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Shana 05-01-2007 04:15 PM

Jedi Knights: Masters of the Force (Rewriten)
I'm starting this again, also Flamehart is in command of this as well so anything you want to ask can be asked to me or him.

Rules: You know them, no godmodding……

Note: You can contribute to make the story more interesting, this is not following the EU material, it's for our imagination ok?, If you have any ideas post them and we will create a more interesting story.

Character Creation:
You can be any Jedi from the following or just create your own.
(Luke, Kyle Katarn, Leia (as a Jedi), Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo, Ben Skywalker and Jaden Korr)
But before you become them you must have an NPC (Non playable character) of your creation.

Character Sheet
Star Wars Universe Character:

Here’s mine...
Character Sheet
Star Wars Universe character:
Name: Mara Jade Skywalker
Name: Lyla Zaekis
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin, beautiful body and features.
Homeworld: Naboo
Rank: Jedi Knight
Equipment: Has two silver bladed lightsabers, wears a white jedi robe, white top and white skirt.
Bio: Lyle was found in Naboo while Luke searched for a trace of his mother’s family, and she was trained by Luke and Kyle on the Yavin IV academy, she excelled in her training and got perfect marks on her trials, she is Luke’s favorite student and the most popular girl in the Academy.


Reports from Serenno have indicated the unusual presence of force wielders dressed in black going in and out of an ancient Jedi Enclave, reports say as well that these force users are not kind to people and attack in cold blood, there is also intelligence that notes that these men use Lightsabers with an unusual and never seen lightsaber blade, the color of this blade is a black. Master Skywalker has promised an investigation and requests the presence of all Jedi knights in the great room.

After checking this message on her Datapad Lyla got to the great room where all the Jedi were, there weren’t too many only a couple of dozens sitting on the floor looking up to Luke Skywalker who stood high addressing all of them.
Kyle Katarn welcomed Lyla and told her to get up to where Luke was and sit next to Mara Jade, Luke’s wife.
- “You better get ready Lyla” – Mara said.
- “Why?” – Lyla asked.
- “He’s gonna make you run this one” – Mara said.
- “Me? What about Ben, the Solo twins or Anakin for that matter?” – Lyla asked.
- “Ben is with Anakin looking into the restoration of a temple in Bogden, Jacen and Jaina are looking out for the crystal mine we found on the moons of Iego” – Mara replied.
- “And Jaden?” – Lyla asked.
- “Jaden has a classified mission with the republic I can’t say, but Rosh went as well, so neither are available” – Mara said.
- “But I’ve never been out on a mission on my own, this will be my first and it’s a big one” – Lyla said.
- “Well you’ll have to get used to it, Luke is convinced that you can do this, he has great faith in you and besides I think Kyle and Luke are going to escort you and your team” – Mara said,
- “Oh well, ok, but what about my team?” – Lyla said.
- “They will volunteer, they will come to you and you’ll report to me or Luke about who you are taking” – Mara said.
- “Ok” – Lyla said.

Luke was still talking to the other Jedi and then he sent them off only Luke and Lyla stayed behind, Mara and Kyle left the room.

- “I can sense your nervousness Lyla, don’t worry you’ll be fine, besides I’ll keep my eye on you while you’re there and so is Kyle, if things get rough, Ben and Anakin will be on their way, so don’t worry a lot of people are backing you up” – Luke said.
- “Thank you Master...I won’t let you down” – Lyla said and she left the room to go to the practice room were she sat on a bench watching padawans practicing with their sabers all around her.

Quist 05-01-2007 04:25 PM

I'm a little confused... in addition to choosing an existing Jedi or creating our own, we're supposed to create an Non-Player Character as well? I don't understand why we would create an original character if we're not able to control it.

Flamehart 05-01-2007 06:22 PM

((OOC - No, you have a choice of being any Star Wars Universe Character. If you choose one, you are still required to create an Original Character, whom Miracle referred to as an NPC. If you choose NOT to have a Star Wars Universe character, however, proceed to the NPC portion and create your character to use.))

Name: Strider Flamehart
Age: 4000+ Years
Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid
Appearance: Long black hair, red headband, Black pants with a black leather-padded top, a long red cloak/cape, 6'1", Blue eyes, light skinned. Athletic body build. (see signature pretty much)
Homeworld: Kyron (Original)
Rank: Sith Hunter
Equipment: Blue Lightsaber, two-bullet projectile handguns, and a custom made Cortosis-weaved Vibrosword
Bio: A legend in his own, Strider Flamehart is one of the few surviving Sith Hunters. Due to something unnatural, Strider has ceased aging since he was in his mid twenties. He has a very unique fighting style he developed on his own, and over the years has gained an impeccable reputation from those who know him to being near unbeatable. He's very strong and athletic, and very deeply in touch with the Force. His abilities span farther than most can understand, as he has experienced both the Light and the Dark Sides of the Force. A valuable asset, Strider agreed on behalf of his friendship with Skywalker to assist Lyla with the mission.


The automatic door to the practice room opened with a hiss, and two solid steps from a steel toed boot on the polished floor echoed softly in the room. The room grew quiet, as the padawans realized who had entered before them. They quickly bowed, and welcomed him in half respect, half intimidation of the man's presence.

