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DarthSion101 03-22-2007 07:14 PM

Legacy Of The Sith



[Coruscant 137 aby]

Darth Krayt sits alone in his massive throneroom, his chin rested in his right hand, as evil thoughts ever so plentiful ran through his mind.

He was using all of his mental abilties to search the cosmos for a trace of this final Skywalker. The force was so raw and almost untrained within this whelp, if only he could be drowned in his own despair, and made to embrace the darkness within his soul, then the Jedi would truly be extinct. for some wretched reason fate, destiny or the force always seemed to revolve heavily around the presence of the Skywalker line.

Servitude or death, either way this last heir to the bloodline of so called heroes would be brought to a satisfying end.

The Dread Lord stood from his throne, his vonduun skarr kerric crab armor brushed ever so abrasively against his corrupted flesh. Krayt slowly crossed the immaculately clean floor to the throneroom viewport.

He folded his hands behind his back, and peered out accross his capitol, glistening in the last embers of the days setting sun.

"You cannot hide forever boy......I will find you." He muttered under his breath.

He folded his arms accross his Vong armored chest, and just continued to peer out over the cityscape. Using the pits of Darkness to stretch out his search for his elusive quarry.

DrPhil2501 03-24-2007 02:46 AM

Cade questioned the intentions of why they were on "The Wheel". He felt as if they were being followed, then again he could be just paranoid. He stared at his Master, Wolf, and wondered if he felt the same thing.

steven 03-28-2007 02:08 PM

Solidus crept across the wall's of his masters throneroom. Aswell as the ability to go invisable, Solidus had the ability to walk on walls. Both of the two features give Solidus extraordinary skill to stalk and assasinate targets set by his master. However recently his master had ordered him stay in his presence which really bored him, Solidus has no choice but to obbey.

SkywalkerRules 03-29-2007 10:15 AM

The young girl, Lyna Honso, dances for the audience on The Wheel.
Her purple and blue slave girl clothing flows in motion, along with her long sandy blonde hair. The music is rhythmic and peaceful. As Lyna dances with grace and without care, she sees a young man. He watched her dance for a minute and so, along with two other men. Lyna could see that he had a trench coat and whitish-blonde hair. He looked like the rough type. The men beside him were a Zabrak and a blue Twi'lek. Suddenly, she felt a warm spirit inside.
Luckily, the music was over. The audience applaused as Lyna took a bow. She went off stage to get autographs, but kind of kept her eyes on the young man a little bit.

steven 03-29-2007 01:53 PM

The Hunter smiled as he took back a datapad with Lyna's signature, he wasn't what you'd call a fan however he wanted to interact with the targets. Well they weren't exactly his targets, more or less possible targets for his targets. Also, he fault the force was strong with her, although he wasn't a jedi or have the abbility to wield the force and use it, his people had a natural abbility to sense it.

SkywalkerRules 03-29-2007 03:51 PM

Lyna, on the other hand, sensed something dangerous. However, she did manage to go through the crowd of fans. She went to a bar on The Wheel and ordered a drink. As she was drinking nervously, two men, a Cathar, and a stout human male, came side to side by her. "Lookit here, Gont," the human male said, "A little angel drinking in a tough bar." Lyna looked at the two men who laughed at her.
"W-what do you want?" she asked, almost afraid. Gont answered, "We just want to have a little fun, little lady. Ya know..." They laughed again. Lyna wasn't going to take it anymore. She smiled and replied, "Look...boys. Wanna know a secret?" The two men looked at each other and smiled. They nodded.
Lyna said, "Come closer." As they got close, Lyna grabbed her water and splashed it on the fat man's face. When she tried to run, Gont grabbed her. "No, no, no, princess," he said, gritting his fangs. "You know what happens to girls like you." "Let me go!" Lyna screamed.
But Gont didn't listen. But as soon as he raised his hand to hit her, another grabbed it. Lyna looked at her hero. It was Cade Skywalker.

steven 03-29-2007 04:06 PM

The Hunter watched the scene at the bar from his table with amusement. He liked that even in this time of darkness at least someone stuck up for someone. It showed not all was lost. He decided he would not interfier with the fight unless it was nessisary.

Grace 03-29-2007 05:40 PM

Cassandra Morgan's expression was wholly unreadable, which was a source of great frustration to the man presently attempting to determine what she was thinking. The long silence now going between them caused the man to get a little impatient.

