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Lujayne 05-01-2007 10:30 PM

X-Wing 1993

So I just recieved in the mail a copy of my favourite old game, Star Wars: X-Wing (original 1993!) :)
However, it didn't come with any booklet or instruction manual, and I can't for my life remember some of the more important controls. U_U
Example: Which button will divert power from shields/engines/laser cannons?
How do I recharge lasers?
And most important, how do I configure my controls?? >_< Like, I want to set throttle up and down to be usable on my joystick...

Woo! Thank you for any help in advance... ._.

Thank you so much if you can help me with me with my plight! ^___^

Wildstar 05-02-2007 04:22 PM

F9 toggles through the laser recharge settings, F10 for shields, and the SHIFT of those keys will divert power each way (SHIFT+F9 for shields to lasers, SHIFT+F10 for lasers to shields {which you'll find yourself doing most often}) Your throttle settings are + to increase throttle, - to decrease throttle, \ to set throttle to zero power, [ for 1/3 power, ] for 2/3 power, and BACKSPACE for full power.

Unfortunately, I've never used a joystick with a throttle, so I wouldn't know how to set that up in the DOS version of the game.

BTW, there was a utility called XREMAP that added some keyboard macros, most importantly ~ to dump all laser energy to shields and rebalance shields. You can find that utility at the "Flight Deck" of the CRS Morning Star site (see my signature).

Also, if you can find a copy of the manual from a later game in the series (such as XvT or XWA), many of the keys to do things remained the same, so check there. (Darksaber's X-Wing Station has a PDF copy of the XWA manual, if you can't find one.) :)

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