"Good afternoon, Master Flamehart."

The Sith Hunter could only smile. "Is that how Skywalker instructed you to address me when I visit? At ease, padawans, return to your training, and next time, just call me Strider," he said with a friendly tone to the padawans, who he always made it a point to be friendly with to calm the fear his presence often inspired in the younger ones.

They nodded and returned to their practice. Strider walked around the room, his gaze now focused on Lyla's figure sitting on the bench. His eyes left hers momentarily to watch the students practice, then returned to her as he stopped before her and addressed in a kind tone.

"Skywalker told me about your mission, and then he told me this is where I could find you. I came to inquire if you needed perhaps some assistance or guidance with the mission, as I am willing to offer it for lack of anything better to do," he said with a grin to Lyla. It was commonly known fact around the Temple amongst the Jedi Knights that Strider's visits were a result of either nothing to do, or a desire to find something to do to help, and was often humorous the great lengths he would go to assist in something that would occupy his attention.

He asked if the seat next to her was taken, and when she responded, he quietly took a seat. "If you wish, I will help guide you, though I will not do the mission for you, otherwise that wouldn't help you in the least bit. I realize this is a serious matter and I want to ensure that everybody comes out of this okay," he explained.

Quist 05-01-2007 06:34 PM

Ah, so this might be confusing for some people as it was for me because of the terminology. Non-Player Characters are just that: characters which a player does not control. Typically in these types of Role Plays, NPCs aren't central characters; instead they're ancillary characters, used to help the plot along.

So if I'm understanding you correctly, if you choose to RP a preexisting Star Wars character, you must create an original character of your own and RP them as well?

I think you got your terminology mixed up, that's all. :)

Shana 05-01-2007 07:28 PM

((In the future, all "OCC" will be made by placing double parenthesis like so: ((OCC:insert question or coment here)) also to our comments Quist: Well yes, but for the most part we referred to NPC also as the character only you can use and nobody else. We sometimes refer the second character as an NPC, he's around and nobody else can control it but it's creator you can choose to either have an original character only or an existing charater and an original))

Lyla grinned at Strider and looked around.

- "You have nothing better to do huh Strider?" - Lyla said and chuckled - "Don't worry, I appreciate your help, this will be my first big mission to lead. I'm nervous, I can do stuff on my own but now I have to look out for the well being of others as well, and I don't want to mess up".

She began playing with a bracelet she had on her left wrist and then looked at Strider.

- "How were the Jedi in the old days Strider?" - Lyla asked and then looked at her bracelet again - "Are we much different from them?".

DeadYorick 05-01-2007 09:55 PM

OOC: Ive wanted to join an expanded universe roleplay for so long. Anyway its been a while since I Starwars roleplayed. So I hope you don't mind if I don't have to many details

Name: Horus Draco
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Iridonian
Appearance: Horus's horns are pure white. He wears orange make up with black tattoos. (SWG style). His eyes are blue.
Homeworld: Coruscant
Rank: Jedi Guardian
Equipment: Wields 1 single blue saber. His robe is brown (Kotor 1 style). For a backup he wields a DL-44 blaster pistol just in case
Bio: Horus was born on Coruscant. Going through regular jedi procedure he was found as a street urchin in much of Coruscant. After being found by a local jedi he was taken to the academy to start training. After many years of training he managed to make it to Jedi Guardian rank and constructed his own blue lightsaber.


Horus was quietly in his room meditating. His lightsaber was on a table close to him. He felt strong urges to just turn on a remote and start practicing on it. He rarely went on missions and had a strong urge to just jump on a ship and go somewhere.

Suddenly he decided that he was done meditating. He slowly got to his feet and took his lightsaber. But then lazily took his datapad which was right next to it. After clicking it on he saw a new message.

After reading the message he suddenly felt excitement rise through him. He quickly went to the great room.


After sitting down with all the other jedi he patiently waited for Master Luke to start and tell them more about the threat.

Flamehart 05-01-2007 11:51 PM

((OOC: Welcome to the RP, and a good starting post! Things'll get going along shortly, just hang in there if you don't have anything to do just yet because of your first post.))

"You know me too well," he said with a grin.

Strider thought about her question for a moment, then answered.

"Much so. Skywalker is very open with all of you. He doesn't pull punches when it comes to bad news. When I was a Jedi, you didn't know about it unless it directly effected you. The Council tended to keep alot of valuable information to themselves. You guys have the benefit of knowledge," Strider said with a solemn tone. He looked at her again and said, "It may be a first, but you are more than ready. I will ensure the safety of the group, you worry about the task at hand," he assured.

Shana 05-02-2007 12:09 AM

Lyla gave him a smile and nodded.

- "It's good to have you along, you've helped me so much in the past. Master Skywalker is a great master, he trusts us a lot. I don't know how the academy would be without him, and Kyle's constant sarcasm" - Lyla said chuckling when she said the last remark.

Luke came into the room and looked at both of them.

- "I'm afraid we could not dig up anymore information on the situation, the communication with Serenno is being blocked by some sort of jamming device" - Luke said.

Kyle walked in as well and looked at all of them.

- "And that only means these guys mean business. It's bad but at least I get to see some action around here again" - Kyle said in his usual sarcastic tone.