"Cass?" he said, annoyed and a little unnerved at how unwaveringly her eyes had been drilling into him emotionlessly. "What do you think?"

Cass shook her head slowly. "Not for that price."

A spasm of frustration crossed the man's face. "That's as much as I can offer."

"Oh, that's amusing," Cass said, smiling faintly. "He actually thinks he can fool me."

Further annoyed by the woman across from him speaking to herself, the man huffed. "Alright fine. You pick your price."

"That's not how this works," Cass objected, laughing softly. "You make an offer. I turn you down. You make an offer. I turn you down. You make an offer..."

"You turn me down?" the man interrupted, frustrated. Cass chuckled.

"Maybe," she said. "We'll see."

Four offers later, Cass had agreed to go to the Wheel and make a kill.

- - - - - - - - -

Four hours later, Cass arrived at the Wheel and entered the bar. She observed the attempt by men and a Cathar to overpower a girl and for a moment, she considered stepping in. But then, she watched a little longer and saw another man intervene.

"A Skywalker, by look and feel," she murmured to herself. This trip was more interesting already.

DarthSion101 03-29-2007 06:57 PM

Darth Krayt paced back and forth accross the perfectly polished fermacrete floors of the palace, his heavy footsteps echoing thunderously as he pondered the thought of this whelp......this Skywalker.

Talon had failed him on Vendaxa, she had better not fail him again. He began to consider sending something much more terrible after the scion of the name of Skywalker. Something unnatural, and inhuman. His gaze turned slightly to his right, to a thickly bolted metal slab door.

Nehind the door he could hear the sounds of his precious pet, biting and clawing, waiting to be set loose to do its masters will.

Master_Archon 03-29-2007 10:04 PM

Of all the places, in all the world, Slate had to be sent to 'The Wheel', he may have been a mercenary, even a manipulative, and cold one, but even he had a respectable sense of decency.

He had been told by Draco, leader of the Imperial Knights, to go and find Wolf Sazen, on the account of Roan Fel's reluctant alliance with the Galactic Alliance Core, or whatever it was called, which had been broken, on account of some shuttle insident. He had more or less been, 'requested' to go, seeing as he didn't like orders, for the most part. He was to follow Wolf Sazen, and anyone with him, and to keep an eye on him, to make sure he was kept as an asset.

Slate knew it was because the aid that Wolf and the other jedi, Shado Vao, had given the Imperial Knights on Vendaxa. Though Slate could also tell that some information was kept in the dark from him, but no matter, he went, it was better than sitting around on Bastion.

He had located Wolf, and since he didn't seem to be budging from 'The Wheel', neither did Slate. He however, did decide to go around for awhile, he wanted to see some things.

He had observed a girl dancing, which normally didn't interest him to see women degrade themselves, but something was different, this girl held something within herself, not to mention a fairly good presence in the force.

He had attained a signature, from the autograph signing she had done, he had done this to get a closer look, and with that he could also focus his mind on her, searching her. She had pushed through the crowds, he followed, men came onto her, and he had hoped for her to reveal that thing that nagged him, but a man stepped in, a man that had his presence in the force well hidden, but reseach was not faulty, and he was one of the crew of the Mynock who helped on Vendaxa...Cade, he believed him to be called.

He leaned against the wall, watching what would happen next, his interest in the girl put on hold for the moment, he wanted to see what this, Cade, would do.

DrPhil2501 03-30-2007 03:59 AM

"I'd leave the lady alone, if I were you!" Cade ordered coldly at the Cathar.
"Who do ya' think you are, schlummy?" glared Gont.
"I'm somebody you don't wanna mess around with, "schlummy"!"

Cade focussed on the weak minds of the fools standing infront of him.
"I won't ask you again. Leave the lady."

"Hey, a jedi mind trick!" the human man shrieked.

The two men pulled out blasters from their holsters. Cade, Shado and Wolf reached for their Lightsabers and activated them. At the same pace, they sliced off the outstretched arms holding the blasters, and the men fell to the floor, crying in pain.

"Get out of here!" Wolf snapped at the injured men. Instantly, the men ran out of the cantina.

"You okay?" Cade asked the pretty little blonde.

