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SkywalkerRules 04-27-2007 08:51 AM

Outta This World!

[Earth, Chicago, Illinois, 2007]

Summer vacation was almost here. What an exciting day. But not for Monica. Monica Blair was shy, but kind to others. She would do anything for anybody. But being in high school wasn't easy.

She would be picked on, and not cared for. Although she was beautiful, it seemed that the other girls were being jealous. Of her looks, her personality, or both? Monica walks home from school to rest and do her homework.

Life seemed bad on the outside too. Her parents were divorced, and she had to live with her mom, Suzanne. Monica didn't mind living with her mom. But she hated the fact her parents were seperated, because of some argument.

Monica looked down and closed her eyes, imaginating from reality. She was that type of girl. Away from reality, and into another world. Monica didn't realize where she was going, and bumped into someone. It was her good defender and friend, Darrick Jenkins.

Darrick and her were like two-peas-in-a-pod. He was kind and quiet, unlike Monica's bully and his sister, Lora.

"H-hey, Darrick," Monica stuttered, smiling.

Jason Skywalker 04-27-2007 02:34 PM

Summer vacation was just on the corner, but celebrations had already begun. Parties everywhere, and now Xander's class partied harder since they had won the football tournament.

"Hey Xander! You coming?" A friend of Xander asked him.

"Nah Pete, i've gotta go. See ya later!" Xander told him, making his way through a street as he then found two of his friends, Darrick and Monica.

"Hey fellas!"

Darth Kalverys 04-27-2007 08:21 PM

[Star Wars Galaxy: Courscant, the Jedi Temple, 31 ABY]

Rueben shook his head. "Luke..."

Luke turned to Rueben his eyes glaring hints of the Darkside. "What do you want?"

"Calm down..." Rueben said. "They are only kids, and kids make mistakes... even YOU still make mistakes, besides... we have bigger problems. Such as your nephew and his "mistress," the Darkside's power is growing... you have to help defeat it."

Luke sighed... "I know... it's just ever since Jacen fell... it's kinda been hard on Leia, me, and our families. But, I shouldn't let anger get the best of me."

Rueben nodded. "You go... go... meditate, rid yourself of your anger... I'll continue the class."

Luke nodded and walked off.

DrPhil2501 04-27-2007 08:40 PM

[Nar Shadda]

The Assassin sat in a guest chair in an empty office, waiting for his "contract". He was deep hidden in the shadows while he sitting in the rather comfortable chair, staring out into the circular window behind the desk which viewd the high canyons of Nar Shadda.

After some while, the door of the office opened, and he saw his victim enter the room. He was a rather balding, plump man, who was head of an Organisation called "Sin Federation". It was a crime syndicate which was a possible threat to the Empire, so under a matter of circumstances, The Assassin was assigned to elliminate the Head.

"Suprise!" he spoke calmly, in a cold voice towards the Head, which whom recieved a fright. The head turned around to face the shadowed figure sitting in the guest chair.

"Who are you?" he asked defensivly.

"I carry no name. I am known by other titles given by those who know me. But apart from that, and like what is about to happen to you, I don't exist."

The Assassin pulled himself off the chair, and put his hands behind his back.

"I can offer money? Power of my Oraganisation? What ever you want, just please leave my office!" the plump man begged.

"Your offerings, unfortunatly, arent of any value to me. However what is, is the slow and painful death of a Crime Syndicate who challenges the Galactic Empire..."

The Assassin drew his Sword, crafted like a spinning blade, and sliced it across the man's chest. The Head fell down in pain, lying on the floor, and the Assassin paced towards his dying victem. He raised the blade to the Head's heart, and impaled the sword right through the man's chest. Blood oozed out of the dead man's mouth.

The Assassin pulled out the sword and wiped the blood away clean from the shining blade...