- "Everyone interested in assisting Lyla in her mission to Serenno can come forward and talk to her or Master Flamehart. May the force be with us all" - Luke said as he walked away along with Kyle.

DeadYorick 05-02-2007 12:49 AM

OOC: Okay first post in here.


After getting breifed on the current threat Horus was suddenly excited. He hadnt been out of the academy for a few weeks and this mission was going to have much excitement. However he quickly scolded himself. Excitment led to nervousness and he didnt want to have to many emotions that led to the darkside. So he centered himself and felt calm. But then he heared master Luke say to ask a fellow Jedi knight Lyla Zaekis if they wished to volunteer on the mission. Horus just like practicly all the other high ranking jedi in the order knew who Lyla was.


Soon Horus found himself close to the practice room. He noticed Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker walking out of the door. He quickly walked into the practice room. He quickly remembered vague memories of himself in this very room. But quickly shrugged it off and walked past all the Padawans. Since Horus wasnt the most well known jedi he was barely recognised by them.

He quickly walked up towards Lyla and the ancient master Strider Flameheart. Who Horus didnt know much about. He soon formerly introduced himself

"Lyla I am Horus Draco. I wish to volunteer for the mission to Serenno"

Master_Archon 05-02-2007 08:50 AM

Star Wars Universe Character:
Name: Jaden Korr
Species: Kel-Dor


Name: Umbar Reathe/Darth Orpheus
Age: Unknown/looks 30
Species: Human/Unknown
Eye Colour: Violet, with static yellow pupils instead of black ones
Hair Colour: Unknown, he has a shaven head with tattoos
Physical Apearance: Slim, Muscular, 7ft. height, Wears pure black robe w/gold trimming/embroidering on the edges and hem, Underneath he wears strange unknown grey armor
Personality: Cunning, Slow to anger, Wise, Manipulative; also he's Umbrakinetic
History: A Human, though many believe he is something else, due to his size, eyes, and other features. He is from the unknown regions beyond the galaxy, and is wise in his ways, and actions. Some think him more like a Jedi Master, than a Sith Master, due to his patience, and willingness to insight wisdom. He is descended from an unknown species, that are devoid of the force, but he is only partially blood related to this unknown species, and has lived long to ensure he has a full connection to the force.
Alignment: Undeterminate
Rank: Ancient Sith Lord
Equipment: Two meter long organic hilted saber [Spear Saber, basically], with a single silver blade; A long handled, single bladed lightsaber [Black, if that's okay with you people?], the handle resembling the hilt of a sword, with a cross tree/guard and everything, only more lightsaber-esque/technical looking; A long grey whip, that is made of a strange flexible, saber resistant metal, neither Phrik, nor Cortosis - has small unseen vibro blades running down it; Vibro Shurikens made of same unknown meterial as whip; Finally: A small palm sizes sphere, that seems to be made of a charcoal grey colored glass [Semi-transparent], but is filled with a strange electric aura, that pulsates in the center: Puts it in a black sphere shaped case that hangs around his neck.

((Okay, hope everything fits well, hope I can play as a baddy, though technically, it's hard to tell whether he really is or not, considering his personality.))
Post will come later with knowledge of how I should post with my characters.

Grace 05-02-2007 02:17 PM

Name: Leilani Var

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Humanoid

Appearance: 5' 5" tall, shoulder-length sandy-blonde hair, golden brown eyes; tanned skin; lightweight, but incredibly strong for her size. She wears a dark brown, traditional Jedi cloak, but beneath that, she wears well-worn black leather battle armor.

Homeworld: Coruscant

Rank: Jedi Knight

Equipment: 1 dual-phase lightsaber, primary blade of normal length and dark green, secondary blade half normal length and violet

Bio: Leilani's past is known only to a few of the highest Jedi Masters. Her father was a drunk and her mother was addicted to deathsticks. By the time she was four, Leilani was on her own. Four years later, the Sith Hunter Reibe Vailar took notice of the eight-year-old because of her commanding presence, both in the Force and in person. At eight years old, Leilani was the leader of a small band of children, a few of them even up to six years older than she was. Reibe offered to train the girl, but Leilani would only agree if the children she led were given safe, loving families to raise them. Due to her vast informant network, Reibe was able to promise this and Leilani began training under Reibe.

Over the next eight years, Reibe trained Leilani rigorously, teaching her not strictly as a Jedi, but as a Sith Hunter might be trained if the Hunters were to recruit. Despite the girl's rough circumstances early in life, she did not fall fully to the Dark Side, even when Reibe began teaching her some of the 'darker' powers of the Force. Seeing this, Reibe was greatly impressed and wondered aloud at it.

"The Force is not merely an ally," Leilani answered calmly. "Nor is it a simple tool to be used. To achieve the balance requires a great deal of meditation."

Reibe agreed and was surprised to discover that the girl had done a great deal of meditation, even before she began her training. For this reason, she knew much more about the nature of the Force than the average trainee from the start. When Leilani turned seventeen, Reibe took her to the Jedi and presented her for Knighthood. As with other students of Reibe in the past, Luke Skywalker granted Leilani Jedi Knighthood.

