add to that conversation about Tee, you still feel free to do so. This is just what happens on the bridge over the next three hours ;) ))

If Ciyagi had anything else to communicate, Grace would not have fully heard it. Now that they were in hyperspace, she had to concentrate all the more on what she was doing. If they hit a hyperspace storm, they'd be dead; the same thing went for entering a planet's gravity well.

Lines of concern mixed with determination crossed her face as she began murmuring things like, "Hyperspace storm... oh, good, dissipated," and, "Gravity well!", usually accompanied by a wince. Twice in the next three hours, she pulled the ship out of hyperspace to readjust the course. And one last time they came out of hyperspace.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Grace leaned back in her chair. Glancing around, she was startled to realize Ciyagi had fallen asleep in the co-pilot's chair. Deciding not to wake him just yet, Grace fired up the realspace engines. They were about a half an hour away from ISS 5 by standard propulsion... a decent amount, especially since hyperspace was so unsafe. Grace would not risk it again this trip.

Jedi Atomic 03-14-2007 10:08 PM

Tekla slowly walked down the hallway grabbing the walls trying to get to the bridge. Suddenly as he rounded the corner to the bridge the ship came out of hyperspace. Tekla not holding anything flew forward slamming into the bridge door. The door noticed him and slid open. Tekla fell down to the floor. He laid there for a minute with his eyes closed, then looked up to see Grace looking at him. "ugh.....Hey Tyler."
He slammed his head on the floor and fell asleep, since he hadn't fallen asleep for the past 20 hours, from fighting and hyperspace.

Master_Archon 03-15-2007 08:15 AM

Ciyagi's eyes snapped open with the noise of Tekla's head crashing into the bridge door.

"Ugh.....Hey Tyler." Came the groggy response, the fellow gunner falling asleep on the floor of the bridge.

Ciyagi got up, rubbing his eyes, he walked over to the sleeping gunner.

"I'll get him," he mumbled to Grace. With that, he bent down grabbing Tekla's arms, he picked him up with a small grunt, and carried him a short distance to an extra chair.

Ciyagi sat back in the chair he had been in, looking over at Grace, he gave a tired smile.

"We there yet, ma'am?" He asked Grace politely.

steven 03-15-2007 04:22 PM

Over the course of three hours, Cassie did everything possible to help Tee get better however his condition kept getting worse. The best thing Cassie could do is give Tee a painless death using seditives. After three hours Cassandra realised there was nothing else she could do, he had been poisoned by something that couldn't be cured on this ship. Best thing she could do now was to call the crew to the infirmary so they could be with him as he dies.

Rexraptor2000 03-15-2007 04:53 PM

Phoenix had been working the whole three hours, as the ship had been banged up hard by those fighters. He was already going to have to get the captain to purchase a new set of gravitonic stabilizers (which were barely holding together), a new turret which he was going to murder Tex for later, a refit of all of the food dispensers, and a new set of compression coils. To top that he was going to have to use a Mag. Hammer to redent into place the dented, supposedly indestructible and undentable blast door of the destroyed turret. With the Mag. Hammer in use, no one would be able to sleep. That's why he was holding it off until they landed.

Phoenix was currently fixing a few airlock panels that had gotten hit in the cargo bay. He himself looked like a wreck due to the lack of sleep, hundreds of bruises from running into walls, and cuts that had since clotted and would turn into scars.

starmark2k 03-17-2007 08:02 AM

((OK i'm going to skip us forward to landing on the station so we can get into the main body of the story, Tee has already died.

Note: The mission we were currently on was simply to collect some newly discovered plant samples from aquarius for the GE. Anyway we picked up the supplies from the GMC world and while in the lane between Gemini and ISS 5 the lane got disrupted, we fell out and were attacked by the J birds, A rocket hit near Tee's turret and shrappnel sliced into him.))

The Silent spear slowly approached the hanger on the Galactic Enforcer section of the Space station. As they were currently working for the G.E. getting clearance was simply calling in to the perimeter traffic control and telling the ships clearance. While on the communication with the G.E Jason also requested a repair crew to begin fixing the damage they took during their recent encounter.

The ship went through the door way and began to land on a cross painted on to the solid metal floor. The huge metal doors began to close beind the ship engulphing it within the G.E's hanger bay. As the doors sealed shut the atmospheric vents opened and began to fill the hanger with the Oxygen/Nitrogen mix most human found to be optimal.

The ships landing gears began to extend out of the ship as it lowered towards the landing cross below them. As the metal touched the metal a crashing noise echoed through the hanger and ship.