Grace 03-30-2007 04:27 AM

((Archon, I feel the 'gaming announcers' coming on :p ))

Out of the corner of her eye, Cass caught a speck of movement. In a bar, this was nothing unusual, but the man she saw seemed to be watching the Skywalker closely as well. Cass casually strolled over and sat next to the other mercenary. A few words were exchanged between the Skywalker and the other men and then lightsabers sprang to life.

"Oh, that wasn't the most ideal way of doing that," she observed aloud to the mercenary next to her. "Certainly efficient in taking a man down, cutting off his arm. But there are other ways that would attract far less attention. Vibro-dagger, perhaps."

Seeing that Skywalker and his friends had taken care of the situation, Cass shrugged. "Seems to have done the job, though." Turning to face the bar behind her without even looking at the man seated next to her, she asked him, "So what's your interest in the girl and her rescuers?"

((Well, Archon, it wasn't exactly gaming announcers, but I think I've left you something to work with ;) ))

SkywalkerRules 03-30-2007 06:17 AM

Lyna trembled like a puppy, that's been tortured. She nodded and answered, "Yes. Thank you for saving me." Cade smiled and outstrecthed his hand to help her up. Lyna took it and got up. "Boy, I thought I'd die if it weren't for you. Oh, the way, my name's Lyna," she said nervously, and reached out a hand to shake. "Lyna Honso."

DrPhil2501 03-30-2007 08:23 AM

"The name is Skywalker. Cade Skywalker." he greeted her. "This is here is Wolf..." he pointed to his former Zabrak master. "And this is Shado!" also pointing at the male Twi'lek.
"This place can be a little dangerous, even for one such as your self." Cade smiled.

Master_Archon 03-30-2007 09:13 AM

((Yeah, that event didn't leave much room for the Gaming Announcers. :lol: ))

"Oh, that wasn't the most ideal way of doing that," the strange lady observed aloud to Slate. "Certainly efficient in taking a man down, cutting off his arm. But there are other ways that would attract far less attention. Vibro-dagger, perhaps."

Slate didn't like random occurances, such as people he didn't know approaching him and speaking to him. "None of them have vibro-daggers," he replied reluctantly, his voice a naturally smooth, but cold voice.

The lady shrugged. "Seems to have done the job, though." the lady turned, not even looking at him, facing the bar, she asked, "So what's your interest in the girl and her rescuers?"

Slate kept staring at the girl and Cade, he spoke in an almost sarcastic tone, though that was only his natural way of talking sometimes. "No interest, just an event to watch," he told her, he pushed off the wall he had been leaning on, moving away from the woman, he personally didn't care for the sudden interaction.

SkywalkerRules 03-30-2007 09:54 AM

"Yeah, I know," Lyna replied to Cade, smiling back.
"Wait a minute...Skywalker?"
Cade nodded proudly. The young woman was surprised. "Wow. No wonder. They're the coolest of all the Jedi!" She looked into a daze and nodded. "Wild."
She scratched her right ear nervously. Cade asked if she was shy. She said, "Yeah...pretty much. I know I dance alot and believe me, the shyness goes away sometimes." She laughed. Her laugh was like a sweet little child.
Cade sensed the Force in her. It was strong and really good. He smiled.
Lyna asked, smiling, "Can we go outta here, though. I'm kinda scared of this place now."

SkywalkerRules 03-30-2007 09:55 AM

"Oh," Lyna said, "One more thing. I have to get my regular cloths out the girls' locker room. If that's ok." Cade said that would do just fine, and with that, Cade, Lyna, Shado, and Wolf went out the bar.

Grace 03-30-2007 12:18 PM

((SkywalkerRules, do you see below your post where it says, 'edit'? That's so you don't have to double post. Double posting is generally discouraged in places like these. Also, since Cade is not an NPC, try to avoid character control. That's strongly discouraged in RPing forums ;) ))

Cass watched Slate shove off the wall in something that might have been amusement. "I don't believe that for a second," she called after him. Pushing off the wall after him, she continued, "However, your business is clearly your own... as it should be, really."

Tipping an imaginary hat in his direction, she moved away, returning to the wall, where she still had a good view of that Skywalker.

steven 03-30-2007 12:55 PM

The Hunter continued to watch the situaiton however things were quite boring now. He decided to continue with his drink. After the group had left, the Hunter pulled out a datapad which told the location of the group, well the dancer. She was the only one he had the chance to bug.