Darth Kalverys 04-27-2007 09:30 PM

[Several Hours later, on Courscant]

Rueben stood in front of Luke's class... "Now clear your minds, concentrate on..." BOOM! The entire Jedi Temple shook, Rueben could feel the Darkside getting closer... the Jedi Temple was under attack, just as it had been so many years ago by Anakin Skywalker. "Hide..." Rueben told the kids, and ran out of the room. He was face to face with what he thought he had destroyed many years ago... a reborn Dark Force user, a Sith Lord known as Darth Vashneer, followed by an entire army of Dark Jedi and "Sith" soldiers. By now, all the Jedi Knights and Masters were out in the hall, seeing what the ruckus was all about.

"Attack," Vashneer yelled. The third battle of Courscant took place.

SkywalkerRules 04-27-2007 10:01 PM

Monica waved at Xander, who was coming up to her and Darrick. "Hey, Xander!" she said, with a bright smile. Xander was another friend of hers. He could be on the rough side sometimes, but he was actually a nice guy. Together, these three teenagers made a good team.

"I was just heading home when I bumped into Darrick. Hey? Since it's Friday, you guys wanna come over to my house and play video games? I can do my homework later. Oh, and Xander? I heard you guys won the football tournament. Great job!" Monica said, raising her hand for a high-five.

Darth Kalverys 04-27-2007 10:08 PM

The Jedi were losing numbers. Luke had come up beside Rueben sometime during the fighting, and the two were holding back about 1/4 of the army, the other 3/4 slipped through and were attacking the rest of the Temple. Luke fell back, going to attack the rest of the Dark Jedi, leaving Rueben surrounded by about a thousand soldiers and dark jedi. It was a laser fire fest for the soldiers... however when the dark jedi saw it wasn't effecting Rueben, they slid in... making it harder. Rueben fried about eight dark jedi, with Force lightning. Then he Force jumped out of the ring, and ran back to the room he was in before the attack, he needed a quite place to be able to use Battle Meditation.

SkywalkerRules 04-28-2007 11:44 AM

Kala, the young Jedi Knight, oversaw the battle about a minute or two. This pleased her. She wanted to kick someone's behind for a while. Even the Dark Jedi. She yelled from the balcony to Luke, "Need any help?!"

She jumped off the balcony, flipped, and landed on her feet perfectly on the floor. Kala glanced at her big brother, Darth Vashneer, who was standing a few feets away from her.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't my dim-witted big brother, Vashneer!" she said, cheerfully, "Long time no see. And might I add, you look very good the last time I saw you." Kala smiled.

Darth Kalverys 04-28-2007 11:51 AM

Rueben sat in the center of the room. The kids crowded around him, staying silent... wanting to see what the Jedi Master was doing. The tide of the battle began turning... the Jedi were overcome with confidence, while the "Sith" were losing strength. Sweat began trickling down Rueben's chest and back. Thankfully he didn't have to sit there and sweat through a tunic; because when Luke was Darth Aroes, he tried to kill Rueben, but only cut through the tunic, sliced it clean off. The cool air quickly dried the tears of concentration.


Vashneer sneered at his younger sister. "So Luke is making weak minded fools Jedi Knights now? And young ones at that." He smiled, but he could feel something going amiss. He looked and saw that his "Sith" were being destroyed by the thousands, he turned around and took off. This isn't over, Jedi! He thought to himself.

DrPhil2501 04-28-2007 09:15 PM

The Assassin ordered his batch of units to attack the Temple. "Leave no survivors!" he muttered coldly the the Imperial Troopers. He went in after his marching men, and he puled out his KX-80 Repeating Blaster Rifle. He raised it to shoulder height, taking aim at completely random Jedi Targets. He fired a few rounds at the defending Jedi swarming the huge lobby with pillars supporting the ceilig above. The Assassin paced on the red carpet with his fellow Squad.

Darth Kalverys 04-28-2007 09:44 PM

Luke sensed the arrival of a long time enemy. The Assassin was here... to destroy the Jedi Temple. Through the Force bond that he and Rueben shared, he called out. Rueben, we need all of your focus directed towards us and those new Sith.