After a few moment the Loading ramp at the rear of the ship began to lower and the Silent Spear's crew all exited into the Hanger. Various mechanics had already entered the room carrying the repair parts and various tools.

Jason turned so he was facing the whole crew. "Alright, I'm going to the Enforcers offices and get us th scratch we're owed. Catch we're going to need food, Medical supples and some more ammo for turrets, take Shien and Cassie with you. Pheo you know what needs to be repaired so keep an eye on these knuckle draggers and see if you can get those parts you needs then get some rest, and Tex take some time out you look shattered. Everyone frosty with that?"

((OCC- If you'd rather your character do something else have your guy ask Jason and he'll say yes.))

Jedi Atomic 03-17-2007 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by starmark2k
Jason turned so he was facing the whole crew. "Alright, I'm going to the Enforcers offices and get us th scratch we're owed. Catch we're going to need food, Medical supples and some more ammo for turrets, take Shien and Cassie with you. Pheo you know what needs to be repaired so keep an eye on these knuckle draggers and see if you can get those parts you needs then get some rest, and Tex take some time out you look shattered. Everyone frosty with that?"

Tekla had just woken up and looked that way everytime he wakes up. "Jay I'm good I'll just stay on the ship with Phoenix." He turns to Phoenix, "If that's what your doing? Cuz I'll help you out anyway you need me to. I've got a little experience back at home on Haven." He pushed his hair up into the position it normally would be if it wasn't wet from sweat or from sleeping.

Rexraptor2000 03-17-2007 08:06 PM

"Jay I'm good I'll just stay on the ship with Phoenix." He turns to Phoenix, "If that's what your doing? Cuz I'll help you out anyway you need me to. I've got a little experience back at home on Haven."

Phoenix's eye twitched and he said "I don't think you want to, since I still have to murder you for that turret."

After that he was off, running up to the mechanics and making sure that they knew what they were doing and such. After that, he got the Mag. Hammer and went to work on that dent. The Mag. Hammer, which was short for Magnetic Hammer, was basically a hammer that used magnetic pull to make the swings hit metals harder, depending on the level you set it. Even with maximum setting it would take a few hours to dent it into place properly, so Phoenix went to work swinging. It was loud enough to be heard all over the hanger.

Jedi Atomic 03-18-2007 10:50 AM

"That's why I'm asking to help you so I don't get murdered. I can do whatever you tell me to do. I'm at your side 'til we get out of here. Even if it means, you sitting down resting, while I do everything that your supposed to be doing. Just remember It's my turret. I'll anything to get it back." He waited a few seconds then remembered, "Oh ya and its not my faut that the turret blew up, and If I don't help you I'll probably just go to sleep."

Grace 03-19-2007 07:09 PM

Grace nodded. Gesturing for Ciyagi and Cassie to follow, she headed deeper into the station. As they walked, she spoke. "Cassie, you know best what medical supplies are needed, so I'll send you after those. Ciyagi, why don't you go for the turret ammo? I'll hunt down some food and we'll meet back at the ship in half an hour."

Without waiting for their answers, Grace headed away toward a food store. As she entered, she bit her lip as a shelf holding Tee's favorite food caught her eye. But she was determined not to cry, especially not in such a public place. She'd save it for later that night, when everyone else went to bed. Then, for their nightmares, she would not be able to sleep. Then, she would allow her tears to come. But now, blinking furiously, she pushed forward, determined to make her purchases and get back to the ship.

Master_Archon 03-20-2007 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by starmark2k
Note: The mission we were currently on was simply to collect some newly discovered plant samples from aquarius for the GE. Anyway we picked up the supplies from the GMC world and while in the lane between Gemini and ISS 5 the lane got disrupted, we fell out and were attacked by the J birds, A rocket hit near Tee's turret and shrappnel sliced into him.))

((If that's what happened, then Tee's turret would be fairly damaged aswell, if not destroyed, just like Tekla's. So considering that, we only have one feasible turret in use...yikes!))

Warning: Long Post! Very descriptive...and moments of insanity. You have been warned!

Ciyagi had been devistated by the news of Tee's death ((If they have been told that is)), he was in a sullen, skulky mood, his normally cheerful mood gone.

"Cassie, you know best what medical supplies are needed, so I'll send you after those. Ciyagi, why don't you go for the turret ammo? I'll hunt down some food and we'll meet back at the ship in half an hour." Grace told them, heading off towards a food store.

