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CosmonautBuggle 03-28-2007 10:52 AM

Psychonauts Related Experiences?
Hopefully I put this in the right section of the board.

I had a very interesting Psychonauts related thing (well sort of) happen to me yesterday. I somehow got roped into helping someone find a name in the phone book, and well while flipping through countless numbers of people I didnít know, and frankly didnít really care to, I ran across one name on the middle of a page: ďC. Whytehead.Ē, and to make things even more ironic, they lived in the same area as the local Mental Hospital (man, that place used to give smashing ghost tours, until some nimrod got hurt or something). Well at this point I started to giggle insanely, making the said person I was helping look at me like I had lost it (more than usual).
So that got me wondering if any one else had any odd psychonauts related experiences happen?

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