Rueben sent a huge Force wave pushing in that direction... Luke's way to know that Rueben heard him.

Rueben sat quietly, still meditating. Then one of the padawans grabbed onto one of his bare shoulders.

"Master?" The young kid said.

Rueben turned to see terror in his eyes.

"There is no Emotion, there is Peace." Rueben told the padawans.

A dark figure entered the room, blood-red lightsaber drawn. Rueben stood and activated both ends of his lightsaber. The two Jedi entered a furious battle.

Luke couldn't feel the Force wave beating down anymore... he had to assume that something was pre-occupying Rueben's time... maybe he had even been killed. But Luke still felt Rueben's presence... he was fighting a Dark Jedi, to save the padawans in the Council room.

SkywalkerRules 04-28-2007 10:06 PM

The young Jedi girl turned to see her older brother running, after she fought off a few Dark Jedi. "Where ya going, big bro? The party just started!" Kala pulled out her whip. She swung the long cord to Vashneer's legs. When the cord wrapped around his legs, Kala yanked her arms back, which made Vashneer fall.

"What ever happened to you?" Kala asked Vashneer, walking towards him slowly. "You use to be a good brother, who looked after me. Now you've become this... evil monster." She glanced at his angered eyes. "If you join the Light Side of the Force, we could be family again..."

Darth Kalverys 04-28-2007 10:42 PM

Vashneer smiled... "If only you knew the power of the Darkside. Little sister... I will never go to the Light, you would be wise to join me!" Then as quick as lightning Vashneer vanished. Force Camoflouge... it's so useful. Vashneer thought.

Rueben brought the right end of his saber down on his opponents hands. The man screamed out in pain and fumbled to lift his lightsaber using the Force, but Rueben sliced it in half.

"Now then... what should I do with you... you are far to dangerous to be kept here with little kids..." Rueben said, making the Dark Jedi think he was going to kill him.

"NO! Please! Don't kill me! I will serve you!" The man said.

Rueben smiled... just what he wanted to hear. "Serve me? Why would I want that... what I want you to do is serve the Lightside of the Force... come now... you are far too intelligent to believe that the Sith are stronger..." Rueben told the man. "What... what is your name?"

The question caught the man off guard. "I... I... I eh.... I'm not sure. It's been so long since I've heard my name. I was often only called failure by the other students and my master."

Rueben frowned. "Perhaps Luke can help you restore your memories..." Rueben said.
Rueben sat down again, making sure the kids were behind him, in case the Sith attacked again. Rueben's face went blank, like it always did when he used his Battle Meditation.


Luke felt the Force pounding on him again... he knew what that meant. The Jedi would win this battle, and the Sith... they would die, retreat, or turn to the Lightside.
Luke turned to the Assassin. "Long time, no see?" Luke asked, raising his blade.

DrPhil2501 04-30-2007 07:26 AM

"I have been hunting you for some time now, Skywalker!" The Assassin muttered coldly to the Grand Jedi Master. "Your fall to the dark side proved you to be all but weak. And your return to the Jedi made you even more foolish!"

The Assassin put away his Blaster Rifle, and drew his Sword. He waited for Skywalkers phase of attack.

"Defend yourself, Skywalker!"

(OOC: Just out of curiosity, what year is the Star Wars Galaxy based in?)

Darth Kalverys 04-30-2007 07:39 AM

((OOC: It's 31 ABY, The New Republic is still getting started...))

Luke blocked and blocked... making his oppent use up all of his energy... well that was his plan anyway.

Rueben's concentration broke, when an old friend entered the room. He could feel her presence, but he could not see anyone other than the Sith and the Padawans. He looked around and finally found what he was looking for... the Force Ghost of his ancestor, Bastila Shan.

Jason Skywalker 04-30-2007 08:13 AM

"Thanks. And sure, could relax some time. What games do you have?" Xander asked her, his hand clutching his backpack.