DrPhil2501 03-30-2007 08:01 PM

"Cade, we must continue on with our plans." Wolf urged to Cade as they walked out of the cantina with Lyna.
"Yeah, what were those plans exactly?" he wondered. Cade couldn't help but notice a rather creepy looking man watching him. As well as some other woman. Could they possibly be agents of Darth Krayt searching for Cade? Only time will tell.

(could someone please play as either Shado or Wolf? I seriously cant be bothered to control three other characters)

SkywalkerRules 03-30-2007 09:52 PM

((Mohunas....I would be honored to play Shado as well. Cause' I can see you got too much! :) And Grace, I'm really sorry about those double postings and character control. I'll try to be more careful. Sorry.))

Shado whispered to the group, "We must be careful of this kind of territory. There maybe some scums here that'll try and capture us to the Sith." He knew that he sensed danger coming. Soon.
But he wasn't going to let his old friend be handed over to the Sith. And Shado defiantly didn't want Cade to be a follower of the dark side either. Because if it did happen, the galaxy would be doomed.

DrPhil2501 04-01-2007 01:16 AM

XG-91 made a landing in the "The Wheel's" docking port. His master, Rand, was in the cargo hold getting suited up.

The two of them were Mercenaries for hire, working for the Alliance to rebel against the Empire run by Darth Krayt. Both of them were rather highly skilled in combat. Rand Holdan, a former Imperial Trooper once working for the Empire. And his fellow campanion droid, XG-91, who just so happens to be a an assasin droid.

They were sent to the Wheel for recruiting soldiers for the Rebel Alliance. As far as they new, the space station wasn't run by the Empire. Therego, they could hardly arouse any attention.

"Alright, XG. Lets do it!" Rand called out as he entered the cockpit.

DarthSion101 04-01-2007 12:00 PM

Darth Krayt quickly snapped to attention, as two stormtroopers entered his throneroom, dragging a beaten and shackled Imperial Knight.

"What rabble is this, that is brought before me?" Krayt hissed.

This Knight, Loyal to Roan Fel was sent to assassinate you Lord Krayt.

Krayt cackled evily, and rose imposingly to his feet and lumbered in over the lackey of Fel.

He gestured nonchalantly to his troopers to leave the room, and they did with a respectful bow. The Imperial Knight rose quickly to his feet, clearly he had not been as injured as he had let on.
Darth Krayt found this terribly amusing, and smiled coldy from behind his Vonduun Crab mask.

"You've come halfway accross the galaxy to fight me....knave, now here's your big chance." Krayt paced back and forth menacingly as he taunted.

"Your evil ends here Darth Krayt, Roan fel is the true emperor, not you....USURPER!" Screamed the Knight. Before revealing his Lightsaber which he had cleverly kept hidden up his sleeve.

The Lightsaber slide into his hand silently, and hummed to life revealing the trademark silver blade of the Imperial Knights.

"Hahahahahaha" Krayt bellowed. "You do not truly think you can contend with my will do you?.....Worm. Come, strike at me boy."

The young Knight let out a scream of rage and lept forward his saber pointed directly at Darth Krayt's throat.

A smile twisted accross the Dread Lord's lips as his calmly unfastened his own sabers from their place in an X accross his back.

In one swift motion his crimson blade shot to life, and he would swing them in a downward arc, casting a red spectrum of light accross his face, highlighting his venomous features.

The Knight screamed in horror and pain, as Darth Krayt severed his saber arm at the shoulder. The saber and dead limb clanging and thudding respectively as the hit the marbelized floor.

The man fell to his knees clutching at his sizzling stump, where an arm once was. He gazed up into the Dread Lords cold calculating eyes, awaiting his fate.

Darth Krayt quickly and silently deactivated his weapons, and placed them in a criss-cross behind his back, whilst keeping a firm eye on the quivering fool before him.

"Now....I will ask, and you will answer!" Krayt commanded.

"G-go to hell."

"Do not test my patience any further...slave, for you have already paid a terribly price for your insolence." Krayt narrowed his glare. "You've been near Jedi, I can smell the stink of their pacifism on you, and I sense you have seen the one called Cade Skywalker. WHERE!?!"

The young man looked in disgust at Krayt, and spit on the Crab armor boot of his tormentor. "Go and space yourself Sith."

Krayt smiled bemused. "So be it." Unleashing a flesh ripping barrage of lightning upon the unsuspecting soul. His shrieks of pain and agony echoing throughout the massive room.