Normally, Ciyagi would have asked her to get him some junk food, but he only grunted as she left. Ciyagi kept walking with Cassie for some time, before they got to a fork in the path, Ciyagi just waved half-heartedly at Cassie as they split, and he headed off, his mind in a fog.

After some time he was inside a large surpluss store, how he got there, or when, even, he did not know. He looked around, looking at the stacks of crates of excess goods; ammo, rockets, ship parts, even simple things like hull polish. Everything and anything that was meant for a spacer to buy in bulk was here, though Ciyagi didn't know why Grace didn't come here to get the food in bulk, which would be cheaper and easier, and even last longer, nor did he understand why Cassie didn't come here either.

Then again, this place carried more ship components in bulk, rather than goods. Normally this was Tee's job, though Ciyagi had often gone with him, and that's how he knew what to get, and what not to get...and what Tee would have liked to get, but never could on account of either the captain, or budget, mostly budget.

Ciyagi stopped at a small pedestal at a junction, he stepped up to it, pressing his figure onto the indetity pad in the lower righthand corner, the machine reading his fingure signature, it beeped, acknowledging his access. He pressed on the little screen, skimming through several things, stopping and pressing a couple options on the screen along the way.

He checked off rounds, both common and tracer, though less of the tracer's, as not as many were needed. He got bulk-head rounds, larger rounds meant for hitting a target, and spreading on impact, though they weren't meant for the destruction of a vessel, more for dissabling it, for commandeering.

He got some rockets, missiles, and torpedoes, checking them off as he went, getting the exact number needed without much effort of thinking, though his mind and mood were in such a haze. He got some parts that he knew Pheonix would need and like, and some engine and turret coolant.

Ciyagi did some double checking, then he identified the ship to be delivered to, and the account used to pay for the stuff. Ciyagi was about to leave when he spotted some stuff that Tee had wanted, Ciyagi got a sad, childish pouty look on his face, but it soon turned to anger, as he started hitting things, like a child in a tantrum, very similar to how he reacted with his mother's death.

Ciyagi calmed down, breathing heavily as he stared around at the tossed crates, and broken things. Ciyagi stood up straight his face emotionless, until a single tear fell down his cheek, but instead of sobbing, or crying, he started to laugh, at first lightly, then more and more, until it filled the whole store, and even echoed down the halls of the station.

He had a huge, derranged grin on his face, as he stepped back up to the screen. He went to another section, flipping through things, things Tee wanted, things Tee would get!

Sonic mines, napalm bombs, cluster bombs, cluster missiles, death-head rounds which were deadly rounds that exploded on impact, causing extensive damage. He got spread mines, which were small palm sized mines which were ejected from the rear of a vessel in a large spread, often used to deter, or destroy chasing vessels.

He got two more things, two things that only Tee knew how to find in this stores stock, in a back option of the display, and Tee had shown him. He got screamer rounds, rounds that fired one at a time from a turret, and had a cell in them that created high sonic frequencies, even in space, mostly fire at the heavily fortified cockpit or viewports of vessels, to crack them, and thus kill those inside, by means of being sucked out. They were highly experimental, only used by well known pirate groups, or the GE, or certain territory's militaries, beyond that, thy were quite illegal.

The last thing on the list was, mag-pulse coils, long fairly flexible tubes, filled with mag-pulse micro mines, each tube filled with hundreds if not over a thousand, each tube as long as a belt of ammo, more or less. The tubes were turret compatible, and were launched at enemy vessels, whatever part of the tube hit the vessel, the micro mag-mines inside activated, but using revese engineering, the mines, instead of exploding, pull on the ship, often times the tube wraps around the enemy vessel, then the mines increase in magnetic pull, until the entire ship is crushed, and the mines become inactive.

The thing about the mag-pulse coils was the fact that they could be retrieved after a battle, repaired and refitted just a little, and they were ready to use again, and could be used about ten more times before the mines burn out inside the tube, and you had to buy more coils. The reason they were illegal was they destroyed vessels in such a gruesome and unethical way.

Ciyagi looked over the items, seeing that the Shining Spear wouldn't be able to fire some of them, he got the necessary extentions and upgrades needed. He typed in the ship to be given these things, then he put in the account. He was about to press send when his fingure paused over the button onscreen.

'Would the captain approve? What would he say? What about the illegal ammo?'

Ciyagi grinned conivingly, a thought crossing his mind, he went back, retyping which account to use, not the ship's account to pay for this stuff, but his account, his military account, which had more than enough money for him to pay for these items, so if the captain had something to say, well, he couldn't, Ciyagi bought it, not the captain.