SkywalkerRules 04-30-2007 08:17 AM

Kala looked around for her big brother. "I can't make the same mistake as you But I will always love you." She glanced down sadly, placed her whip on her utility belt, and fled to find Rueben, her best friend.

Finally, she found him at the Council. "Shan, Luke's in trouble!" she said, in a panicking tone. Then, with a surprise look on her face, she could also see the Force Ghost of his good ancestor...Bastila Shan. She gasped. "Wow! The Bastila Shan! You're ancestor!"


Monica looked back. Then glanced at Xander. "Well...there's Artic Thunder, 007 games, Mario...oh! There's Star Wars Battlefront!" She nodded and added, "Yeah. I'm sure my mom won't mind you guys comin' over, though." Monica smiled.

Darth Kalverys 04-30-2007 08:26 AM

"I know..." Rueben said quietly. Bastila continued to look at him... not saying a word. She saw the similarities between him and her... they had the same eyes, hair color, and the same facial structure... only he looked more masculine. Tears welled up in Rueben's eyes, and he turned away.

"Are you with us?" Rueben asked the Dark Jedi.

((OOC: If you want to be the Dark Jedi, then make him a character sheet.))

Master_Archon 04-30-2007 09:37 AM

Jeremy had rushed to the antique store after school, he had to work after school, and after work, he had to do homework, though, sometimes he didn't even bother.

He had to do some organising, and cleaning in the store today, while Miss Stone watched the front, he didn't mind cleaning or organising, but he wasn't a people person, so Miss Stone watching the front that day only made him all the happier.

He was trotting down the sidewalk when he came to an intersection, the antique store wasn't far from there. He stood waiting for the light to change, adjusting his sunglasses slightly as he waited impatiently.

He heard the clamoring noise of other kids approaching, he heard them talking faintly, he concentrated, trying to listn more intently.

"What games do you have?" Asked one kid.

"Well...there's Artic Thunder....Mario...There's Star Wars Battlefront!" Came the response from a more quiet kid, who he had trouble in hearing everything that one said. The quiet one sounded familiar, he turned, looking for the source of the noise, until he cought sight of two boys and a girl coming in his general direction, the boys were Juniors, and the girl was a Sophomore ((Tell me if I'm wrong here)) he knew the girl, she liked to frequent the Antique store he worked in.

He smiled to himself, laughing lightly to himself, he turned away, his face returning to it's somber stare, waiting for the light to change. He wished he could find friends like he used to have, but now, being a Senior, and having moved away from the best friends he ever had, he was all-in-all, a loner, maybe it was for the better.

The light changed, and he jogged across the street, before the other kids could get any closer to him, he slowed slightly as he got across, but he kept going until he reached the store, where he walked up two steps, then opened the door to go inside.

He didn't see Miss Stone, but he would start anyways, so he slipped out of his backpack and trench-coat, and put on a white apron in the back, often used for cleaning and moving the items around the store. He took off his sunglasses, placing them on the front counter, he moved into the back, gathering up the cleaning utensiles, he began he reutine cleaning.

Darth Kalverys 04-30-2007 07:06 PM

Rueben glanced at Bastila... who was staring straight at him, waiting for him to turn around. Tears began streaming down his face, so he knew he couldn't turn around..

When Rueben wouldn't turn around, Bastila walked around... and saw the gleam of tears rolling down his face. "Have I hurt you in anyway?" Bastila asked Rueben... confused.

"No..." He smiled. "It's just... I don't know... I guess I'm happy to see you."

Bastila attempted to put her hand on Rueben's shoulder, to comfort him... but her ghostly hand sank through. Rueben smiled at wiped away the tears.

The attack on the Temple grew stronger... man they needed help. Rueben and Kala were nowhere to be found. "All Jedi FALL BACK!" Luke yelled. "We can't win this fight without Rueben..."

DrPhil2501 05-01-2007 06:20 AM

"You are quite correct, Skywalker!" The Assassin murmured after the first phase of his duel with Luke. There was a momentary pause.