Krayt ceased the punishment momentarily, the man twisting and squirming on the floor, smoke billowing up from his charred and sizzling flesh.

"I ask one last time, so this will be your last chance, WHERE!?!" Shouted The Dread Lord.

The knight just squirmed on the floor and whimpered inaudibly.

"Very well." Krayt mused, before setting forth upon the man, a current of electricity so profound, that the late Darth Sidious would have blushed.

More anguished screams filled the great hall, followed by the smoke and scent of burning flesh. The man upon his dying breath uttered one audible word....."wheel."

Krayt stopped the electric display, as his prey expired. He turned and placed himself calmly and satisfactorily in his throne chair. he pressed a small comlink button on the arm console.

"Take the beast, Solidus to the wheel, set it loose, kill everything that moves."

"Yes M'lord" a voice responded through the com speaker.

"And Bring me Skywalker, Alive if possible.....Dead......Just as good."

Krayt flipped the switch and entered into his Sith Meditation, full well knowing that his pet Solidus would tear everything in its path to bloody shreds..........

steven 04-01-2007 12:19 PM

Solidus was then taken to the wheel inside a cargoship. His blood thrist would finally be answered and the occupants of the Wheel will be his pray. Although he master wanted Skywalker alive, Solidus wanted to taste the blood of a Jedi, the high Midi-chlorian in the cells gave Solidus the power to advance in his evoluation. Several hours after the Coruscant departure, the cargoship exitted hyperspace and headed towards the Wheel. A few minutes later the cargoship docked with the Wheel however the ship would of been scanned and detected Solidus so he was realised earlier. Fortanutally, Solidus physiology allowed him to sirvive in the cloud vacume of space. Solidus then said about climbing around the Wheel, looking for an enterance which would allow his secrecy untill he could begin his saluter.

SkywalkerRules 04-01-2007 05:41 PM

Lyna was in the girls' locker room, changing. After she changed, she looked in
the mirror to double check herself. She had on a blue jean jacket, orange silky capri shirt and skirt, and brown boots. She smiled and continued to walk out. As she was walking, something fell from her bag.
It was a lightsaber. She picked it up and looked at it. Her old master's lightsaber. Before Coral, her former Jedi master and loving mother, died, Coral gave her the lightsaber.
"Use it wisely, and keep it safe. It will guide and protect you." Her last dying words were, "Stay pure in the Force...."
Lyna cried silently, placing the lightsaber to her chest with care. She placed it in her brown bag and walked out the locker room. Lyna saw the three men talking to each other. She began to walk over back with the group, when suddenly....
"Aaah!" Lyna fell down on the floor, as if something happened inside her head. But this was no injury. It was a disturbance in the Force.

DrPhil2501 04-01-2007 06:39 PM

"What's wrong?" Cade asked concerningly at the fallen woman. He walked over to her and helped her up. He couldn't help but notice a glint of a long, cylindar object in her bag. It was clearly a Lightsaber. Was Lyna a jedi? She sure didn't act like one to me, Cade thought to himself.

Grace 04-02-2007 12:01 AM

Cass noted Lyna's reaction to something and frowned. She cocked her head, as if listening. Then, her eyes narrowed.

"That stupid son of a murglak," she muttered. Striding forward quickly on her long legs, she reached Cade and his companions in a matter of seconds.

"Hello, Skywalker," she said in a hushed tone. "Before you ask, no you don't know me. However, if you do not leave right this very instant, you may not leave at all."

She glanced around as if looking for something and then shook her head. "I have seen too many things in my lifetime to let a Skywalker linger where there is such danger. Take your friends and go. Now!"

((Mohunas, to make this interesting, please remember that Cass's Force signature is not what you would expect of a human, though she looks human. It's like a shadow from the past, the presence of a person who was in the room sometime in the past. He might comment on it, but Cass will brush him off... and she might tell him she'll see him again soon.

One final thing: the way I have it imagined, the name 'Cassandra Morgan' is fairly well known, especially since she's practically a legend. The name has been around far longer than the 37 years she appears to be. So you might have Cade ask for her name and be surprised when she gives it ;) ))

DrPhil2501 04-02-2007 02:30 AM

"Woah, slow down lady! What's the problem?... and how do you know my name?" Cade asked frowining.
Wolf looked very hesitant as he too was looking around the room.
"She's serious, Cade. We must leave immediatly. I sence a great disturbance in the force..."