Ciyagi typed several more things in, two large mechanical arms, bringing in two large crates, then two more arms brought in two smaller crates. Ciyagi walked over to the two smaller crates, looking around until he found the varification stickers, he took them off delicately, then put them over the stickers of the two large crates, hiding the fact that he ordered illegal goods. He typed something in, the arms coming back and carrying the crates away to be sent to the ship, and stored in the lesser compartments of the ship, below the cargo hold, where most supplies and ammo were stored. Ciyagi pressed the approval button, and send for the rest of the stuff.

Ciyagi grinned, pressing several more buttons, he left the pedestal, walking out, he picked up two small crates that he ordered for himself, nothing too important. Picking them up with ease, he heafted one on each shoulder, smiling as he walked down the hall.

"Tee will love what I got him, he's got to...he will!" He chattered to himself, laughter escaping his mouth, but tears filling his eyes.

((YES!!! Ciyagi has had a serious nervous beakdown, near insanity you might say. But...I realise I might have explained the ammo TOO well. And if I went overboard with it in his delirium, then tell me, and I'll tone it down, I don't want to get stuff and....well, you get the point...I hope.))

Grace 03-20-2007 10:03 AM

((I love the post :) Jason and Grace are BOTH going to throw a fit though, I expect :D ))

Grace finished her shopping, almost forgetting to add a few 'junk' items, such as chips of various kinds and small supply of donuts... the crew certainly did love their junk. Then, she headed back to the ship, three robotic delivery units in tow. They carried most of the heavy stuff, but Grace still had enough to keep her hands occupied.

"Food supplies are fully restocked," she told Jason. "Now we're just waiting for Ciyagi and Cassie to get back."

starmark2k 03-25-2007 07:16 AM

Jason Walked down the main part of he GE's commercial block. Although the GE would claim they were a army and police service for the independent territories they were in fact little more than a security service. Corporations like the FIC and GMC hired them to defend their colonies, stations and the Hyper lanes connecting them.

This has caused the galaxy to be split into a colour system depending on the level of protection the Galactic Enforcers offer. Green is an area like a planet or station where the GE have a permanent presence in the form of a military base of offices in a station. Yellow is regularly Patrolled areas of space like along the Hyper lanes or outskirts of the system. A red Zone is an area that is classed as unclaimed and where the GE have no legal rights, however if a ship sends a distress call the GE will send ships to aid. A black Zone is an area which has been legally claimed by people who do not recognise the GE, these are normally controlled by pirate or other criminal groups.

The G.E also regulate most of the Bounties, Mercenaries and Freelance ships within the Independent territories and will Extradite criminals of the empires back to sovereign space.

Jason was the captain of a Galactic Enforcer registered freelance ship, to be on the Lists was not difficult and the best way for a Freelancer to make money(legally). Fortunately for Shining Spear had managed to gain a reputation for having a good crew and getting the job done, so now Jason didn’t need to go and get the jobs as the GE will contact him.

Jason continued to walk down the corridor offices pass the bounty registry office, the freighter escort hire, the civilian protection hire, etc. until he reached the Freelance Missions office. He walked in to the office and over to the sectary, she looked up at him and smiled.

“Ah, Mr Nasai we heard you arrived.” She greeted. “Please go in Mr Jakes is waiting for you.”

Jason just smiled back and nodded as walked across the room to thee door labelled ‘Mr Jakes’, He stepped in where a tall middle aged man sat on a desk doing some kind of paper work. The man looked up and a huge smile came across his face on seeing Jason.

“Hey Jay Jay.” Jason said walking over to a chair in front of the desk and sitting down.

“Hello Jason.” The man greeted standing up and walking over to a mini bar and pouring to drinks into short glasses.” I’ve been told you delivered the goods and you ran into some trouble.”

Mr jakes walked over to Jason carrying the two drinks and handed one over to him, Jason took it and looked into the glass. “Yeah, We lost Kane.” he then drank it all in one go.

“No.” Mr Jakes said in shock as he walked back round his desk and sat in his chair. “He was good man.”

“You’re telling me.” Jason replied. “Anyway I’m going to take his body back to Nirvana.”

“O.K then, I had a mission set aside for you, but I’ll give it o someone else.” Jakes explained.” and I’ll make sure his family get the GE hazard pay. Of course well pay for any damages to your ship and I transferred your fee when I heard you arrive.”

“Thanks, jakes.”

“So hows your lovely wife holding up?” Jakes asked.