"But I believe you cannot win this fight with Rueban at all..." He clenched his sword and began to attack Skywalker again. He performed powerful spinning and flurry attacks with his blade. And yet Skywalker still managed to stay alive.

Darth Kalverys 05-01-2007 06:53 AM

Rueben took a deep breath and ran through the halls of the Jedi Temple... feeling better. Bastila wasn't going to distract him... not while there was a battle in the Temple. The wind from the Force Sprint was whipping his hair across his face. When he finally reached Luke, he noticed that his old friend was in a battle... a battle that he was losing. Both ends of his lightsaber activated. "All Jedi... hold your positions!" Rueben yelled. "We will give them no more ground." The Jedi pressed forward again, their strength replenished by the sight of Rueben aiding them.

SkywalkerRules 05-01-2007 07:57 AM

Kala, glancing at Rueben, yelled, "Rueben! Need any help?! I can do some serious whipping!" She took out her lightsaber, which lit a green saber.
Kala joined the fight with Rueben. "Oh, I almost forgot. I had a "family reunoin" with my big brother! Just to let ya know."

She continued to fight alongside with her old friend, whom she cared about since they met.

Darth Kalverys 05-01-2007 08:07 AM

Rueben frowned... he noticed that there was one particular Jedi who was using one saber... and he wasn't getting anywhere. He took off his green back up saber and tossed it to the man. "Use this... it might help you a little more." Rueben laughed. He had an odd sense of humor... but he wouldn't let his allies die... not if he could help it. One side of his lightsaber sliced through a Dark Jedi's chest, while the other cut another Dark Jedi's head off. It seemed like the Dark Jedi had endless reinforcments. For every one Dark Jedi killed five more took it's place.

SkywalkerRules 05-02-2007 08:14 AM

((Hey, Archon? She's a Junior. Thanks for asking :) ))

As Monica walked with her friends, she spotted the Antique Store. "Let's go to the Antique store right quick. I wanna say hi to Miss Stone." She ran to the store. Miss Stone was a nice old lady, who liked Monica as her favorite customer. Monica smiled as she went in.

"Miss Stone?!" she yelled. Monica looked around. There was no answer. "Hm...she's probably not here yet." She glanced around, then saw a young man, who stood behind the counter.

Monica smiled warmly. " Miss Stone here?"

Darth Kalverys 05-02-2007 08:23 AM

Lightsabers, fists, Force Powers were thrown left and right. Not a single Jedi faultered, Rueben and Luke observed. Luke noticed the Assassin, and Force Jumped at him... lightsaber in hand, already activated. Rueben looked, and unbelievingly saw Dark Jedi with Double-Bladed lightsabers... he had never seen a Dark Jedi carry one before. There were four of them... but he knew he could take them, so he jumped towards them and began a bloody battle.

Bastila's Force Ghost oversaw the battle, making sure Rueben was safe.

Rueben dodged left and right, barely missing one of the lightsaber blades. That was too close. Rueben said to himself.

Master_Archon 05-02-2007 09:27 AM

((Kinda strange that she's 16, and yet she's a Junior and it's near the end of the year? Ah well.))

"Miss Stone?!" Came a yell. "Hm...she's probably not here yet."

Jeremy, or JJ as he prefered, looked up from the counter, which he had been organizing, and cleaning; it was the girl, with her friends.

The girl smiled warmly. " Miss Stone here?"

JJ glanced up at the ceiling with a humorous look of thought on his face. "Hm? No, no, I don't think she's here," he told her, looking back down at her with a small smile.

"But..." he hesitated for a moment, but went on. "If there's anything I can help you with, I'd be glad to," he said, his smile widening.

His smile turned into a look of mock seriousness, he locked eyes with hers, speaking firmly, but curiously, "you do need help with something, don't you? You did come in here for something, didn't you? We don't like loitering in here, I'll have to ask you to leave."

He paused, looking at her face for a moment to see what her reactions would be, but before long he was cracking up laughing, "sorry there folks, I've got a weird sense of humor, I know. Now, how can I help, seriously this time?" He asked in a normal tone, conveying little emotion.