Since her Knighting, four years ago, Leilani has proven herself to be a valuble addition to the New Jedi Order. Her trainer Reibe, on the other hand, has not been seen in four years. For this reason, Leilani occasionally finds herself hanging around Strider in hopes of hearing something about her former master.

Flamehart 05-02-2007 07:14 PM

Strider smiled at the young recruit's formal introduction. He knew the student, better than he thought he did. Then again, since the lax in Sith Hunter activities, he had been monitoring the development of Jedi in the temple more closely than anyone had speculated, even Luke. He addressed Horus before Lyla had the chance to.

"Horus Draco, welcome. We could use the likes of your abilities as a Jedi Guardian, however I'll let Lyla decide your acceptance. However, I want to ask, what would you say is your greatest fear, Horus?" Strider quizzed.

DeadYorick 05-02-2007 07:40 PM

Horus was puzzled by the strange question. He had never been asked what his fears were since he was supposed to suppress fear. But he knew the answer

"I guess I fear letting others down. But I usualy supress this fear by coping with nervousness as best I can."

Horus was still puzzled as to why he was asked such a strange question. So he asked one of his own.

"What I am wondering is what your biggest fear is?"

Flamehart 05-02-2007 08:44 PM

Strider smiled. A good question.

"I fear nothing but fear itself. Even the slightest sliver of fear can destroy everything and leave nothing but failure in its wake, and that's all there ever should be to be afraid of," he replied in a informal tone, then looked Horus in the eyes, his penetrating blue eyes looking like they could bore holes into Horus' mind.

"I understand your fears, however, I will counsel you this. Do not fear anxiety, nervousness, or most importantly, doubt. You are nervous because you worry you are not competent enough, and trust me, if you are a Guardian, you are quite capable of many great things. You are anxious because you are concerned you will not be taken. There is no reason we should not, your talent would be helpful. Lastly, you doubt because you are uncertain. Do not ever be uncertain. Be confident in yourself and your team's ability. The end result may not be what you envisioned previously, but always be confident in the team's ability to complete the task. Keep that in mind, it may make your fears easier to cope with, and possibly eliminate altogether," advised the Sith Hunter with a friendly tone. He did not want to make Horus feel that his answer was wrong, but merely comfort him that his fears were natural, but there were far greater things to fear and that his fears could be calmed by sheer will alone.

Grace 05-02-2007 09:21 PM

A small, single-man fighter dropped out of hyperspace over Yavin IV and quickly swept down into the moon's atmosphere, angling toward the hangars of the Academy. Moments later, after some post-flight checks for hull stability and proper functionality, Leilani Var used the Force to snap the cockpit bubble out of place, breaking its seal and causing still one more thing she'd have to repair later.

The little fighter was modeled somewhat after Reibe's and Leilani had constructed it on her own. A few of the students who had seen the fighter and its owner speculated that the ship had been the product of a highly intense meditation session, much like her lightsaber was rumored to be. However, the lightsaber was by far the more stable of the two... which became obvious as Leilani stepped out onto the wing and the landing gear gave way, sending the young woman tumbling to the floor with a startled yelp.

"Guess you still need some work," she told the fighter, picking herself up and shaking her cloak slightly to release some dust. With a shrug, she entered the Academy in search of Strider. She'd been gone for three weeks and it was time to learn if Reibe had sent any word of her status.

Shana 05-02-2007 11:19 PM

Lyla looked at Horus and smiled.

- "Of course you can join us Horus, we need good an able hands on this matter" - Lyla answered. As Leilani arrived she knew she sought a word with Strider so she decided to leave the two alone.

- "I take my leave Strider, seems somebody needs to talk to you" - Lyla said and went to her quarters.


A dark figure surrounded by a dark aura sat in the middle of a stone floor riddled with ancient symbols and markings. The walls bore ancient Sith pictures and around the stone floor were sculptures of ancient sith lords.

A hooded woman followed by two other men entered the room and bowed.

- "It is almost time" - the man sitting in the middle of the stone floor spoke with a deep and calm voice, a mask covered his face but his grey eyes were visible.

- "Yes master, Freedon Nadd's cells were particularly difficult to come about since the tomb was opened all those years ago, even his short saber was missing. But the room you told us about has been found, the jedi tried to seal it away but thanks to the dark side aura of this place, it was preserved" - the hooded woman said soundng very pleased.

The masked man stood up and turned to face the woman.

- "Did you recover the vials I asked you to recover?" - the masked man inquired and the woman held out her hand to give her two vials of blood perfectly preserved.

The masked man took them in his hands and examined them. He held out his hand and suddenly lifted the vials and suspended them in the air with the force, then he threw a small spark of lighting at them and both vials produced electric ray of two different colors, blue and yellow. The Masked man chuckled for a moment and put his hand on the woman's shoulder.

- "Good job Tavion, good job. The time for your vengeance is near, Marka Ragnos restored your life after you made the bargain with him, I will help you get free of that bargain as long as you continue to swear your loyalty to me" - the masked man said and Tavion kneeled before him.

- "Let the reconstruction process begin, we have many people to bring back and too little time" - the masked man said.

- "But Lord Morbiöus, don't you think Kai Even and Strider Flamehart will feel something is wrong?" - Tavion asked.