“She knows how to control emotions, she’s acting strong but I’m getting the feeling she’s really upset by Tee’s death.”

“And you?”

“The same.” Jason replied standing up and putting the short glass onto the table in front of him. “well I better get back to the ship, you guys act quick so I’m sure they’ll almost finish the repairs.”

Jason got back to the ship and began to check over the repair job Phoenix and the GE repairers did when grace walked up behind him.

"Food supplies are fully restocked," she told Jason. "Now we're just waiting for Ciyagi and Cassie to get back."

“That’s fine.” Jason replied reaching down to grab one of the things she was carrying. “C’monlet’s put this stuff in the galley.”

Jedi Atomic 03-25-2007 11:01 PM

Noting that he wasn't helping any with the efforts he made, Phoenix didn't want to be bothered by his nonsense. He turned around and walked to the boarding ramp, when Grace and Jason were walking up. Hey Jason and Grace, are we about to leave, cuz I'd like to do some.......stuff before we left."

Master_Archon 03-26-2007 10:36 AM

Ciyagi entered the hangar, his mood hadn't changed at all, his grin on his face, his eyes showed that he had been crying, but his expression did not. His mind was hazy, dark, and warped, it would be painful to read.

His eyes were glazed, searching here and there, for something that was no longer existant. He walked over to the side of the ship, looking at the repairs, his but why he was doing it, was uncertain.

As Jason and Grace entered the ship, the undercarrage of the ship opened, the floor underneath opening slightly, machanical arms lifting huge crates into the lesser compartments of the ship. Ciyagi watched, his maniacle grin growing wider, as the crates were loaded, the last two were the ones from earlier.

He turned, walking up the ramp past the three conversing with eachother. Ciyagi mumbled to himself, his words unintelligable, even compared to Phoenix's speach.

Ciyagi kept moving, going to a corner of the cargo hold, he set his two crates down, moving rapidly to the middle of the hold, looking around as if looking for something, or someone, mumbling to himself the whole time.

starmark2k 03-26-2007 11:36 AM

Jason looked at his watch and then Ciyagi walk pass them before turning his attention back to the ships gunner. "Sure, just don't take too long it's a long way to Nirvana and i want to be their A-sap." Jason replied before looking back at his wife.

"Someone is going to have to talk to him." Jason said refering to Ciyagi.

steven 03-26-2007 11:47 AM

A moment later Cassie returned with her supplies. She'd been feeling depressed since Tee's death and had dying for a drink since it all happened. She had planned to do it during there stay however she was rushed to get the supplies, however she'd find time during the trip.

Jedi Atomic 03-26-2007 05:44 PM

(By the way, Tekla's not the mechanic if you would like to fix that Star. Tekla is the gunner!)

"Sure, just don't take too long it's a long way to Nirvana and i want to be their A-sap."

He started walking to the hangar door to the bar. "Great not much time left to get a drink to settle down a little." He walked into the bar and took a seat at the counter. "Just a Spritz today(form of Sprite). I'm not feeling all that great." The man handed him a mug filled with fountain soda the best soda ever made. The carbonated beverage rolled down his throat like something was pricking him lightly.

While the bar was in the back side of the hallway where nobody walked past, the place was considerably big and packed most of the time, like it was at the time he was at the moment.

As Tekla filled his mouth with the last of the Spritz in the mug somebody tapped his shoulder, so he turned around to be punched across the cheek, making the soda fly all over the counter-top, with Tekla on top. He grabbed his cheek as he came up to see the man running through the aisle of people moving out of his way. "Who the...." He started running after the guy into the hallway where he noticed him running in the direction of the hangar the Shining Spear was located.

He rounded the corner to see the hallway filled with people bumping into each other, as they walked past each other. "Man.....he's going to get it.....whoever that was." He walked into the hangar holding his cheekbone. He walked up the ramp, and walked into the bridge taking a seat in one of the passenger seats and started thinking who that could have been.

Grace 04-02-2007 12:18 AM

"Ai ya!" Grace murmured, wincing as Ciyagi brushed past them. "His surface thoughts alone are so twisted I can't make sense of him..." She shook her head and started off after the gunner. As she entered the cargo hold, she discovered that he was gone from her sight, though she could still hear him rummaging about in the supplies he'd just brought back.

"Ciyagi?" she called, very concerned by the mess of his mind. As a safety precaution, she erected a telekinetic barrier, fully surrounding her, but close enough to her skin that it would not connect with anything else. "Ciyagi, are you alright?"

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