SkywalkerRules 05-02-2007 10:30 AM

Monica laughed sheepishly. But before she answered, an old woman came through the door. It was Miss Stone.

"Phew!" Miss Stone said, whipping her head and carrying her purse. "Sorry, I'm late, JJ. The traffic out there was craaaaazy! And..." she glanced at Monica. "Is that my Monica? Girl, give Mama Stone a hug!"

Monica loved how she used her Southern accent. She ran to Miss Stone and embraced her. Monica replied, "Hi, Miss Stone! It's good to see you!"

Miss Stone smiled down gently at her young friend. "Whatcha doin' here?" she asked, placing her purse on the counter. Monica shrugged. "I just came by to say hi." Miss Stone turned to Monica and gave her a look. She said, "Child, you came in here for somethin' else too."

She glanced at JJ. "This here's my assistant, Jeremy. But you can call him JJ, if you like." Monica waved at JJ, knowing that she met him already. Miss Stone smiled at JJ and asked kindly, "How you doin', JJ? I'm guessing you already came early."

Master_Archon 05-02-2007 11:12 AM

JJ smiled, chuckling to himself at Miss Stone's personality, which he enjoyed, because it reminded him of living in Florida.

"I'm doin' good ma'am. And you can bet yor biscuits I came early...enough," JJ grinned.

"So, this is the infamous Monica Blair, favored customer, and friend of my employer and rentee, Miss Stone..." JJ said, moving from around the counter to get a better look at Monica, "...quite a pretty young miss, well, I'm glad to meet you." He said with a warm smile, shaking Monica's hand.

"So...why did you come in here? Since Miss Stone seems so unconvinced that you came in here just to see her..." JJ asked curiously, "..did you just want to see little ol' me? Nah, of course not, we've never formally met before, so why would you? Anyway, I'll just shut up and let you and Miss Stone talk now."

Jedi Atomic 05-02-2007 07:23 PM

Darrick was thinking as he followed the Xander and Monica, not really paying attention to their questions. He stood near Monica looking around the store once again not paying attention to the conversation. He observed the items he'd seen before on the history channel, like some soda bottles and other stuff that is probably worth more than what shes selling. As he noticed a pause in the conversation, he asked Miss Stone a question, as he'd never been in the shop before.

"Miss Stone is all this stuff in the store things you've collected since your childhood? Or do you by it on Ebay or the like?"

DrPhil2501 05-03-2007 05:24 AM

The Millenium Falcon soared through the skies of Coruscant. Captain Han Solo earlier recieved a transmission from the Jedi Temple that it was under attack by Dark Jedi, and he was asked if he could lend a hand.

He pushed the Falcon to its limits, going full speed ahead through the landscape of buildings. He looked at his Co-Pilot, Leia, who took the place as Han's flight buddy, Chewie, who had died so many years ago.

Darth Kalverys 05-03-2007 06:23 AM

Rueben put one hand over the other, but they did not touch. In then center of his hands... a ball of pure Lightside energy formed, he threw it at the Dark Jedi he was fighting, but after it pierced the four it started bouncing around the room, killing every Dark Jedi it came into contact with. With every Jedi it came in contact with, it grew bigger and bigger. That was a power he had learned from Revan, which had come in handy in this fight. It was now only a matter of time for them to defeat the Sith. Rueben felt a huge Force presence getting closer... but it was lightsided. It was Leia... Luke's sister.

SkywalkerRules 05-03-2007 07:59 AM

Miss Stone smiled kindly at Darrick. "Oh, yes. From my childhood, but Ebay...honey, please!" She laughed heartily. Monica loved how she laughed too.

Monica replied, "Oh. These are my friends. Darrick and Xander. I don't know if ya met them before." Miss Stone shook her head. "Uh-uh. But it's a pleasure to meet yaw'll. If you don't hear the tone, come to Miss Stone." She paused. Then said, "Ya know wha'? I should make that a slogan of mine!"