- "Juhn-Kai Even has not shown himself to the republic since even before the clone wars, he fought everysingle war for 25,000 years and he did not help the republic this last time, but even if he does reappear, we have an old score to settle. Together he and Flamehart can pose a problem, but if they do decide to join forces, both will be destroyed" - Morbiöus said and went back to sit on the ground and meditate.

- "We will commence the molecular reconstruction immediately Master" - Tavion said.

- "Yes and come to me when the spiritual calling needs to be done" - Morbiöus said.

DeadYorick 05-02-2007 11:29 PM

Horus quickly bowed towards Strider as Lyla left.

"Well Strider. I will take my leave. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions".

With that Horus left the practice room. He needed to get to his room to prepare for the mission.


Horus made it to his room a few minutes later. His lightsaber on a nearby table along with his comlink and Datapad. After taking his Lightsaber and placing it onto the ground in front of him he sat down.

Horus focused all his mind and started to meditate. Hoping to pass the time by clearing his emotions

Master_Archon 05-03-2007 08:37 AM

"Lord Morbiöus, so profoud...." Came a voice from the shadows, it was deep, but smooth, no hitches, and chilling to a strange degree.

"...Well, you've come so far since I last saw you Morbiöus, how long has it been?" Questioned the hooded man that stepped out of seemingly nowhere, behind the sitting Dark Lord.

The man gazed aroud at the pictures and the sculptures, smiling with a eerie smile, the smile held a vast array of untold messages in itself. "Hm?...I don't see myself here. Did you forget? No, of course not, I'm not known as a Sith within history, even in more secret and hidden archives I am not mentioned...oh well; besides, some of these sculptures aren't even right...Darth Bane was bald, for instance....."

The figure stopped talking for a moment, his smile shrinking slightly. "....Well it seems you're trying to do something....and you know I'm...different, than, let's say I'll help you....though, I set my own standards, what would you have me do? If you wish for me to help, that is?

Black Knight of Keno 05-03-2007 09:14 AM

Name: Emukiel Al-Saefar
Age: 7100+
Gender: Male
Species: Weequay
Appearance: A more wrinkled person than the average Weequay with a full botch of hair on his head noting that he has been absent of his homeworld for many ages. As well as those destinguishing notes, he also has blue eyes, a very straight posture despite his age as well as very strangely styled Jedi robes, reminiscent of the old days of the Old Order.
Homeworld: Sriluur
Rank: Jedi Lord(former), Jedi Grand Master(former), Jedi Master
Equipment: An archaic-styled lightsaber with a green blade, robes similiar to those Masters wore during the Hundred Year Darkness as well as numerous other Jedi gadgets.
Bio: A very old fellow he is indeed. He fought in the Hundred Year Darkness as a master and as a master of his own style of Vaapad, similiar to that of Windu in the later years. At the end of the conflict, he began great studies into the nature of the Force and on how it could be used for prolonging life to it's maximum, which he eventually learned after twenty years of very deep meditations. As he continued to grow older, the councils changed and Jedi died in several conflicts to follow, yet he remained seated on the Council. Eventually this was noticed and he was honored as he rose to become the Grand Master of the Old Jedi Order. Dates are vague when speaking of his past, but he did lead the Order for several decades before resigning and handing over the job to someone else. He found himself to be a reliable advisor to the Council when in trouble and need until the Darkness rose again in the Galaxy. He disappeared for the time Palpatine ruled. Most information of the great Jedi Lord and Veteran of several wars were destroyed along with other legends. Legend indeed. Not even Palpatine knew of his excistance until he finally revealed himself as a force projection to the Dark Lord onboard the Second Death Star merely an hour before the Skywalkers stepped into the chamber and began a fight which would utimately lead to Palpatine's demise. His interest in Skywalker grew as he followed his advancement in the Force, having many discussions with the force ghosts of Yoda and Obi-Wan about him before deciding it was time the young Grand Master of the New Jedi Order was ready to meet one of the oldest branch of the Jedi Order. Since then he has renounced his title as a Jedi Lord and has started to train the Padawan learners in much the same way as Yoda did before the collapse of the Old Order

((Hope you don't mind me around :p ))


Emukiel was in deep meditation once again as he reached in to observe the great mystery revealing itself on Sorenno. The young learners looked at him expectantly as their class had ended several minutes ago and each second took away some of their free time of mingling with each others. When finally someone did something, it was a young rascal that had had confrontations with the Weequay master before. He now levitated the master's lightsaber from his belt, on top of his head and then dropped it. The clank of metal sounded as the lightsaber bounced from Emukiel's head and onto the floor, effectively waking up the Weequay of his meditation.

"Padawan Alexander, have I not told you to leave my lightsaber alone?" he asked, furious before looking at the clock and sighing. With a wave of his han, he dismissed the youngsters that ran off to mingle with their friends. Emukiel slowly rose up with the aid of his cane and picked the lightsaber up. After clipping it onto his belt, he turned and took a step forwards only to find a young Twi'lek girl standing there. One from his class too.

"Hello, Master Saffy" she said and smiled the cutest smile she ever could.
"'Saffy'? That's what they call me nowadays then? Last year it was 'Alsie'" Emukiel noted and then leaned down to see the girl more closely.
"So, what is it then, youngling?" he asked and the girl shifted rather anctiously before speaking.
"I was wondering if you could tell us a story of the Old Jedi Order on the next class" she finally said and recieved a kind chuckle from the old and worn down man.
"We'll see. Now go with your friends" he said before the girl ran off and he proceeded towards the hallway, only to bump into a fellow Jedi.