SkywalkerRules 04-02-2007 05:29 AM

The young blonde woman turned Cade to her direction. "Cade, look I...well, the lightsaber...the Force..." then Lyna shook her head and hand in frustration.
"Never mind, I'll explain later! But listen them. And me. I sensed something in the Force, and it's not a very good sense neither! We..."
Suddenly, they heard a crash. Lyna panicked. "We gotta go, now!!"

Master_Archon 04-02-2007 08:58 AM

((Hey, Muhonas, mind if I control Wolf, since I didn't get the privilege of being Cade?))

Slate hadn't moved far, he had just moved some distance down the line, past a couple people, so as to create a little barrier from the strange woman. He didn't like sudden, unwanted interaction, but when a person has such a strange, distant presence in the force, it doesn't help either.

He had felt the nagging feeling about the girl grow for a short moment, as she was gone from sight in the girls' locker room. She exited, screaming in pain at something, as she toppled to the ground. He saw the group of jedi question her, then they started commenting on something coming. The strange lady imposed once more, as it seemed to be her job or something to cut in on other people.

Finally, out of all the strange commotion, the girl seemed to panic, urging the group to get moving.

He turned his attention away from the group, trying detect what it was that disturbed them, though he could make a million guesses, and they could probably all be right, 'The Wheel' was a horrid, wreched place to be.

He closed his one eye, concentrating on the hub of the force, not 'The Wheel' or the people on it, he stripped away the metal and the durocrete, and all things nonessetial.

His eye snapped open as he quickly felt a blip in the force, one unfamiliar, one that was primal, and dark, something with a warped mind bent on nothing more than blood, and evolution. This thing was not of this galaxy it seemed, though it reminded him of the force beasts, or whatever they were called, that the sith created long ago, and utilised to their advantage.

He knew that if any one of the ones in the group died, other than the girl and the woman, then his mission was forfit, and his journey here, meaningless. He wasn't going to let this, thing, cause his journey to this cesspit be for nothing. He needed to gain an, ally, in this, one that would work with him for as long as he needed them, and wouldn't reveal his presence to the group.

Someone, who would not atract attention, even through the force. Someone who wouldn't haunt him if he used them as bait, or even a meat shield.

He stared at the group, those few beings were the only compatent ones on 'The Wheel' at the moment. Three of them could not know of his presence or purpose, the girl was too much of a liability; she was most likely unused to combat, and she would attract attention, both in the force, and to the eye, she was a dancer after all, she was fairly good looking, and he didn't need the eye of every sleezy thug being drawn to her, and him alike.

The only option was...her, the strange, fruit cake of a woman, though she too would attract attention to herself by means of sleezy men, she was the only one that had a presence in the force that could compensate for that. Plus, she looked like she was a good fighter, and she could hold her own in a fight, let alone be a useful piece of bait.

Now all he had to do was get her attention, without the group knowing. He looked around, until his eye set upon the table next to him, a near empty glass was on the table. He reached inside the glass, muttering an apology to the two women at the table who were talking and giggling to eachother and giving him glances, even before he had done anything.

They giggled to eachother when he did speak to them, he only found it a nuisance though. He stared a the object he was holding before he did anything. It was an icecube, of all the things he had seen in the galaxy; an icecube was a rare thing, he hadn't seen one in a long while, nobody used them anymore.

He put little effort into the throw, the icecube pegging the woman in the back of the head, square on the spot. He motioned to her with his fingure to come over to him.

Grace 04-02-2007 09:50 AM

"Yes, go, go!" Cass exclaimed. To Cade, she said, "I don't know your name... just your family. And I've seen too many things in my lifetime to let another Skywalker stay in a place where there's as much danger as this."

Then, she felt something smack the back of her head. Twisting her arm around behind her, she caught it as it fell and brought it forward to examine. "An ice cube," she remarked. "How... creative."

She turned and saw the silent mercenary from earlier beckoning for her to follow him. With an odd smile, she said, "Well, well, ain't this a pretty turn of events."

Over her shoulder, she growled, "Go, Son of Skywalkers. We will meet again."

