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zelda 41 04-29-2007 07:28 PM

RD Bourding School RP 2!!!!
The sequel to one of out greatest RPs. A new year, same school, everthing.

Note: the sci fi crp did NOT relly happen, so your memerys are swiped.

No going crzy and weirdish on the storyline
keep it pg13ish
love = okay if the other person is kool

post bios or copy them

Name: Zelda, Zelly, Zell
Age: 13((at this point))
Person: opens up to friends, nice, love crazy, sometimes attitude problems
Strenghs: Friends, kicking, fast swimmer,
Weakness: lazy, slow runner, short attention span


Zelly got off the bus and stared at the school. Her most fav school ever. And the most memoriable one.

Dark died the yer earileir from an STD, so no more bitchface. Zelly sighed and walked inside.

Psychochaos3 04-29-2007 07:42 PM

Psycho woke up in a hospital.

"Dark! We have to defeat her dragons and restore the dimensions!" screamed Psycho.

"Son, that never hapened. you ate some really bad sushi." said a guy in a doctors outfit.

zelda 41 04-29-2007 07:54 PM

She stopped at the counter. She glanced at the lady.

Zelly: Linsie!
Linsie: Zell!

They hugged and chatted bout girl things.

Linsie: Okay, girl. Youv'e got room 11 again. So how is the gang?

Zelly: Umm, haven't seen um yet. Maybe they'll be here!

Davinq 04-29-2007 08:26 PM

The scifi crap DID TOO happen.

And no need to repost your bio girl, you've seen the new thread.

zelda 41 04-29-2007 08:28 PM



Davinq 05-01-2007 12:30 AM


Zelly, you must realize why the boarding school concept is suddenly so unpopular. First semester occured during the Dark Ages of LFRD, and no one wants a reminder of those evil times.

So, however inadvertently, it's not quite the hot topic anymore.

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