As he noticed it was Lyla, he chuckled again.
"Have you heard they're calling me 'Saffy' now?" he asked from her and chuckled again to himself. It was always great to hear the new twists the younglings got from his name.

Shana 05-03-2007 11:08 AM

- "Yet another nickname I see" - Lyla said and chuckled - "What was it last time Master? Alsie? I believe that was it?".

Lyla then looked at Master Emukiel, he was well respected and loved by the Jedi in the new order as he was a kind man but also a powerful and commanding Jedi Master.

- "You heard that Master Skywalker is sending me to Serenno along with an investigation force?" - Lyla asked.

Morbiöus opened his eyes one more time and through levitation he turned to face Orpheus.

- "Several of these statues are wrong, Marka Ragnos wasn't as perfect as he is protrayed, he was always a fool. But as commited as he was to the Sith, the very nature of them all is betrayal and deception. All these statues are images of their egos, not of their true selves" - Morbiöus said and stood up again using levitation.

- "I find it amusing that you ask how you can help, no Sith or Jedi had ever wanted to help the Seren Brotherhood, even after we separated from the Jedi at the begining of the Order" - Morbiöus said and looked at Orpheus - "Yes, I was around when it all happened I watched as the very first of the Jedi went rogue and proclaimed himself as Dark Jedi, I witnessed the rise of the Sith, the fall of Marka Ragnos, the death of Freedon Nadd, the defeat of Exar Kun. The disapearence of Revan and the Rise of Sidious. I've been around enough to take into account everysingle event in history. You must ask yourself at this point why I have not answered your question? It is simple, I will now pose a question for you. What do you think you could do to help me?" - Morbiöus asked and began to pace around.

- "The operation for the revival is now underway, we will soon revive the very first of the Dark Jedi, the one who started the cult and the first Great Schism. General Xendor and Arden Lyn will be brought back from the grave" - Morbiöus said and then thought a bit for a moment, the conflict in Serenno would be a perfect place to start revealing the plot.

- "I think you've heard of our little operation on Serenno, our forces are now retrieving a small artifact containing samples of DNA from both Count Dooku and Palpatine, I need someone able to retrieve them for us. We will have a grand celebration when our Sith brothers are brought back to life and we will watch as the Republic crumbles. Once they have lost everything, the Jedi and the Sith will be erradicated and only the Seren Brotherhood will provide peace and justice as it was foretold in the ancient prophecies of our cult. Balance shall rule the galaxy and under this banner no one will ever dare opose us, no longer will the force be two sided, it will be one single side with all of it's nature revealed. The self rightousness of the Jedi and the selfishness of the Sith will be their downfall, nothing is absolute, there is no black and white, only shades of gray, only balance" - Morbiöus said.

DeadYorick 05-03-2007 03:31 PM

Horus stopped meditating. He just couldnt clear his mind for some reason. He got up and took his lightsaber. Then went to his desk. It had drawers but very small ones. Soon he opened one of them and looked inside. There was a DL-44 blaster pistol he used before he became a guardian. He quickly took it and some blaster packs. Soon he quickly stuffed it inside his robes inner pocket.

"Okay im ready now"

Horus was one not to pack to much. In battle you cant have a large amount of weight on you.

Horus left his room. He quickly started walking through the many halls of the jedi academy. He noticed the many masters and padawan's everywhere.

Soon Horus felt a large amount of impatience. He wanted to start this mission now. But shrugged it off as he walked to the dueling room.

There were padawans and other knights there. Many of the masters were meditating around the area. Soon another Jedi knight went towards the middle of the room.

"Is there anyone else who wants a duel"

Horus recognized him as another Knight. He had clearly beaten every other jedi in the room.

Horus walked to the middle of the room. He plainly stated

"Okay I will."

Then he ignited his lightsaber

Black Knight of Keno 05-03-2007 04:18 PM

"Yes, I've heard. Who hasn't?" Emukiel asked, looking around like making sure nobody was around eavesdropping.
"And he's sending me with you. Of course he doesn't know that small detail yet" he noted then, smiling widely even if the smile was barely seen from behind all the wrinkles.

"I have indeed been watching the situation there. Very interesting. Not even the Force tells much of what is happening out there. But what I have been revealed is that you will need all the help you can get to unravel this mystery" he said and nodded before taking a step down the hallway, yet stopping as he thught up a new question.
"I felt the presence of a Sith Hunter. Is Strider bored again?" he mused as he turned and glanced at Lyla again.

DeadYorick 05-03-2007 04:42 PM

Horus easily disarmed the jedi.By placing them into a saber lock and knocking it out of his hands. Then he said plainly

"You are beaten."

Horus then turned off his lightsaber. Stowing it into his robes so it was completly hidden.

"Better luck next time"

Horus walked out from the middle of the dueling room. The duel was fun yes but he still wanted to get out of the academy. It was really boring staying in one place for 3 weeks.

