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DarthMaulUK 05-13-2007 02:48 PM

Hierarchy Grunt

Name: Grunt
Faction: Hierarchy

Purpose: Infantry
Speed: Medium
Armor: Medium
Unit Class: Organic
Vision: Medium
Targeting: Direct

Concept Art
Reconnaissance Photo
Grunt Render

Word from the front lines:
"The ground shook louder and louder. We had no idea what to expect. When we saw the silhouette of the walker, we were sure there could be nothing worse. Then all of a sudden hundreds of circular lights lit up below the walker... waves of alien infantry approached us..." -US Army Corporal

Plasma Scattergun (Short Range, AE): A heavy plasma cannon that fires a burst of shots in a conical pattern at close range, which also have a chance to knock enemy units back.

Weapon Bash (Default Melee Attack): Knocks infantry unit back/down as well as doing damage.

Plasma Grenades (vs. Vehicles, medium range): Throws a plasma grenade at the enemy vehicle, burning it for medium damage over time.

Radiated Shot (Researched Passive): The grunt's plasma shot causes radiation damage over time to any units hit by the blasts.

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