With that, she hurried toward the other mercenary.

steven 04-02-2007 05:38 PM

Solidus soon found his enterance in the form of a an airlock. A man, properbly a mechanic was fixing an outside panel. Solidus quickly turned invisable and began to stalk the worker as he went throughout his daily routine outside the station. Finally the moment Solidus had been waiting for came into action.

The worker made his way back into the airlock, unknowing to him Solidus was directly above him. The beasts claws were ready to tear the head off the worker as soon as the airlock which allowed him access to the rest of the station. That moment came briefly.

After hearing some comotion in the airlock, a lone technician then to see if everything was allright with his coworker. Once he looked inside he saw the corpse of the coworker he'd spoken to not twenty minutes ago. The part that most disturbed him that something was feeding on the body. A tall dark creature feasted away untill he saw the newcomer. The technican quickly turned and ran for the closest alarm he could find, unfortantally, the man was taken down by Solidus and brutally murdered.

((Sion, perhabs it's time for a certain Dark Lord to set up a blockade around the Wheel.))

DarthSion101 04-02-2007 06:49 PM

(( I am temporarily taking control of Darth Nihl as well, if anyone else further along in the RP joins and wants to play the role, they can feel free to take him over. ))

Darth Krayt eargerly awaited word from his beasts activity at The Wheel. He paced, his hands crossed behind his back.

His thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sounds of a loud beeping from his command chairs console. He almost sprinted to it, pressing it quickly and firmly. A voice shot through the comm speaker.

"My Lord Krayt, this is Admiral Rulf Yage, our agents report the beast has entered the wheel. Our fleet is standing by we await your command."

Krayt smiled to himself, as he immagined the total bloodlust and terror that his pet would unleash.

"Admiral Yage....position the fleet around the wheel, any ships attempting to escape are to be apprenhended, and all crews are to be placed under arrest."

"As you command Master." Yage retorted.

The Dread Lord cut the transmission and brooded quietly to himself. Soon Skywalker would be his or dead, it was inevitable.

.................................................. ................................................
A massive flotilla of Pallaeon class Star Destroyers burst out of hyperspace, in well coordinated positions around The Wheel.

Admiral rulf yage stood on the bridge of his command ship the Serpent Hand.

"Are all ships in position captain?"

"Yes Admiral, the fleet is ready."

"Bottle everything in, anyone trying to escape is to be captured. Any resistance is to be met with extreme violence."

"It will be done admiral."

The bridge door slid open open gently as Darth Nihl, Hand of the Dread Lord Darth Krayt entered. He gazed accross the command deck with his piercing red eyes, his long black hair draped about his shoulders. He strode confidently toward Admiral Yage, who was giving commands to his subordinates.

He folded his arms accross his chest as he stood in next to the Admiral. and spoke in a dry, and raspy tone.

"Is everything in order Admiral Yage?"

"Lord Nihl we are honored by your presence, but I assure you the situation is under control." Yage spouted

"Spare me your petty confidences admiral Yage. The Jedi and the brat Skywalker are not to be underestimated. I am here to make sure that you succeed in completing the master's task. My master does not tolerate failure, and neither will I." Hissed Darth Nihl.


Master_Archon 04-02-2007 08:12 PM

Slate pushed off the wall, but remained where he was when the woman approached him. He began in his icy, sarcastic voice alomost immediately.

"I have no idea what you have to gain from aiding those three...four, but I do know that I also cannot see them perish, I have an agenda to keep. You must know of this, thing, that is aboard this station, so I'm not gong to explain that," he told her, around midway through the sentence he had begun to move, heading towards the exit of the cantina, the woman following him as he drew her along with his talking.

"I need them alive, you want them alive, and I'm no super soldier, so I'm going to need some help on keeping them alive," he told her, they were now outside the cantina, and moving down the hall, his pace increasing.

"I had two options, you, or the girl, you're not a pleasant choice, but you do seem more capable with a weapon, so I chose you. Now keep up, I've got no plan, but I'm willing to delay whatever's coming for the Cade fellow," he said, breaking into a jog.

Actually much of what he said had been false, he was infact a super soldier, he really didn't need her help, though he would use it, and he did have a plan. Though his thoughts were buried, or very deep, because searching his mind would be like searching through a three dimensional maze, with lots of dead ends, and false doors. This was the advantage of being capable of utilising ninety percent of your brain capasity and power, your thoughts could not easily be read through any means, only surface thoughts were truly readable, even then it took some navigating.