Horus went to the side of the room. Quickly he started to meditate in order to remove all his agressions that he mustered in the battle

Shana 05-03-2007 07:28 PM

Lyla grinned at Emukiel.

- "Not a single detail escapes you Master Eki" - Lyla said remembering yet another of his nicknames - "Yes, Strider's bored again. I guess the recent innaction has caused him to finally divert his attention to anything that can potentially keep him busy. He's going with us to Serenno. Which reminds me, if you are going too, we have to meet in 2 hours so everybody can gather their stuff and be ready. I'll meet you at the docking bay Eki, I have to go find Horus, I'll see you in a bit".

Lyla then walked away and went into the dueling room where Horus had finished sparring with another Jedi, she then walked up to him.

- "We are leaving soon Horus, in two hours I need you at the docking bay, gather your stuff" - Lyla said and then noticed the bulk on his back and the ammo on his belt.

- "A pistol? How uncivilized of you" - Lyla said with a grin and a wink and then left the room.

DeadYorick 05-03-2007 07:58 PM

Horus went back to his room. He was already still excited. He quickly gathered up a few meager belongings like an energy shield and some black gloves. Soon Horus was ready. After gathering his cloak he walked out of his room. But he still had a lot of time so he decided to walk around the academy till two hours were up


Horus started to walk around the area of the academy closest to the docking bay. Just in case he lost track of time. Keeping his comlink in his pocket in case of changes

Flamehart 05-03-2007 09:10 PM

Before Leilani could even ask, Strider held up a hand and answered, "Nope, not a word." He smiled at her aggrivation, as he knew she hated it when he knew what she wanted before she asked it. "She's like that. She won't let us know anything unless she's going to be arriving soon to tell it to us herself. It's just how she is. Consider yourself lucky. She only has habits of disappearing for a few months. I disappeared for hundreds of years. Imagine waiting on me, why don't you?" he said with a grin. "I've got some matters to take care of before the mission starts, you should speak with Lyla."


When the two hours had passed, Strider came, well, striding out to docking bay right on time, which strangely enough, was unusual for Strider, who had a habit of making a fashionably late entry. Emukiel was always on time, however, and Strider wasted no time in walking straight up to him and with a jesting grin, said in a seemingly argumentive voice.

"So what if I'm bored again, old man? I'll have you know it's an honor for the Academy to have my free time!" he said with a grin. Emukiel knew all too well Strider was joking, and before he could answer, Strider returned to his normal tone.

"Activities have been quiet lately. I need something to do, you know how it is amongst us youngsters," Strider said with a smirk. He was four thousand years old, looked like he was twenty five, and still called himself young.

DeadYorick 05-03-2007 09:29 PM

When Horus finished walking around the academy he went to the docking bay. He of course made it there quite early.

Just when something exciting happens time slows down. he thought to himself. He hated waiting for so long


Horus finished pacing around the docking bay when Strider showed up. He quickly made his way to the ancient Jedi Emukiel who Horus knew more about.

Horus walked up to where Strider and Emukiel were. He heared Strider say something

"Activities have been quiet lately. I need something to do, you know how it is amongst us youngsters,"

Horus came from behind Strider and said plainly "Count me in. It gets too boring around here"

Horus waited for the responce in hoping he hadnt interupted something largly important

Flamehart 05-03-2007 10:42 PM

Strider nodded, "Alrighty then, three bored folk getting ready to embark on a trip of amusement and entertainment!" he declared with a grin.

"Okay, so maybe crazed Force fiends aren't quite amusing or entertaining, but it's certainly a lot livelier and eventful than this place," he admitted. He nodded politely at Horus, trying to make him feel welcome amongst them. He knew that he had not spent much time with the more established members of the Jedi community, and figured that now that he would be going on a mission with them, Horus deserved from the group to accept his talents with open arms.

Grace 05-03-2007 10:54 PM

"Mission?" Leilani echoed. "I've not heard of..." But Strider was already gone. Leilani frowned thoughtfully and finished her sentence to the air, "... any mission in the works..." She sighed and headed off in search of Lyla. Though she'd been gone for three weeks, Leilani was always eager to go traveling again in hopes of possibly seeing Reibe somewhere in the galaxy.

Shana 05-03-2007 11:36 PM

Lyla had just finished up packing her things which as a matter of fact weren't that many, only her datapad, her lightsabers, and a few thermal detonators which always came in handy. She then walked out and almost bumped into Leilani. Lyla was taught well by Master Skywalker so by now she was able to sense the purpose of Leilani's search for her.

- "We need all the help we can get Leilani, are you sure you're not too tired from your voyage?" - Lyla asked.

Grace 05-03-2007 11:53 PM

Leilani smiled warmly. "Oh, I don't mind functioning with little rest," she answered. "Though I'm curious to know what this mission is about... after all, I've been gone for three weeks."

Shana 05-04-2007 12:01 AM

Lyla looked at Leilani and then reached into her robe pocket and took out her datapad, showing her a fragment of video which showed a couple of men dressed in black robes with blacklight sabers.

- "These men were spotted on Serenno, the locals have been attacked by them and they are to afraid to find out what they are doing there. Master Skywalker wants us to go there and investigate, if we encounter oposition we must not attack until we are attacked" - Lyla said.