The young girl laughed, covering her mouth. Then she got to the point why she was really here. "I also came to buy something. I mean, I love coming here to buy old antiques. It reminds me of going to Crackle Barrels, ((if that's the correct name)) the breakfast place.

Miss Stone looked out into a daze. She said, "Aah, Crackle Barrels. They got some got good eating there." She looked back at Monica and her friends. "Oh, sorry 'bout that! Daydreaming. Ha! Go ahead, look around. See something ya like."

And with that, Monica and her friends did so.

Darth Kalverys 05-04-2007 04:35 PM

That was it... the Jedi were going to win... Luke, Rueben, and almost everyone else knew it. The battle of Courscant wasn't going to continue for much longer. Rueben and Luke both turned to Luke's long time enemy... the Assassin. "You'd better run." Luke said. "You won't win." Rueben said.

DrPhil2501 05-04-2007 07:55 PM

The Jedi were quite correct, that the Imperials were on a verge of defeat. Looking at this, the Assassin had no other choice but to retreat.

"This isn't over!" he murmured coldly. Then, using his foce powers, made a jump-flip attack against Rueban Shan. The blade of his sword scraped against the side of the Jedi's eye. Then he made a landing atop of the center statue, and jumped out through the Skylight window above the ceiling.

ExiledFish 05-05-2007 09:13 AM

Leon hated moving house. So close to the holidays to when all his freinds where off at the lake or having big sleep overs Leon had been made to pack his room up get in the back of his parents car and went off to a place called Illinois.

When we had arrived it seemed a pretty nice town and so was the school. But something wasn't quite right. He missed the comforts of the antique store he had once worked at and so as soon as he finished his firstday at school he began to explore searching for one.

" There has to be one somewhere," Leon said to himself as he stared into the small antique handbook he kept with him. He had loved antique items since his farther first began work as and archeologist's bringing home ancient weapons Leon used to sped hours staring at them drawing them and sometime helping his dad.

Leon looked over the edge of his book and across the street he saw it. Was is fate that had made him look over. The antique story was quite easy to recognize dirty red paint on it walls and in big bold letters STONES ANTIQUES. You would have to be blind to miss it.

Staring in awe Leon began to cross the road he got to the door and opened it stepping into what he considered a heaven he began to look around him at all of the antique pots not finding any weapons he decided to carry on looking.

DrPhil2501 05-05-2007 09:54 AM

((urm, dude? If you want to be part of this RP, you have to go to the Backstage Casting call section and find the Recruitment thread for this, so you can post your character info. M'kay?))

Han Solo withdrew his blaster and gunned down a few Dark Jedi. Some of them dogged his firing and even deflected the bolts, yet some how he managed. It must have something to do with his Scoundrel Luck... or perhaps he was starting to believe in the faith of the force. In which case, he had no trouble killing a few Imperials and Dark Jedi.

He ran into a room where he had found Luke, an old friend of Hans. He saw that the Jedi Master was surrounded by bodies of dead Imperials. Han guessed Luke must've been very handy with that Lightsaber of his.

"How'ya doing, kid?" he greeted.

ExiledFish 05-05-2007 10:35 AM

(ooc: oops sorry didn't relise. Now ive made and idiot of my self. *runs off*

Darth Kalverys 05-05-2007 04:43 PM

Rueben blinked... the cut didn't hurt, he'd felt worse from Darth Aroes. Blood ran down the side of his face, but he just wiped it away and used the Force to heal himself. He looked around and saw Luke watching him, unsure of what he was doing. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Rueben asked. Luke didn't answer, he just silently slipped away.

Jedi Atomic 05-05-2007 10:21 PM

Darrick noticed another kid, not much younger than him, walk in. As he scanned the shelves he kept glancing at the kid and then finally asked, "Hey, you look like you are into antiques too, or atleast pieces of junk from the past, either way. What kind of antiques do you like?" referring to Leon.

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