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DeadYorick 04-26-2007 11:06 PM

Ties of the republic
Ive wanted to create a Kotorlike roleplay for a while. But this time following the Kotor tradition I wanted a different team with the same ship the Ebon Hawk.


Set in Kotor timeline before Kotor 3 but after Kotor 2

Revan the dark lord of the sith has decided not to join his darkside and set off for the unknown regions. A few years later the Jedi Exile decided to join him as well.

Now it is one year later. But the story does not begin with Revan or the Jedi Exile. It begins with the republic still waring with the Sith. However a new Dark lord of the sith has came into power since the fall of Malak. Darth Luna a female Iridonian and student at Malak's sith academy has taken the role of Dark Lord of the sith. Now she is currently trying to defeat the republic just like the sith of the past have tried to do. But is currently having difficuly.

But you are not of that. You are trying to live your life throughout the galaxy. However you will be swept into this war in ways you cannot imagine soon.


1. The Jedi Exile has left the Ebon Hawk on Coruscant along with all her companions. Many of them have left and pursue their own lives. But someone must still operate the Ebon Hawk.

2. Both the Exile and Revan are in the unknown regions where it is unknown what has happened to them.

3. Darth Luna is on Korriban with many of her sith apprentices.

4. Everyone starts on Coruscant.


1. No goddmodding (Do I need to explain this one? No making your character unbeatable)

2. No powerplaying (Please do not take control of someones character in a bad way. * such as killing the character without someones permission)

3. No bunnying (Meaning do not take control of the character entirely. But you may speak small words to them and they may be able to respond based on their personality)

4. Stay with the plot (Do not go off topic to much please. Also the roleplay starts on Coruscant. So refrain from leaving the planet unless in the company of the others.

5. Most importantly HAVE FUN (I dont think I need to explain this one)

~~~~~~~Signup Sheet~~~~~~

Name: (self explanitory
Gender: (also self explanitory)
Species: (If you need help picking a species go on the Wiki page. Please select a humanoid species as well. UPDATE: I almost forgot. You can be a DROID as well
Personality: (What your character acts like)
Histoy: (what happened to your character before coming to Coruscant. Remember to be detailed)
Faction: (Very important. What allegances does your character possess. Republic or Sith)
Profession: (What your character does. Meaning is he a jedi or a mandalorian? The skys the limit)

Anyway here are the requirements

We need at least

1 Jedi
1 Pilot
1 Gunner
1 droid (for using security)

Anyway the skys the limit. PM me if you have questions

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