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igyman 05-05-2007 07:15 PM

Genesis Rising
It makes sense that I start this thread, considering this game was made by a Serbian developer team. :D

For those who don't know, this game is a 3D space strategy. The interesting part is that the humans are the dominant species in the galaxy and that they use living space ships.

I have read a few online reviews (links below) of this game and they all gave it an average rating. I have also read a review of the game in one of the local computer magazines and, though its author agrees with what the flaws of the game are, he gave it a very high rating.

After playing the game here's my opinion: Considering this is the third game made by a Serbian developer team, I think they did a very good job. The previous two games were made by a developer team called GameYus (the second is called Alliance: Future Combat and I can't even remember the name of the first one), unlike this game, which was made by Metamorf Studios. The previous two games made by that other developer were also strategies, but ground ones, not space ones and they didn't attract much attention.

In my opinion here are the main qualities of Genesis Rising:
- gameplay: organic ships that can be mutated with various genes (this is a small RPG element. Though the ships themselves don't gain levels, there are different levels of each type of genes and you can customize a ship using any gene combination you want.)
- graphics: outstanding! The ships, the stations and the background look awesome, with nebulae, space storms and planets that rotate in real time.
- music: I have just one word - superb. The various choir compositions give this game the unique feeling its setting is supposed to have.

Just so people who decide to read the online reviews know, all of the above is the result of the developer team's work.

The main flaws of the game:
- voices: the actors who play the characters in the campaign couldn't have done their job any worse. There are a few characters that sound really good, but the main protagonists that should be the most convincing are far from it. The irony here is that the developer sought a foreign publisher so they would hire a cast of actors that would make the characters' voices sound like they should - convincing - and the publisher, for some reason unknown to me, screwed up that part of the job.
- dialogs: To be utterly objective, this had to be the developer's fault. After all, they wrote the story for the game. The story is pretty interesting, but the dialogs were obviously written by someone who has a very limited knowledge of English. There aren't many grammar errors, but the dialogs between characters will often ruin the feeling for you, since many of them aren't that interesting and they could-- no, should have been.

Now, the purpose of this thread - it's a longshot, but if anyone of you has heard of the game, seen it, played the game or the demo, or plans to get it, I'd like to hear your impressions.

Now, the links to the reviews I read:
Strategy Informer

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