DeadYorick 05-04-2007 12:30 AM

Horus was glad that he didnt upset Strider. He then thought of something very easy and time consuming.

"Well I know something we can do. First we need to find a ship that can take us there. Then we have to prep it for take off"

Horus hoped that they werent using an academy ship. It might be spotted very easily. He was a very good pilot himself but they still needed a competant ship.

"Okay Strider what ship are we going to use to get there?"

Black Knight of Keno 05-04-2007 08:53 AM

Emukiel gave a slight chuckle at Strider's comment on being young.
"When seven thousand years old you reach, look as good, you will not" he said and gave a very Yoda-ish laughter.
"I miss that old bugger" the Jedi then noted and smiled quite warmly at nobody in particular. Yoda had been a good friend and they could speak of the younger generations for hours at a time before stopping to take a break and flex their old joints.

"The Ragnarok, I presume. And for what my experience tells me, it doesn't need prepping" Emukiel said to Horus' question before Strider could answer. The Weequay had stood there for now twenty minutes in the exactly same position, his legs spread out slightly and his cane in the middle to support him from tipping over while his eyes were closed. There was a large astromech next to him. A very ancient yet well updated T3-series droid to be exact. The droid rotated it's head to look around before beeping a few times and dropping it's owner's baggage on the floor. It wasn't much of a baggage really. Just a small bag that had some essentials in it as what Emukiel had learned in his long travels is to always be prepared and to trust nothing anywhere. The weequay merely grumbled at the sound of his bag being dropped,even if he didn't make a move to punish the droid. The Jedi merely stood there, his eyes closed and concentrating on seeking longevity in the Force once again. He needed roughtly half an hour per day of pure meditation to keep the Force from not giving up on his body and so causing it to crumble into a pile of ash or something similiar.

Grace 05-04-2007 11:56 AM

Leilani looked troubled at the sight of the blacklight sabers. "Blacklight?" she said softly. Looking up from the video, she told Lyla, "Reibe once told me that blacklight sabers are far stronger than your average blade. In a saber lock, the blacklight stands the chance of shattering a standard blade."

She shrugged. "Think as long as we try to avoid locking sabers with them, we should be alright... but that's gonna mean we'll have to fight fast... acrobatic." She grinned. "Not a problem for me, but... some might not find it so easy."

Then, she nodded. "Yes, Lyla. I will join the mission." She smiled. "Never been to Serenno."

DeadYorick 05-04-2007 12:11 PM

"Well so we do have a ship. Lets hope its not a typical academy vessal."

Horus looked at Emukiel then at his droid. He had heared of the ancient and obsolete t3 units. But he had never seen one before.

"Nice droid. Whats its name?"

Horus became strangely curious of what Emukiel had done over the years. From what he heared he was older then Strider.

Black Knight of Keno 05-04-2007 01:28 PM

"Oh, the Ragnarok is quite different from your ordinary academy vessel" Emukiel chuckled as he opened his eyes and glanced over at Strider and then at Horus who was glancing at his droid. With a glance over at his own side and at the droid, the Weequay smiled slightly before responding.
"T3-Q7" he answered in a short manner and glanced back over at Horus, sencing many questions in his mind

Shana 05-04-2007 01:49 PM

Lyla smiled back at Leilani and put away her datapad.

- "Great, glad to have you onboard. We can fight that way, fighting with two lightsabers requires a bit of acrobatics. And our companions are powerful combatants. We'll be alright combat wise...I hope" - Lyla said and the walked in the direction of the hangar - "We'll be in the hangar, we must go now so if you need anything to take with you now is the time".

Lyla then entered the hangar and surprised Horus who was deep in thought about questions from Eki's past.

- "Eki's got some great stories to tell, maybe he'll give us the pleasure of telling us about his voyages during the flight" - Lyla said smiling at Emukiel.

DeadYorick 05-04-2007 03:37 PM

OOC: I am hoping that my character can help Pilot the "Ragnarock"


"well now. I hope we have everyone. Because I am anxious to leave. By the way when are we leaving and were is the "Ragnarock?"

Horus was even more impatient to leave. Mainly because he had the chance to leave Yavin finally and it was taking so long. Plus the fact that he could finally leave Yavin on a respectable ship this time unlike the white maggot ships that stained the galaxy

Black Knight of Keno 05-04-2007 04:19 PM

((Hehe. Welcome to the world of Star Wars Roleplaying sub-forum. The Ragnarok looks something like this, if I remember correctly))

"Calm down, young one. We are still missing one" Emukiel told him and looked around the hangar, indeed missing Ragnarok. The Jedi glanced at Strider before smirking.
"You left the cloaking device on again, didn't you? Anyways, if I remember where Strider usually parks it, it should be over there" he said and pointed his cane towards an empty spot between an academy ship and Skywalker's ship.
"And about the stories, we'll see..."

After that he straightened himself up properly, stepped so his heels touched each others and swung his cane at the droid's head. The droid beeped, picked up the bag and then whistled, annoyed by the hit it got from the cane. Normally the temperamental droid would've thrown the bag away and started to bump against the Weequay's leg annoyingly, but taking that they were leaving for the first time in months, the droid decided better not ot it might be forced to stay in the moist and cruddy place it so hated with it's every servo and weld.

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