He slowed down as he felt the bloodthirsty presence in the visinity, he looked around, there were few to be found, most were cowering in fear from something. "This section's desolate," he pointed out the obvious, he thumbed his 'Caster' pistol, looking around warily.

He breathed in deeply, then after breathing out he sniffed the air. "You smell that?" He asked her, moving towards the stench, near an airlock.

DrPhil2501 04-02-2007 08:55 PM

(Hey, Archon. Feel free to take place of Wolf, I highly appreciate it :) )

"Alright, lets go! Lyna, come with us. You'll be safer!" Cade pointed out. Suddenly, he heard the horrid cry of something... monsterous. Cade looked at the bounty hunter urging for him to leave immediatly. Somehow, she felt the presence of this threat comming, yet Cade sensed she wasn't a being of force sensitivity. Who was she... what was she?

Suddenly, he heard the horrid cry of something... monsterous. Cade wondered what it was, but he didn't want to find out.

SkywalkerRules 04-02-2007 09:28 PM

Lyna grew frightened. "What is it? What's that thing that's making those noises?" She was afraid to know or picture the creature making that bloodcurdling noise. Deep inside, she had to stay calm and brave. But she felt fear the most.
Lyna began to cry silently. She bowed her head, closed her tearful eyes, and covered her mouth as she walked away with Cade and the two Jedi.

DrPhil2501 04-03-2007 07:43 AM

XG-91 and his fellow master, Rand, unholstered their weapons. The assasin droid pulled out his modified blaster rifle, while Rand just withdrew an ordinary blaster pistol. They followed down the paths of the Wheel. The ceiling was filled with Siren lights and an alarm was in the background. As they passed the many Casinos and Cantina's, they met someone... or something along the path.

The monster was taller than an average human being. It had four mandibles around it's mouth. Had a long skull, which appeared to have no eyes, and had long dreadlock's growing from it's abominous head. It's back had rows of long spikes, and its skin was of a human skin colour, but slightly darker.

The creature screached, and revealed some sort of tongue with sharp teeth of it's own from it's mouth. Rand was clearly afraid of the beast. XG clearly was not. Infact, he looked rather pleased.

"I'll take care of this abominous meatbag, master!" he called, as he raised his blaster rifle.

(hey steve. Could you make Solidus kill Rand? But don't destroy XG, I have further plans for him)

Grace 04-03-2007 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by Master_Archon
He breathed in deeply, then after breathing out he sniffed the air. "You smell that?" He asked her, moving towards the stench, near an airlock.

"It would take something more than human to smell it from this distance," Cass answered softly, avoiding the question a little. "Its hunger... bloodlust is immense. Stopping it will not be easy."

steven 04-03-2007 12:48 PM

The next victim in Solidus' rampage. He didn't seem to much of a challenge however his droid could be if Solidus didn't act fast enough. Solidus let out a loud warcry as he leeped towards XG-91, knocking the metal warrior to the fall. Whilst on top, Solidus unleashed a fury of blows against the droids steal casing. It didn't take long untill the casing flu off and Solidus made one last stab with his tale before leaving to murder the droids companion. That kill didn't take half effort.

((Dont worry Mohunas, Solidus missed most of the vital curcuits and those damaged can easily be repaired. If you want me to change just ask.)

SkywalkerRules 04-05-2007 10:35 AM

The group reached the docking port just in time. But as soon as they went in,
men in armor lifted their blasters toward them. They were stormtroopers.
"Make no sudden move," one of the stormtroopers had said. But instead, Cade, Wolf, and Shado let out their lightsabers and attacked.

Lyna ran for a nearby wall and hid. Then she said to herself, "Would my mother be afraid of something like this?" She took out the lightsaber and looked at it. For a moment, she narrowed her eyes and closed it. "No...she wouldn't." Her mother taught her to be courageous and fearless.

The young woman raised her lightsaber. "I call upon the Force, to guide me, and to give me strength, against my enemies!" Suddenly, after those years of hiding, Lyna activated her lightsaber. It was a bright orange color for the saber. She opened her eyes, looked at her lightsaber, and smiled.

As the three men kept fighting off the stormtroopers, one stormtrooper flew past Cade into a wall, hard. Lyna force pushed the stormtrooper! With full speed to join Cade and his companions, Lyna cried out, "This is for you, mom!"
She jumped and sliced a stormtrooper in half, from the sides of his waist.

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